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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS II (2005)
Japanese Voice Actor: Kazunori Sasaki
English Voice Actor: Justin Cowden

Brash and intimidating, Hayner's actually a good guy once you get to know him. If you can get past the slight attitude problem, you'll see just how much he lives to the max - dragging his two best friends Pence and Olette with him! However, he does have a pretty tense rivalry with Seifer.

A digital version of Hayner was Roxas's best friend in the simulation of Twilight Town created by DiZ. He wanted to go to the beach, but the trip never happened. He fought with Roxas and lost during the first round of the Struggle Tournament, but it didn't matter since they split the winnings in the end.

Sora met the real Hayner after waking up in Twilight Town, vaguely recognizing him. He was quite cold at first, but he did see them off at the train station later. When Sora returned to Twilight Town, Hayner, Pence, and Olette helped him look for Kairi and the virtual version of their town.

The real Hayner was seen in the finals of the real Struggle tournament against Seifer at the end of the game.


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS II (2005)

The self proclaimed leader of a small group consisting of himself and his two best friends, Pence and Olette. Hayner is an energetic boy with a ridiculously short fuse. Not one to sit down for long periods of time, he's likely to drag his friends outside of their Usual Spot under the train tracks to run around town and race for sea salt ice cream.

Hayner's temper comes into play when the three meet Roxas on the boy's day off. Enraged over having his Struggle record broken by Seifer, another of the town's inhabitants, Hayner is busy practicing in front of Olette and Pence and is less than happy to see Roxas stop by. He warms up to Roxas when he manages to display an impressive level of skill in Struggle, and Hayner is willing to accept him.

The gesture is wasted however as the next time Roxas sees Hayner and his friends, the three are as cheerful as ever while Roxas himself is on his lonesome. A bitter-sweet flavor is left in Roxas's mouth as he's faced with this proof that not all friendships break apart, though it helps little the fact that his own did.


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS II (2005)
Japanese Voice Actor: Kazunori Sasaki 
English Voice Actor: Justin Cowden

A denzien of Twilight Town and best friend to Olette and Pence.

Hayner has a rivalry with Seifer and his gang, and the two duke out any problems they have over a match of Struggle.

Unknowingly to him, his image was stole and used in a data simulation constructed by Ansem the Wise to keep Roxas distracted over the course of several days. Though Roxas believed Hayner to be one of his closest friends, Hayner has no proper recollection of being friends with Roxas.

Through a sense of dedication and love, Hayner teams up with Sora to investigate the digital Twilight Town in hopes of bringing Roxas back to life.

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