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Data Riku

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Japanese Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano 
English Voice Actor: David Gallagher

Wearing the guise of Sora's longtime friend Riku, this data-based entity was created by the journal to serve as guardian of its memories. Despite his appearance, he holds no ties to the real Riku, or the past Riku of the journal's memories; he is an entirely different being, a sort of personification of the journal itself. His purpose within the computerized journal worlds is to gather digitized memories to himself and to restore the data which has been corrupted by Bugs. Along with King Mickey, he lends a hand to Data Sora on multiple occasions, serving as both a guide and an ally in combat.

However, he is captured by Maleficent and corrupted by the Bugs, becoming her mindless puppet. In the data version of Hollow Bastion, he dons the form of Riku from Kingdom Hearts 1, wearing his signature darkness-suit and wielding the Soul Eater. Following his defeat, his last intentions are made incarnate into a second Data Riku within Riku's Data World. This final embodiment of Data Riku entrusts Data Sora with the data that wasn't a part of Jiminy's original journal. ("Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it.") This Data Riku continues alongside Data Sora until the very end, during which Data Sora once again battles the corrupted Data Riku and the journal is restored 100%.

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