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Mar 27, 2007
My extreme apologies for missing out on A LOT from what has happened so far been mostly busy. So it appears that a joined idea stories have begun to unfold keep up the great work Silent/Coldman xD.

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
HAKU!!! *Glomps* I know how ya feel there with being busy and all, it's okay ^_^

Yep, Coldman9 put up a filler since I couldn't do anything for a whole month x.x Did ya like the Halloween chappies? >:3

EDIT: Okay, it’s actually not my fault for being late this time, I was taken to a surprise eye exam that I failed three times, and I was given orders to rest them since hey, I don’t want to screw them up anymore than they are now, I was up almost 46 hours speed reading a 200 page book so that probably did it…..
Anywho, tomorrow fo’ sure guys, I’d put up something to show progress, but I don’t wanna false advertise like I did last time…..so, meep.
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Oct 18, 2007
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First of all everyone I'm sorry for posting up a late filler. We didn't get snow up here in Missouri only ice.
I proudly present my filler Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Awakenings​

There was nothing but darkness all around him. He felt that he was floating and he knew his eye's were closed somehow.

"Where am I?" he thought, although it was like he shouted it .

You are in the place were those sho are lost gather. You cheated death and have strayed from your destiny.

"I cheated death?" Ven asked surprised.

You are the knight who was to die at the crossroads. And now you have a choice.

"What choice?"

You may accept death or wander in life with no destiny.

"What's so important about a destiny?"

A destiny is what gives a person purpose. Your destiny was to die and in doing so create a longin in another to leave his world and finish what you started.

"I won't let someone else take on my burden." Ven said reaching in front of him and summoning his keyblade. What surprised him wasn't that he could see it with his eye's closed but that his keyblade was broken, "What happened to my keyblade?!"

The keyblade is connected tohte heart of it's wielder. Even should it be broken as long as the heart is fine it will repair itself. But if the heart is broken then the keyblade will also be broken and unrepairable.

"What should I do?"

Accept death. You have lost your destiny and keyblade. All that you hold dear is gone. Death is all that is left.

Ven was quiet, he couldn't think of any thing to say. Suddenly a transparent image of Aqua and a small boy with red shorts, a white shirt, and spiky brown hair with clear blue eye's holding a toy sword appeared.

"No it's not. I still have them left to me." Ven said before opening his eyes.

He was greeted with bright florecent lights beaming down from a cieling. The air was warm and he was lying on a soft couch. But what really caught his attention were the voices on the other side of the couch.

"What makes you think we can trust them?" asked a male voice.

"My *sense doesn't pick up anything around them." said a female voice.

"Are you forgetting that they came out of the sky in a glowing orb. Which Euphoria siad had been bouncing around the LifeStream for a week."

"That just means they could have gotten mixed up in something they had nothing to do with."

"Not exactly." Ven said sitting up and looking at everybody. He was greeted by 14 pairs of eyes coming from an odd asortment of people including an all green girl and a girl dressed in peach clothes with skin to match.

Ven couldn't stop staring at Euphoria and Aurocile even as he hopped over the couch to stand and face everyone.

"Uh . . . hi. I'm Ragiel."Ragiel said stepping forward.

"I'm Lorenia."

"Dendjue." They were all introducing themselves.

"I"m Serena."





"And we're the Salor Scouts." they all said together.

"Nice to meet all of you." Ven said staring at them strangly.

"I"m Goku and this is my wife Chichi." Goku said introducing his wife.

"Hi . . . I . . I'm Yugi."

"I'm Edward Alrick the Fullmetal Alchemist."

"And I'm Alphonse, his little brother."

"His little brother? But he's so . . ." Ven's mouth was quickly covered as Ed gave him a death glare.

"Let him go Serena. He was about to say something." Ed said scaring Serena into letting go.

"Yeah." Ven began not noticing everybody shaking their heads, waving their arms, and mouthing 'no' behind Ed, "It's just you're so short."

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING SHORT YOU BLONDE JERK!!!!" Ed yelled before he started throwing punches .

Ven dodged each of them before Goku grabbed Ed. He struggled a little before settling down and glaring at Ven.

"I'm Euphoria."

"And I'm Aurocile."

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" a voice said, causing Ven to jump a foot in the air and look around.

"I thought you stopped with that stupid joke Seritouge."Euphoria said.

"You thought wrong then. I can't resist when there's someone I haven't tried it on before. Now who are you and where are you from?"

"Well, my name is Ventus but everybody calls me Ven. And I'm from the Destiny Islands." Ven said.

"Hmm, the Destiny Islands. What's it like?" Serena asked.

