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Design a KH boss battle



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Nov 28, 2005
8. Falcon, Hawkeye, & Black Widow
Party Members: Crossbones & Taskmaster
Music: Vim & Vigor




Battlefield is the throne room of Odin's palace. The trio functions somewhat like an RPG party themselves, each member having a different role in battle.

Falcon's Attacks

Falcon's the aggro of the trio, the one who most gets up in Party's faces.


-Flying kick.

-Wing missiles.

-Wing stab.

-Redwing. a flying drone that Falcon deploys when at half HP. Hovers over him firing small lasers.

Black Widow's Attacks

BW is somewhat the support member of the trio, assisting the other 2 if they're being ganged up on.

-Stealth attack. If Party spends too much time fighting Falcon and/or Hawkeye, BW sneaks away & ambushes Party from off-screen.


-Spinning back kick.

-Widow Stings. BW's wrist-mounted weapon. Shoots tasers that deal lightning-based damage.

-Batons. Strikes with a pair of electrified batons.


-Staff. At half HP, she extends & combines her batons into an electrified staff. This takes over as her main attack.


Hawkeye's attacks

Hawkeye tends to keep his distance & snipe, hoping Party is too caught up in fighting Falcon.

-Arrow. Basic projectile.

-Rapid-fire arrows.

-Explosive arrow. AoE explosion with knockback. Will uses this to force out of melee range of Falcon or BW.

-Thermal Arrow. Inflicts fire damage.

-Electric Arrow. Inflicts lightning damage.

-Acid Arrow. Inflicts poison.

-Ronin Sword. At half HP Hawkeye changes tactics & gets up close with his sword.


All 3 getting to their half HP phases without any having been KOed yet pretty much means having 3 extra aggressive mini-bosses attacking all at once.
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Nov 28, 2005
9. Hulk & Hulkbuster
Party: Abomination
Music: No Surrender!

Battle takes place in Odin's vault. Hulk is equipped in what is explained as "trophies from Thor's past victories against gigantic foes" while Tony Stark gets back in the fight with his back-up suit having just arrived.

Hulk's Attacks

-Hammer Smash. Brings down his massive hammer, A direct hit does tons of damage while a miss still creates a shockwave on impact.

-Axe Swing.

-Angry Stomp & kick. Stomps the ground & follows up with a kick, which pulls up debris that's sent flying.

-Shoulder Tackle. Hulk stampedes all over the room.

-Statue Throw. Picks up one of serveal large statues in the room & throws it.

Hulkbuster's Attacks

Hulkbuster has targetable weak points in the area connecting the arms to the torso. After enough damage is inflict to these points, a reaction command has Abomination tear off the arm & use it as a club.

-Powered Punch.

-Jackhammer Punching.


-Repulsar Buster.


-Missile Launchers.

-Replacement parts. A flying drone called Veronica deploys replacement arms for the ones that get torn off.

Double Team Attacks

-Brofist. Creates considerable AoE damage & knockback.


-Batter Up!. Bulkbuster picks up Party & pitches them at Hulk who uses his axe as a bat. Abomination is immune to this move due to being too big to pick up.
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Nov 28, 2005
Loki's scheme to incapacitate Thor has worked & he has now proclaimed himself the new King of Asgard. However, it seems Mjolnir has chosen another as the worthy successor...

10. Captain America with Mjolnir
Party Member: Loki
Music: Black Powder


(Spoilers are ok now, right?)

Battlefield is Rainbow Bridge.

Captain America's attacks:

In general, Cap is hard to land hits on due to both his agility & blocking with his shield. His newfound godhood means he has lots of HP compared to the other fights in this world. The best way to inflict damage on him is to take advantage of whenever he's fighting or blocking a party member's attacks to hit him from behind. Loki's illusions are helpful in either creating diversions or getting in their own sneak attacks as are Vanitas' unverse summons.

-Shield Slash. Throws his shield which travels at a curve.


-Hammer Throw. Throws Mjolnir which flies straight forward & back, potentially dealing 2 hits.

-Shield bash. Backhands with his shield.


-Charging Star. Cap's running tackle.


-Uppercut. Uses Mjolnir to juggle Party in the air. Follows it up with 1 of 3 finishers: Aerial Slam, Thunaga, or Shield Slash.


-Lightning Blast. Shoots lightning from Mjolnir.

