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Fanfiction ► SnowMan; A Fanfic Collaboration

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The Show Must Go On
May 31, 2006
^ I kinda think harakiri would be a bit more messy... What with the slitting open your stomache and what not...

Kya is still not sure whether or not she likes this fic, but she has decided she shall lurk the shadows of the thread and keep her less than welcome comments to her self.


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Jun 17, 2007
Finding peace in a twisted world.
^ I kinda think harakiri would be a bit more messy... What with the slitting open your stomache and what not...

Kya is still not sure whether or not she likes this fic, but she has decided she shall lurk the shadows of the thread and keep her less than welcome comments to her self.

With the jump you get a splatter effect, whereas with harikari you can position yourself over a trash can before you die. I'm a softie for the janitors.-_-

If your comments are less than welcome, then mine have been kicked out of the door.
If you don't like the fic now, then you will after a few more chappies. Although I agree it's kinda weird reading two different styles in the same book.

Tyler Durden

how has this faded into the third page?

This is great, you guys.

And you have managed to make me hate Kairi even more. Stupide chienne.

Tyler Durden

It's kind of mixed. I'm glad you can capture how Kairi would act in your writing.

Unfortunately, I hate Kairi. xD

And the last bit was French there. Nice way to kind-of swear at someone without getting caught.


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Mar 19, 2006
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Apologies for the shockingly late chapter. >.>; Direct abuse to moi, not Dee!

Chapter Five

Flinging his arms back, ready for a good battle, Gilgamesh rushed at Sora, a wild smile upon his face. Knowing he wouldn’t stand a chance if this giant struck him, Sora dived to the ground, deftly rolling across the blazing sand, away from the beast’s path. Looking back up, he saw the glint of a blade in a chink of light.

“No,” he clenched his teeth together, scrambling to a defensive stance. Holding the Keyblade across his chest, he thrust it up to meet one of Gligamesh’s blades, meeting in a vicious, metallic clash.

“Impressive!” Gilgamesh laughed, bringing the weapon back in a jolt of his arm. “But you can’t keep this up for long, boy.”

Within an instant, Gilgamesh brought two blades back, before hurling them down towards Sora’s body. On his toes, Sora darted to one side, before making a rapid attempt at the beast’s side.

“There’s no way you’re taking this!” Sora exclaimed, thrusting the Keyblade at Gilgamesh, demonstrating the power of the weapon. Giving a shout, the beast was flung to the ground, squabbling maniacally in a cacophony of anger and agony. “So go back to wherever you came from!”

Gilgamesh managed a struggled grunt in response.

“Not until I wrench the blade from your lifeless hands!”

Suddenly heaving himself to his feet, sending the sands into a flurry, he swung his aching body around to meet Sora, sending him backwards with a well-aimed smack to the chest.

Hurtling back, skidding over the hot sands, Sora felt the grating sting against his skin as the rush of battle ran over it. But, there was no time to examine the injuries, with Gilgamesh making another attempt at him, blades swinging wildly with each thunderous footstep.

“Look out!” Kairi cried, reaching forward with a desperate hand as she watched the creature stalk towards him. Riku grabbed her arm as she burst from her spot, having to drag her back from the fray. She pulled her limb from him, a sour look on her pretty - albeit frantic - face.

“There’s nothing you can do,” he said sternly, holding her back.

It wasn’t as though he didn’t want to help Sora, but if Kairi got in the way, the consequences were anyone’s guess. They did not know how strong Gilgamesh was, but judging by the mighty weapons he wielded, it was safe to say that he was incredibly powerful. He didn’t want her being in his line of fire - and he knew Sora wouldn’t want her anywhere near such a dangerous situation.

Riku looked to the battle, eyes narrow as he racked his brains for something to do for Sora. He seemed able to hold his own against the beast, but it seemed he’d need a serious stroke of luck before he’d get his opportunity. Perhaps if he could distract Gilgamesh for a moment…

But he shook the idea off, silver hair shining in the blazing sun. Underestimating himself, he felt he’d just get in Sora’s way.

“Give up!” Gilgamesh hooted wildly, his lowest hands resting upon his hips. “You are indeed strong, but I have fought greater foes than you.”

“Never!” Sora protested, clasping the Keyblade in both gloved hands. Sweat glistened upon his brow, but he was not about to succumb to this beast’s will. “I’ll never give this up!”

With that, he ran forward, flinging the Keyblade with a powerful swing, striking Gilgamesh’s mighty chest with a devastating blow. He was young, but his incredible strength was undeniable. As the creature fell backwards, he stole a glance at Kairi and Riku, just to make sure they were safe.

Riku gave a simple nod, while Kairi clasped her hands together, jumping up and down in excitement. She called out words of encouragement, warming his heart, coaxing his determination further.

