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Fanfiction ► SnowMan; A Fanfic Collaboration

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Dec 28, 2006
I managed to come to this fic to read the chapter on and off throughout the evening, and I think it is fantastic.

this is definitely a great idea for a collab, particularly since you two are amazing fanfic writers.


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Mar 19, 2006
n. 1. a place of settlement, activity, or residenc
A promise is a promise. ~.^

Chapter Three

“Where did you move from?” Sora suddenly asked, blurting the question with a somewhat frenetic smile. It was not like him to be so jealous. Kuna’s attention moved from Kairi’s face, sluggishly turning to Sora’s neurotic grin. Thankfully, he did not notice Sora’s envious anxiety, and so responded with a friendly - albeit, still rather shy - tone.

“Far from here,” he replied quietly. There seemed to be a glimmer of warmth in his eyes as he gave Sora a nervous smile. Bashful as he was, it seemed he was eager to make a new friend in Sora. A slight strain showed in his face as he racked his brains for something else to say to the spiky-haired boy. “It was kinda similar, I guess. It was hot there, too.”

“That’s good,” Riku replied. He did not care too much for small-talk of this inane nature, but didn’t want to look cold towards the newcomer. “Some people find it too hot here if they aren’t used to it.”

Kuna gave no word of response, simply nodded, avoiding eye contact with the two. A short silence followed.

“Kairi found it hard to adapt to living here,” Sora blurted out another comment. Kairi looked to him with a tilted head, but nodded as soon as she realised what Sora had said. Kuna raised an eyebrow, interested as Sora spoke. His dark gaze looked to Sora intently.

“Definitely,” she smiled, trailing a finger in the sand. “I wasn’t from here either, Kuna.” She looked to him again, and was surprised to notice that Kuna’s eyes were fixed upon Sora. This did not stop her continuing. “I was only small, but when I first got here, it was difficult to put up with all the sun.”

“Spending a lot of time outside worked though,” Sora smiled at Kairi, before looking to Kuna. He was slightly startled by Kuna’s stare, but continued as if he felt nothing at all. “We’ve spent a lot of time on this island.”

“I can imagine,” Kuna responded quietly. He seemed to deviate from their point a little. “I guess you’d find it pretty hard to leave this place for a long time.”

Sora felt a quiver of suspicion rise in the depth of his stomach. Was this truly an innocent comment? Perhaps he was being too hasty, but there was no denying that this seemed a little odd.

“Yeah,” he replied, trying to appear nonchalant; although his absent-minded, clearly preoccupied tone gave away his façade. Realising this, from the sudden sharp rise of Riku’s brow, he quickly continued. “I couldn’t imagine it.”

Kuna gave a warm nod, his eyes cast towards the waves as they crashed over the shoreline. An awkward silence ensued, filled only with the background noise of the ocean, and the calling of seabirds. Clearing his throat, looking to them again, Kuna made another comment.

“You guys seem like close friends,” he said softly, his dark eyes darting between Sora and Riku. He’d gone from a complete introvert to a willing conversationalist in a matter of minutes. Riku gave a single nod. Kairi seemed similarly convinced, nodding with a beaming smile.

“As long as we can remember,” he smiled, reminiscing slightly. He did not continue, however, being rather inept when it came to small-talk. Sora did not pick up on the terse nature of the conversation, wrapt in thought.

“I see,” Kuna breathed, his eyes examining their faces. He waited briefly before continuing. “So don’t you guys ever argue?” A glint appeared within his deep gaze, and an intriguing one at that. “I mean, you must get pretty… competitive, sometimes.”

Sora raised his eyebrow again, suspicions aroused by another comment. True, it was most likely completely coincidental that Kuna was making such remarks, but Sora couldn’t help feeling little twinges of scepticism. Clenching his fingers in the sand, gaze fixed upon the ground, he did not let on to his dubious thoughts, simply gave a response - after all, waiting so long to reply wasn’t very good manners.

“Not any more,” he smiled, blushing a little as he remembered the types of things he and Riku would argue about. “We used to argue all the time, about stupid little things.” Riku agreed with him, heaving his weight up into a standing position. He shielded his eyes from the sun as he spoke, looking down upon them.

“Yeah,” he said, “looking back, it was a lot of petty things. Like, who was better, who was faster, or who was str - ”

“Who was stronger,” Kuna finished the sentence, interrupting Riku’s words. His expression seemed to be in a deep smile - yet, there was something strange about this grin. Not something happy. It almost seemed malicious. Sora’s eyes widened as he threw a glance at Riku - who seemed similarly bewildered with suspicion.

Riku felt something quiver inside. Now, as Sora before him, he seemed to become rather sceptical himself.

“Good guess,” he mumbled, eyes narrowed into a observing stare. Before he could go on, Kuna continued to speak.

“So who is the strongest?” he suddenly questioned, face alight with forceful curiosity. Riku contained his dubious feelings, simply continued with a friendly tone, trying not to react strangely.