"Those questions can wait for later Serena. What we should be asking is what happened." Dendjue said.

"What do you mean?" Ven asked.

"When we found you, you were frozen and you came out of the sky in a glowing orb."

Ven stepped back adn leaned against the couch. He grabbed it and aqueezed so hard his knuckles turned white.

"I don't wanna talk about it." Ven said quietly.

"I can understand that," Lorenia began, "but we need to know . . ."

"Where is she?" Ven asked


"Aqua. The girl you found me with."

"She's through that door on a bed." Lorenia pointed to a door on their left.

"Thanks." Ven said heading for the door.

As soon as he closed the door behind hi everybody turned and stared questioningly at Euphoria and Aurocile. All they did wa look back at everyone with a very concerning expression.

"So?" Ragiel asked "What did you read in his aura?"

"It was . . . unusual." Euphoria began "It was like it shouldn't have been there. It was patchy and even the parts that were there were barely readable."

"But you did manage to read some of it right?" Dendjue asked.

"Yes and he was telling the truth about who he is and where he was born, but there was something else. He's from . . . the Disney System."

Everyone just stared at euphoria. Their sister system had sent over tow people. did that mean it was in trouble too?

Ven closed the door behind him and looked around. The room had a table with an entertainment center behind it. There was a window on the far wall with curtains open just enough to show it was sunset. But on the bed ,on top of the blue covers, Aqua was sleeping.

Ven walked over and sat down by her. He held her hand and looked at her sleeping face.

"What the hell did we get ourselves into?" Ven asked

"Who knows." Aqua whispered, slowly opening her eyes.

Ven smiled as she looked up him.

"Am I dead?" Aqua asked

"No, you're alive. We're both very much alive." Ven said.

"But Xehanort froze you. I saw it, I caught you after he threw you." she said sitting up.

"Some people unfroze me."

"I'm not dreaming am I?" Aqua asked placing her hand on Vens cheek. Tears started forming in her eyes.

"No." Ven said, putting his hand on hers.

"I thought I lost you Ven."Aqua said finally crying.

"I'm alive. I'm here. This is real. Ven said putting his hands on her shoulders and getting closer. "Ill never leave you Aqua."

Ven reached up and gently wiped away some of aqua's tears. Suddenly they both realized how close they were and froze still. They both blushed slightly and stared into each other's eyes. Aqua slowly began to move closer, causing Ven to swallow and blush more.

A knock at the door made both pull away quickly. Aqua wiped away her tears while Ven scooted away a little bit.

"Are you okay? an we come in?" someone called through the door.

"Yeah, come in." Ven called out.

Ragiel, Dendjue, and Lorenia walked in.

Good you're both up." Lorenia said "This means we'll only have to explain this once."

On Tumble-Stop, in a back alley, a lone figure woke up. He was wearing a red and black suite with a visor covering his face. He stood up but had to put a hand against a wall to balance himself. He heard a crash and hid himself in a dark, narrow niche as a little girl ran by chasing her barking dark labrador puppy.

He slid out when they were gone and looked around. He felt a strange force attracting him down an alley. he followed it through a maze of buildings, walls, and ally's until he came to the source. He found himself reading a strange message left on a wall. It looked to have been written in a dark red paint that had dripped down while it was being written. But what really stood out were the numbers 6-4-6. They seemed to have been written in a moving read and dark red aura.

the apprentice felt the need to reach out and touch them. But as he was about to do So he felt something inside him scream in fear. It was strange, one part of him desperately wanted to touch the numbers while another part desperately wanted him to walk away. He was frozen until he heard something behind him to see Terra. He didn't notice as his hand swung and touched the numbers.

"So let me get this strait."Ven said "We're not just on another world, we're in another system!"

"Yeah." Ragiel said.

"How did we get here?" Aqua asked.

"That's something we were hoping you'd tell us." Dendjue said.

Ven walked to the window and pulled back the curtains. He looked up toward the darkened sky, at the stars. They sight was familiar but at the same time it was something different and new.

"We were in a battle against a man named Xehanort and his apprentice." Aqua began, "It was at a place called The Crossroads of Twilight. We were there to stop him from taking the power of Kingdom Hearts but he was too powerful. He beat me, a friend of ours named Terra, and . . . he froze Ven." Everybody looked at Ven.

"He almost had Kingdom Hearts but Terra attacked him and forced Xehanort to shoot one of his spells at the gate. It broke apart and released something that teleported us here." Ven finished quickly.

"What about your friend and Xehanort and his apprentice? Lorenia asked.

"We don't know. After the gate broke I lost consciencness." Aqua told everyone. Lorenia, Dendjue, and Ragiel all looked at Ven again.

