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Make Your Own Kingdom Hearts Game Idea Here


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Sep 5, 2015
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Just like the title says, think of a Kingdom Hearts game and talk about your idea here.

Who should the playable characters be? what should the plot be? what sort of gameplay should it involve?

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From other threads-

Neku and his gang as Nobodies.
Roxas in a Persona like adventure- a year long mystery at school.
Maleficent temps a young woman(new character) to the darkside.
Aqua has to deal with being a teacher to Max Goof and PJ.
Terra goes on a journey to master his new Void powers.
Xion becomes an assistant to Ansem the Wise. There's some new crisis in the Data realm that she has to get involved in.
Isa opens a detective agency and struggles to deal with normal life and the impact of his numerous sins.

A prequel set during the ten years between BBS and 1. I originally wanted to follow Lea/Isa/Arlene as they are forced to join the Organization and deal with their new lives. As they "break bad" and become villians, their friendship dissolves. It should end right before Chain of memories.

A stealth game where Namine has to outwit Larxene.

The Star Wars galaxy is native to Realm of Darkness. Aqua gets involved in one of their conflicts.

Sora's father is Sion from The Bouncer but Sora never knew what his old man did before he came to the islands. Riku and Kairi have separate subplots dealing with their families.

Riku gets a love story with a new character sorta like FF13-2.

Someone else mentioned it but I like the idea of Yozora dealing with the live action remakes. Its a way of remaking 1/2 without actually remaking 1 or 2.


Oct 22, 2020
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Kingdom Hearts 4:

The guardians split into groups and go on their own journeys to search for clues relating to Sora's whereabouts, exploring new and old places to search for their friend. Meanwhile, old and new enemies appear, each with their own goals. And this time, they just might win this endless war.

Four Scenarios
  • Terra/Aqua/Ventus
  • Lea/Roxas/Xion
  • Riku/Kairi/Mickey
  • final

The group parts ways with their friends to explore the Realm of Darkness in search of clues relating to Sora's whereabouts.

Plot Points:
  • Ventus begins to recover memories from his days in the Union
  • Terra gains control over his inner darkness (becomes more porewerful)
  • Final boss is against a powerful heartless (like Dark Hide, Dark Inferno)
Locations visited:
  • Realm of Darkness
  • End of the World
  • Pieces of various fallen worlds

The group go off on their own adventure, exploring the Realm of Light as well as their memories for clues relating to Sora.

Plot Points:
  • They come across Xigbar here and there who reveals small hints regarding his plans and Sora
  • Lea and Isa reveal to everyone their missing friend from Ansem's castle (Isa becomes a party member)
  • Final boss is against Xigbar (who reveals his keyblade)
Locations visited:
  • Twilight Town
  • Mysterious Tower
  • Olympus
  • Pirates of the Carribean
  • Pride Lands
  • (Robin Hood world)
  • Hawaii
  • Memory Worlds (Roxas, Xion)

The group set off and journey to old areas, some new areas, meet with old and new allies, in their search for Sora.

Plot Points:
  • Kairi recovers her memories of what Xehanort did to her, and her being sent to the Islands
Locations visited:
  • Radiant Garden
  • Traverse Town
  • Hollow Bastion (castle area from kh1)
  • Disneyland (like the town world but much bigger and lots of characters, like Max!)
  • Keyblade Graveyard
  • Alexandria (FF IX)
  • Scala Ad Caelum

Final Scenario Plot Points:
  • The groups gather to discuss what they have learned
  • Complete selves of the old Org join to help
  • Lauriam, Elrena, Demyx, and Luxord's other reveal what Xemnas told them about their keyblade legacy
  • They reobtain their own keyblades
  • Xigbar confronts everyone and reveals Xehanort was being used, leads them to Shibuya
  • In Shibuya, Xigbar reveals himself to be Luxu, and tells them of the Master of Master's plans
  • Luxu plans to forge another x-blade with a clash between 13 lights and 7 darknesses.

Final Battle:

13 Lights - Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Lea, Roxas, Xion, Riku, Mickey, Kairi, Demyx (other, Luxord (other), Lauriam and Elrena
7 Darknesses - Luxu, Ira, Gula, Aced, Invi (two others neede, Ava? someone else)

End: the X-blade is forged, Luxu uses it to open the black box, revealing
  • the Master's Keyblade (Pride Superbia or something)
  • the Master's Heart
  • Something else
The Master is revived, who then defeats the heroes. The Master and the fortellers then leave. Sora is then seen in another world with Yozora. KH5 then takes place.


Jan 29, 2015
After the possible DDD2 and BBS2, I want to see the trios changed up.