Looking back to Gilgamesh, Sora gave a confident, sunny smile. This only angered the beast further as he raged forwards, ready to make a move.

Their blades clashed in a rapid duel, each unwilling to back down. Sora easily countered Gilgamesh’s attempts, but his attacks were nothing against the creature’s defences - not to mention his numerous arms. His hair swirled wildly in the flow of battle, face boiling over with raging emotion.

Sora’s Keyblade met with one of Gilgamesh’s weapons in a sudden clash, each pushing forward with a great deal of strength. Holding the Keyblade forward, giving this all he had, Sora became desperate as he felt himself moving backwards - while he’d grounded his weight perfectly, he was simply too light to hold his own against the creature’s hulking form. The gritty sand stung his ankles as he skidded back, unable to force himself forward against Gilgamesh.

I have to try,” he thought, brow furrowed, teeth tightly clenched together. “If I don’t, he’ll steal my Keyblade…

With a firm determination rooted inside, he decided he was not about to let the beast get the better of him. In an incredible burst of strength, he forced the Keyblade upwards, flinging Gilgamesh’s arms upwards - some weapons even dropping to the hot ground in the confusion.

“You - ” Gilgamesh began in a roar, but silenced himself as he fell to the ground, clasping the weaponry back within his firm grip. He was not prepared to lose his prized possessions in his struggle for the Keyblade, tempting as it was.

Perhaps I did not think this strategy through properly,” he mused to himself in a heavy breath, in a proud stance, as if merely awaiting Sora’s response. He eyed the foe, trying to comprehend how such a frail body held such great power beneath this scrawny appearance. “He is remarkable…

Before he could react, Sora threw himself forwards. In a panic, Gilgamesh flung a single arm back, sending a shimmer through the air.

“Time to make a hasty exit!” he smirked, thrusting one weapon towards Sora - knocking him backwards to buy himself some time.

Looking back towards where he’d thrown his power, Gilgamesh’s eyes widened in horror.


The portal swirled dark before him, mystifying and ever-changing, sucking anything and everything into its depths - not to mention, a struggling Kairi.

“Kairi!” Sora shouted, eyes alight with desperation as he saw her, clinging to Riku’s arm for life as he tried his hardest to keep her on the ground.

“Don’t let go!” she cried out to Riku, her little hands grasping at him to stop herself falling into oblivion. He could barely hear her over the roar of the portal.

Strain lining his young face, teeth gritted as he fought against the strength of the portal, Riku tightened his grip on her arm. He had to think of something, anything to save her, but just pulling her by the arm wasn’t going to get her anywhere.

In retrospect, it was a horrible decision.

Sora fell to his knees in shock, unsure of the sight he beheld.

Riku made a grasp for Kairi’s shoulder with his free hand. It worked; until the loss in balance sent him - and Kairi - hurtling into the bleak beyond.

And they were gone.


Tyler Durden

Not to sound too critical here, but...


lol. nice chapter, whoever wrote this one!


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Jan 22, 2006
Well lookie here! It's chapter 6, THE FIGHT. ^_^ Enjoy, peeps.

Chapter 6

Kneeling on the sand in disbelief, Sora watched as the portal vanished into thin air. Bile rose to the top of the keyblader's throat and sweat poured down his forehead, dripping onto the ground. His lips fumbled numbly and his hands trembled instinctively. Nothing clicked in his mind; it remained an empty, vacant holding place for his thoughtless brain. His eyes would not tear themselves from the positioned spot of the portal, now gone.

Gilgamesh was stupefied as well. He buried his face in three of his six arms, shaking his head in confusion.

"They weren't there before," he breathed, his mouth barely moving. "They just--appeared there."

Gilgamesh was also afraid to turn to his opponent. It was indeed Gilgamesh's fault for opening the portal in front of Riku and Kairi, and he knew Sora wouldn't take it lightly. What made things worse was that Gilgamesh could not summon another portal for five minutes, a particular rule for portal-summoning. The beast just stood there, his massive body burning in the sun. The wind had ceased and the atmosphere had darkened. Gilgamesh cringed as Sora spoke, in a deep, angry voice.

"You," he cried, swishing his keyblade in the air, "you did this!"

Gilgamesh tried to reason with the boy, but it was too late, for Sora was already upon him.

Never had Sora been this furious. Never had he felt such pain and sorrow for anything. All he wanted to do now was fight-- fight to the death. Nothing would register in the boy's mind; his instincts told him to take Gilgamesh down. And that is exactly what he attempted to do.

The boy brought his keyblade upon Gilgamesh, leaping with great agility. To Sora's surprise, Gilgamesh dodged the blow by jumping backwards. The enemy rose his six, enormous weapons in a defensive manner. Thoughtlessly, Sora charged at his enemy again, his keyblade wavering in the wind. With ease, Gilgamesh blocked the frantic attack, disposing of it with a swish of his fifth arm. Sora's keyblade went sprawling to the earth. Now vulnerable, Sora kicked up sand into Gilgamesh's face as a distraction. He dodge rolled across the sand, resuming his stance with his keyblade back in hand.