"I don't remeber anything. Just a bright blue light then all of you." Ven said still not turning away from the window.

Suddenly the door slammed open and Ed came running in.

"We've got a big problem!" he yelled, a worried look on his face, "Someone's tearing apart Tumble-Stop. He's already beat Vincent and old lady Genkai can only hold her own."

"What does he look like?" Ragiel asked.

"He's in a red and black suite with some sort of visor cause we can't see his face." no one noticed Ven and Aqua looking at each other. "Euphoria's opened up a portal so we can get there right away."

Aqua and Ven pushed Ed out of the way as they ran out of the room and went for Euphoria's portal.

Meanwhile on a world far away from the on coming battle a lone man carrying a sword, with long red hair tied back and an x shaped scar on his left cheek was carrying a woven basket of rice on a road. He saw a man sprawled across the road in front of him. He ran over and put his rice down to check the man. He was old and dressed in strange clothes but at his touch the man stirred.

"Are you alright sir? Don't worry, I'll take you to my home we can help you there." said the lone man with a gentle voice, "What's your name?"

"Xehanort." the old man whispered.

"I'm Ruroni Kenshin. Hold on for a little longer."

Kenshin pickup the mand and tried to balance him and the rice as he ran back to his home.
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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Okay...so Wed, and Thurs, and Friday morning were a bit ambitious....>_< At least my eye didn't fall out >>;

Ah, you know story well Coldman ^_^ Arigato! :3

I know this story is going into a lot of directions, and some characters have suffered for it (Poor Donald and Goofy....) But I'll get that straightened out soon hopefully >>; Maybe the return of Re-caps...? Did I say that before....? >_<

Those of you that know Naruto pretty well should understand this chappie…as for others….ninja’s can just do awesome things! (And yes this chappie does end the fight :3 )

Also a nod to Alucard got in here…..I don’t know why….Also another nod from the Firebenders in Avatar is in here as well, those Firebenders are so awesome, I’d be done with cooking sooooo much faster…..Preheated oven my @$$! BOOSH! FIYAAAAA!! Plus who doesn’t want to fly with flames?

And someone from the Halloween Chappie gets their proper introduction…. >:3

Also, this chappie’s a monster because another story-line chap won’t come till after Christmas…..Maybe I can actually start writing ahead like I did oh, about a year ago…..>_<

Konohagakure starts off with a bit of a recap since that cut off bit wasn’t as nice as I thought it was, speed writing is a no-no! >_< And yes I know the original wounds dealt to Haku in the anime AND manga was not nearly as bloody as I make them out to be, but I’m trying to measure his life in some way…Sorry it turned out to be so brutal >>;

“Do not resist me Sora, I cannot guarantee you’ll come out alive.” …………Ack! How did that line get in the last chappie?! DX

Ultimate Disclaimer: WATCH FOR EVERYTHING zeh vio, curse, and just oh, chappie is PG 13 >>;

Also... remember in CH 30 Nikkue and Layleri after being told by Ovohna to go check out how the Masters died, they bumped into.......... :3

Also click on the Oryx link in the story to find out what they look like :3

Ch 32 Splitting the Light
Car-runitwau Star: Konohagakure Village
“…if a man does know he's about to die and dies anyway. Dies–dies willingly, knowing that he could stop it, then–I mean, isn't that the type of man who you want to keep alive?” – Kay Eiffel, Stranger than Fiction


The soft forked hooves of a large four legged creature walked lightly through a black field underneath a pale yellow sky almost completely covered by blackish blue clouds; the sky was just before sunset; the land was just after a Splitting – the hooves of the creature tapped alongside bones. The figure of both rider and mount was almost like a wispy smoky specter seamlessly merged together; their true form hard to make out except for what was prominent of them, the mount with long tightly spiraled straight horns, a thick body, and lean legs, and the rider, who seemed to be completely covered in a black hooded cloak, carried an ebony scythe through his arms as he looked over a long list in his hands whose end floated besides him, disappearing in rippled colorless flames.

“Hhmm…” he sighed in deep sharp hoarse voice – sounding as if it was scrapping against the soul of any who heard it , “Another failed attempt at summoning a Gate……Oh?”

The Oryx stopped.

The rider was following a name that was rapidly rising in his list, jumping two names, four – three, six – it stopping as the second name to the top, letting other names pass it off the list. The Reaper took his scythe firmly in hand – and in swift motion – cut the air before him a 20 foot gash that opened like torn cloth – the scene within covered in stars……. “Tell me Enma…”

The Oryx gave a low moan.

“Do you think they will be the first?”


