Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi] (2013)
Japanese voice actor: Yume Miyamoto
English voice actor: Isabela Moner

The youngest of the Master of Masters' six apprentices and leader of the Vulpes Union. While strait-laced, Ava is exceptionally kind and sweet, giving her a reputation among the Keyblade wielders as the easiest of the Union leaders to approach. 

Before the Master disappeared, he bestowed five of his apprentices - Ava, Ira, Invi, Aced, and Gula - with the Book of Prophecies, a mysterious tome that can not only transcribe events that have yet to take place, but also conjure worlds filled with beings and powers that have yet to exist. With this book, the five apprentices were given the name of Foreteller.

The Book of Prophecies predicts a bleak future in which all worlds would be enveloped in darkness as Keyblade wielders clash in a deadly war. In preparation of this, the Master tasked each of his apprentices with a special role. Ava was tasked with finding exceptional wielders, regardless of their Union, and recruiting them into a new organization. This group would escape the impending darkness of the Keyblade War in order to keep the light alive. Ava would go on to call them, the "Dandelions". 

The Master also presented Ava with a list of candidates who will succeed the Foretellers as leaders of the Unions after the war. One name was circled in red, and that child would receive their own copy of the Book of Prophecies.

Time passed, and the Foretellers found themselves embroiled in dispute without the leadership of the Master. The discovery of the Nightmare Chirithy and truth about the Power Bangles led them to believe there was a traitor in their midst, tempting Keyblade wielders with the powers of darkness. Tensions quickly rose, and any attempts to quell the anger and frustration were met with failure. Ava could only watch as her friends turned against one another, and the Foretellers drifted apart. 

To cope, Ava focused her efforts into recruiting Keyblade wielders to the Dandelions. This led her to Ephemer, an enthusiastic boy with a perceptive eye. He had learned about the Book of Prophecies and was investigating the Foretellers alongside his friend, the Player. 

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