One game about a new Mark of Mastery (but this time not in the realm of sleep), where we have Terra and Sora retry, and Kairi try for the first time. Sora doesn't really care about the title, but if the test is tied to a mission (looks like at this point that its a tradition in dark times), he will go along, plus Kairi will be there. They are not separated, and the words in the game are the ones that also appear in Union Cross and Dark Road, as they are on a path to understand the book or Xehanort or something along the lines. You can freely choose who to play as, and the others are party members. Final world is Scala or Daybreak Town.

One game where the current active masters are on an important mission. Riku, Aqua and Mickey are roaming either the Realm of Darkness, or alternate worlds (maybe worlds based on the live action versions of movies used for previous worlds), or Square worlds, in search of the origin of Darkness or Yozora, or some other mystery. This would be like BBS, where you have separate scenarios, but they meet up sometimes.

One smaller game where they are trying to find Subject X, you play as Lea, and Isa is a party member. Roxas and Xion join later, and maybe Ven (if X is Skuld). Not sure about the worlds, but Twilight Town and Radiant Garden are a must. Maybe have it as a 0.2 sized game, where are free to roam the whole of Radiant Garden, searching for clues.


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Jul 25, 2012
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Hmm i don't know...


A Game before Kingdom Hearts IV (Don't know what it will be whether that be DDD Vol 2 or a Terra, Ventus and Aqua game)


Legacy to Galaxy (Treasure Planet)
The Lost Capital (Atlantis the Lost Empire)
Todayland (Meet the Robinsons)
Jungle World (Either the Jungle Book or Return to Pride Lands (Simba's Pride Storyline)
Medieval World (Either Robin Hood or Sword in the Stone or the Black Cauldron)
Kuzco's Empire (Emperor's New Groove)
Mysterious Archives
Riley's Mind (Inside Out)
Land of the Dead (Coco)
Town of Music (Soul)
Forest World (Either Pocahontas or Bambi)
Spirit Mountain (Brother Bear)
The Land of Realms (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms)

Kingdom Hearts IV


City of Supers (Incredibles)
Motonui (Moana)
A Galaxy Far Far Away (Star Wars)
Marvel Universe (Marvel)
City of Stone (Gargoyles)
Savanna Central (Zootopia)
100 Acre Wood (If it does return if not then Wreck-it Ralph can be the Replacement World for Winnie the Pooh)
Game Central Station/Internet/Slaughter Race (If we don't get a Wreck-it Ralph Storyline from the First Film)
Kingdom of Fate (Brave)
The Amazon (Jungle Cruise 2021)
Town of Wishes (The Princess and the Frog)
Kumandra (Raya and the Last Dragon)
Toy Box (Toy Story)
Agrabah (King of Thieves)
Arendelle/Enchanted Forest (Frozen II)
Kauai Islands (Lilo and Stitch)
New Mushroomton (Onward)
Radiant Garden
Scala Ad Caleum/Keyblade Graveyard
Twilight Town
Disney Castle (Or Disneyland with More Areas and More Characters to interact from Disney not just from Mickey's Friends but the Disney Characters from Disney Television Animation (Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Ford, Phineas and Ferb and Friends, TJ Detweiler, Pepper Ann, Kim and Ron, Star Butterfly, Wander and Sylvia, Sofia, Elena, Darkwing Duck, Luz and Friends (From the Owl House), Anne Boonchuy and Friends (Amphibia), Cricket Green and Family and Friends and ETC)


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Jun 30, 2020
So much of Kingdom Hearts now is all these little plot threads slowly entwining and building, so I don't really have a particular story idea to make since I'm not sure where it could be fit in other than making it have little to do with everything else. I guess I probably would make a new protagonist and new villains. The story wouldn't use the KH structure very much, instead having a lot of interesting events happening in a smaller amount of worlds. And of course, just for fun I'd fulfill my dream of seeing DQ/Chrono content in KH. (I'd say Aya Brea as well, but I've not given up on her being 'on the table' for Nomura.)

I guess it would be more "a crazy JRPG in the KH world" than something that has that much to do with Nomura's work, then.