“Sora,” he stated, hair blowing in the wind, shimmering with a silver sheen in the beaming sunshine. He held no doubts about this. “Definitely Sora.” Sora smiled at the comment, looking to Kuna. He was slightly taken aback by the boy’s expression; his nod seemed to be overeager, his smile seeming to hide dubious intentions.

“How do you know that?” Kuna asked, probing for more answers. Riku narrowed his eyes, frustrated with the suspicious nature of these irritating questions.

“I just do,” he said, unintentionally stern. Kairi giggled at him, tapping his bare, sandy foot with her dainty hand.

“Don’t get so defensive!” she smiled warmly. She then turned to Kuna with a playful look upon her petite face. In a split-second, as the words tumbled from her, Sora knew what she was about to divulge - and that there was nothing he could do to stop her. Riku braced himself for her unstoppable words. “Sora wields the Keyblade!”

Apologies from me for the shortness/lateness of this chapter, I've been busy with school and such >.>;



Mar 27, 2007
*Sheds a tear* that was just beautiful, both of you are so good at writing stories awesome job xDD.


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Jan 22, 2006
Believe it or not, I wrote Chapter 4 ^.^ Enjoy!

Chapter 4

Kuna’s eyes widened at the sound of those crisp words coming from the petite girl’s mouth. The monster within tried desperately to hide his excitement, his shocking discovery, but it was almost uncontrollable.

“K..K-keyblade?” He managed to spit out incoherently.

Sora eyed the small figure up and down with even more suspicion. Instead of answering the boy’s question, he raised his brow and asked, “Hey Kuna, you okay? You look… shocked.”

Kairi whipped at Sora, her eyes stinging into his skin, “Sora,” she cried, flinging her arms up in the air, “give him a break! Not many people know what a keyblade is anyway!”

Riku held back a laugh as Sora scratched his head embarrassingly. “Sorry, Kairi… it’s just that-“

“No excuses! That was rude,” she cut in, crossing her arms.

Kuna stood there, not sure of what to do. Is this boy onto me? he thought nervously. He wriggled about in his position.

“I’m sorry,” he breathed, “I had something in my… my.. my..”

Then, his mind went blank. His lips trembled. He strained his mind to think of the word he was looking for. Panic gripped him like the chains of a leash.

“-throat?” Kairi finished, tilting her head to gaze at Kuna. She smiled.

Kuna mustered a small, forced grin. “Yes, that… sorry.”

Sora folded his arms stubbornly. “Huh, doesn’t even know a simple word,” he grumbled to himself. The young keyblade master gazed dreamily up into the beautiful sky, the wind washing his tanned face.

Kuna eyed the sand sheepishly, making imprints with his small hand. After a moment's hesitation, Kuna peeped out a couple of words.

"So... is this keyblade powerful?"

Sora jolted upright, almost faster than when Kairi had woken him up from his deep slumber. "Who wants to know?" the keyblade master shouted, clenching his fist. "What does it matter to you?"

Before Kairi could complain, Riku coaxed her. "Sora has a point, Kairi. What does it matter to Kuna?"

The silver haired boy turned to Kuna, who was still eyeing the ground in panic.

Kairi's face turned a hot red as she held her mouth shut.

"I-I'm sorry... it's just.. interesting.. that's all," Kuna whispered.

This time, Riku looked unconvinced, his eyes reluctantly turning themselves back to the rolling waves of the ocean.

Sora let out a taunting laugh of disbelief. He burned his eyes into Kuna's skin. What's with him? he thought, confused.

Kairi gave Sora the "Back off!" look. Sora turned away from her, following Riku's eyes to the crisp waves which rolled over each other, one by one.

Letting out a sigh, Kairi calmed herself. After breathing in and out for a couple of seconds, she turned to Kuna.

"Now that that's over, why don't we continue talking on the tree across the little bridge! It's always fun there."

Riku got up, brushing the sand off his pants. Shaking the hair out of his eyes, he agreed with Kairi.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. Come on, Sora, let's race!"

Sora was about to talk Riku out of it when all of a sudden, Riku bolted across the sand. Instantly, Sora's old instincts poured back into him as he shot up and took after his swift friend. It's not like I'm never competitive! he thought to himself. Besides, I'm glad to leave that weirdo behind.

Kuna watched Sora and Riku take off, his senses telling him to take after them. How he urged for the keyblade to be in his greedy hands. How he wanted its glorious power. I have to have it, I have to have it. Those words rung lively in his head as Kairi lifted her body off the sand and shot a glance at Kuna.

"Well, shall we be off?" She grinned, holding out her hand.

Kuna eyed it suspiciously, his mind still racing with ideas. She waited for him to take hold of it, so that she could pull him up, but he just sat there, his eyes wide with wonder. Her smile faded as Kuna smirked at her, her arm lowering.

"What's wrong?" She asked, hands on her hips.

Kuna stared up at Kairi, his decision made. He opened his mouth to speak, but what came out was that of a caged up monster. His voice rang throughout the area and sunk into the waves, disturbing the swim of the happy fishes. Not only what he said shocked Kairi, but how it sounded. She shrivelled at the booming voice coming from a pea-size body.


