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Fanfiction ► SnowMan; A Fanfic Collaboration

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Mar 19, 2006
n. 1. a place of settlement, activity, or residenc
Sorry this took so long, everyone, you have all of my apologies. =(

Chapter Eight

Slowly, her mind fading into a dull sense of consciousness, Kairi carefully sat up where she’d found herself, rubbing her eyes to clear her blurry vision. Her head ached, and her body pounded. Blinking, blue eyes back to their usual, alert gaze, she looked around, feeling a shiver run down her spine at the surroundings.

From what she could see, she’d somehow landed in the middle of a vast pine forest. Watery sunlight streamed down through the needled branches in great, glittering shafts, casting patches of weak shimmers through the shadowed ground. The tree trunks stood tall and proud, all around her, their fresh, natural scent lingering in the cool air. They seemed to stretch up as far as her eyes could see. Early morning dew sparkled upon the covered forest floor.

“Where am I?” she said to herself, her voice an anxious whisper. A hand reached up to rub her neck.

Pretty as this place was, she did not feel comfortable. Her arms instinctively wrapped around her body, afraid at these unfamiliar surroundings. Where Gilgamesh’s portal had sent her, she did not know - all she knew was that she wanted to be back on Destiny Island, with Sora, and Riku.


Suddenly rising to her feet in an anxious jolt, she looked around desperately, hoping that he’d been sent to the same place. How could she have forgotten him? Her vision darted through the trees, scanning frantically for any trace of her friend.

Nothing; other than a few large logs, fallen branches, and spiky-looking bushes.

Wait, what was that behind the tree?

Nervously, she moved forward, towards a slumped shape at the other side of a large trunk. Tremulously edging closer, fear pounding within her chest, she peered around the tree, hoping to see a cocky smile.

Yes, it was him. That same yellow vest and silver hair were unmistakable. Running towards him, flinging up browned pine needles as she went, she fell to her knees before him, overjoyed to see his familiar face.

“Oh, Riku!” she exclaimed. “I’m so glad you’re alright!”

Eyes closed, he gave her no response. A shot of anxiety surged through her.


She pushed his shoulder slightly, hoping he’d wake up. Nothing. Tremulously, she reached out with clammy, shaking fingers, gently touching his warm cheek.

Thankfully, his closed eyes seemed to tighten, before, slowly, the turquoise of his eyes met her concerned expression. He squinted in the sudden change of light, but soon got used to it, blinking before recognising her youthful face. A smile spread over his lips.

“Kairi,” he said, voice slightly croaking at first. The gravity of the situation suddenly sunk into him, after noticing these beautiful - albeit unfamiliar - surroundings. They sure weren’t on the island anymore. “Are you okay?”

She nodded, an overjoyed smile upon her face.

“I’m just happy you’re safe!” she replied cheerfully, clasping her hands together in girlish delight. Her expression seemed to fall after the initial pleasantries. She raised her arms, gesturing to the surroundings with a solemn face. “Just… I don’t know where we are.”

Riku slowly gazed around, his ponderous motions suggesting he was in some slight pain. It did not deter him though, as he carefully pulled himself from the ground, using the tree trunk as a support. Rubbing his brow, the stern look upon his face was enough to tell Kairi that things weren’t alright.

“Gilgamesh’s portal sent us to another world,” he grunted in frustration. He was stating the obvious, but Kairi thought better of saying so, replying with a simple nod. A long, angered sigh escaped him; nose wrinkled, turquoise narrowed into furious slits, fists clenched, Kairi had never seen a sourer expression upon his face.

His frustration was understandable - after all, they had only just been reunited, and now, he, Sora, and Kairi were separated again - but the way she saw it, there was no point in getting angry about it; and yet, even this rational thinking was not enough to stop her mind revolving around Sora. He’d been locked in battle with that beast.

“I hope Sora’s alright…” she said, voice in a quiver. Eyes glazed, she gazed at the ground. “He could beat Gilgamesh… right?”

Riku softened his bitter frown, nodding gently to reassure her.

“Of course,” he said. “He’ll be alright, don’t worry about him.” He placed a warm hand on her shoulder. “But we need to find a way out of here.”

Kairi nodded, raising her head to meet his gaze. She watched as his eyes scanned the area for any hints.

A conclusion was reached fairly quickly.