Konohagakure Village

If you’re asking me to chose between someone I barely know and my own flesh and blood, what do you think my response will be?

Some people don’t have such a choice, and when it comes down to that, they have already accepted their lives as forfeit. As diverse a group they are ascending from every world, their blood is nearly all drunk in the same manner of a senseless waste since there is not a greater method of protection than to give one’s life for another; duty is blinding.

The streak of blood coming down the corner of Haku’s mouth began to drip off….

“You’re right Haku. I can say, that I’m pretty much nearing the end of my road if we keep going about like this in your presence, despite that, I’m going to decline your request, things are not going to happen so simply, they never do. I’m not going to back down, and I promise you my colleagues here feel the same with all they have gone through. I bet they’re pretty upset they have to go through yet another trial so harsh when we’re just trying to do our job. Not to mention you took Shonen Bat away from us.” Genkai and Sora reasserted their stances. Kakashi, pushed himself back up to his feet; his posture loose but firm. “You don’t have anything to lose anymore, so you can fight as loose or as tight as you want, but we’re fighting for our lives and those dear to us.”

“Dear to you…?” Haku repeated in a stale far away voice…

“For me, I still have my village, and my students, and of them a very loud shinobi who made me promise I’d bring him back a souvenir from ‘Out There.’”

Haku’s mouth gave a little twitch…“Na,ru,to,” his mouth slipped….He raised clasped hands over where his wound used to be –

Genkai and Sora’s eyes widened, *A bloodspot?!* Haku let his hands down, and the spot was gone….

Kakashi got into his stance, “I don’t think you want anyone touching you there again,” he said, “Do you?” an electoral spark began to dance around his right hand –

(*Fwink!*) – Haku chucked an obscured ice needle from his clasped hands – spck ………..

No one flinched as seemingly air cut a tear in Sora’s shoulder. A sting of pain and ice that felt like it was invading Sora’s body with ice picks forced up his hand up to his shoulder letting a thread of blood weaving through his fingers.

The quick act of aggression from Haku towards Sora was perceived as a blunt warning from Kakashi’s threat that Haku was concrete in intent with his task, and likewise, Sora’s group was concrete in their intent – Kakashi and Genkai didn’t so much as blink, or even look at Sora, all attention never wavered from the enemy before them.

Haku’s thread of blood trickling down his mouth gathered making a drop of blood fall, and his chest (despite his earlier effort), now showed a well pronounced red stain, “You aren’t going to heal yourself?”

“Kakashi said we must conserve energy to keep ourselves warm and our minds focused,” said Sora almost in a growl, “Besides, I want to spend every last bit of strength I have tearing you to shreds.”

Sora felt a hand on his shoulder followed by the flurries of Cura*; Genkai (still in her younger form) was now beside him.………Sora felt Genkai’s intentions through her Memory Link* her hand subtlety manipulated something on Sora’s shoulder mocking Haku to notice, and Haku tilted his head down a little. Genkai looked directly into his pale eyes, “Looks like we’re both running out of time” –

Genkai gripped Sora’s shoulder so hard he thought it was ripped off – Haku and Kakashi clasped their hands – thoough!– Sora was thrown at least fifty feet in the air! – BOOOOSSSCKKKKKK – ! Shards of ice and heat sprinkled his back – Sora turned himself in mid air, “Ac –pleh” – a little electrically charged scarecrow charm practically molded into Sora’s shoulder from Genkai’s grasp flipped in Sora’s face – he piffed it to the side and saw the entire field covered with ice spikes laced with electricity – Sora saw Haku’s reflection snaking on the icy ground under the ice pikes towards a bulge caught in the ice, passing a second bulge the he made implode – he swung his Keyblade up with the Cloak fluttering gracefully with it like a ribbon – *Please let this work – please let this work – please let this work –* the focus of magic in his Keyblade was rising exponentially from the amplification of the Cloak causing his hands to burn – yes this was feeling right, his very magic had to catch fire (*Ow, ow – rrgh!*) the magic he was told to perform was a spell from Lorenia’s fight in the Key Brawl – very advanced, one he himself had never performed, but –

(*”Don’t you dare lay a hand on my Master!”*)

Sora swung his Keyblade down placing all his magic into –“Agni*!”