-Rain Down Thunder. Summons lightning bolts from the sky. I'm just recycling from Zeus, aren't I? 2 gods of thunder in 1 game might just be a tad bit redundant in hindsight.

-Mjolnir Might. Slams Mjolnir to the ground, causing many eruptions of lightning near Party, effectively chasing after the player as they try to stay out of the way.


-Bifrost Teleport. At half HP, begins using the Bifrost to teleport spam.

-Electrified hammer bash.

-Double Throw. Throws both shield & Mjolnir in different directions.

-Final Justice. Cap's DM. Using Bifrost spamming, he starts attacking from every direction with one last Mjolnir Might in the center of the field.

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Nov 8, 2017
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With the release of the recent Data battles, I was thinking there should be Data versions of the Disney villains we did or didn't fight in the Disney worlds we visited.


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Nov 28, 2005
With the release of the recent Data battles, I was thinking there should be Data versions of the Disney villains we did or didn't fight in the Disney worlds we visited.
1. Maleficent
2. Hades
3. Jafar
4. Shan Yu
5. Ursula
6. Hook
7. Oogie Boogie
8. Davey Jones
9. Scar
10. Gantu
11. CLU
12. Darth Vader
13. Thanos

The last 2 blocked off until the rest are defeated so they'd be a surprise.


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Nov 8, 2017
San Clemente, CA
1. Maleficent
2. Hades
3. Jafar
4. Shan Yu
5. Ursula
6. Hook
7. Oogie Boogie
8. Davey Jones
9. Scar
10. Gantu
11. CLU
12. Darth Vader
13. Thanos

The last 2 blocked off until the rest are defeated so they'd be a surprise.
...I was moreso referring to the worlds we visited in KH3, so I think only Maleficent and Hades would be the ones from this list that sould transcribe into what I was thinking (not counting Darth Vader, who would be a secret boss in his own area, kinds like the @Cyborg009 interpretation).

Ballad of Caius

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Jan 4, 2014
Not!Ardyn (Verum Rex's iteration of Ardyn Izunia):

He's more of a swordsman/sorcerer that utilizes Darkness. The first phase is a normal sword fight, then in mid phase, he starts casting spells like Firaza, Blizzaza, Thundaza, Waterza, Aeroza, Graviza, Stopza and once per phase casts Curaza. He can sometimes do some spell combinations:

  • Firaza combo: he casts Firaza and hits the giant flame of fire to create smaller fire bullets.
  • Blizzara combo: he freezes Sora and starts attacking him rapidly.
  • Thundaza+Waterza combo: he traps Sora inside a water orb, casts Thundaza and it paralyzes Sora and Sora gains the Drain effect for ten seconds.
  • Aeroza: the wind knocks Sora's Keyblade from his hand, Not!Ardyn grabs it and he makes a spin attack with both his sword and Sora's Keyblade.
  • Graviza: He pulls Sora into midair and elbows his stomach hard into the ground.
  • Stopza: makes him stop and pull a lot of combo moves.
His second phase is that he starts implementing Darkness in his attacks. Third and final phase is the monster transformation Ardyn never got in FFXV.


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Nov 28, 2005
So um, this popped into my head....

Name: Pink Elephants on Parade

World: Traveling Circus
Film: Dumbo (original version)
Location: Circus Grounds at night
Party member: None
Music: Pink Elephants on Parade

Phase 1: Marching Band


-The marching band marches around the field. On one hand, they're not very aggressive in seeking out the Player, on the other hand, Player still needs to damage them & the soundwaves produced by their music playing are damaging. The long line acts to make running around the field without hitting something difficult.



-4 elephants will at times spawn at the sides of the field near Player & honk their trunks, creating bigger soundwaves. Later, they will combine their trumpet trunks to create an even bigger soundwave.



-Huge elephants stomping around & smashing cymbals.


-A status effect that can be inflicted in all 3 phases has mini-elephants obscuring the HUD.


-Swarms of mini-elephants run around, popping like bubbles & inflicting water damage if ran into.

Phase 2: Elephantman


-The marching band is gone & now this towering abomination stands before Player.

-Swings its head/fist whatevers. The trunks on them doing a whipping attack in the process.

-Throws the top 3 heads at Player. They quickly respawn on the body.


-Summons snakes that surround it. The snakes stay in place at bite at Player for getting too close.


-The snakes then transform into belly dancers who violently sway their hips to & fro.


-Pyramids shoot out from the ground, air-juggling Player.

