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Claude Frollo

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] (2012)
Origin: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) 
Japanese Voice Actor: Shouzou Sasaki 
English Voice Actor: Corey Burton

The proud, self-righteous minister of the fair city of Paris, Claude Frollo despises gypsies with a burning passion. He has been working for decades to literally wipe them off the map; children, elderly and all, when they are guilty of nothing but loving their freedom. He is Quasimodo's master; the one who raised him from infancy after causing the death of the boy's mother, giving him the terrible name meaning "half-formed" and keeping him locked away among the rafters and bells of Notre Dame. In the 20 years since he took Quasimodo in, he's instilled corrupted beliefs in him, making him believe that he's a deformed and ugly, that he's a monster, that Frollo is his only friend and all those who live in the outside world will never welcome him; he has no choice but to remain in the cathedral. The man is corrupted, to say the least, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The object of his attention? Not so much an object but a person; the gypsy Esmeralda.

While walking through the streets of Paris, Frollo happens upon Sora, just minding his own business. With such strange attire, no doubt the boy was a gypsy, and he made no hesitation in calling him out for interrogation. It was interrupted when Captain Phoebus announced that there were monsters terrorizing the square, and with his near-arrest foiled, Frollo merely made his way to the destination, fingers clenched and teeth gritting at the plight of monsters and gypsies plaguing his city.

Upon his arrival at the square, he became enraged to see Quasimodo, happily gallivanting among the monsters without a care in the world. The moment the two made eye contact, the Nightmares, sensing the darkness that lies within Frollo's heart, went out of control. He was outraged to watch as Esmeralda led Quasimodo to sanctuary within the walls of the cathedral, where they would be out of his control. However, he had another trick up his sleeves.

After dismissing Phoebus as Captain due to his refusal to aid the minister in his tyrannical search to hunt down Esmeralda, he revealed that he knew the location of the Court of Miracles; the gypsies' one and only safe haven within Paris. This was but a hoax; he knew that Phoebus would run off and find help, and ultimately lead him straight to his prize. It was only fitting that the key-bearing boy in red and his dear Quasimodo joined the party. Frollo easily took control of the Court with his army of Nightmares, and took Phoebus, Quasimodo and Esmeralda back to Notre Dame for a front row seat to watch the witch burning, where Esmeralda would meet her end. His plans were once again ruined as Quasimodo descended from the rafters of the cathedral, rescuing her and retreating back. Frollo wouldn't stand for this and followed them inside, attempting to do away with them both. In the heat of the moment, he revealed that it was by his hand that Quasimodo became orphaned, and that he would finally accomplish his mission of ridding the gypsy filth from his city. However, fate proved to disagree as the gargoyle he was standing on came to life and broke off from the outer wall; both it and the minister fell to their own destruction.

Frollo's encounter with Riku was not quite so different on the other hand. Riku, hearing of the darkness that the man holds within his heart, searched every nook and cranny of the city in order to learn more, having been through a similar situation himself. However, due to Esmeralda's escape, Frollo decided he had enough probable cause to launch a search throughout the entire city looking for her. He'd do whatever it takes, no matter how terrible, to achieve his goals, and so he found himself at the entrance of a lonely cabin in the outskirts of the city where a lonely little family lived, and Phoebus obstructing his path. He'd wanted to burn down the house as the man and his family had given shelter to gypsies, but the captain wouldn't allow it. He had to take a different approach, and when Riku arrived at the scene, saw fit to give them a taste of his power and summon the Wargoyle.

Satisfied with the results, Frollo departed to Notre Dame, where he watched from the roofs of the cathedral as the Wargoyle, under his command, terrorized the city below. With victory all but in his grasp, he fell cover the railing in satisfaction into the destruction below as the Nightmare went to complete the act for him, a cruel and unyielding smile etched on his face.

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