Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Japanese Voice Actor: Iku Nakahara
English Voice Actor: Meaghan Jette Martin

A mysterious girl with ties to Castle Oblivion. She has powers over Sora's Memories and the Memories of those with relations to him, and was thus used by the Organization in their plan to make the Keyblade Wielder their slave.

In order to make Sora care about her so she could be used against him, Naminé was forced to alter his Memories. It was a gradual process, where at first Sora remembered her being on the island, then as his close friend, and eventually as the person he promised to protect forever and a day. The more Sora's eagerness to save her rises, however, the more Naminé's guilt eats away at her, leaving her distraught and lost as she knows not what to do to help him. Things get worse when she is forced to alter the Memories of Riku's Replica to make him believe he is the real thing, leaving Naminé helpless as she watches the two would-be friends fight each other over her.

It isn't until Marluxia takes a temporary leave of absence that Naminé finally realizes there issomething she can do for Sora, and she runs away from the organization in order to meet with Sora and tell him the truth. She finds him in the floor designed like Destiny Islands, where she must confront Sora and another version of herself - the Naminé she created inside Sora's Memories. Eventually she transforms the good luck charm Sora thought she gave him back into the one Kairi gave him, thus forcing Sora to accept the truth. She reveals everything, from her powers to what she did, to being able to restore Sora's Memories once Marluxia is defeated. The girl cannot forgive herself but Sora does. Despite the falseness of the Memories, he accepts the emotions that came along with them and even when Marluxia threatens Naminé, Sora is willing to have his Memories torn apart in order to save her. Touched by the gesture, Naminé refuses Marluxia's orders, preferring to be hurt and even killed over manipulating Sora further.

After Marluxia is defeated, Naminé presents before Sora a choice - to regain his lost Memories and to forget about her, or to stay with her and forget everything else. She is saddened when Sora chooses to regain his Memories, but that doesn't stop her from being grateful for having met Sora. In response to this Sora makes Naminé a new promise- for them to meet once he wakes up and to be friends for real. With that promise, Naminé is certain that even if Sora forgets about her, they can still find each other - all thanks to the light of that promise.

With Sora already asleep, Naminé lets herself reach out to Riku in his time of need. She appears before him as Kairi when he is about to be swallowed by the Light and tells him that both the Light and the Dark are powers all his own that are not to be feared. They meet face to face soon afterward and Naminé has an offer for Riku - if he went to sleep like Sora, she can seal both his Darkness and Ansem by sealing away the Memories of them. When Riku refuses, Naminé can't help but seem relieved. It was the choice she preferred he made. He leaves with Mickey not too long afterward, and Naminé remains by Sora's side, intent on fulfilling her duty.


Japanese Voice Actor: Iku Nakahara
English Voice Actor: Brittany Snow

A girl whom many consider to be a witch because of her power over memories. She is a Nobody born from Kairi's heart and Sora's body and soul. Her odd history gave her the ability to manipulate the memories of Sora and those who are linked to him. Sora first met her in Castle Oblivion where she was forced to be a part of a plot by the rogue members of Organization XIII to turn Sora into their pawn. In the end, she asks for Sora's forgiveness and does her best to restore his old memories even at the cost of being forgotten herself. Nevertheless, Sora makes both of them promise that they would meet again as real friends before going to sleep.

During Sora's slumber, she worked with Riku and DiZ to restore his memories just as she had promised. However, they needed Sora's Nobody, Roxas, to complete the restoration. She visits Roxas several times in the digital Twilight Town. She was considereing telling Roxas the truth, but Riku told her that it was best if Roxas was left in the dark. Regardless, she eventually tells Roxas about his identity as a Nobody, his connection to Sora, and his past friendship with Axel. She also reveals that he is living in a digital world and that he needs to merge with Sora because he is his Nobody. When Roxas runs to the abandoned mansion, Naminé informs him about Organization XIII. She also comforts him seeing his fear that he will disappear once he reunites with Sora. DiZ suddenly appears to take her away, but as she struggles to get free she promises Roxas that they will meet again one way or another.

She is seen again in The Wolrd That Never Was, rescuing Pluto and Kairi from the Organization's dungeon. The two girls search for Sora, but Saïx finds them. Riku arrives just in time and Naminé disappears as she merges with Kairi.

She is able to fulfill her promises to Sora and Roxas when she projected herself from Kairi after Xemnas was temporarily defeated. However, Sora does not remember her because he lost all of his memories from Castle Oblivion. She and Roxas know that they will live on through Sora and Kairi and their original selves promise them that they will always be together so that the two Nobodies can do the same.

Naminé appears again when Sora comes home to Destiny Islands. As Sora smiles at Kairi, Roxas is seen smiling at Naminé, too.


Japanese Voice Actor: Iku Nakahara
English Voice Actor: Meaghan Jette Martin

A Nobody whose precise origins of birth are unknown. She was born in Castle Oblivion and was quickly discovered by the Organization. She possesses unique powers over the Keyblade Master Sora's Memories and of those whose Hearts are linked to his. The Organization sought to learn more of her powers and eventually tried to use her to turn Sora into their pawn by altering his Memories. It was then she came into contact with Axel who ended up aiding her more than he did his fellow Organization members.

The Organization's plans were ruined, yet for Sora to regain his original Memories he had to go to sleep. Naminé stayed by his side, watching over him while attempting to reconnect his Memories in the correct order.

She eventually leaves Castle Oblivion with the mysterious man known only as Diz, and transports the sleeping Sora, Donald and Goofy to a safer location in Twilight Town. There, she attempts to continue the restoration process only to realize the Organization is still interfering to the point she cannot finish her job.

Naminé knows the way to wake Sora up, yet in order to do so, two Organization members are to be sacrificed. They are Xion and Roxas, about whom Naminé seems to know quite a bit. She is left with little choice but to send Riku off on this heart-wrenching duty, all the while knowing there is nothing she can do to save either of them. It's either them or Sora, and Naminé's mind is already made up.


Japanese Voice Actor: Iku Nakahara
English Voice Actor: Meaghan Jette Martin

Surrounded by the familiar blank whiteness of the Twilight Town mansion White Room, Namine works in her signature location, drawing away at her favorite sketchbook. It makes no sense for her to be here, yet here she is all the same. Could this be a flashback of sorts? No, it doesn't look like it. She finished her drawing and brushes away the remains of her medium, gazing at it with a bright smile on her face. The image of that spiky-haired boy with whom she is deeply connected sits on the paopu tree, gazing out at the horizon, and a single word leaves her lips: "Sora."

KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]


With powers over the memories of Sora and all those connected to him, Naminé is a girl of very few words. Her quiet demeanor masks her great power, but because of her past actions, she still feels guilty about the suffering it caused others. Her meeting with Sora and his friends amidst their great battle against Xemnas in The World That Never Was changed that, and she has since returned to Kairi.

For reasons unbeknownst to Sora, he finds Naminé on the streets of that same world. Though he called out to her, she ran away upon meeting his eyes. As Sora begins to tell her the one thing she yearns for most, she disappears and is replaced by a strange figure: a girl dressed in black coat. 


Japanese Voice Actor: Iku Nakahara 
English Voice Actor: Meaghan Jette Martin

Kairi’s Nobody. The previous Organization XIII used Naminé’s unique powers to manipulate Sora’s memories, but Sora freed her from their clutches.

She ceased to exist after rejoining with Kairi’s heart.




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