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What Final Fantasy game(s) are you currently playing?


Hamster Lord

Atrocity Exhibition
Sep 27, 2008
Neo Kobe City
As I was still somewhat ashamed that the only FF games I played to completion were FF13 and 13-2, I decided that it was time to play through the series as that was always something I wanted to do.

I've played FF1-3 and I liked them all a lot. Really enjoyed 2's storyline and aesthetic even if the gameplay was a little broken. I played the Dawn of Souls versions. I then played 3 on my DS and holy shit was the Crystal Tower brutal. Took me 3 tries. After this I did take a break to play FF7R which I greatly enjoyed.

I'm on FF4 on PSP now and it hooked me in instantly. The opening was incredible. But I got myself hardlocked in the big robot thing so I had to restart. I figure it'll take me a year at least to play through them all but I'm having fun. These games really are amazing.