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Jack Skellington

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002) 
Origin: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) 
Japanese Voice Actor: Masachika Ichimura 
English Voice Actor: Chris Sarandon

In this game, Jack Skellington plays the same role as he did in Kingdom Hearts. This means he is the same jolly, albeit scary fellow with a body of bones and a heart of gold. Though a mere figment of Sora's imagination, Jack is just as passionate about Halloween as always, which is the impetus for his wanting to fix the savage Heartless so he can utilize them for the annual celebration.

He questions Dr. Finkelstein why the Heartless are attacking and learns it is all linked to the problem of a special forget-me-not potion which brings back memories. Since the doctor fears Sally may have taken the potion, Jack embarks on a mission with Sora and his gang to retrieve it from her. He comes across her clutching the potion in the graveyard, deathly afraid of the power it holds. Before he can ease it out of her grasp, Oogie Boogie steals the potion and runs off with it. Jack and co. give chase and do battle with him in his secret lair; after Oogie is defeated, Jack returns the potion to Dr. Finkelstein with Sally and Sora and friends in tow. Since the world is once again rid of Oogie's fleas, Jack says goodbye to Sora.

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