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Apr 22, 2006
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*sees Cef in her assassin costume......*puts on devil costume* >:D

The Grim Reaper here has no kids ;-; He/she is kinda a one person show, you know, not many people want the job of shuffeling the dead around....and keeping them in place.....God I hope I can make the Halloween deadline - I will do my best! >0<

and I still twins. ^_^

It's okay Coldman9, just any spoilers you wanna know, ask over a p.m. ^_^; thx......Oh yeah....Cef practically knows half the story already ^_^;


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Oct 18, 2007
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Hey SA and everyone else I have to write a Halloween story for my English class and I was wondering if you'd give me your opinion on this opening line I'm thinking of.

Halloween, a night of fright, a night of fun, and a night when the creatures we're told aren't real come to life and roam free. A night when children are best kept at home but are encouraged to leave and trick or treat, never knowing wether or not the door they knock on could be their last.

P.S. - Fell free to steal it for your own stories if you want. (Especially you SA)

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Jun 15, 2007
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You guys are all really looking forward to Hallloween, aren't you? Is it really that much fun? *comes from a country were Halloween isn't celebrated* BTW, I am looking forward to the update, though only because SA is the one who writes it!

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Apr 22, 2006
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I think I can make the deadline! WOOT! I've got meat on the chappie! Dead meat, but it will do..... >:D

Oh, shk, yes there are bad things about Halloween Coldman, it can spark a higher rate for - vandelism, kidnappings, [bad] pranks, candy poisonings, psychotic actions - the list goes on >>; And yet I still go into the dead of woods to the Phobia houses.....so I'm really not one to say anything about being careless on Halloween, because I am....Thank God I have people who watch my back >_< And then again, that's bad people doing all those mean things I mentioned earlier, but it only takes one bad egg to ruin it for the rest of us T_T

Halloween can be a lot of fun, just watch WHERE you have your fun....and you should live......Bwahaha. Oh yeah and WHO you have it with....It is no fun getting lost in a graveyard.........Oh that year sucked.........>_<

Ah! A critique! I gladly oblidge Coldman9; now you know, you can totally disregard this and all, it's just a wee bit of things that I think will help ya ^_^ ....or not....>_<.....In the end, please do what you think is best for your paper....I don't want you to fail because of some advice over the internet >_<

*Goes into critic mode*: I think the line is okay Coldman9, but it sounds like your story can open with a chilly children's rhyme - for instance, take the example of the rhyme for the Borden Murders:

"Lizzie Borden took an axe,
and gave her mother forty wacks -
and when she saw what she had done,
she gave her father forty-one."

You could spin one about how children should have fun on Halloween, but watch out for themselves too since that looks like the plot of your tale. This is just a rhyme I'm making up on the spot as another example...not a very good one, but this should give ya a better idea:

"Every night on Halloween,
we hear lots of playful screams,
but remember on our way,
some screams are not from play."

Ick......I think you can come up with something better >_<....Either that or just make your first paragraph rhyme or flow elegantly, but watch out for making it corney....like my example....>>;

As an opener, poems of the short and sweet variety tend to go a more favorable road ^_^ - Good luck Coldman9 on your paper! :D

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Apr 22, 2006
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Ah, don't we all just love holidays in general? ^-^

Bit of an update - next weekend is when the chappie should come out, worst case is that it comes out right on Halloween, but meh, and I know I'm gonna do my hardest to get it out then - there's no point in a Halloween chappie if it comes out after Halloween! DX

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Apr 22, 2006
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x.x Double post-away with theeeeeeeeee! :p

……..Okay, things came up like they always do…..but at least I can get the first part out…..Sadly I can’t really guarantee the next part on Halloween…It might be a while....I got attacked by the germ bug from hell >_< …….And stuff happened I don’t wanna get into, so yeah; sorry guys.

I think this came out "scary" but at least it should be "dark"

Disclaimer: Creepy things

Disclaimer: Le cursing, thank-you Cid.

Ch. 31-“Special”…How the Hollow Howl: Part 1
“It’s Halloween, everyone is entitled to one good scare,” Sheriff Leigh Brackett, Halloween (1978)
Radient Garden

“Momma! Momma! Hurry and carve it!”

“Alright, alright, sweetie, now go on and get dressed, your friends will be here soon,” the mother smiled.


The little boy ran from the kitchen to his room – “Don’t trip now!” his mom called after him.

“Okay!” replied a smaller voice; the mother’s smile remained for another second, before her attention turned towards the kitchen window, and the distant castle mangled from the former Hollow Bastion. The plump pumpkin was before her, and her hand was lightly over a wide based cooking blade.

Now was cautious times, and ever since the Castle started acting up, that was one more worry line on this mother’s face. “(*Sigh*).” The mother thought of her little boy. *At least for the holiday, things should lighten up for the chil…….* Something caught her eye off to the left the stark silhouette of the castle, and her sharp vision granted from the birth of her son fixated her on a spot near where the setting sun lightly touched the distant rooftops…..She squinted, perhaps its form was camouflaged among the chimney and pipes of the roofs, but, something was definitely there, and her mother’s intuition sent up a red flag.

“Momma! I’m almost ready!”

“Okay sweetie!” the mother called back not breaking eye contact with the spot. Nothing. These were cautious times after all, perhaps she was just on edge from the recent happenings…and then the setting sun’s rays moved just a degree down. Her eyes widened at the revealed jigsaw sight of the front view of a mounted figure on far away rooftops; the red beams of light shinning through the eyes, making its black silhouette as profound as the castle’s.