Phase 3: Dancing Couple


-After Elephantman's defeat, the final phase is a pair of ice skaters.

-They skate across the ground at faster speeds than any other elephant encounter thus far, crashing into Player.



-The male skater will do spinning attacks while the female skater does divebombs.



-Their figure 8 skiing can inflict freeze & blizzard damage.


-The couple will generate a strand of electricity between their trunks, attempting to get Player caught in the middle of it.


-Failing that, they'll turn the electricity into a Zeus bolt to throw.


-When their HP is nearly gone, they split into many small copies. The copies don't attack & can be killed in 1 hit each, but the Player has a time limit to slay them all. Failure to destroy all elephants in the time limit results in the battle resetting to the start of Phase 3 with HP restored.




-Finally, the DM: The couple turns into racecars & speed around even faster, with trains & sledding elephants coming in from evry direction. Only the cars are attackable targets, the rest are basically projectiles.


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Nov 28, 2005
The Aladdin TV show isn't on D+, that's disappointing. Guess I'll hold off on Mozenrath until another day.

In the meantime, to settle an argument on another thread, let's do Aladdin And The King of Thieves!





Name: The Forty Thieves (technically 32 of them)
World: Agrabah
Location: Sultan's Throne Room (1st encounter)/Various (side quest)
Party: Aladdin & Jasmine
Music: Arabian Dream

The 40 Thieves are first encountered in a timed battle when they crash Aladdin's & Jasmine's wedding. Defeating them all is virtually impossible due to the time limit given. This 1st battle is just a distraction for their leaders to steal The Oracle's scepter. Afterward, 32 of the thieves become a side quest. They go into hiding all throughout the world & must be sought out one by one. They could be hiding in baskets, behind bushes, behind a waterfall, in a marketplace kiosk, in a treasure chest, wherever.


Name: Sa'Luk
World: Agrabah
Location: Thieves' Hideout
Music: Vim & Vigor
Party: None, Sora must fight alone.

The 1st battle with Sa'Luk sees Sora & Aladdin forced to fight for membership into the 40 Thieves. Sora has to face Sa'Luk in mortal combat.


-Gold Claw: Sa'Luk's main attack. The range of the attack is much longer than arm's length, able to hit opponents about 10-15 feet away with a visible slashing effect.

Thunder Slash: An electrically charged version of his slash attack. Inflicts a bleed status effect where additional HP is lost over time until a Cure or potion is used.


-Power Punch. A straight jab with his right fist with knockback.

-Wall scaling. Uses his claw to climb up a wall & then leaps off it to tackle a party member.


-Ring of Fire. A lamp is knocked over & the fighting area is soon surrounded by fire. Naturally the fire damages Sora if he comes into contact with it. A problem considering the aforementioned power punch.

-Picks up heavy objects like large stone or barrels to throw.


Name: Thieves Remenants
World: Agrabah
Location: Vanishing Isle
Party: Jasmine
Music: Rowdy Rumble

The surviving members of the 40 Thieves. The different members have a distinctive fighting stule:

-The mongolian(?) fights with martial arts moves.
-The triplets use acrobatic moves & frequently stack on top of 1 another.
-The big one can reflect melee attacks with his gut.
-The knife nut throws many knives in every direction & dual wields scimitars.

Jasmine's fighting style has been posted earlier in the thread but for a refresher:

Name: Golden Sa'Luk
World: Agrabah
Location: The Chamber of the Hand of Midas
Party: Aladdin
Music: Eye of the Storm



After having been turned into a gold statue, the power of darkness overtakes Sa'Luk's body, reanimating him.

-The water is constantly rising & acts as a time limit to this fight before Game Over.

-Sa'Luk now continually hovers for the whole battle, "because darkness" (& because there isn't enough room on that hand for everyone).

-Diving Claw Attack.

-Golden energy blasts.

-Dives underwater. He blasts out of the water while doing an uppercut with his claw.

-Spawns 4 spinning scimitars surrounding his body. After a few seconds, he sends them flying at a party member.

-Summons a number of large gold scarabs as minions. The exact number increases from 2 to 4 to 6 as the battle progresses.

-Midas Curse. Fires a beam from the Hand of Midas. If it hits a party member, they turn into a gold statue until Esuna or Remedy is used on them. If blocked, Sora's keyblade turns to gold for about 20 seconds, its increased weight making it do more damage during the duration.