Face My Fears

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Apr 9, 2007
BbS 2: Terra/Aqua/Ven explore the Realm of Darkness, Land of Departure (secret rooms), The World That Never Was, and the remaining PoH worlds. The main story would be discovering that Ven had a connection to the past and they are looking for clues about his true nature (darkness/light). Main villain: Ava

3D2: Riku/Kairi (with Namine as their Jiminy) go into the Sleeping Realm to search for Sora. Yozora/Namine have some sort of connection (Yozora may think that Namine is the Nameless Star). Main villain: Durol/Yozora

358/2 Days 2: Roxas/Xion/Axel (with Saix) explore Radiant Garden and Twilight Town for clues regarding Subject X. They find something that leads them to worlds that she visited and they investigate to get more information about her. Main villain: Luxu

Epic Mickey: Mickey/Donald/Goofy visit worlds Sora visited to see if his disappearance has affected the people he's connected to in those worlds. Main villain: Maleficent/Pete


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May 9, 2020
Kairi explores her own heart in sleep, searching for clues that might lead her to Sora -- recovers her own lost memories in the process and kicks Xehanort's ass:

Action-RPG with rhythm mini-games

Merlin's Secret Forest / The Sword in the Stone
Destiny Islands
Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion
100 Acre Wood
Bambi (1 and 2)
Dream!Enchanted Dominion (as a connection to Aurora's dream and memories from another reality)
Fantasia 2000 (times 4)
The Caribbean (post-KH3)
Finding Nemo
Traverse Town
Scala ad Caelum
Final World

That's Arc 1.

The other arcs would be more or less what @Face My Fears said ❤ except I'd add a co-op action game in which Namine and Xion have their own separate journey from the rest of the cast, to figure out together their new individual selves
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I want a whole box set of games.
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Jan 2, 2013
Kairi, Minnie, and Daisy form a trio and go on a adventure together. Kairi is the keyblade wielder, Minnie is the mage, and Daisy could be a FF class like Swordsman or Monk

Worlds could be comprised of older and newer Disney films dealing with the new and former Princess of Heart. It'd be interesting if Kairi sought out the new PoH herself. Worlds would be

1. Agrabah
2. New Orleans from PatF
3. Enchanted Dominion
4. Castle of Dreams
5. Kingdom of Corona
6. Moana
7. Radiant Garden

Villain could be either Maleficent or possibly the Foretellers


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Dec 20, 2018
Gameplay wise I'd like a FF7 remake style game, where you can switch between party members, with their own moves, specialties and such. A game like this would certainly help characters like Terra, Xion, Axel, and Ventus get playable, as well as having more time with Aqua, Roxas, Riku, and Kairi and fleshing out their gameplay more. I know that's probably been said a lot, but I want a KH style game like that.

Melody of Memory also had a good idea with the Sonic Heroes vibe with the teams too.


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Nov 28, 2005
Untitled Vanitas/Villains Game

Console: PS5/XSX


Vanitas has returned from his apparent demise in KH3. He never believed in MX's plan (or at least that it would work out in his favor) so Vanitas had set up a contingency plan in advance. The scream energy stolen from Monster Inc., the remaining unversed that are fragments of his being, & a new Vanitas Remnant that formed following the death of his replica body are all fused together to create a new body for the will of Vanitas in the Keyblade Graveyard. However something is missing: his heart. Or his half of a heart anyway. Ventus now has his whole heart back, including the dark half that had been Vanitas. The Will of Vanitas has a new body but no heart to go with it, he's effectively a nobody in his current state.

With no heart, he has no keyblade, the remaining unversed were all sacrificed for his resurrection, & without a heart he can't produce new unversed. So while he's alive again, Vanitas has nothing to work with. As much as he hates to admit it, he needs help...

Meanwhile, Maleficent & Pete have been going through problems of their own. Some external force has taken away control of the heartless, no matter where they go, the heartless now attack the duo. Maleficent has returned to her castle in Enchanted Dominion to rally the goons that once served her. Pete on the other has retreated to Disney Town to find some old friends of his. The two return to the graveyard to see if there's anything to learn about what's going on & there they come across Vanitas.

The three of them realize that it would be in their best interests to work together for the time being. Maleficent uses her magic to give Vanitas a souleater sword just as she did for Riku. (OK, I don't actually know where exactly Riku got Souleater from but unless it's otherwise stated somewhere, I'm rolling with the idea that Maleficent created it) so that Vanitas can do some fighting on his own.


The base gameplay is fundamentally similar to KH2/3 but with a few tweaks due to Vanitas' fighting style & darkness based magic. Combos & dodging involve flashsteps & short range teleporting. Instead of Cure, he uses Drain as his primary means of recovering HP. Dark Fire splits apart when cast & the fireballs home in on a single target. Dark Thunder is horizontal instead of vertical. Dark Blizzard fires off an icicle that travels a set distance & then shatters, becoming an area-of-effect spell. He also has shotlocks of his own (as demonstrated in Ven's final boss in BBS) & teleporting takes the place of airstep.