The mother’s mind went numb.

Next to the mounted figure was something skinny, like a pole, which seemed to suck up any light that approached it coating it in a black haze; the figure raised it slightly –

The mother’s hand grasped itself fully around the cooking blade –

The little boy in his messy room struggled to pull his head through the neck hole of his black costume, “Rrrr! Grrrr!” Twirling this way and that, his little mind remembering that to push through things required force (as when his father was jumping in place to slip his pants on) – pop; success. “Huh?” The little boy blinked. He was covered in a shadow as deep as the setting sun from a monstrous shape outside his window –

The mounted figure's skinny pole object showed its true form as a long curved blade turned into view with the tilt of a pale wrist –

“Oh!” The mother’s body responded to a sharp prick in her middle – her hand was holding the cooking blade to her own stomach. She quickly slammed the knife down on the cutting board, breathing hard, her body was sweating – the mount and rider were gone – she felt flushed, her mind scrambled back on track what to make of –


The mother broke from her position so violently she knocked over the cutting board – the knife jingled hitting the ground and the pumpkin splattered –

“Micheal!” – she burst open through his room door and her son latched onto her –

“Mommy,” he cried, “There was a scary person outside my window…”

The window was empty. The mother held her sobbing son close, “It’s okay honey, mommy’s here.”

The sun disappeared beyond the horizon, merging the shadow of the castle with the light of the moon.

Drip, drop. Drip, drop. Drip, drop. Drip, drop….

“That place sure has been acting strange lately.”

Drip, drop. Drip, drop; a high metal moan lowered in the Castle.

“I can’t look at that place without a tingle up my spine – it’s like it’s looking back.”


Drip, drop. Drip, drop. It’s structure creaked in the modest wind; loose debris blew lazily like trash in a back alley.

“Some say the Castle has become haunted – with the Royalties and Masters missing, it’s like something sensed it’s okay to wake up now…”

Drip, drop. Drip –….Another moan of rising metal rose throughout the castle. Yuffie Kisaragi stood tall with her large four point shuriken before the great doors to the Castle of the former Hollow Bastion, Radiant Garden…at night…..(*doggy howl*).

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” asked Cid as he slugged himself up next to Yuffie, sticking his spear into the ground for support.

“Yep,” she pipped.

“We haven’t investigated the Castle at night,” said Leon with his gunblade over his shoulder, also joining the group……(*doggy howl*).

“And ‘fer good reason,” said Cid as he looked up at the overbearing structure…..*Geez*…..In this moonlight, and at this angle…it really did look like it was looking –

“Scared?” Yuffie whispered into a jumpy Cid’s ear –

“Not in the least. It’s just we’re going to be in there forever, like ‘till mornin’ searchin’ the whole damn” –

“It would be easier if one more showed up then right?” said Cloud his blade propped on his back, the last to join the group of four.

“Yeah it would,” smiled Leon.

“Whelp, if we all die, maybe then Merlin will have to find some other people to boss around,” said Cid through his cigarette.

“Your enthusiasm is contagious,” said Yuffie.

“(*Sigh*) Let’s get this over with.” (*Wolf howl*).


Creeek…creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeee….eeeeeeek…..Eeeeeeeeeee….eeee…..eeeee – eee….Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek –

“Oh fer god’s sake!” – TOOF. Cid kicked the doors in, his spear in hand to keep them from bouncing back.

“I was going for atmosphere,” said Yuffie in a pout, “Tonight is Halloween after all; and I’m sacrificing being out getting candy to explore a haunted castle.”

“I don’t give a flyin’ flip little missy, all the more reason we should wait ‘till some other time. Some dumb teens might be in here screwing around.”

“It’s not safe in the Castle Cid,” said Leon, “All the more reason we should be here; at least to keep watch on the place to make sure no one does go inside it.”

Inside the Castle’s opening room, everything looked to be shrouded in a black veil, hidden in creases of moonlight that managed to creep in somehow. The group walked inside, staying only in the door light (until the doors began to creek shut) – Cid stood in place to keep at least one from closing all the way.

“Okay kids, flashlights out,” said Cid pulling a little one out of his pocket and Cloud and Leon did the same.

“I thought the castle was always lit,” said Yuffie, “Oh well, hello? Anybody home?” Yuffie called nonchalantly leaving the others behind, disappearing into the darkness –

“Yuffie!” –

“Oh stop your worrying Leon,” she called back from the blackness, “Come on, this is going to be fun!” And then a subtle light began to illuminate the castle to an appropriate level. “Awww,” commented Yuffie as she became visible again.

“At least the lights still work then,” said Cid (still holding the door open), “Now, who wants what section?”

Yuffie turned around, “We’re going alone?”

“We’ll cover more ground that way,” said Cid, “What’s the matter? Scared?”

“No way, it’s just I don’t want to have to run halfway across the Castle to come save somebody.”

"How about this," said Cloud, " Leon goes west, Yuffie goes east, and I go north?"

“And me?” asked Cid.

“You seem to like holding that door open.”

Yuffie giggled.

Cid stomped out of the door’s range ( it began to creek). “I’ll cover the front then,” he spat.

“Alright, let’s be off then” –

“Hey, wait,” said Cid, “You all have those little mikes right? To keep in touch with one another?”



“Yeah.” And the three split. Cid watched them all go their separate ways, all exiting the room, leaving him alone………The echo of silence in their wake was almost deafening..........Cid twirled his spear in hand and stabbed it in the ground - breaking the silence -

“(*Humph*) I bet Yuffie didn’t even bring hers,” said Cid, his voice another tense break for his ears; he took out his tiny mike and turned it on –


“Ah ****!” the little mike was soaked. “That is just my luck!” The mike responded with a wheeze then cut off. “Damnit,” Cid looked up, drip, and wiped his face; his hand was red. Drop.