Gilgamesh was beginning to lose patience. This time, he advanced on Sora, bringing each weapon down in timed attacks. Sora positioned his keyblade to wherever the next attack was coming to, each blow more powerful than the last. His wrists began to become sore from the impact of each clank of metal. Squinting, the keyblade master attempted to counter Gilgamesh's next attack. He ducked under the flying sword, brought his knee up into Gilgamesh's solid chest, and attempted to slash at it. But Sora was not successful, as a massive sword zipped in the way, blocking his keyblade. Another arm went at Sora, its scythe-like weapon zooming through the air. It hit the boy straight on, sending him to the ground.

Coughing up blood, Sora pushed himself off the ground, humiliated. He gritted his bloody teeth and glared at his opponent. Determined to win, Sora sprang across the sand, landing at Gilgamesh's feet for another helping of wounds.

Gilgamesh's arms flew in the air voluntarily, each one heading straight at Sora. The young man became more furious, as his attempts to slash at Gilgamesh would keep failing. Desperation struck the boy, energy being lost at each second. The enemy's powerful blows became too much as Sora decided to evade Gilgamesh by flipping overhead. The monster grinned to see the boy fly over him. As soon as Sora landed, he was tripped by the beast's massive foot, crashing to the ground. Rolling just in time to escape a stab of Gilgamesh's sword, Sora got up and shook off the sand which was plastered to his worn-out body.

Sora's sides heaved with pain, and he breathed in heavy gasps. Gilgamesh, on the other hand, was smirking in delight. The enemy was basking in his almost won victory.

Shaking off the thought of losing, Sora rose his keyblade high overhead and yet again charged at Gilgamesh. This time, the keyblader was the attacker.

"Ars Arcanum!" Sora cried, his keyblade glowing with a yellow essence.

Gilgamesh's eyes lost their happy flavour as he saw Sora's blade come straight at him.

For a split second, Sora's eyes turned a misty yellow. They then averted back to their dreamy blue.

Mystified, Gilgamesh was not prepared for the oncoming attacks. Four of his six weapons were pitifully launched out of the way, and Sora made his way to the core of his target. The angry boy gave Gilgamesh a burning slash down the side of his chest, the yellow essence scorching the enemy's tough skin. But that was not all, for Sora had brought his keyblade up along the front of Gilgamesh's abdomen; a direct hit being produced. Managing to jump back from the keyblader's fury, Gilgamesh gripped his stomach in agony. Purple blood oozed from the creature's body at a steady rate.

Gilgamesh looked up to Sora in hate.

"You'll pay for that," he boomed.

With only two weapons, Gilgamesh slashed at Sora mercilessly. His strikes penetrated the air with a loud swishing sound, one that would scare off any normal civilian. Sora was too weak to defend himself from the gravity-defying blows of the furious monster, and was immobilized immediately. Keyblade far from his reach, Sora knelt to the ground in defeat.

"This'll help," the creature snarled.

Sora gasped for air as the tip of Gilgamesh's sharp, thin sword sunk deep into his chest. The sensation winded Sora, the pain unbearable. The bitter blade travelled deep inside the boy's interior, finding its way to the other end. It ripped through the boy's back, his once beautiful eyes now wide with horror. The boy desperately tried to move his arms, but they just wouldn't listen. Gilgamesh smiled maliciously as the blade withdrew itself. It came out of the boy's body quickly, masked in a creamy red colour-- that colour being blood.

Sora plopped to the ground, motionless.

Gilgamesh nodded to himself, satisfied from Sora's defeat. He knelt down to check the boy's pulse.

"Still alive, I see," the creature breathed. "I'll let you live, out of the kindness of my heart."

The monster's eyes grew wide as his hand met the handle of Sora's weapon. He gripped it tightly, in fear of it being pried from his grip. The keyblade shone brightly, its powerful essence gleaming in the sunlight. Gilgamesh's grin grew even wider, marvelling at the sight of the glorious weapon.

Now standing, Gilgamesh snapped his finger.

A portal appeared.

Summoning his weapons back to him, the creature turned toward the dark portal.

"Sorry it had to be this way, kid," he muttered, beginning toward the vortex.

Gilgamesh was gone.

And so was the keyblade.
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Dec 13, 2006
beautiful, absoloutely friggin, beautiful.
again gilgamesh ROCKS!!!

Tyler Durden


did you just kill off Sora? how will he fight without the keyblade?

Unless... he uses Roxas to summon Oathy and Oblivion. Or allows Roxas control of his body...

hmm. I shall have to think about this and submit my theories.
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