Vanitas has 2 weapons that he can switch between on the fly with a tap of the L1/LB button: Souleater & Keyblade. The souleater is stronger against normal people while the keyblade is stronger against the heartless.

Which on that note, the common enemies of the game are in two categories: heartless & "protectors". the heartless we're all familiar with, as stated earlier an unknown force or entity has taken control of them & now they seemingly no longer serve any masters. Protectors are world specific local factions that protect the people & fight both heartless & villains. This means in many battles there'll be a mix of both factions battling it out & the player will have to rapidly switch between weapons to defeat both groups efficiently.

Because this is a game about being the bad guys, there are two additional mechanics to create the of playing as a video game boss: "Minion Summon" & "Limit Drive". Minion Summon is a quasi-RTS mode where the player summons the followers of one of the active party members. Each party members, including guest members, have their own minions. By leveling Minion Summon, stronger & more numerous minions can be called forth.

Limit Drive is a transformation the party member undertakes when they receive a certain amount of damage. It's meant to replicate how final bosses in games so often have a 2nd form after their HP is depleted. When transformed, the party member & all on-field enemies are transported to a member specific arena where they battle until 1 side is defeated. This is to accommodate the possibility that not all Limit Drives will be able to fit in every area of every world. each Limit Drive has an accompanying track to boot.

While the player mainly plays as Vanitas in normal gameplay, they take control of party members during Limit Drive & have control over their summoned minions too.

The core party for the game is Vaniatas as the player's character with Maleficent & Pete as the AI allies. The idea is for these 3 to form a sort of dark counterpart to SDG: Vanitas as a dark Sora is obvious, Maleficent has magic like Donald, & Pete's forcefield is a counter to Goofy's shield. Most worlds have a guest party member, another villain who agrees to aid the trio in their endeavors in exchange for defeating common enemies. To break down the core party's abilities:

Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Floods
-Tier 2: Scrappers
Tier 3: Bruisers
Limit Drive
-Tier 1: Dual wields both keyblade & souleater. (Enter the Darkness)
-Tier 2: Chimera amalgamation of unversed body parts joined together in an eldritch horror-looking monstrosity (Unforgettable)

Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Goons with axes
-Tier 2: Goons with bows
-Tier 3: Wyvern heartless
Limit Drive
-Tier 1: Dragon form. (The Deep End)
-Tier 2 : Hybrid, her witch & dragon form merged into a half-human, half-dragon hybrid (Hellfire ~ Battle mix)

Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Beagle Boys
-Tier 2: Weasel Soldiers from Prince & the Pauper
-Tier 3: Defender heartless
Limit Drive
-Tier 1: Steamboat Willie, enemies are transported to Timeless River where the steamboat launches fireballs from its stacks at them (Rowdy Rumble)
-Tier 2: Julius, which probably requires some retconning (The Encounter)

If you're wondering what's up with listing keyblades/unversed/heartless that these supposedly don't have, that's because they gradually get all of their shit back over the course of the game & the keyblade & higher tier are unlocked by changes in the story.


1. Radiant Garden 1st visit
Protectors: Radiant Garden SeeDs
-Rainbow Symphony; https://www.khinsider.com/forums/index.php?threads/design-a-kh-boss-battle.221905/#post-6584686 (The Tumbling)
-Leon with Shiva
-Lea & Isa

Party member: Kuja
Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Black mages
-Tier 2: assorted mage type heartless

2. Neverland
Protectors: Lost Boys
Bosses: Peter Pan (No Surrender) https://www.khinsider.com/forums/index.php?threads/design-a-kh-boss-battle.221905/#post-6585675

Party Member: Captain Hook
Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Pirates (actual ones, not the heartless)
-Tier 2: Battleship heartless
Limit Drive
-Tier 1: Flying Hook, uses stolen pixie dust (Squirming Evil)

3. Underworld/Olympus
Protectors: Greek soldiers
Bosses: Aqua
-Herucules & Zeus https://www.khinsider.com/forums/index.php?threads/design-a-kh-boss-battle.221905/#post-6585605

Party member: Hades
Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Undead soldiers
-Tier 2: Air Soldier (KH3 version)
Limit Drive
-Tier 1: Red Flames

4. Agrabah
Protectors: Palace guards
Bosses: Ventus
-Aladdin https://www.khinsider.com/forums/index.php?threads/design-a-kh-boss-battle.221905/#post-6584843
-Genie https://www.khinsider.com/forums/index.php?threads/design-a-kh-boss-battle.221905/#post-6584796

Party member: Jafar
Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Mamluks (minions of Mozenrath from the tv series)
-Tier 2: Fortuneteller heartless
Limit Drive
-Snake form