Cid got out of range to see where the little red drops came from – the space almost directly above him over the doors… .....“Holy…****”, Cid breathed..….In red liquid and gore-like slashes, the banner large words “I’M HUNGRY” were carved in the wall.

The room began to feel like static. Hairs on Cid's arms began to stand -

A faint groan filled the room - Cid gripped his spear, but, his stance relaxed….“Tsk, it’s just the castle’s old age showin’ ” – the lights flickered – in the split seconds of darkness, out of the corner of Cid's eyes, two large red eyes over the opposite wall glared down at Cid, and when he turned to face it, the lights corrected themselves.

“Of course this **** wouldn’t happen when we’re together,” cursed Cid and felt his face get hot – he felt a touch on his shoulder – and swiped his spear in its direction – nothing – he felt a tug at stomach – SWIFFF – nothing – his back was grabbed – SWUFF – his ankle – “CUT THIS **** OUT NOW!” Cid yelled to the empty room and a sharp snarl came from behind him – Cid turned in his stance to see a torso on the floor halfway through the wall – arms that bent opposite the human function jerkily stepped the torso back, faint wide black eyes and a black open mouth on a pale face left their imprint on the wall as it passed……….Okay –

“This castle can just go to *******’ hell,” said Cid, “We’re gonna seal it up, or, tshk-tear it all down” –

Something bit at his neck – and Cid swung his spear all around……..His heart wanted to come out of his chest……..and throat…….Cid looked to the three ways Leon, Yuffie, and Cloud went – reflex was to use the mike, but that was not an option anymore…..

A childish laughter sounded from the shadows of the room.



“Geez, I don’t remember this long a hallway here,” said Yuffie walking with her flashlight, “Or this dark; the lights just suddenly cut out; well that’s a hundred year old wiring for ya. Hello, hello! If there are any ghosts in here please feel free to make your presence known! I’m not here to exorcise you!” her voice echoed up and down the hallway. “(*Sigh*) Maybe it really is just some teens screwing around….Man I can’t believe I wasted my night.”

Yuffie began to walk past red stains on the walls.

“I suppose I should just back track and find the guys.”

The stains were getting worse –

“I bet Cid is still at the front being a total coward, what a shame, I thought he had more in him.”

The blood began to form words: YOU’RE MINE

“I hope Tifa and Aerith don’t give away all the candy, they better save me some.”


“I had my costume ready and everything.”


“I wonder if Cloud is okay, he’s probably emo in a corner right now.”


“Leon is probably looking for me…”


“But no one has called for me from the little mike.”


“How do you work this thing anyway?”


“Oh well it’s probably broke anyway.”


“I hope there’s at least a fake haunted house open when we get out of here.”


“I wonder if I can get the girls to go with me.”


“I know the guys would duck out, they don’t have those long weapons for nothing –“


“I should probably sneak up on them while we’re here, heh, heh” –


“Man this hallway is long – this sucks!” and as soon as she said that, her flashlight found the ending wall, and upon it, red splattered words –

LOOK AT THE ******* RIGHT WALL *****!

Yuffie looked, and there in tiny Times New Roman type, like 8 point, was the word “Boo.”

“Oh my god,” said Yuffie, “Who the hell writes that small?!”

Yuffie's flashlight further revealed that she was in a dead end.

"I...don't remember the castle having a dead end hallyway...." said Yuffie. "Did I take a wrong turn? Meh, I'll just go find the guys now. I hope this red stuff can get washed off, it smells funny." Yuffie did an about-face and made her way back down the hallway. "Sheesh, I don't think this night can get any worse," pouted Yuffie; and then her flashlight cut off. "Great."


If I don't get back to y'all within the week - have a safe and happy Halloween!

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Apr 22, 2006
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Yay! I'm glad y'all liked it! ^_^ Lots of inspiration came from Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame (two very, VERY scary games >_< )

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get the next part out by Thursday or Friday - come to me spare time!!!! COME!!!!

Things should get freakier, if anything, next time >:D ........Oh what likes to crawl around in the dark........Just what is it that has taken over the castle....? Mwahahahaaaa.....


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Judging from the title, I'd say I already know. I nearly wet my pants at Cid's part , 'cuz I read this last night, all alone in our house, and our neighbor's dog started howling at the end of Cid's part. My other neighbors were practically trying to bring the door down afterwards, and I didn't have the heart to finish it 'till now... Heh, this is what I get for staying up later than necessary then drowning myself with coffee the following morning >XD

Oh, and lol'd so hard at Yuffie's part >XDDDDDDDDDDD

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Apr 22, 2006
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Watching/reading something scary at night is a test of courage my brother would say, and then he's go screaming out the room if a roach appears..... (I'm worse though - total coward....)

Glad I could make you laugh so hard Cef XD - and hurray that my writing is actually a little scary! >:3 That was kinda freaky how your neighbor's dog started howling though.....o_O

Awww! thank-you Coldman9! That really brightened my day today :'D

*works on rest of Halloween chappie.......*........>:3

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Apr 22, 2006
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GAH! Curses! Double posted again! DX

Modified a little since, well, the spooky holiday is over…..T.T @#$#%$$@#$!!!!!!!

Disclsimer: Cursing
Disclaimer: tough scenes...we know zeh drill......