Upon defeat, the darkness dissipates from Sa'Luk & he returns to being inanimate, falling to the bottom of the ocean.
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Nov 28, 2005
How is it no one's done Horned King yet? Time to fix that.



Name: Gwythaints
World: Prydain
Film: The Black Cauldron
Location: Plains of Prydain, Dead Forest, The Marshes of Morva
Party member: None
Music: Rowdy Rumble/The Fight for my Friends/Vim & Vigor
A pair of wyvern in service to the Horned King. 1 is fought in the fields, the other in the forest, & finally both at once in the marshes.

Attacks (airborne):

-Diving Sweep. Sweeps over the ground claws first.

-Heavy Winds. Pushes party members backwards.

-Forceful Landing. Creates an area of effect shockwave upon landing.

Attacks (grounded):


-Tail whip.

-Tail Spin.

Attacks (team-up):

-Playing Catch. One gwythaint chomps Sora & then spits him towards the other who'll catch him in it's mouth. This continues until the player either aerial recovers & counter attacks one of them.

-Rough House. The two shoulder tackle into each other with party members caught in the middle.


Name: The Horned King
Location: His throne room
Party member: Taran (he didn't have the sword before this)

Music: Squirming Evil


-Horse Gallop. Charges forward, plowing through whatever's in his way.

-Sword Slash.

-Hind Kick. The horse kicks behind it. High knockback.

-Horse Hop. The Horse leaps upward & falls hoof first in the direction of a party member.

-Summon Cauldron Born. The Cauldron Born are impervious to physical attacks & can only be hurt by magic or Taran's sword. To compensate, they drop MP orbs every time they're hit.

Location: Cauldron's Chamber
Music: The Encounter

Slain in battle, the Horned King is brought back as a phantom by the power of the Black Cauldron. This battle is actually inspired by the game Land of Illusion for the Sega Master System/Game Gear, the final boss of which was called "The Phantom" but was very clearly meant to be Horned King.


-Blaze. Shoots fireballs in a spread out pattern. The number of fireballs each time increase as the battle continues.

-Cyclone. Turns into a tornado & travels across the room.

-Earthquake. Makes the room shake violently, causing many stone slabs to fall from the ceiling.

-Thunderbolt. Surrounds himself with a number of lightning bolts. After a couple of seconds the lightning spreads outward seeking targets.

-Tsunami. Transforms into a whirlpool that travels across the room in a different pattern than Cyclone.

Name: The Spirit of the Black Cauldron
Location: The Cauldron's chamber
Party: Taran
Music: Davy Jones/Dark Baymax Theme



Horned King has been destroyed for good but the Black Cauldron itself, & the spirit of the even more evil king (AKA Arawn) embedded within it, remain. Like the Cauldron Born, the spirit is impervious to physical attacks, forcing players to rely heavily on magic. He's also an exercise in annoying status conditions.

Music: Destiny's Force


-Summon Cauldron Born. Same as with Horned King, this time the MP orbs they drop are essential to beating the boss.

-Ghostly Hand. His basic melee attack, swiping at whoever gets too close. Inflicts Silence status.

-Fire Spirits. Sends out serpent-like phantoms that dance around the room, inflicting fire-based damage & burn status.

-Poison Cloud. Creates a fog that inflicts poison status.

-Terrifying Howl. AoE scream that inflicts Stun.

-Darkness Geyser. A blast of dark energy erupts from beneath a party member's feet. Inflicts Blind.

-Floating Weapons. Telekinetically picks up assorted swords, clubs & axes lying scattered in the room. Uses these as both melee & ranged attacks, or surrounds himself with them as a makeshift shield.

-Graviga. Pulls the party towards him, setting up for a Ghostly Hand attack. The player must dodge roll with all their heart to stay out of range.
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Feb 23, 2020

Party members: Moana. Maui joins in the middle of the battle, after being able to retrieve his hook.

Setting: His cavern in Lalotai, where he resides. His shell & claws take no damage, legs also close to zero. His head and lower body are the weak points.
The ground has 4 large holes that are glucking with water. By keeping the holes open you'll allow Moana to channel the water, which allows you to jump high in the air and land on Tamatoa's back. Doesn't always work, since he moves around the cavern and tries to cover the holes with boulders.