“Looks like we’re gonna have to pick a direction,” he sighed, “and walk.” He rubbed his eyes with his shaking hands, before raking them through his silver hair. “I don’t think there’s anything else we can do.”

“I guess,” Kairi whispered, looking up at him. She trusted his decision. “This forest can’t go on forever.”

With that, he began to walk forwards, gesturing for Kairi to follow him.

She walked at his side, listening to his deep, angered breaths as he went. Clearly, he was furious, kicking the needles and twigs that coated the forest floor. Every now and then, a tree would be a victim of his frustration; his hand smacking against the trunk in an expression of his agitation. Trying to withhold a sigh, she made a short gasp as it fell from her pursed lips.

Riku noticed, breathing a sigh, and raising a silver eyebrow.

“We’ll… get out of this,” he tried to comfort her, although, it was clear from his less-than-optimistic voice that his words were not heartfelt.

Kairi managed to supress a small smile at the irony. Clearly, Riku was the more frustrated of the two, yet here he was, attempting to reassure her. If anything, she should have been the one trying to help him.

“I know,” she said optimistically, eyes held forward. She was appreciative of his efforts, but knew that they had to keep positive. “There’s always a way.”

Riku did not respond, simply continuing to pace.

The walk was fairly quiet, and for ten minutes, they heard nothing but their own footsteps, their own, resonant breaths in the crisp air. This was a magnificent forest, and they could not help but admire its natural aesthetic. Their eyes seemed to wander around as they walked, taking in all of the surroundings. This seemed the type of place that none would see, other than on those jigsaw puzzles, or in picture books. The silent beauty was refreshing.

A bird’s urgent wings flapped overhead all of a sudden, making Kairi jump.

Riku smiled with her shock at the simple sound of a bird, before looking up to find the source of the noise.

His jaw dropped at the sight he beheld.

Hope joo likes. Sorry it's not as good as Dee's =3



Mar 27, 2007
Great chapter as always and nice cliffhanger it really keeps the story very entertaining xD.


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Jan 22, 2006
Beautifully written, snow! <3

Alright guys, I'm still on vacation, so you might have to wait a bit before the next chapter. I am deeply sorry =(

But for now, lather in snowy's gloriously written chapter.


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Dec 28, 2006
Oh yeah, I honestly forgot about this... o_O.

I shall catch up later, if I am not completely on the ball with all of this.


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Jan 22, 2006
Chapter 9: To Kill a Sora

Was this death?

Death did not prevail in the boy's mind. Instead, it was replaced with pain and anguish. Death was grasping for the keyblader's soul, yet he breathed heavily, pushing back the demon's scythe at each gasp.

"Not, yet..." he breathed in slow, timed peeps.

He dared not to move himself. He lay plastered to his position on the moist sand, laying face-first, his left hand tucked under his shirt and his right hand empty, laying on the wet grains of rock. His once-lively eyes now teetered on being half-opened or entirely closed. Gravity pressed on them ruthlessly, and Sora felt he had no energy whatsoever. His pitiful wound bled freely, blood gushing out like a fountain, staining the sand in its path. The waves of the ocean lapped up the trail of blood which had reached the shore, carrying it into the water's home.

Sora could not think--or, he chose not to think. Not ever had things gone so wrong. Not ever had Sora been so humiliated. Yet here he lay, lifeless and wounded, broken-hearted and saddened. He closed off his pouncing thoughts, resting the situation on his injured self.

"Have... to.. get help..." he muttered to himself, attempting to move his arms.

They ached as he did so, but reluctantly brought themselves up. Ready to pull himself off the ground, he took one last breathe. His arms pushed the earth, and in turn, pain jolted violently through Sora' body, mostly in his chest.

"Ugh..." he moaned, hitting the earth once again. Another failed attempt.

Would no one come?


"Selfie, come play with us, ya'?" a young man's voice echoed through an open window and into a room full of things with girlish essence. Inside the room was a girl with brown, silky hair extending down to her neck. Her green eyes beamed beautifully and her rosy red cheeks shined cheerfully. She wore a yellow dress with black boots. In her hands she held a romance novel titled "Battle with a Heartless." Her eyes darted along the pages eagerly, not caring to pay attention to the aggravated voice outside.

"Hold on, hold on!" she called, somewhat annoyed at her friend's impatience. "I'll be right out!"

"You said that five minutes ago!" the voice moaned back. "We wanna' play ball; that book can wait!"