Cloud reached the end of his corridor. The door proceeding to the next room had a smiling face smeared in black and red along with the words “No Entry”. It looked as if it had just been nonchalantly rubbed on; something some kid would do. Cloud jiggled the handle, tck-t-tck-ck, but it was locked, “Hhm.” Maybe he could knock it open, it’s an old door – Cloud braced his footing, then shoved the door hard with his shoulder – bauk…..Then rolled to his back, his hand sliding up to his shoulder as a light bruise appeared; okay so it was a good door. Cloud sighed looking at the trail he’d have to back track on. “This castle’s anatomy is all messed up; every hallway and room has changed.”......BAUK – Cloud jumped a few steps off the door – from the other side, something banged the door.

The smeared face’s smile looked like it got wider. BAUK; a piece of wood flung off.

Cloud readied his blade.

“Muuuuuuuuuuu……” It sounded like a lull moan muffled by the door; the hair on the back of Cloud’s neck stood up – a white hand attached to a long, long arm stretched from underneath the door towards Cloud, as if it was rubber.“Muuuuuuuuuooooooommmmmmmmmmmm…..”

Cloud slowly back stepped, his reactions gripping his blade tight; the smeared face, by odd fatigue of the eyes, or the ever diming lights, looked to slowly sift on the door; the hand slowly and blindly groping around on the ground. The hand slammed onto the smudge face, and gave a long rub back down – the face changing with the smear to one of sadness with droopy smeared eyes, and a broken smile; the hand was sucked back under the door….and Cloud heard the door unlock.

The door’s knob turned – Cloud held his blade up – the door opened, and revealed a small closet, with a hanging poorly hand crafted doll, slowly turning from the twist of the noose. Cloud aimed his flashlight right on it, and the doll faced him; it resembled him. But, a button eye was hanging off, the doll was smeared in red, and the clothes, or rather rags, were in stitches and ripped. The doll twitched –

“Puppet –”

Cloud whirled around swinging his blade, and down the corridor was the silhouette of a small child with glowing white eyes; she looked to be holding a short rope with another doll tied by its neck at the rope’s end – she held it up for him to see –


The girl giggled and ran off around the corner dragging the doll – against better judgment, Cloud gave chase.

“****, ****, I knew this was a bad idea,” Cid cursed as he ran down yet another hallway end, he had chosen to go after Yuffie since, knowing her, she might not grasp the seriousness of the pile of “OMFG” they’ve gotten into. “Frickin’ occult junk, stupid teens messing with **** they shouldn’t have –” Cid ran past a childish chalk drawing that stopped him in his tracks. “What the….”

It looked to be a stick family of five all holding hands: a momma, a daddy, and three kids, two girls and a boy – wait, no, a family of seven? There were two of them not holding hands on each end of the close five, but all of them had their heads missing; a caption read: WE ARE THE SAME NOW. Cid looked down the hallway, all walls, side, top, bottom, were covered in the kiddish drawings.

Each drawing was an episode. Each family member was in it (with their heads on), and the two on the outside were always somewhat detached from the rest, be it sitting down at dinner, playing in a courtyard, out for a walk or other family excursions; one of the kids was also detached; she seemed to be a step behind the other two who looked like they were having much more fun. They all looked to be dressed in formal wear, if a childish drawing could convey that with extra pluffy ruffles for the girls and straight ruffles on the shoulders for the boys.

As Cid progressed, the drawings became more gruesome with the headless sketches returning, red splotches, and the little detached girl getting swirled around by dark smudges; the two older detached ones looking more and more like broken etches; a caption read: BECAUSE THEY SAID SO.

The drawings progressed a story of the young detached girl getting swallowed by the dark smudges, her clothes turning redder in each scene. Her smile became sharp, her eyes turning a burning amber – the darkness swirled around her with red eyes popping up all over the place – big, small, wide –

Cid walked closer to one scene where the girl almost looked to be in total animosity with sharp claws and a forked tongue – there was a family crest above her, a Royalty’s crest –

“Damn, I can’t make it out” –

Next to it was a scene where the red dressed girl stabbed the young boy with a little knife; the eyes and mouth open shocked circles.

Then she cut the young girl in half with the little knife; the upper half of the stick figure looking like it was flailing about as it flew off.

The momma and daddy were screaming, and the older detached two did nothing, they both looked as if they were about to fade away.

The little red girl smiled like a monster holding up the little knife.

The next scene showed her still smiling with the knife up, and with the momma and daddy all torn apart at her feet in red splotched paint.

The walls from then on were black with white chalk with butterflies upon what looked to be even more childish drawings of dead bodies. Cid followed them, stick figures were cast in fire, black smudges tore them apart, they were twisting, contorting into shapes dead spiders make, then the walls turned all black; another caption read: AND NOW……

Cid gasped, there was a drawing of Hollow Bastion Castle, and him, Yuffie, Leon and Cloud, all as well as this kid could draw them; a red eye watching them.

There was another drawing as they walked inside; a red eye watching them.

Another drawing as they departed from one another; a red eye watching them.

Another drawing illustrated Cid’s episode with the backward arm torso; the little red girl off to the side of him laughing.

The next drawing showed her hanging Cloud.

The next showed her eating Yuffie.

The next showed her strangling Leon.

And himself? Cid had reached the end of the hallway, a dead end, and little prickly hairs on his arms stood up at the final drawing. Taking up the whole wall, were two great big red crayon eyes – opened to their brim. Now, forgetting about what this alluded to his fate for a bit, with Cid being a little perceptive at the moment, there’s no way a child could have drawn this by themselves, the kid, or kids, would be too short to reach the top….unless they had a ladder or something….Come to think of it, how could they have drawn on the ceiling as well?....

