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Data Sora

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Japanese Voice Actor: Miyu Irino 
English Voice Actor: Haley Joel Osment

A digital replica of the Keyblade hero, Sora, created by King Mickey to solve the mysteries of the Journal, Data Sora acts and fights exactly like his real-world counterpart. Although he is later made aware of his status as being artificial, Data Sora knows that it does not matter what he is, but what he does, and is determined to use all of his power to save the Journal from corruption. He journeys from world to world in the Journal, guided by King Mickey and gaining strength from the connections he forges with his growing number of friends.

Although the odds are stacked against Sora, eventually resulting in the destruction of his Keyblade, Sora knows that his true power lies with his friends. With them at his side, he can overcome anything. It's because of that purity and truth that he's able to regain his Keyblade and liberate Data Riku from Maleficent's control, cleansing him of the bugs that plague him.

However, the time must come for Sora to part with his friends from the real world. Although he knows that they'll always be friends and connected in their hearts, he can't help but feel sad as he closes the gate behind their disappearing figures. And once he does, with his objective completed, he returns to sleep, forgetting everything that's happened.

Or, maybe not. Given a second chance due to the appearance of a brand new world, he's aided by Mickey and ventures into the depths of a digital Castle Oblivion. As he travels onwards, he remembers and forgets, he discovers happiness and suffers from the pain that follows. Through all that, he still faces the mysterious dual-Keyblade-wielding unknown, and is able to reach the truth in the form of Data Namine. She tells him of what she did in her loneliness and desperation, how the bugs were born, and of those who suffer in waiting for his coming and the journey ahead. Even so, he faces it onwards with a smile. No matter what happens, he knows he'll always have his friends behind him.

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