Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Origin: Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Japanese Voice Actor: Toshiko Sawada
English Voice Actor: Susanne Blakeslee

Hailing from a land where she once condemned all the inhabitants in a slumber almost impossible of waking from, Maleficent leads a council of some of the most nefarious individuals found throughout the worlds. She aims to claim Kingdom Hearts for herself, and has been not only destroying worlds through countless waves of Heartless assaults and plunging them into the depths of darkness for a near decade, but also spiriting the seven purest of heart from their home worlds to bring her to the Keyhole. Amongst the first worlds she attacked was that of Hollow Bastion roughly 9 years before Sora's adventure began, successfully driving Leon and the others off the planet.

She works within the shadows, watching over the events of the many worlds to see what may prove useful in her grandiose schemes, and plants seeds of doubt within Riku's heart as he watches Sora travel the worlds with Keyblade in hand with Donald and Goofy, his "new friends." In return for aiding her by kidnapping the Princesses of Heart, she grants Riku the power of darkness and the mystical Soul Eater, allowing him to not only traverse the worlds but also become strong enough to command the Heartless without fear.

When finally confronted by Sora, Donald and Goofy in the pristine chapel of Hollow Bastion, she proves herself a worthy foe, definitely one capable of leading the council of villains. Through the countless Heartless she called to aid her in battle combined with her astounding knowledge and usage of the dark arts, it was a deep struggle to defeat her. However, even then the battle was not yet over. By utilizing the Keyblade of People's Hearts, Riku pierced Maleficent's heart and allowed the full potential of the power within her heart to break out and overflow, allowing her to transform into a vicious dragon. Mythical beast or not, she inevitably fell victim to the righteous trio and faded away.


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Origin: Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Japanese Voice Actor: Toshiko Sawada
English Voice Actor: Susanne Blakeslee

An evil fairy with control over powerful dark magic. Controlling the Heartless, Maleficent took over Radiant Garden and transformed it into the barren, desolate land of Hollow Bastion. For a decade she's been scouting for the Princesses of Hearts, seven girls whose Hearts of Pure Light will help her gain control over all worlds.

In order to assemble the Princesses, Maleficent lied to Riku and tempted him with Darkness. She sought to have him and Sora fight each other, but her plot brought her own downfall when Riku, completely possessed by the Darkness, unlocked the Darkness in Maleficent's Heart and left her be defeated by Sora. True evil can rarely be banished, however, and Maleficent returned to the Realm of Light when people began thinking about her. She was reunited with her lackey, Pete, and set off once again to try and become the mistress of all there was.

Fate dealt the witch rather ironic cards, however, and when Organization XIII attacked Hollow Bastion, Maleficent found herself fighting side by side with Sora, who she found to be the lesser evil. Knowing well what Sora was capable of, she transported him, Donald and Goofy into the Realm of Darkness and took out their enemies for them. In return, the boy was to find a way to banish the Nobodies once and for all.

She appeared again in Organization XIII's stronghold with the intent of acquiring it as her own. She helped Sora, Riku and Mickey once more by fending off Heartless while the three Wielders took on the Organization's leader, Xemnas.

It was the last anyone has heard of her, though as the queen of all evil, she can never stay gone for long.


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Origin: Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Japanese Voice Actor: Toshiko Sawada
English Voice Actor: Susanne Blakeslee

A powerful sorceress wielding fearsome dark magics, Maleficent cursed the infant Princess Aurora to prick her finger on the spinning wheel and die on her sixteenth birthday. Despite the efforts of the Three Good Fairies, Maleficent eventually triumphs, and by the time of Terra's visit in Enchanted Dominion, she is the only one with power and influence in a kingdom of sleeping inhabitants.

After a counsel with Master Xehanort in which Maleficent learns of the mythology surrounding the Princesses of Heart and their ties to Kingdom Hearts, the sorceress yearns for Princess's Aurora's heart of pure light. To this end, she exploits the darkness within Terra, forcing him to release Aurora's heart against his will and sealing it behind the walls of her fortress. However, her hunt for the remaining six pure hearts is put to a halt when Ven manages to free Aurora's light.

Having gained insight into the friendships of Terra, Aqua and Ven through Master Xehanort, Maleficent attempts to sever their bonds by claiming that Terra has succumbed to the darkness of his own volition. Her lies succeed in turning the trio against each other, as each of their own insecurities and flaws begin to interfere with their friendship. Sowing seeds of distrust among the Keyblade wielders will not help her gather all the Princesses of Heart though. When Aqua and Phillip race to King Stefan's castle to awaken Aurora, Maleficent, in one last desperate effort to prevent the curse from being broken, surrounds the kingdom with a forest of thorns and transforms into a dragon for battle.