Cid heard someone humming, a child, a young girl, humming a haunting nursery rhyme from the other side of the wall.

“Hmmm, la la, laaa-la, lala,
Hmmm, la la, laaa-la, lala,
It’s okay, I’m here – little one, it’s okay, don’t cry –“

“Who’s there?!” Cid held up his spear; the humming continued. “Are you the little ***** who killed her own family?!”

The humming stopped.


…… A ghostly head with long hair sifted through the wide eyed wall attached to a long neck – her eyes were red, burning amber! – Cid stabbed his spear through her forehead, but, she was a ghost after all….. GTCH –

“Ahh!” –

A white hand with a long white arm from the ground stabbed Cid in his side with a little knife – “Ahhk, dammit” – Cid knocked the knife back with his spear and retreated back, his side bleeding freely until he healed it with cure* - a girly giggle filled the hallway.

“I’m going to cut you all, alllll-up!”

The pale head smiled with red dripping from her lips, her mouth opened and static filled the hallway overtaking the giggle, the neck swaying like a snake; the hand with the knife teased Cid.

“What, what the hell are you?!” Cid growled.

A red bubbled popped from the pale mouth –

“Cid? Cid! Behind you!”

Cid turned around, it was Cloud! But in the front ground crawling towards him quickly on the ceiling was that backwards arm torso ghost!

Cloud raised his sword – “Holy*!” -

"S***!" Cid screamed -

A beam of light shot up from the ground, and the torso ghost dissipated with a moan; the pale head from the wall and hand with the little knife retreated as well.

“Are you okay?” Cloud asked running up to Cid.

“Yeah, listen, we’ve gotta find Yuffie and Leon – and get the hell outta here! This freaky pale ***** is going to kill us all!”

“I think it might be aiming for Yuffie next,” said Cloud, “I was chasing a little shaded girl dragging a doll that looked like her by its neck until I heard you scream.”

“Yuffie, wait, by it’s neck?” The childish picture of Yuffie getting eaten by the red girl flashed in Cid’s mind –

Cloud gave a nod, and a noose dropped from overhead around his neck and picked him up –!

“CLOUD!” His blade dropped, and the noose pulled itself through the ceiling all the wall to the back of Cloud’s neck – Cid couldn’t cut the rope –! He tried to put himself underneath Cloud to support him, but Cloud was just out of Cid’s reach – Cloud’s struggling getting weaker by the second as he tried to loosen the rope around his neck – his wind pipe completely closed – “Grav, grav – “ There was no breath to support his words – his heart pounded, his body begged for air – the noose tightened to a breaking vice and Cloud became limp –

“CLOU –“ Cid suddenly heard something like hooves on pavement galloping at an insane speed towards them – he turned only in time to see red glowing eyes through a black light-swallowing mist with the unmistaken sound of something sharp slashing overhead – SHWEENE – “Cloud!” – SPPLHCK.

The body dropped to the ground.

Leon, in a dim room, had his mike on, or rather it turned on by itself, and he heard everything Cid went through from the time of him entering the chalk drawings hallway, to when Cloud was hung; the mike turned off when he heard the body drop. Leon tried to get their signal back, but it was no use. From either Cloud or Cid’s mike, there was nothing but static.

He grasped the mike, there was nothing he could do for them, much less as if he even knew where they were, and if this thing was after Yuffie next, then there could be no time to waste – he tried to pick up her frequency –

“Yuffie? Yuffie! If you can hear me, you better respond now! Now is not the time to be playing games!”

“What-what?” came Yuffie’s agitated voice through the settling static, “I’m not doing anything bad” –

“Listen, there’s something in this place that’s coming after you, a young girl, I think she’s some sort of demon” –

“Demon? Awesome!”

“Yuffie! If you see her run! She’s already taken down Cid and Cloud – where are you? I’m coming to you now! Tell me where you are!”

“Well I would if I could, but I’m currently stuck in a patch of darkness, I don’t even know where I am myself, however, I do know where you are.”

“Yuffie…” – that voice wasn’t hers.

“I think I’ll come to you next, I want to gut something with a little more meat on it” Leon turned the mike off.

…*No….*…….Did this thing already get Yuffie too?

The room turned cold; Leon could see his breath – he griped his weapon.

“This turned around horribly didn’t it?”

Leon readied his gunblade, it wasn’t the same voice from the mike, it was deeper, like a man’s, hollow, cold, and sent a quick sharp chill up Leon’s spine; the cold intensified.

“The four of you came to check out what was truly disturbing this castle, and you stumble into a nightmare from the darkest pits of hell.”

“Who are you? Are you, another demon like this girl?”

“No, and this child is no demon. She is not of this realm or the next; she is but a vortex of madness. I have been tracking a spot for some time to be able to catch her soul, but you four have ruined my chances this evening. She has been provoked with the desire to eat, and with her soul so hungry, I dare not guide it with my current clan this evening; no, this looks like a soul I will have to guide all by itself, and where would I ever find the time to do that?”

“Who are you?”

“That is not important tonight, and I have little more time to spare, however, I’ll be seeing you when your soul is ready” – someone was directly behind him – Leon turned around to a dark figure mounted on a large steed shrouded in a black mist, a large dark scythe in hand – the steed breathed on Leon and Leon felt his heart stop for a second - “ready, for the Other Side.” In a twist of mist, the figures were gone….. –


Leon jumped and spun around again, Cid holding a gasping Cloud bashed through the door –

“AHH!” –

“C-Cid it’s me,” said Leon in bewilderment.