5. Land of Dragons
Protectors: Chinese soldiers
Bosses: Mulan https://www.khinsider.com/forums/index.php?threads/design-a-kh-boss-battle.221905/#post-6585408

Party member: Shan Yu
Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Huns
-Tier 2: Assault Rider heartless
Limit Drive

6. Pridelands
Protectors: Lion Pride
Bosses: Simba
-Ventus in lion form

Party member: Scar
Minions Summon
-Tier 1: Hyenas
-Tier 2: Living Bone+Shaman heartless

7. Asgard (Marvel)
Protectors: Asgardian warriors
Bosses: The Avengers https://www.khinsider.com/forums/index.php?threads/design-a-kh-boss-battle.221905/#post-6585856

Party member: Dr. Doom (yes, I know it said Loki in the above links, I changed my mind)
Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Doombots
-Tier 2: Mechanitaur heartless
Limit Drive
-Stolen power of Odin

8. Far Away Galaxy (Star Wars)
Protectors: Rebel Alliance
Bosses: Luke Skywalker
-Spirit of Eraqus

Party member: Darth Vader
Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Stormtroopers
-Tier 2: some new SW-themed heartless
Limit Drive
-TIE Avanced Fighter

9. Castle Wyvern (Gargoyles)
Protectors: Wyvern Clan (larger in number than in show canon)
Bosses: Goliath

Party member: Xanatos
Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Steel Clan
-Tier 2: Gargoyle heartless
Limit Drive
-Battle Armor

10. Arendelle
Protectors: Royal guards
Boss: Let's presume Elsa for the time being...

Party member: Xahns (nobody of Hans)
Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Dusks
-Tier 2: Berserkers
Limit Drive
-Summon Skroll

I just wanted to fit in Nobodies on the list of minions in this game.

11. Prydain (The Black Cauldron)
Protectors: None, only heartless
Bosses: Advanced Armor https://www.khinsider.com/forums/index.php?threads/design-a-kh-boss-battle.221905/#post-6584686
-The Horned King https://www.khinsider.com/forums/in...n-a-kh-boss-battle.221905/page-2#post-6593190

Party member: Ventus
Minion Summon
-Tier 1: Spirit Dream Eaters
Limit Drive
-Wingblade & Lost Memory keyblade

It turns out the one who seized command of the heartless was The Horned King all along, somehow using the magic of the Black Cauldron to control them. VMP arrive at Prydain to overthrow him & take back the heartless. The heroes also want to stop Horned King's invasion of the worlds so Vanitas & Ventus form an uneasy alliance.

The save point before the Horned King fight is the point of no return. This is due to how radically the game changes once Maleficent has her heartless back, they wouldn't be fightable enemies anymore & she'll move on to her next objective....

12. Disney Town/Castle
Protectors: Musketeers, Broomsticks, Gummi drones, "painted" blotlings from Epic Mickey
Bosses: Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Roxas, Xion, Lea, Kairi, Mickey https://www.khinsider.com/forums/in...n-a-kh-boss-battle.221905/page-3#post-6612568

All of the party members & their armies are loaded into the hold of Hook's ship which lands in Disney Town, begining a full scale invasion & war insde of Mickey's world. Most of the guest party members engage in battle with the various Guardians of Light, with Vanitas jumping in on each duel & defeating the heroes (basically a reverse KH3). Eventually, the Cornerstone of Light is destroyed, allowing Maleficent to call forth her heartless & turn the tide of battle in her favor.

With no other options, the citizens of the world are evacutated via a fleet of gummiships piloted by the GoL. The refugees later settle on Traverse Town, making it the new home for the Mickey Mouse cast & giving TT a reason to reappear in future games. VMP meanwhile, finally have the Datascape at their disposal. However one last obstacle stands in their way...

13. Datascape
Final Boss: Data-Sora with Donald & Goofy https://www.khinsider.com/forums/index.php?threads/design-a-kh-boss-battle.221905/#post-6584988

So I originally had a lot more story typed up (I've been working on this post on & off for over a week) before deciding it was getting to be overkill & kept it to the basics. Suffice to say, there were ideas behind each GoL appearing in Disney worlds.
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Jul 28, 2019
Ever since I found out Final Fantasy XVI's gameplay is similar to Devil May Cry due to having Ryota Suzuki, the designer for Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon's Dogma, as the battle director for that game, I now wish for a Kingdom Hearts that plays like Devil May Cry. I want to be able to switch between my Keyblades.

