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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi] (2013)
Japanese voice actor: Yūto Uemura
English voice actor: Michael Johnston

You first encounter Ephemera in Daybreak Town after he is wounded in vicious battle with a powerful Heartless. You rush to his side and give him aid, where he introduces himself as a player from a rival Union. To thank you for helping him, he shares some special information with you.

Ephemera explains that the worlds you're fighting in are an illusion created in a singular world to allow the harvesting of Lux in one convenient location. These worlds were conjured up by the Book of Prophecies, possessed by the five Foretellers. Those five have ordered their wielders to collect Lux in opposition to the other Unions, but have never disclosed the exact reason why. Ephemera seeks to uncover the truth behind the Unions and their conflict, inviting you to join him. He has yet to discover any new leads, so perhaps you could be of some assistance?

You inform him of the strange dream you had of the Foretellers and the Black Coat figure, and he proposes that the answers he seeks may lie in the location the dream took place, within the room in the Foretellers' tower. When the two of you go to investigate, you discover the passage into the tower is blocked. Left at a standstill, Ephemera decides you should proceed forward another day and makes a promise to meet again.

After you part ways, Ephemera meets with Master Ava, who is visibly troubled by the ongoing conflicts between Unions. He tries to probe information in jest in an attempt to lighten her mood, and tells her about his newfound friendship and promise to you, despite being in rival Unions. Hearing that leads Ava to believe Ephemera could be one of the special players she is searching for. 

Her belief is reinforced when she discovers Ephemera returning to the passage on his own, breaking his promise to you. Ephemera has learned more than he had let on, discovering that the conflict between Unions will lead to a devastating Keyblade War, resulting in the end of the world. He is the only player to ever become hyperaware, proving to Ava that she can rely on him.

It turns out Ava has been gathering players from every Union in preparation for the Keyblade War. Those who prove they can resist the temptation of darkness are given the opportunity to join an elite group known as the Dandelions, who will be transported out of the world when the Keyblade War begins, ensuring the legacy of Keyblade wielders will live on. However, Ava will not be able to guide them in the next world, so she turns to Ephemera to take her place. 

Ava sends Ephemera to another plane known as "Unchained" to wait for the Dandelions, but he can't help but worry about his friends. He reaches out to you as well as Skuld, a former party member, through your dreams in the hopes that you can be encouraged by his messages and prove to Ava that you are fit to join the Dandelions. 

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