“Oh, eh it’s just I was expecting to see somethin’ else…”

*And I was scarier…?* Cloud tried to stand. “Cloud, are you” –

“I’m fine,” Cloud gasped, there was a red mark all around his neck, and slight etchings of blood.

“We’ve got to find Yuffie and get out of here,” said Cid, “This whole castle is swarming with freaks and all kind of occult ****! Why we were just chased here by a freaky black mist obscuring a rider holding a ******* scythe! Like it was Grim Reaper or somethin’!”

“I think it was.”


“Nevermind,” Leon’s eyes got wide, “Let’s go, Yuffie is somewhere close by.”

“How do you know?” asked Cid.

“I just heard someone yell ‘this sucks” –

“You heard it?”

“AAAAGGGRRRRRRR! THIS SUUUUUUCCCKKKKSSS!” Yuffie threw her weapon and it buzzed all around the hallway lighting up sparks as it skid across the walls, her only source of light – she caught her weapon as it returned in the darkness. “I can’t see a damn thing in here! Ohhhh, I knew I should’ve taken an extra pair of batteries.” Yuffie began hitting her flashlight on her hip, “Come on you stupid thing! Work!” The flashlight coughed up light, then it’s batteries, and Yuffie had no hope of finding them since she heard one roll down something…and clink far away…..

With a huff, and a puff, and a curse to wake the dead, she began to feel her way through in the dark, hoping her memory caught a faithful map from her quick buzz saw light source; she remembered a few dark spots, those had to be paths to other hallways, ah, she could feel nothing anymore, she must be in front of a crossway; wind slightly blew behind her, making her feel very open…. “Wow….ugth, man this bites, I’m gonna be groping for hours!”

A feeling crept up that someone was standing uncomfortably close in front of her – Yuffie outstretched her hand, but felt nothing.

“So, I bet this is what it’s like to be blind then huh?”

Yuffie’s ears started to ring from the her quieter tone, and the silence of the hallway.

“Come on Yuffie think, I know magic – oh! DUH! Fire*!”

Yuffie’s weapon caught fire (her hand was safe), and she had a torch, “Alright!” Then a breeze blew it out, but before it did, Yuffie thought she saw someone with a gash over their entire face a little ways down the hallway – “Fire*!” Yuffie’s weapon lit up again, and no one was there. “I wonder what that was? – EEEEWWWWWWWW!!” – Yuffie swung her flaming 4-point Shuriken straight behind her – slicing air, and part of the wall producing sparks – something licked the back of her neck! “Ugth! ACK – grooooosss!” Yuffie spat jumping in place holding her defiled neck – “You son of a *****! - If I find you” – Yuffie looked in every direction, but there was no one, nothing to be found, except an innocent breeze.

“*******,” Yuffie cursed, “Of all things for a lady to run into in a desolate castle it’s gotta be a pervert, whatever happened to a prince?” A sharp hiss fell upon the back of Yuffie’s neck – “CUT THAT OUT!” and she swung her weapon back again to swipe nothing. A lull laughter filled the end of the hallway as a black small figure peeked around the end of the hallway and scurried off – “Hey! You won’t get away!” and Yuffie quickly gave chase –

From behind her, a black chalky fuzz began to seep on the wall.

“Come back here you jerk!” Down the hallway, something peeked back again – “Don’t think I can’t see your ***! Who do you think you’re dealing with?!” Yuffie rounded the corner again – BONK – right into a dead end. “Owwww….stupid wall,” Yuffie smacked it with her flaming shuriken. “Oh, but wait, where did that person go?”

Yuffie looked at the darkened hallway end. The light breeze made the sound of a dead rotted throat….she was cornered, by the darkness, by the sounds…..

*What’s this…? My, my finger tips are numb, the back of my neck feels like ice…..”

The black chalky fuzz got closer in the darkness.

*My breath can be seen, my breathing is hard…my heart is beating faster*…. – Yuffie’s left knee gave a quick twitch –….. “This place…” The dark hallway looked like it lengthened before her ending in a black pit where the light from her weapon couldn’t reach anymore. She felt the pressure of eyes she couldn’t see – wide open and unblinking – something, some presence was right here! Something evil! “This place…..” Yuffie’s firm hand on her weapon wavered from it’s hold….The hallway was a hollow throat, and its breath was all around her, the laughter from before reminded itself in her mind….. “I’m…..I’m, I’m really”….A chill surged throughout her body – off setting her firm disposition…. “Really, really”…..Yuffie’s lips bent in distress – “I’M REALLY COLD! GEEZ! YOU WOULD THINK A CASTLE WOULD HAVE SOME KIND OF AIR-CONTROLL UNIT!!”

Yuffie held up her flaming weapon and began to retrace her steps approaching the crossway, “If I ever find that bastard, I’m gonna” – Yuffie slashed her weapon in front of her –

“AHH!” –



Yuffie lowered her weapon up, as did –



“Cid? Cloud? Hey get that flashlight out of my eyes!” –

“Just making sure you’re not all see through,” said Cid –

“Yuffie! You’re okay!”

“Of course I am Leon, who do you think I am?”

“Well, the only one who didn’t scream like a girl,” said Cloud side-eyeing Cid.

“I will drop you,” said Cid loosening his grip on Cloud.

“Bunch of babies,” said Yuffie, “Is this castle too much for y’all?”

“Yes,” they all replied to Yuffie’s soft surprise; she got a good look at Cloud.