And with that, Kuna disappeared into thin air, leaving Kairi to absorb all that had happened.

She stood still, gaze still held where Kuna had last been.

He had vanished.


Sora and Riku raced side-by-side, their bodies beginning to ache from exertion. No one spoke, for the fear of losing breathe gripped the two of them. They raced along the shoreline, their unique shoes bringing up the water from the ocean in which splashed in their sweaty faces, gently soothing them. Sora turned to Riku as he ran, grinning. Riku returned the favour.

They had almost reached the bridge when suddenly, a figure appeared in front of them. The two friends came to a halt, as the figure would not move.

Wiping his dripping face, Sora, bent down and let out a moan.

"Hey, watch where you're going! We were-"

"Sora," Riku cut in, his voice serious.

Raising his head, Sora turned to Riku.


Riku didn't answer, for he didn't have to. Sora followed his shocked eyes to the figure in which had blocked the two of them from continuing their race.

"Hello, Sora," the boy in front of them said, smiling in a dummy-like fashion. His voice was deep and husky.

Sora couldn't believe his eyes. He pronounced his words carefully as he spoke.

"K-Kuna? How'd you get here so fast?"

Kuna's smile grew even larger. Cloud's loomed overhead, their ominous shapes turning jet black.

"He couldn't have," Riku responded for Sora, his suspicion reaching the limit point, "there's no way he could have beaten us here."

"Then how am I here?" Kuna shot at Riku, his eyes widening, his voice booming.

"W-what's with your voice?" Riku asked. "It's not yours."

"Or is it?"

Sora had had enough. Straightening up, he hurled an insult at Kuna, showing no mercy.

"Stop playing games with us, you idiot! We know you aren't who you say you are."

Kuna's smile dissolved. Literally.

Riku and Sora leaped back at the same time, for defence.

"What's happening to his face?" Sora cried out loud.

Kuna's mouth turned into liquid as it dripped to the sand, its rich substance coating the pebbles mercilessly. Next to melt were his eyes, which poured out of his sockets like water out of a fountain. Sora held back a gag of disgust. He had never seen anything so disgusting in his life.

"Behold," the beast's voice rung, "my true form!"

A flash.

Riku opened his eyes weakly. The flash had made his vision go distorted. Finally, after some blinking, he managed to make out the daunting figure in front of him.

"Oh no," he breathed.

"Oh yes!" Kuna's husky voice screamed proudly.

"He's... he's a monster!" Shouted Sora, not believing his own words.

But indeed, before them stood a monster with an overwhelming appearance. Three arms were on the each side of his body, swinging about madly. He wore red and black clothing, with intricate designs on them. His fashion of dress was interesting indeed. He had empty sockets of whiteness, leading into nothingness. Jets of creamy hair shot out of a hole in the top of his helmet, barely moving in the wind.

What was most noticeable about this massive monster were the weapons on his back. Six swords for his six hands were mounted on the creature's back, each sword crafted with great detail and sharpness.

"Behold, my collection of weapons," the monster declared, using each arm to withdraw a sword. The sound produced was loud and somewhat marvellous; a beautiful sound of scraping metal. The muscular arms held the sword high in the air, each gleaming brightly in the newly found sunlight.

Sora gulped. Riku winced. The two watched in amazement as the beast swung each sword about, in demonstration of its power.

Riku mustered the strength to speak up to the creature.

"Who are you?"

The beast, who was busily swinging his swords, averted his vision to Riku.

"I am the mighty Gilgamesh, collector of swords, master of fighting."

"Collector of swords..." Sora breathed, finally getting the picture. The truth clicked in his mind. "That's why you're here," he declared, "you want my keyblade!"

Gilgamesh grinned. "Indeed, I do. I've been waiting a long time for another opportunity to obtain a new weapon, and now, here I am."

Sora withdrew his keyblade, swishing his arm in the air to summon it.

"You're not getting this," he exclaimed.

Riku added, "And I'll make sure of it!"

The creature's deep voice exited his mouth in loud booms of laughter. "Oh yeah?"

Sora gripped his keyblade tightly, changing into his fighting position. The wind thrashed around him violently, trying desperately to escape the horrible event. Riku narrowed his eyes at Gilgamesh, attempting to push himself past the overwhelming appearance of the monster. He held his keyblade high over head, ready for incoming attack.

The creature eyed the two companions anxiously. He anticipated a good fight in which would be in his favour. The creature prepared his six arms for attack, as he yelled out his battle cry.

"Prepare for Gilgamesh's wrath!"

(To be continued)
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wow, very, very impressive. gilgamesh beings back memories. he's got the awesome zantetsuken blade too hasnt he? man i cant wait for the next one.
great work D and Snow.


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Jun 17, 2007
Finding peace in a twisted world.
To Dee: De rien. *answers for yunie, then claps hand over mouth and commits sepukku after realizing the stain to yunie's honor*
Well written indeed... *strokes long whispy beard* If you to stopped writing I would probably commit suicide by jumping off a building. On second thought, hari kari. Less messy.
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