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Japanese Voice Actor: Shūichi Ikeda
English Voice Actor: Keith Ferguson

Number XI of the Organization, Marluxia is the mastermind behind the events that transpire within the four eerie walls of Castle Oblivion over which he has been appointed the Lord by the Superior, Xemnas. Despite his ranking and beautiful face, Marluxia is a lot sharper than he looks, with a cruel personality to match and an ego which overshadows even this. He is the Graceful Assassin, conspiring with fellow member Larxene to manipulate Sora into defeating the senior members of the Organization so that Xemnas is cornered and so that they can take his throne for themselves, ending his reign.

Marluxia is sent off to Castle Oblivion by Saïx as seen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days under the suspicion that he is planning a revolt against the Organization in order to become its Superior. As castle master he has Naminé - a memory-altering witch - at his disposal who he plans to utilize in order to meddle with Sora's memories so that Sora will go to inexorable lengths for her, essentially rendering him a tool for Marluxia. Under this circumstance Marluxia has some of his fellow castle-mates - Vexen, Larxene and Axel - lure Sora deeper into the castle, telling them to fight him if they must and set Vexen's replica creation - Riku Replica - on him to further his desire to fight for Naminé, though the Replica soon fails.

Marluxia soon discovers that Vexen is reporting back to castle dwellers Zexion and Lexaeus about his rebellion; knowing this could damage his plans, he threatens Vexen that he will tell Xemnas of the Replica's failure, and will only not do so if Vexen ends Sora. Once Vexen fails, Marluxia has Axel eliminate the scientist, instantly making Marluxia trust Axel. However, Marluxia's trust of Axel falls short as Axel releases Naminé which tampers with the process of her meddling with Sora's memories. This sparks a reaction from Marluxia's partner Larxene, and after she attacks Sora and is consequently killed, Marluxia is on his own to carry out his insurgence plot, but not before he calls Axel out on his betrayal in a battle.

While neither of them bests the other, Marluxia turns to Naminé, drawing her before him as a shield to threaten Axel should he try to attack. Even though Axel doesn't care what befalls Naminé, Marluxia's skin is saved as Sora comes through the room and challenges Axel, allowing Marluxia to teleport away. However, he isn't safe for long, and soon enough Sora finds him. Now at the end of his tether, Marluxia orders that Naminé erase Sora's memories, but she refuses, forcing Marluxia to take desperate measures - to fight Sora personally. After a multitude of battles, Marluxia meets his end at Sora's Keyblade, and he fades away into nothingness to stay there forevermore.


Japanese Voice Actor: Shūichi Ikeda
English Voice Actor: Keith Ferguson

A man with a beautiful face that hides away ugly intentions, Marluxia is Number XI, the Graceful Assassin. Marluxia is very arrogant and vain, and takes great pride in his appearance; every time he removes his hood, a flourish of sakura petals fall, accentuating his deceptive beauty and emphasizing his nature as a snake in the grass, because under his handsome exterior lies a mind of power and greed. Although Marluxia is devious and cunning by nature, he is also known to be very persistent about achieving his goals, letting nothing stop him from reaching his ideals of becoming the Superior of Organization XIII. Although Marluxia sees himself as the crème de la crème of the Organization and thinks of himself as a "mastermind", he doesn't realise that his plans to take over have been spotted by Saïx, who was the one to make the decision to send him to Castle Oblivion along with Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Larxene and Axel, where Marluxia likes to frequently assert his authority, very melodramatic with his title of "Lord of the Castle".

Before he was sent away, however, he took residence at The Castle That Never Was with the rest of his fellow members, often sent on heart collection missions by Saïx. He is polite during the mission that he shares with Roxas - where he shows the newcomer the ropes of heart collection - but once again, Marluxia's lust for power and greed for the Keyblade aren't hard to spot, considering that before Roxas' arrival, the Organization couldn't collect hearts for the completion of Kingdom Hearts. After showing Roxas the basics of his new duties, Marluxia accompanies the boy on heart collection missions, seemingly pleasant in nature while always plotting and planning behind his agreeable façade. It is the same façade that fails to fool Saïx, which ultimately ends up sealing Marluxia's fate at the hands of Sora.

To put it simply, Marluxia is savage on the battlefield, a contradiction to his pretty face and pleasant articulation. It is therefore no surprise to learn that he is generally a well-balanced fighter with a lot of strength and magic, capable of dealing critical blows with his scythe, the Graceful Dahlia, in elegant arcs, graceful slashes and crushing finishing strikes. However, he pays for his savagery with poor defence and sluggish movements - but when on his Limit Break, Bloom-Out, he should not be taken lightly as he shows the true meaning of the sakura petal by combining it with darkness, lashing out at the enemy with his scythe before emancipating his full power in a violent cyclone of death and flowers.


Japanese Voice Actor: Shūichi Ikeda
English Voice Actor: Keith Ferguson

The eleventh member of Organization XIII, and the final adversary Sora faced in Castle Oblivion.

He was given the responsiblity to look after Castle Oblivion and the witch, Naminé. Despite these orders, he orchestrated a plan with Larxene, the twelth Organization member, to overthrow Xemnas. The plan failed when Sora arrived in the castle and he fell to the Keyblade's Chosen.

His origins are a mystery, however it appears that he is one of Master Ava's Dandelions, chosen to be one of the lights from the children that would restore the world after the Keyblade War. He introduces himself as Lauriam and becomes one of the five new Union Leaders alongside Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, and Brain.

He now appears before Sora in the Kingdom of Corona and exclaims that he is a part of the only Organization, that of Master Xehanort's creation. Sora, however, doesn't remember the Graceful Assassin due to the deal he made with Naminé that meant he would lose all memories of his time in Castle Oblivion.

His true intentions are currently unknown.

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