Music: Squirming Evil

  • Clobbering Claws: A basic attack, with the attempt to bash you by delivering harsh strikes with the giant claws.
  • Snip-Snap: He crabs your, or your party member's weapon, with the intention to pin his target on the ground.
  • Full Body Smash: He slams himself forcefully against the ground & and spins around in circles. This happens if you try giving too many hits from below or hiding down there for too long.
  • "Time to be shiny!!" : He reflects light with the treasures, making your view blurry for a while. You can avoid this by hiding underneath him/behind an obstacle right after he has yelled the name of the attack(heads up).


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Nov 8, 2017
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Stone Seprent
Emblem Heartless

HP Bars: 15

World: The Caribbean

Party Member: Jack Sparrow

Setting: The Sandbar Isle

Music: Eye of the Storm

This is a hypothetical optional boss that would be found in the Sandbar Isle postgame. It's exactly as it sounds; a giant sea serpent made entirely of stone (think of a Heartless Onix with a wyvern's head). Its body comprises of eight stones in different shapes and sizes, some round and others flat.

Phase 1
In this phase, there is a watery barrier in front of all the sand and around the rock in the middle of the isle. You are trapped in this barrier and stuck on the rock with just Jack.

Rock Toss: The Stone Seprent dives under water and tosses part of its body onto the rock you and Jack are stuck on. The round ones bury whoever they hit, and the flat ones stun them.

Slither: The Stone Serpent peeps its head up and quickly slides itself across the rock surface, slightly knocking back anyone in contact.

Water Beam: The Stone Serpent turns its head to its left and gurgles its mouth. Bubbles appear, and moving its head, the serpent fires a watery laser going across the rock surface.

Petrify: The Stone Serpent turns its head to its right, and its eyes turn green. Either you or Jack have a green ring surrounding them, and that party member will be petrified in 13 seconds unless you hit the Serpent enough times (the Armor HP bar appears here). The Serpent will never use Rock Toss here. If Jack is petrified, deplete his Armor HP bat to free him. If Sora is trapped, he must struggle to free himself unless he had a Form Change ready.

Phase 2
The watery barrier vanishes, and now Donald and Goofy can join the fight. But the Stone Serpent isn't going down that easily. It curls its body up to hide its head, and sends an army of lesser Heartless (Vapor Flies on the surface, Sea Sprites in the water) to fight for it. All the Heartless must be defeated to get to Phase 3, but the Stone Serpent will still fight.

Rock Crush: Every so often on the surface, the Stone Serpent will levitate a round rock from its body and use it to squish Sora, which sometimes stuns him.

Rock Wall: When Sora goes for the Sea Sprites, the Stone Serpent will levitate a flat rock and use it to bar his path underwater. That rock then spins around and pushes Sora away.

Phase 3
Once all the Heartless are defeated, the Stone Serpent unfurls itself and goes back into the water.

Surface Attacks
Speed Splash:
The Stone Serpent skids across the water at high speeds, with splashes that launch anyone at contact into the air.

Rock Tornado: The Stone Serpent sends it round rocks and hides underwater with the flat ones. The round rocks spin around in the sand and form a sand vortex that sucks in anyone in the vicinity. Anyone caught in it gets launched high up into the air.

Bubble Spray: The Stone Serpent turns its head left and gurgles its mouth. It then fires a wall of bubbles have a small chance to slow you down.

Earth Spray: The Stone Serpent turns its head right and pecks into the ground. Its eyes turn green, and ruptures of sand pop out of the ground, normally targeting Sora.

Underwater Attacks
Stone Spin:
During Rock Tornado, the Stone Serpent will spin its body and ram into Sora.

Stone Tail Slap: The Stone Serpent will slap Sora with its tail of flat rocks, sending Sora careening to another side of the arena.

Tail Toss: When Rock Tornado is not active, the Stone Serpent will grab Sora with its tail and chuck him back onto the surface.
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Nov 28, 2005
One more for the Missed Opportunities pile.


Name: CLU
World: The Grid
Location: The Portal
Party: Quorra

Phase 1: Standard form
Music: Gigabyte Mantis

Disclaimer: This video shows a fan mod & doesn't necessarily reflects his canonical abilities. CLU supposedly was added as a random boss in the takeover mode of DI3.0 but I never got him to appear & couldn't find footage of it online, so this was the best I could get.

While CLU primarily fights on foot, he sometimes switches to a vehicle mode every couple of HP bars. Both vehicle modes have an armor bar to deplete before he returns to normal.