They should also bring back the Wardrobe mechanic from Kingdom Hearts 0.2. I like to customize my playable character. And maybe also be part-affectionate parody where it doesn't take itself seriously and makes fun of the stuff that KH is criticized for, but still embrace the core elements of the series with an understanding as to why fans like Kingdom Hearts.


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Nov 28, 2005
I'd kill for a KH but with Nintendo worlds. Imagine going to Hyrule & having a bossfight with Ganondorf in a KH battle system. Or the Disney/Nintendo team-ups that could occur if Disney was lenient enough: Mario/Mickey, Pikachu/Stitch, Samus/Buzz Lightyear, Hades & Kid Icarus Hades.

Deleted member 246005

KH/FF11 or KH/FF14.

They are MMOs so it would be easier to incorporate Sora and the others than other FF stories. The MMOs are a setting that Sora could explore and you could tailor the plot to them.
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Face My Fears

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Apr 9, 2007
Kingdom Hearts: reTURN

Riku reports back that to locate Sora, they need a stronger connection to find him in the other side. The Fairy Godmother says that dreams and memories work together, so the connections that Sora made in Disney worlds can help establish this connection. Aqua, Kairi, Xion, and Namine go visit past Disney worlds to chat with Sora's friends and explore the worlds to build the connection, while Riku continues research on the dream world with the Fairy Godmother.

Aqua uses this journey as Kairi's final training and Mark of Mastery. She also wanted to be there to oversee Kairi (referencing her PTSD of being trapped in the Realm of Darkness) because she is overly protective now. Kairi is doing this to get strong enough to go with Riku to find Sora. Xion and Namine are doing this to thank Sora - Xion is also doing this as her last act as a keyblade wielder, as she has decided to retire after saving Sora and living a normal life (maybe even says that she can feel the keyblade's energy fading); while Namine wants to use her memory powers to save Sora.

You can choose to play as Aqua, Kairi or Xion. Aqua is basically herself. Kairi has a Drive form ability where she can transform based on other Princesses of Heart (ice powers from Elsa, time magic from Cinderella etc). Xion will have keyblade transformations based on Sora, Roxas, Ven, Kairi, Riku and Namine.

As they travel through the worlds, they realize that they're being followed by someone. It's revealed that it's Braig. He doesn't want Sora saved because MoM wanted Sora to die and end up in that other world. So the final boss will be Braig (identifying himself as Braig at first). The final boss fight will be two stages, the first one will be Xigbar style with guns, then the second fight will be keyblade and guns - which is where he will reveal himself to be Luxu - which triggers Aqua to realize that the ancient keyblade wielders may be returning... which coincides with a secret cutscene at the end of the game revealing what Mickey discovered at Scala ad Caelum.

Worlds visited will be:
Radiant Garden (FF characters will greet them)
Space Paranoids (Tron)
Agrabah (Aladdin) - Snake Jafar boss fight
NeverLand (Peter Pan)
Atlantica (Ariel)
Olympus (Hercules)
Beast's Castle (Beast) - Gaston boss fight
Kingdom of Corona (Rapunzel)
Land of Dragons (Mulan)

Mid-game boss will be Maleficent/Pete. They will be tracking you because they believe that you're searching for the black box and know where it is. After you beat them, Luxu has a cutscene with them and threatens them to stay away from the box.


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Jan 4, 2011
Kairi has a Drive form ability where she can transform based on other Princesses of Heart (ice powers from Elsa, time magic from Cinderella etc). Xion will have keyblade transformations based on Sora, Roxas, Ven, Kairi, Riku and Namine.
Your entire game idea is good but I especially love this stuff, sounds fun.

Face My Fears

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Apr 9, 2007
Your entire game idea is good but I especially love this stuff, sounds fun.
Thanks. I got the idea from the D-Link from BbS. I was hoping the D-Link would have had a change in appearance or something, so it'd be cool if Kairi could change her appearance to look like Elsa or Cinderella while in that form. Xion's transformations are from the people she's connected (I also wanted to get some form of Namine in combat). Maybe even an "anti" form that uses Xemnas' abilities. I just like the idea of Xion copying people's abilities.


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Nov 10, 2020
Hollow Bastion

...Or whichever next major Kingdom Hearts game that can have Sora, Riku, and Kairi be together in one place for once, lol. The game would release on PS5/Xbox Series X/PC/Switch (or any future Nintendo system that can realistically run a game like this).

