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Japanese Voice Actor: Yūko Miyamura
English Voice Actor: Shanelle Gray

Number XII of Organization XIII. She controls Lightning and wields knives she can use in either close or far range combat. Aptly named The Savage Nymph, Larxene's character stands in a harsh contrast to her visually appealing appearance. She is rude, hot tempered and very selfish. One of the Organization members that resided in the upper floors of Castle Oblivion, Larxene was in on the plot to use Sora to overthrow the Organization along with Marluxia and as they thought at first, Axel too. She finds pleasure in mocking both Naminé as well as Riku's Replica, and is more than happy to go meet Sora and convince him he needs to continue up the castle in order to save Naminé and thus fall victim to their plot.

The second time she meets Sora is after Naminé escaped the Organization's imprisonment, and she is only too happy to inform Sora of the truth about Naminé's abilities, Sora's Memories and about Riku's Replica not being the real Riku. It is all part of her venting anger at Axel betraying her and Marluxia, but be it Sora or Naminé that have to suffer for it matters not - Larxene attacks them both regardless. However, fueled by his desire to protect Naminé and teamed up with Donald and Goofy, Sora manages to defeat her and Larxene can only stare in dread as she fades away into Darkness.


Japanese Voice Actor: Yūko Miyamura
English Voice Actor: Shanelle Gray

The only real female member of Organization XIII, Larxene does not live up to the feminine stereotype. Instead she is fierce and sadistic, taking pleasure in the anger of her opponents and not afraid to provoke them for a quick kick. She seems to play both sides of the coins: while she is a dominant woman, whose personality often scares the likes of Demyx aided by her sharp, witty tongue, she also likes to take upon the characteristics of a young girl, often giggling and laughing excessively. Like her comebacks, she is also quick in battle, abetted by her lightning element, where she makes copies of herself to hack away at the opponent's health.

Although she might seem overpowering at times with her strong opinion and taste for sarcasm, she appears almost passive to people that she likes or people she enjoys the company of. Unfortunately, the latter does not extend to Roxas, whose arrival ‘disgusts' Larxene; she makes her hatred of him clear during the times when she teaches him how to use magic, hating every moment of the responsibility. However, she didn't fail to make use of Roxas' vulnerability and mentioned another Keyblade wielder - Xion - though she wouldn't tell him who it was. Before she is sent to Castle Oblivion, she becomes more amiable towards Roxas and even reaches the point of considering telling him about her and Marluxia's plans. However, it is because of these plans that she is eliminated.

If there's anything wickeder than Larxene, it's Larxene in battle. Though the Savage Nymph doesn't bear too well with her meek physical assaults and her low defence, she more than makes up for what she lacks in brawn with incredible, heart-stopping speed, thanks to her lightning element. There's also more behind her pretty face: she lays claim to very heady magical ability, making even the merest of scraps with her painful and unrewarding as she dashes about quicker than you can blink. But don't underestimate this member's weaknesses, because she becomes a barrage of assault during her Limit Break, Voltic Rush, hacking and slashing away endlessly with her knives, Foudre before dealing the finishing blow in a rush of lightning to sizzle out the strongest of hearts.

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