Mode 1: On Foot

-.EXE//cute. A QTE that happens right when the game transitions from cutscene to battle. CLU attempts to catch the player off-guard with a one hit kill while they think the cutscene is still going on.


-Disc Strike. Similar to Rinzler, a melee attack with his disc.

-Disc Combo. A flurry of strikes.

-Disc Throw. Also like Rinzler & Sark, throws his disc which then returns to him.

-Strong Disc Throw. Hops up, spins in mid-air & throws his dic backhandedly.

-Time bomb. Deploys a number of mines on the field that detonate after a couple of seconds.

-Staff. At 50% HP, Summons a staff like that which his Black Guards use & attacks with it.

-Cyber Strength. Grabs the player & throw them across the stage.

-Big Leap. Can leap from 1 side of the stage to the other. His feet inflict damage on impact.

-DDOS Attack. His Desperation Move. Sends out a wave of data that overloads the party, freezing them in place if not avoided.

Mode 2: Light Cycle

The cycle typically drives in circles around the stage seeking an opening to attack.

-Light Ribbon. Creates a trail of light behind him that damages whoever touches it. Lasts a few seconds.

-Run Over. Just how many bosses have I given a "& then he charges at full speed" move? too many perhaps & yet here's 1 more.

-Spin-out. sometimes stops Run Over in the middle of the stage to do a spinning attack.

-System Crash. Cycle does a speeding jump & attempts to land on the player. Creates a shockwave if he misses.

Mode 3: Light Jet

The jet fighter frequently hovers in place so i can get a better aim at it's targets. But this also opens it up at the player's attacks/spells.

-Lasers. rapid-fire attack.

-Barrel roll. A spinning attack as he flies across the stage. The move has an aero effect that sucks in party members that get too close.

-Missile Launch. fires rockets that cause explosions on the ground.

Phase 2: Giant CLU
Music: Rinzler Recompiled

Yep, CLU does the growing thing Sark did. How did he gain this power? Hell if I know.

-Disc Stab. Slams his disc vertically where the player is.

-Bigger Time Bomb. Doesn't throw as many of them out but because they're larger they still cover ground.

-Punt. Kicks a party member to the edge of the stage.

-Leg Sweep. Spinning AoE attack. High Jump must be equipped & upgraded to even dodge it.

-Swat/Backhand. CLU's counter to aerial attacks.

-Giant Punch. An attack he does to further away airborne players

-Disc Buzzsaw. The DM of this phase. Makes his disc circle the edge of the stage while he stays in the center, drastically reducing the safe spots the player can stand in to basically zero. The disc has an armor bar but can only be hit with ranged attacks/spells.


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Nov 28, 2005
A shame that the combination of Pixar not liking their characters being fought & wanting sequel-like plots for worlds means we may not see this one.


Name: The Curse Dragon
World: New Mushroomton
Film: Onward
Party: Ian Lightfoot & Corey
Music: Extreme Encounters

The Curse Dragon is somewhat unique in that it lacks a conventional HP meter at first. Instead, the chunks of debris that make up its body are destroyed bit by bit by the party. However, it'll seek out replacement material if loses too much. The goal is to break away enough of the body to reach its core. Only when the core can be attacked does the boss' true HP show. The Dragon is particularly vulnerable to Grand Magic which takes off large portions of its body.

The field the fight takes place on is fairly large & the player can put quite a bit of distance between them & the boss.




-Stomp. Creates shockwaves naturally.

-Tail Whip.

-Monstrous Leap. Leaps all the way across the large field to land on the player.

-Fire Breath.

-Flight. Takes to the skies to fire breath at a safe distance from most attacks. A situation command pops up after landing enough Thunders on it that has Sora riding Corey a la Baymax, kicking off a brief on-rails chase sequence. Destroying the wings brings it back down to the ground.

-Cursed Tendrils. Primarily uses these to gather new material for its body. It may also grab party members & fling them away.


-Debris Storm. Its DM. Grabs a ton of debris & rains it down all over the site.

Cutscene: After dealing enough damage to the core, it is seemingly defeated, the dragon form falls apart. The party's celebration is cut short when the curse's core decides to change tactics. And tears apart the Gummi Ship! Creating a new body with the gummi blocks.

Phase 2: Gummi Dragon
Music: Lock, Load, and Blast!

The Gummi body is too sturdy to break apart this time but the beast can be stunned with enough damage, giving the player time to climb its body & reach the cockpit. The core is now residing inside the cockpit which must be destroyed now (the cockpit has an HP meter, which is the main HP of this phase)


-Thunder/G. rapid fire projectile with its newfound cannon.

