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Nightmare Chirithy

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi] (2013)

Chirithy are Dream Eaters created by the Master of Masters, with each one assigned to a different Keyblade wielder to whom they share a close bond with, and guide them along their journey. 

This Chirithy is unique in that he belongs to someone who already has a partner: the Player. But unlike the Player's beloved companion, he becomes permanently stained by the darkness, transforming from a lovable Spirit into a menacing Nightmare.

Under orders of the Master of Masters, Chirithy distributes Power Bangles to every Keyblade wielder, leading them to believe they would be used to gather the sins of the world, otherwise known as "guilt", and purify them into light. However, in truth, the bangles exposes the wielders to the powers of darkness and allows them to use it at their disposal. Those who become desperate enough to abuse its power lose themselves to the darkness, becoming Darklings that serve under Chirithy's direct command.

Chirithy's goal is to sever his bond with the Player and live free. In order to accomplish this, he goads them into submitting to the darkness while pushing them closer and closer towards the Keyblade War. But despite his best efforts, the Player remains steadfast and true. As the last resort, Chirithy fuses with the Darklings and transforms into a ferocious monster to attack them.

Although Chirithy fails to defeat the Player, their bond is severed upon his defeat. He then fades away into the darkness, after telling the Player they'll meet again in another dream.

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