(*Pfft*) A puff of smoke, then – FWOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH! A thick jet of white flames scorched out from Sora’s Keyblade so intensely that like Wake the Night*, he was pushed back from the force with only the air above him as cushion – *There he is!* Haku’s track changed away from the white flames – there’d be no way he could chase Haku down with him just moving his arm, he’s have to hit the entire field at once to force him out and into –

Sora, exerting his strength to the breaking point to change the directory of the powerful flames, gripped his Keyblade as hard as he could and swung it up over his head, the jet of white flames whipping around like a lasso – his surprise feat of strength made him feel lighter than air – and, lightheaded – the fountain of Lorenia’s memories was making him repay the price for Agni* with her death trying to bubble up – a stabbing pain stuck Sora’s stomach – with no force underneath him he began to fall – the effort of his swing lost as the white flames dropped with him like a rope –

Haku saw his chance, and performed his hand seals, “Special Jutsu-Swarming Ice Needles*” they all shot for Sora –!

Poof! The scarecrow charm burst into Kakashi! He grabbed the fluttering Cloak and swirled it around Sora and himself – the needles hitting them not a moment to late making them look like a solid mass of ice – Kakashi fwipped out the Cloak making the ice break like dust and revealed his hand charged with electricity of his chakra – the wind from the fall wrapped the Cloak around them – Kakashi grabbed the waning Sora around his waist with his free hand, “Do it Sora!”

Sora felt hands grab his, grab his Keyblade with him – blocking out all noise from pain, doubt, and the sense of dying – Sora like a batter swinging for that ball out the park – swung the flames with such intensity they spread out like a wave to all corners of the field – “Agni Nova*!”

Sora’s voice drained away as he finished the incantation, he and Kakashi given a large boost back in the air from the magic’s force that flash burned the ice on the ground and mortal barrier –

– Boshk –

Genkai landed subtly on her foot and knee as the ice that she let capture her melted away, she had had her sense* completely tuned into Haku’s whereabouts now – if she could just predict which mirror (those accursed demonic ice mirrors that she knew would resist the young Master’s magic) – predict which mirror he’d fly to – *That one!* Genkai clasped her hands – “Seal*!”

As soon as Haku entered the ice mirror he fled to – a sharp twinkle of light cut across it – he was caught!

*I’m not in pain!* – Sora and Kakashi began to fall again, but with Sora’s feeling he still had just a pinch of magic left, he jetted himself and Kakashi towards the trapped Haku using glide along with a strong jet of Fire* - Sora now holding onto Kakashi with one hand, Kakashi needing both hands for his attack, his free hand now braced the other which was a first full of electricity with a lick of Sora’s Fire* catching onto it –

Ah ha, Kudos to that old woman and her plan, dammit –

Sora felt he wouldn’t make the full flight and chucked Kakashi with the last of his strength to the mirror with Haku! – CRASH! Kakashi stuck his Chidori* right through the mirror’s center smashing it to bits, and then – BONK! Right into the mortal barrier from Sora’s more or less over done throw……Boock – Sora hit the ground hard on his stomach, the ground not any softer from the melted ice since that more or less just vanished….

The bits of broken glass from Haku’s ice mirror rained down like glass. Genkai was still in her younger form, but that seal* to catch Haku had taken a lot out – zuuuuuuuuoooh, she reverted back to her old self, the ice speckles still all over her twinkled with laughter. She scanned the field, and could not feel Haku’s presence anymore, yet the mortal barrier was still up, and his remaining ice mirrors were still on the field…..

Kakashi laid himself back casually against the barrier, “Hah, I couldn’t even perform the Sharingan* now if I wanted to, well I could but…,” Kakashi sighed looking at the ice specks on him that continued to suck him dry bit by bit.

Sora holding his stomach pushed himself up, *No way, he’s still, alive?!* Through Sora was still protected from the ice speckles with the Cloak, he was drained, at least, the memory of Lorenia’s death started to retreat.

*Get it together Sora,* came Genkai’s assertive voice, *Let the Cloak fix you and restore your magic. One more attack should do it to end this. I can feel him now, he’s been badly wounded, but when Kakashi smashed through the mirror, my seal* released, and Haku managed to slip away to another mirror. Hit him with Wake the Night* right through his chest, Kakashi and I will give you the opening.*

Sora pushed himself up, “With pleasure..”

Kakashi felt a bang on the mortal barrier behind him that made him jump, he turned around and his eye grew wide –


- Kakashi turned back around with his hand over the part of his forehead protector that covered his right eye as if he was about to raise it, *Be ready Sora* - Haku’s mirrors began to vibrate – *The one he comes out of* -

Near Sora were two mirrors, by Kakashi three, and Genkai had three near her as well with the rest of the field respectfully scattered – CRASH! Several of the mirrors fell then whoosh! – a pillar of swirling water burst up around Sora!