-Comet/G. Fires a slower moving homing laser.

-Drill/G. Melee attack that deals many small hits if it connects.

-Fire/G. Uses jet exhaust as a shorter range but more powerful fire breath.

-Haste/G. Flies forward. Uses this both as an attack & as a means of closing the gap with a distant party.

-Warp/G. Sometimes teleports about the field.

-Aeroga/G & Float/G. Attacks with its wings.

-Shield/G. Projects a forcefield that brings up an armor meter to deplete.

-Cure/G. The cockpit that curse's core resides in. Busting open the domed canopy triggers another situation command where the party plunges Corey's sword into the core. Destroying it for good.

Oh, & Chip & Dale build a new gummiship for the protagonist after the battle FYI.
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Checks through list,
Hm, all of this is good stuff, except you're all forgetting something, EXPERIMENT FIGHTS!
we were treated to one in BBS in the form of sparky, but the series that came after the movie spawned a smorgasbord of potential boss fights. Obviously I'm not going to list them all because realistically, theres 624 of them, and more than half of them are unseen. I can see this fight playing out either like the hyena fights or lock shock and barrel in KH 1, where there are multiple targets in one battlefield or a series of boss rushes.
Name: Hammerface (experiment no. 033
World: Kokaua Town (the setting for Lilo and Stitch)
Film: Lilo and Stitch (technically)
Party: Stitch
Music: The encounter from KH 2
-Hammer slam: Hammerface strikes the ground with his head with enough force to raise rocks from the ground and hit the party similar to Lexaeus's abilities in KH 2FM
-Stomach strike- Hammerface targets the player's midsection directly, dealing heavy damage upon impact
-Right on the head- Hammerface smashes the player into the ground similar to a nail, immobilizing them for a short time
Name: Kixx (experiment no. 601)
World: Kokaua Town
Film: Lilo and Stitch
Party: Stitch
Music: the encounter
-Old one-two Kixx strikes the player with two successive jabs, dealing physical damage
-Throw away: Grabs the player and tosses them into a wall
-Blister Twister
A desperation move, Kixx spins his arms rapidly and forms a small twister, anyone caught inside of the barrage will be severely wounded.


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Nov 28, 2005
Boss: Queen of Hearts
World: Wonderland
Location: Castle Courtyard
Player: Roxas or Xion
Party: Luxord

This fight takes place sometime during the events of 358/2 Days. Theoretically either Roxas or Xion could've been the one to anger her depending on who had the misfortune of being assigned the mission to Wonderland that day. Regardless, Luxord will be present as a party member.

PHASE 1: Standard form
Music: Rowdy Rumble

-QoH wields a green flamingo like a croquet mallet.


-FORE!: Hits a rolled-up green hedgehog that flies up in the air & comes falling down on the player's head. Inflicts Flip-footed status if hit.

-Putter: Hits a hedgehog that rolls over the ground. Inflicts Air-toss status if hit.

-Batter Up: Hard hitting melee attack

-Swing & a Miss: A spinning melee attack where QoH covering a lot of the field while spinning but is left open to attack afterwards. Looks a bit like this in action:



-Summons card soldiers. Calls forth a bunch of her minions to attack. This leads to Luxord's role in the fight:

-Luxord Ability: Card Battle. Initiates a mini-game where Luxord summons a hand of cards equal to the number of card soldiers present. Each 1 of his cards is matched 1 of the soldiers. The card with the higher value wins, meaning card soldier are instantly killed if matched against a Luxord card that's a higher number. Since Luxord likes to leave things to chance, it is randomized what cards he draws & what soldiers they're played against.

PHASE 2: Giant form
Music: The Encounter

The White Rabbit offers some of his cookies to the queen in an attempt to calm her down. QoH grows gigantic & now believes the player is a bug she's trying to step on.


-For reasons unexplained, the flamingo has also grown in scale with her.

-QoH's weak point is her head which can be hard to reach.

-Luxord will periodically create floating platforms with his cards to help the player reach the head easier. (Think the lego platforms from King of Toys fight)

-Fore More!, swings her flamingo at the player.


-Ew a Bug, a stomping attack where she tries to crush the player with her foot. Inflicts Shoe-Glued status if hit.

-Card Trick, grabs a bunch of card soldiers & flings them at the player.

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