“Hey, you guys what’s going on? What happened to Cloud?”

“He was almost hung to death,” said Cid.

“Oh my god, really? By what?!”

“BY THAT!” Cid screamed pointing behind Yuffie –

The little red girl was in a spectral chalk form, as if one of the childish drawings just walked off the wall –
she held up a little chalk knife – her teeth sharp, her eyes wide, red, with black slits –

“Holy ****! Is that for real?!”

“It’s for very real Yuffie,” said Leon, “RUN!”

The chalk specter walked towards them in jerky steps – SPHEEW! And they were gone! Yuffie looking back as the specter faded in the darkness, walking, er trying to walk….

“Where are we going?” asked Yuffie as they ran –

“Out!” said Cid practically giving Cloud a piggy back ride, “We’re going to seal up this castle until we get an exorcist!”

They rounded a corner and stopped dead in their tracks –

“Is that the end of the hallway or a gurgling throat?!” – the entire hallways slanted and became the texture of soft tissue – “AHHHH!” Tumbling everyone towards the gurgling end! Leon stopped himself by stabbing the gunblade into the wall, Cid jabbed his spear – Cloud hung onto Cid tight, his blade slipping a bit from his back – Yuffie latched onto the wall with her 4-point shuriken – but not deep enough, the wall for her was too spongy, slippery rubbery flesh, and her weapon lost its grip –

There was but a single moment that passed between Yuffie, Leon, Cid, and Cloud as their surprised eyes met hers – SPLASH!


She was not submerged, but trapped, desperately trying to get herself free of the crawling liquid trying to suck her down – the hallway righted itself and Leon and Cid (Cloud scrambling with him) sprinted over with their weapons – the liquid hardening to a gunk-like substance that swarmed over Yuffie – trying to cover her – “Hang on!”

Leon grabbed hold of her hands and pulled, her weapon was dropped, and was sucked up and covered by the gunk – but Leon’s grip was just as bad as Yuffie’s weapon’s – she was slippery from the liquid – so with his gunblade, Leon slashed at the flesh and red poured out from the wound – Cid tried to pry her free with his spear, and Cloud grabbed one of her free hands that slipped from Leon –

“Leon!” Yuffie was still getting covered! He slashed again, and more gunk was removed, Cloud pulled – but a blotch more suddenly took its place – leaving only Yuffie’s outstretched hand and muffled scream–

“Yuffie!” – Cloud wasn’t letting go – and Cid’s spear blindly cut through hitting the ground with a sharp sound –

An upper and lower jaw formed from moans of the Castle above and under the doomed Yuffie – and bit Leon’s blade – holding it fast – knocking Cloud and Cid back as well –

They all heard a large swallow.

SPHSLK! Cloud slashed both jaws into two pieces – they released, and the gunky hallway end instantly formed back into a solid wall; Yuffie gone.

“NO! Yuffie!”

“Don’t tell me,” Cid gasped. “She’s – ?!”

Cloud gripped his blade with everything he had and struck the wall – blasting it open…..

The broken wall revealed a long black hallway, and at the end, a bulging corner with red light…A strained wail sounded – and Leon led the charge –


The black hallway ended sooner than the length it seemed, rounding the corner, the red light flashed, and Leon, Cloud, and Cid found themselves in a large room, the room where Ansem-Xehanort’s heartless tried to create a Keyhole. The walls were pulsing, swaying as if from some forlorn dream, and black ash was falling like suspicious snow – (the group went into their fighting stances) – and from the false Keyhole – active – was a long, long neck, curved like a snake and ending in nothing less than a monstrous, sharp mouth full of deformed and thick teeth; the mouth gave a half roar, then began to cough, choking, until it hauwked up a chunk of black gunk, it dissolving away to reveal Yuffie’s 4 point shuriken –

I’m hungry.

The mouth opened wide in a hollow screech resembling a baby’s cry – wide enough that Leon, Cid, or Cloud could easily stand inside – and lunged for the group chomping into solid floor missing its quicker targets – simultaneously, Cloud and Leon swung their swords in to the joining back of the mouth – their swords but millimeters apart – and Cid stabbed his spear in front of the blades into what he hoped was the monster’s spine – “Sever it!” – Cloud and Leon forced their blades through – the remaining neck swinging around like a loose rope in the wind to get free – making the severing blades and spear an anchoring point rather than a saw – Cloud and Leon felt their grips and footing get loose! –

Cid with a fit of strength pushed his spear through and penetrated the ground – the neck in shock – “Do it!” – SPHLCK !

The long severed neck flung back spewing a fountain of black, hitting the wall behind it –

“Is that all you had you piece of ****?!” Cid cursed removing his spear, the neck was flinging itself around in a blind stupor –

“That’s all it had,” said Cloud, the neck suddenly in a slowed vibe – it gave one last forceful swing – something large and covered in gunk flying out of the gaping wound – then the monster collapsed to the ground –

Leon gasped seeing the gunk sifting away in the air to reveal – “YUFFIE!”


Leon dropped his blade, and dived to catch Yuffie before the ground did, she was completely limp – Cloud and Cid ran over –

“Yuffie! Yuffie – !” but Leon’s encouraging did nothing to stir her, he checked her vitals and she was indeed alive, though definitely unconscious.

“Come on! We’re getting the hell outta here!” yelled Cid –

“No escape!” said a dead voice – and their path sealed up in black chalky fuzz. The severed neck rose up, a shifting kaleidoscope mouth morphing from thin air to its severed end!

“No escape you pigs for slaughter, no escape, no escape, NO ESCAPE!”