“It was a ******* feint!” –

The jet of the water was so strong – Sora’s Keyblade (with the Cloak still around it) was torn from his grasp and sent up the stream! Sora tried to scrape his mentality together to call it back, but the pillar of swirling water jumped free of the ground and splashed back onto Sora, some manifesting into Haku, his body hardening like crunching snow, while the other water hardened like ice, freezing Sora’s limbs to the ground in a crouched position, his Keyblade falling limply to the ground with the Cloak, that pain from his shoulder when he was cut before with that needle, now felt like ice was spreading through his veins causing him to scream in pain –!


Haku was breathing heavily….which was odd since the cold showed no breath releasing from his mouth, he looked towards Genkai, and Kakashi hesitant to move with his hostage –

“Damnit, did he have such a jutsu before? Or does his transformation into a General have something to do with this power? Then perhaps I –!”

“You were right old woman, I don’t have much time left,” said Haku. Blood was now coming from both corners of his mouth, his left eye, and all down his front from his wound.

*Good, good excellent Haku, you’ve exceeded expectations! That’s right, preserve him for me from the inside out, I want his body to be preserved perfectly.*

Genkai looked like she was about to make a move, but Haku whipped out a needle to Sora throat as he squirmed what he could in pain –

*You have him, now take him; do as you’re told. You were a Hunter-Nin in your past life were you not? You have full filled your mission beautifully, now take him, bring him to me, I want to see him for myself Haku! Haku? Are you listening – bring him to me! Haku!*

Haku’s hand moved as if it was puppeteered up his face and to his bare forehead, he then looked to Genkai, and Kakashi (his eye underneath the forehead protector uncovered!), they were all wearing theirs….His hand reached for Sora’s forehead and the shiny symbol of his heritage – Sora bit his hand!

*Haku!* - WACK!


Haku was knocked all the way to the mortal barrier, but he saved himself by summoning a mirror that twirled him in as he touched it – Genkai firing her Rei Gan* just a bit too late and only hit the edge of the mirror causing it to twirl around even more.

Sora was yanked up and out the ice and propped up by –

“Little Slugger!” Sora latched onto him as Ed would do, and Shonen Bat let out a cry like a woman spotted in the shower –

“Get off me!”'

“I thought you were dead! OOF” – Shonen Bat pushed him off (Sora’s Keyblade returned to his hand and all pain melted away from the purifying of the Cloak).

“Didn’t I ever tell you before I can’t die?” said Shonen Bat, “Dimwit! I’m stronger than any of you think I am, I’m not mortal like you guys, (Shonen Bat crossed his arms) although I will that admit that Avera teaching me Lifeline* as a safety precaution wasn’t so bad of an idea…”

“But how – how? You were squashed to pieces!”

“I can turn shadow, duh! My body is NOT like yours. Okay yeah, I was pretty much frozen thanks to a needle getting in my neck so I had to let myself get squashed before I could do anything. I guess you can say that as I ‘re-spawned’ I discovered something with the fragments of that stupid ice ninja’s mirrors – I could travel through them in shadow form in and out the barrier! They have the same properties as a portal from his Astral Abilities! So I zipped out, got myself back together which took forever and before I knew it you were screaming like a baby! Before that I snuck up to Kakashi after fighting off this extremely, extremely – man am I sorry I didn’t hit him harder – really annoying orange jerk ninja that wanted in on the action to help Kakashi, and the jerk followed me all the way up to the barrier behind Kakashi, it wasn’t only until Kakashi talked with him through Memory Link*, that one, scared him, and two basically told him to back off, anywho since we were close enough to be able to use Memory Link* through the barrier, Kakashi and I made a quick plan that I was gonna sneak in behind Haku from the mirror he sprouted from, wack him in shadow form, and have Kakashi copy that with his Sharingan* ability and we’d finish Haku off with that by trying to get him from inside his own mirrors since he’s so messed up, but that plan went to hell when he got you Mr. Keyblade Master. Am I just a bad plan magnet or something? At least Kakashi managed to re-use his Sharingan* ability to get inside that ninja’s head, I’m happy that worked or I wouldn’t have had my opening to come rescue your ***. Never forsake having your Astral Abilities awakened once you leave your world” –

“Will you shut your trap already?! The General has at least one more attack left in him!” Genkai shouted; all the while as Shonen Bat spoke to Sora, Genkai was waiting for Haku to break in, but the Hunter-Nin didn’t…. “Kakashi” –

Kakashi was out.


………“Little Slugger,” said Sora, “This is an order, go and take Kakashi out of the fight.”

“I would if I could but Haku still moves pretty fast though his mirrors, I’d need to have a diversion.”

“I don’t think you’ll need one. Haku won’t attack what’s not threatening him.”