Sora finally returns home and is reunited with Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey, but quickly finds out that boundaries between the Realms of Light, Darkness, Data, Sleep, as well as other realms are being fiddled with and broken up, causing mass disorder amongst many worlds and now must restore the reality he's home to. Meanwhile, the disorder amongst reality as it is causes those with a strong will left behind in the Final World to have a second chance at long last finally achieving or living their dreams, both good... and bad. With several new allies alongside him because of this, as well as more threats endangering the worlds and people he loves, Sora embarks on a new journey once again.

The gameplay is similar to both KH2 and KH3 and follows a similar transition between KH1 to KH2 and DDD to KH3 with development focusing on further refining core gameplay mechanics already introduced in previous entries.

A number of new Abilities introduced are tailored to specialize in different types of battles with some suited for mob battles, some more useful on gigantic enemies, some are better against humanoid bosses, among other kinds of battles. Mechanics such as Grand Magic, Attraction Flow, Shotlocks, and Links make a return from KH3 while Limits make a return from KH2. In the case of Grand Magic and the Magic tier system in general, it has been adjusted to accommodate a permanent 4th tier of Magic (the suffix being -ja, i.e. Firaja) with a new 5th tier being locked behind Grand Magic (the suffix being -za, i.e. Firaza). Additionally, the list of Magic commands are the same as in KH3 but with the addition of a new spell, Earth, as well as the return of Stop and Magnet. For Attraction Flow unlike in KH3, the mechanic is mostly only used in context-sensitive situations when a specific attraction is appropriate to use, with modifications on the controls to make it more fluid to use in battle. Shotlocks and Links remain the same as they were in KH3, as does Limits in KH2.

The concept of Formchanges are still present, but are now separated into 2 different mechanics, Keyblade Transformations and Focus Drives. Keyblade Transformations virtually function the same, each Keyblade being able to transform into something different to change the combat style and is activated the same way it does in KH3. Focus Drives on the other hand, are activated more similarly to Drive Forms in KH2, using up a sizeable chunk of the Focus gauge and having it dedicated Command list in the Command Menu, though the forms used are mostly the same as in KH3. Like in both KH2 and KH3, they augment certain abilities both in combat and mobility. Guardian, Strike, Element, and Blitz Forms return, each emphasizing defense, strong physical attacks, magic, and speed, respectively. 2 new Focus Drives are introduced; Sniper Form (orange costume) focusing on long-range attacks and Drift Form (purple costume) focusing on aerial and non-grounded mobility and combat. Keyblade Transformations can be used in tandem with Focus Drives as while Keyblade Transformations themselves are the same between all Focus Drives, each Focus Drive handles a Keyblade Transformation differently from the others.

Traversal and world design
Two mechanics from DDD return here. Flowmotion, while still not as free as it was in DDD, can be leveled up multiple times, granting extended use of it such as being able to Superjump multiple times like in DDD albeit still with a limit. This also extends to Airstepping as it is initially toned down to only reach a much shorter distance, but when maxed out can reach further than it normally would in KH3. The other mechanic is the reintroduction of Reality Shift. Like in DDD, each world has its own exclusive Reality Shift, but instead of it also serving as a battle mechanic, Reality Shifts are utilized to change the environment around the player, opening up new pathways, and revealing secrets, ultimately making the mechanic more similar to Trinities in KH1.

These traveling mechanics were made to better fit the level design the game would have. While retaining the scale and scope most worlds had in DDD and KH3, there is a bigger emphasis towards the likes of platforming and puzzle-solving, especially during dungeon-esque areas, similar to areas such as Hollow Bastion in KH1 and the Cavern of Remembrance in KH2. While a majority of the platforming and puzzle solving littered throughout the game are not necessary to get through the story, most are made to test the player's current abilities.

Like in the other numbered titles, the Gummi Ship is used as the primary source of transportation between worlds. The mechanics are nearly identical to the system in KH3. The main difference is that littered throughout the various regions of the Ocean Between are the addition of on-rail missions in the style of the Gummi Missions in KH2, named Wormhole Missions in this game. Wormhole Missions mostly appear in front of worlds that are small such as Twilight Town in KH3 or gateways between one region of the Ocean Between to another and are mandatory to get through to progress the game with a few optional missions also appearing in the middle of each region. Instead of Wormhole Missions, bigger worlds in the game have mandatory Gummi Ship bosses like Toy Box, Monstropolis, and the Keyblade Graveyard in KH3.