Selfie, laying on her pink, puffy bed, rolled her eyes. "But I'm at a really nice part!" she purred romantically.

The boy outside lost patience and turned away from the house. Under his armpit was placed a blitzball, worn out from years of practise. Wakka shook his head in disappointment, his orange hair blowing in the wind, being held fast by a blue headband.

A boy stood by Wakka, the same expression on his face. In his hand was a richly brown staff, and his hair was spiked into a stylish fashion.

"Oh come on, Wakka, give it up already. You know Selfie; once she starts, she can't stop!"

Wakka spun around at his friend. "Fine! But she'll regret it, ya'?"

Tidus nodded, only to dismiss Wakka's frustration. "Oh, I'm sure she will."

Wakka, still angry, took hold of his blitzball and threw it into the air. Before Tidus could warn him, the ball came in contact with Wakka's foot, sending the blue sphere flying into the air, almost disappearing into the clouds.

"Aww, Wakka! Remember the last time you did this? We took forever looking for it!" Tidus moaned, shaking his head in disappointment.

Wakka stood there, blushing from his foolishness. "I'm sorry... I'll go look for it, ya'?"

Tidus plopped onto the sand. "Yeah, go ahead... it might be to late to play after you've found it, though."

Wakka winked at his friend, smiling. "Nah, I'll find it in no time!"

The young man took off, his baggy yellow pants waving in the wind. Tidus watched him run in the direction he sent his blitzball, finally disappearing over the small hill in the North.

Letting the cool wind was his sweaty face, Tidus's expression hardened.

"Gee, I wonder where Sora is today?"


The keyblade bearer was lost in a dark and dreary sleep. Things, unexplainable things, flashed in his mind, penetrating his thoughts, sending shivers down his spine. At times, he would awaken with a jolt, remembering where he was and what was happening. Then, he let his eyelids rest, the uncomfortable sleep returning to him. The more painful the wound became, the paler the boy became.

"How much longer will I last..." Sora thought desperately.

How long he had been laying on the sand he did not know. To him it seemed like hours, but he wasn't sure. He wasn't sure of anything anymore.

Footsteps entered his unsettling dream, drawing nearer to him. At first, he was afraid, but then accepted them as someone coming to help. The sound of feet hitting the soil soothed Sora's mind, helping him to rest.

"Sora, Sora!"

Sora's eyes blinked open. Daylight poured onto his eyelids, causing them to blink continuously. Did someone just call his name? He could not turn his head, so he did not know.

"Sora, are you okay?" called a voice, getting nearer by the second.

The keyblader recognized the distinct voice of his friend, Wakka. He had never been so happy to hear the sound of his friend's voice before.

"Man oh man, are you alive?" the boy shouted, now by Sora's side. He knelt down, his hands feeling Sora up and down.

"Wakka... you came..." Sora coughed.

"What happened here, man?" Wakka breathed, utterly confused at his own words.

But then he shook himself. The blitzball was now distant in the boy's mind, his top priority being to get Sora back safely.

"Let's get you back home, Sora." he calmed his friend.

Slowly, Wakka, grabbed hold of Sora by placing his hands under the keyblader's body. With great strength, he lifted the weakened body off the ground, leaving an imprint of a corpse on a bloody patch of sand.

Noticing Sora's injury, Wakka's eyes grew wide. "Dude, what happened to you, man?"

Wakka now understood the seriousness of the situation, and without moment's hesitation, he took off back toward the town, his friend bouncing up and down in his muscular arms, Sora's head hanging loosely in the air. The keyblade master tried to muster a smile, but nothing would come. How appreciative he was to his friend who was now saving his life. Wakka was a brilliant and helpful friend, always there to help out when anyone needed it.

"Maybe now, there's hope." Sora thought to himself. "But what about Riku and Kairi?"

"Are they okay? Are they alive? And most of all, where the heck are they?"

Those thoughts stayed with him as he drifted off into another uneasy sleep.


Yeah, so I'm sorry for the late chapter. I know it's short, and I know it sucks, but it's getting us back into the writing business. SnowMan's back, and I'll work my brain off! >:3

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Great chapters very good indeed ^^

I just have one question once sora is healed in all if he thinks how is gonna get his keyblade back im gonna laugh cuase he can just summon it back lol unless you don't want him too :p
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