“Te’ hell makes you think that?”

“You might think this is a bit weird but when I bit him, I felt him, as if his aura was just oozing out of his body…The real him, not this monster, he was made into…”

“That’s not weird, that’s just creepy Sora. Did he taste like a snow cone?”

“Little Slugger, I’m glad you’re alive, but please, I don’t want to see anyone else” –

“Okay, okay, geeze” – Shonen Bat turned shadow and zipped over to Kakashi, up the mortal barrier, then through a nearby ice mirror; his shadowy portal appeared on the other side and spit out Kakashi (several people ran up to him) the shadow portal dissipated and Shonen Bat reappeared through the same mirror quickly getting back to Sora’s side – he was about to pass Genkai when a single ice mirror appeared behind her – she couldn’t react fast enough - her energy was too drained from the ice speckles – and the mirror cracked across her chest!

“Genkai!” Sora yelled, she coughed up blood –“Get her out –!”

Little Slugger scooped up Genkai and raced her out the same mirror he went with Kakashi, and as soon as his shadow portal appeared on the other side – all of Haku’s ice mirrors dropped and shattered – Shonen Bat was pushed out of his portal onto the ground with Genkai –

“You – you son of a *****!” Shonen Bat screeched.

“Idiot, of course the General would do that,” Genkai coughed – “He now has Sora all to himself” –

“You couldn’t have broadcasted this sooner?!”

“I’d think you’d assume the worst in any situation especially against this thing!” the ice specks on Genkai twinkled a laugh –

“Haku….is not a thing…” growled a gruff young voice from behind them. Shonen Bat looked up and moaned, it was the orange ninja. “Haku, is a shinobi.”

“Was,” corrected Shonen Bat.

Within the barrier, Sora felt a wind change direction, and manifesting once again from swirling wind and ice, was Haku; his appearance considerably different from when he first appeared….His mask was gone, his clothes a bit more torn, and beneath him, the ground turned red from his dripping wounds and mouth...

They stood a respected distance apart; the mortal barrier gave a pink sheen, reminding them that only one will leave its borders.

“You don’t have just one attack left in you, do you?” asked Sora.

Haku grasped an ice needle.

Sora grasped his Keyblade.

“I didn’t think so.”

Bebop Ship

*Lorenia……* started Pharaoh as Yugi rubbed his eyes dry, *How, long can you stay here?*

Lorenia subtly wiped her eyes clean, *I can stay a bit longer……*………Lorenia looked to Yugi who seemed to halfway expect this moment wouldn’t last in a distant expression, and then to Pharaoh, who seemed to be thinking about something poisonous……

*Lorenia….* started Pharaoh, *How….*

Yugi felt Pharaoh’s intentions – his spine ran cold and his stomach twisted into a knot –

*How did you, Ragiel, and Dendjue, really die?*

…..Lorenia’s expression saddened, but then came an expect shield of a mellow smile, *You always were blunt Pharaoh.* Lorenia rubbed her transparent hands together and looked up into Yugi’s and Pharaoh’s eyes again, she opened her mouth, but nothing came out, she quickly looked back down again…..

“Lorenia,” said Yugi, “Is it going to hurt if we know…?”

*Yes, yes it will,* Lorenia replied her voice down to a whisper as her throat grew heavy, *But,* Lorenia looked back up, * You both are very strong. You can take pain and be so brave, right?*

Pharaoh nodded, and Yugi slowly nodded after him.

*You might cry a little, but that’s to be expected right?*

*Leave us on a more dignified note,* Pharaoh mumbled.

*Okay, well,* Lorenia took a big inhale, *I’m sure you know that story Seritouge reported on how we died is false right? Fabricated.* They both nodded. *What I’m about to tell you is what I experienced, and of my point of view alone.*

Yugi felt like he was on a rollercoaster ride and was about to teeter off the tippy, tippy edge of the highest part into a dark abysmal drop....

Tokieo Town

The sky was bright and sunny over Spot Tower…..

Within the Tower, the hallway that leads to Seritouge’s white room was dark with shadows from the windows that lined it…..“Perhaps this is meant to be now,” came Seritouge’s voice, “The tide is moving, growing restless as the coming storm draws near. Soon it will retreat from the shore, and in its returning wrath….” Storm clouds were brewing on the west side of town…. “Bury, all of which we hold dear…”

Layleri gave a big stretch from the wooden chair she sat on, then hissed at the monitor screen before her with all the data that came up, “We’ve been searching for hours Nikkue!” she whinned, “Nothing’s coming up!”