They were frozen – from shock, fear, or the inevitable, (or that sinister falling ash) their legs wouldn’t work! Their minds couldn’t grasp the sense to RUN; the ash fell subtly on their faces…. – and the kaleidoscope mouth was upon them – !


“Missus? Are you okay?” Nefero gently nudged the Lady with his snout, and she stirred from her slumber of being slouched over a black desk lighted by pale white candlelight.

“Milady? Do you want to retire to your room?” asked South Light; the lady yawned.

“Oh no, I’m fine, I just fell asleep on my research, that’s all – Oh! (The lady sat up further) Your costumes are so cute!” Her stomach grumbled. “Ooh, my goodness where does the time go? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving!”………..

The possessed Castle was completely quiet. Its front doors still reeling from being forced open.

BOOSH – the front door to Merlin’s house burst open splattering out candy to be passed out everywhere – Tifa and Aeris dressed as cat and princess respectively jumped and turned pale – “You guys, what in the world?!”

“What happened to Yuffie?!” –

“Cloud! Are you” –

“Hurry! Get Merlin! We’ve got to seal up the Castle NOW!”

Nefero got the Lady a muffin, and she bit into it, then suddenly began to choke –


Nefero quickly patted her back as the Lady coughed up the muffin bit, and something else. Her hand went to her mouth, and pulled from her perplexed lips a curved black hair…….. “Ah,” said the Lady. “Looks like I was having another of those dreams again.” She rolled the fine hair between her fingers.


The lady gave a twisted smiled and noticed on her hands chalk stains…..“Where I am one with the Chrost-Weik.”

Leon brushed back Yuffie’s hair, her fine strands through the strain of being chewed.

The night continued on with Merlin shutting off the Castle, giving Leon, Cid, and Cloud (who all tuned Merlin out) a hiss-and-spit lecture of how they never should’ve gone to the castle in the first place, to have left it to him to just close it off if they ever felt such danger was in it – what were they, five?

“How the hell could we have known you old fart?!” yelled Cid, “We can by god handle our-*******-selves!”

Merlin said nothing further, tempers would only rise more, and he stepped out to finish giving out candy; people were still out in their happy spirits after all, this tragedy wasn’t affecting the whole town; dumb teens were punished for going somewhere they shouldn’t have, and that was it.

Leon laid Yuffie down in a soft bed, and Aerith went to work on healing her with all the magic she had…She couldn’t help but steal a glance at the quiet Castle, and kids dressed in their costumes running by happily….and then there was Yuffie practically lifeless below.

Tifa tended to a quiet Cloud, and Cid had several quick cigarettes; he kicked the wall in anger when his smokes didn’t help.

Aerith noticed Leon’s fists clenched….. “Leon” –


…..The revived metallic moan from the Castle snapped Yuffie’s eyes open –


“Yuffie,” Leon kneeled down next to her, and the others rushed over to her side….Yuffie’s eyes began to whelp up with tears, “It’s okay Yuffie, we made it, we made it out alive,” said Leon taking her hand; Yuffie began to shake badly….she turned her head towards Leon, and scooted her weak self closer to him….

“She made it out too,” said Yuffie barely in a whisper.


“She made it out.”…..Yuffie then lunged at Leon and grabbed him around his neck, strangling him –

“Yuffie stop – !”


The mounted rider cloaked in the swirling darkness stood before Merlin’s house, children screamed away protected by their parents – Merlin was surrounded by dropped candy – wand raised – “Back you fowl creature!”

The Reaper raised his scythe overhead, “I’m sorry, but I can’t allow that monster’s soul to separate.” The Reaper swung its scythe – Merlin blocked – but nothing happened; there was no attack for him – the Reaper just swung his scythe –

A blood-curling scream sounded from inside his house –


Merlin ran back inside the house to find the sad scene….

The Castle gave another moan; the Reaper looked towards it and gave a nod of defeat. “Until you dream again, Lady of Red, I will find you, and capture your soul.” The Reaper then disappeared with his steed in a shroud of darkness with the clattering of bones.

I am the Chrost-Weik, ever hungry for those that wish to seek true hell. Join me in my tumbling depths, my burning inferno, my void of darkness – a plain that seeks no future, and no past, only the present pain. Yes, join me, join me, join me, join me, join me, join me….Joy – your reflection, IT’S ME!


So there ya have it…..Damn, a day late…..T.T Darn you Time Warp! You and your warpiness! BAH!

Peace and Cloverfield! (I couldn’t enter the final review…..T.T WHAAAAAAAAAA!!! I didn’t have enough pieces?! WTF MAN!)

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I remember two years ago on Halloween my cousin convinced me to watch all the Nightmare on Elm St. movies in one night, and that was the first time I saw them. I couldn't sleep for three days after that. And now after reading your story I won't be sleeping for another three days. Thanks

By the way the Grim Reaper seems like a potential ally for Leons gang or maybe Sora since he wants the Lady of Red's soul. Which means that she's supposed to be dead but still alive, that's creepy.

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^0^ Squee! Thx Lectori; I watched a bit of some scary movies to help get the groove on >:3 ^_^

Oh, Coldman, I didn't think I made it that scary...Sorry..>_<......and this was toned down because I missed the Halloween deadline......>>; Anywho! Here's the Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill, he'll help you get to sleep, he's very soft and cuddley........>:3

By the way, the key word on your assumption for the Grim Reaper Coldman is "potential ally" >:3 Muahahahaha.....

There's still alot of mystery surrounding the Lady..........Oooooh

Glad you guys liked it!

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