Party system
The traditional party system has been revamped compared to the rest of the series. For the first time, the game features Sora, Riku, and Kairi traveling together and fighting alongside each other throughout the whole journey. To accommodate this, the player is able to choose to switch between Sora, Riku, and Kairi on the fly using the reintroduced Party command list. Sora, Riku, and Kairi's movesets are based on their fighting styles in ReMind with Sora going with swifter and easier actions, Riku dealing more elemental and graceful actions, and Kairi focusing on aggressive and assertive actions. The three of them also get exclusive Focus Drives with Sora getting Kingdom Form (akin to Limit Form in KH2 and Second Form in KH3), Riku getting Moonlight Form (akin to Dark Form in KH3), and Kairi getting Sunshine Form (akin to Light Form in KH3). Trinity Form is also the final Focus Drive that gets unlocked (akin to Final Form in KH2 and Ultimate Form in KH3) and requires all three of them to be present and can be used amongst all three of them. Sora, Riku, and Kairi are referred to as Party Leaders as traveling alongside them are King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy in the more traditional and aptly named Party Member roles, creating a default party of 6.

Like in past games, a lot of the worlds will have temporary party members, this time referred to as Party Guests. While all of them are officially recognized as part of the party in the Main Menu like in past games, they do not have HP or MP gauges this time. They also cannot carry any accessories, equipment, or items, though they still have an ability list, customizable fighting styles, and can perform team attack Limits with them, practically making them more like assistance characters more than party members. Additionally, worlds are not restricted to have only one or two Party Guests as sometimes depending on the specific context, more than three Party Guests may appear at the same time. Worlds with more than three Party Guests may be restricted to just three Party Guests at max depending on each area after the completion of those worlds and the Party Guests may be dismissed at Save Points.

One other major difference that sets the game apart from the rest is that while Sora, Riku, Kairi, King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are all traveling together, most of the time the story in each world would split the group up into multiple smaller teams. For example, one world could split them up as Sora/Riku/Kairi and Mickey/Donald/Goofy while the next could have Sora/Donald/Goofy and Riku/Kairi/Mickey while the next could even have Sora/Mickey, Donald/Kairi, and Riku/Goofy with the other worlds mixing them up even further. During these points in the story, switching between Party Leaders becomes more restrictive and, depending on the context, can only allow you to switch to another Party Leader at a Save Point which even then can also be restricted due to story context. It is also during these times where it would be impossible to enter new worlds as the game would require the entire default party to be present.


Disney worlds

Every major KH title has introduced something new and unusual to the roster of Disney worlds and characters, including KH1. This includes:
  • Halloween Town (first (and only) stop motion animated film) in KH1
  • Port Royal and Space Paranoids (first live action films) and Agrabah (first Disney TVA-related story used (The Return of Jafar is a TV movie pilot for the animated series) in KH2
  • Sparky in Deep Space (first Disney TVA created character introduced) in BBS
  • Country of the Musketeers (first Disneytoon Studios film) in DDD
  • Toy Box and Monstropolis (first Pixar films) and Lumpy in 100 Acre Wood (first Disneytoon Studios created character introduced) in KH3
This game would continue that trend, this time introducing new Disney worlds from two new Disney divisions not represented in KH before. Also continuing on with the trend that started in DDD, most of the Disney worlds featured will be brand new to the series.
  • Kingdom of Corona - post-Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure
  • Arendelle - during Frozen II
  • The Crescent City - during The Princess and the Frog
  • Polynesia - during Moana
  • Avalor of the EverRealms - post-Elena of Avalor (first Disney TVA original series)
  • The Great Before - during Soul
  • Metroville - post-Incredibles 2
  • World of Spies - post-Spies in Disguise (first Blue Sky Studios film)
  • Land of the Forbidden Temples - loosely based off of both variants of the Disney Parks attraction, Indiana Jones Adventure (first Lucasfilm film), post-Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Original worlds
Like the other numbered titles, this game will introduce a new original world that is heavily tied to the game's story.
  • Dive to the Heart (tutorial)
  • Destiny Islands
  • Scala ad Caelum
  • Radiant Garden (hub)
  • The Final World
  • Everlasting Dream - A new original world and the final world accessible from the Ocean Between. The world is similar to the Sleeping Traverse Town in DDD in which this is a world where dreams take on physical forms. However, this world began similarly to the End of the World in KH1 in which the last remnants of unfulfilled dreams of those forgotten or left in the Final World started amalgamating into one spot. Strongly connected to the Final World, those that live in this world are stuck in a loop of chasing dreams. This world should only exist between the Realm of Sleep and death, but because of reality being thrown into disarray, these dreams of this world are being exposed to reality. As for appearance wise, the world is said to change each time a new dream remnant is added just like Traverse Town, but it will always appear under a sky reminiscent of the Blue Hour, uncertain of whether or not it is turning into dusk or turning into dawn. The areas that Sora and co. explore in this game are reminiscent of a coastal city with waterways littered throughout.
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