Maleficent is overcame by Aqua's magic and Phillip's Sword of Truth, but she is far from killed. While Aqua claims that true love will always defeat Maleficent's darkness, the sorceress rebukes her, revealing that as long as light exists, so will darkness, thus she will never be defeated. True enough, as Maleficent later gathers resources for universal domination, she crosses paths with Pete, who has been trapped in a prison dimension by Queen Minnie. Seeing a potential ally in Pete, Maleficent hires him as her henchman, and together set out on a plot that will bring misery and ruin to the worlds.


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Origin: Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Japanese Voice Actor: Toshiko Sawada
English Voice Actor: Susanne Blakeslee

A powerful sorceress who allied herself with Sora for her own ends, but disappeared at the end of Kingdom Hearts II. Maleficent appears in the data world of Jiminy's Journal, but is it as herself, or is it a data version of her? Does the key to the message 'We must free them from their torment' lie in her hands? These are indeed questions worth seeking the answer to, but the one who holds them is not her.

Manipulative and cunning, Maleficent intends to gain absolute power through her quest for dominion over Kingdom Hearts. She has an inflated ego which sometimes blinds her to truth, but she is willing to assist her enemies only if doing so would benefit her. Despite her power, Maleficent has to rely on her bumbling henchman, Pete, ever since she lost her headquarters and council of villains to Sora. Now above all else, she seeks revenge against Sora and his friends, and is desperately searching for a means to plunge the universe into darkness.

Summoned by Pete into the Journal, Maleficent sees a potential in the digital world for her plans and thus begins her quest to overwhelm the Journal with darkness, as doing so would cause the darkness to spiral out into the real world. To prevent the heroes from interfering, she destroys Sora's Keyblade and turns Data Riku against him by corrupting him with Bugs. Her path to power leads her to a massive Darkside Heartless, formed from the hearts released by the Heartless slain by Sora. Challenging the powerful Heartless proves to be her downfall, and she is ultimately erased from the Journal. Or so he thought...

Right before the danger proved fatal, Data Riku transported Maleficent and Pete out of the journal and returned them to the Realm of Light. On the way across the path Maleficent had a revelation - the Journal was reminding her of the legend of the Book of Prophecies, an ancient Tome that could conjure worlds and beings and power that didn't currently exist. Pete seemed skeptical, but Maleficent reminded him that the concept wasn't very different from what Mickey had done with the "Date Escape." Maleficent and Pete ventured forth with renewed optimism: their's was not a lost cause.

Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Origin: Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Japanese Voice Actor: Toshiko Sawada
English Voice Actor: Susanne Blakeslee

An evil fairy hailing from the Enchanted Dominion; she holds great powers over the darkness and commands an army of Heartless to fulfill her goals. Her pale green skin and dark black attire accents her shady, elusive personality teeming with incredible might.

Maleficent and Pete ambushes Disney Castle while Mickey, Donald and Goofy ─ its main line of defense ─ was away and quickly brought it down to her control, taking Queen Minnie, who had been left in charge of overseeing the world, captive. In order to corner her prey, she sends her loyal pet raven Diablo to the Mysterious Tower with a message and the Queen's crown, forcing Mickey to return at once.

Upon the King's return and having placed him in a vulnerable position, she ran down a list of her demands, starting with Disney Castle. However, it was all too obvious that that was not her true aim, and then revealed that this was but a small act of Xehanort's grand play. It was he who had first informed her of the outside worlds, of the Princesses of Heart, and of Kingdom Hearts itself! However, because the method he had prescribed was too complicated, she opted to take an alternate route ─ one that involves Jiminy's digitized journal that she had once infested and narrowly escaped demise from. Somehow this was the key to her success, and what she had wanted all along.

With Mickey unable to fight or risk Minnie's death, Maleficent fired a large burst of her signature green flames at he and his friends, but they were quickly dispersed as a chakram flew out of a Dark Corridor in almost too perfect timing, allowing the Queen to escape from their grasp.

With the upper hand lost and the tide now turned against them, she and Pete quickly flee the castle, proclaiming that she will return to take what she seeks all in due time.


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Origin: Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Japanese Voice Actor: Toshiko Sawada
English Voice Actor: Susanne Blakeslee

An Evil Fairy who resided in the Enchanted Dominion. After an encounter with Master Xehanort, she became obsessed with collecting the Seven Princesses of Heart and opening the Door to Darkness.

Sora put an end to her plans, and even her life, but the memories of the Evil Fairy lived on in Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather and they accidentally revived Maleficent.

She is now focusing her attentions on finding the Book of Prophecies and a mysterious black box...

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