Nikkue ignored her and continued to go through records along with Edward, and Alphonse Elric.
“I’m not surprised that there’s a group such as y’all,” said Nikkue looking over pages of reports that kept printing off a wireless printer.

“Well, at least you guys don’t have to snoop around in Spot Tower now right?” said Edward, “Good thing you bumped into us.” Alphonse still showed a prominent dent in his chest. “Besides, our little base here has certain properties that make Seritouge’s Seri-Cams look right over us as we sip information right out of Spot Tower.”

“I’m guessing things turned sour when your Masters began to lose faith in Seritouge. They must’ve uncovered something horrible.”

“Yeah…It must’ve been somethin’" said Edward, "….I remember Lorenia came back to the Café one day, looking as pale as a ghost. She wouldn’t tell us what was wrong of course, denied everything and said it was just a long day. That’s about when the Dark Atone disease struck her, and then everything just went downhill from there.”

“Perhaps they uncovered something they shouldn’t have.”

*To say briefly,* Lorenia began, *We were given up.*

Nikkue picked up one document, and as she looked over it, her motions slowed….


“Given….up….?” Yugi breathed…. “What do you mean you were given up?!”

Lorenia blinked. *We were given up to the Lady, to be examined through her experiments to see the state of our beings as were transforming into Seraphs.*

She said it so lightly, and so cleanly……Yet Yugi began to tremble, as if he lost his motor skills to keep balance.

Edward, Alphonse, and Layleri smushed themselves in reading the document over Nikkue – Alphonse stumbled back with a small cry, and Edward snatched the paper out of Nikkue’s hand re-reading the last statement over and over –

“No way Brother,” Alphonse stumbled, “It can’t be –!”

*Then, those suspicions the three of you had of Seritouge performing experiments on other Masters from other Systems, this confirmed it for you right….?* asked Pharaoh.

Lorenia nodded, *Those experiments of course were performed under the guises of things ‘just happening’ but we had no proof of what he was doing, he covered his tracks so well…Well of course, he’s the Spirit of Reason – we were pretty sure he was searching for those that could turn into a Seraph or Scythe, I’m not sure if there was something else, but Dendjue thought there was another form Seritouge was looking for.*

“That, bastard,” Edward snarled, “He did all of this, just so he could…..”

*As you can guess, the Lady was cutting down on Seritouge’s subjects,* Lorenia continued, *But when she began her experimental phase, Seritouge saw an opportunity he couldn’t resist.*

[Order 826464] Deities are to strip Masters Lorenia, Ragiel, and Dendjue of all magical attributes and abilities for twenty-four hours on the 13th day of said month under the suspicion of their health being compromised for their magical progress [SUCCESS]

Allow information to be notified to susceptible spots where informants of the Lady will recover it [SUCCESS]

Influence* “known” informants for the Lady to experiment on provided subjects for changes in their being leading to Scythe, Seraph, or the Third Change; emphasis on Third Change [SUCCESS]

UPDATE: Lady has sent Nefero to collect subjects~

UPDATE: Subjects went peacefully~

*He conducted one of his greatest manipulations and strung the tune of our deaths together to see what, would, happen…Macevoy, a long time friend of ours that worked in Spot Tower caught wind of what was going on, and tried to warn us, but the Deities had already stripped us. Macevoy died mysteriously after that, and the blame was placed on Nefero. Who were we to think that we could fight our way out of this? If it would just, spark a bit of suspicion, a second glance, but most of all, if it would protect….Like clockwork, Nefero came, and threatened us that he’d destroy Tokieo Town if we didn’t oppose him. We went to the spot he chose, and once we arrived there, he looked at us in disgust.

“I’m well aware of the situation you all are in,” said Nefero, “But my missus’, she gave me orders, just as the three of you were I’m sure. Who am I to think that this is wrong? You’re the first kill I ever had that I didn’t even have to lay a finger on.”

*Nefero told us to ride on his back. He told us we were going to be torn apart in ways we couldn’t even imagine. The Lady was excited, and she wanted us fresh, for Nefero disable us quickly so she could begin…* Yugi began to feel sick…*Her experimentations.*

“If I know Seritouge,” said Nikkue, “Laced underneath this madness, he sacrificed them to try and stop the massacre of the Masters, perhaps he wanted the Lady to see that she was dealing with something she wouldn’t be able to defeat in the long run, and the Anime System’s Masters were the perfect candidates, but instead, he just unlocked the darkest natures of her insanity.”

*You died from her experiments then?* asked Pharaoh slowly.

*Actually, I think we were killed out of mercy.*

*Mercy?* Pharaoh spat, *That Witch wouldn’t know such a thing, she was probably tired of…*

*It wasn’t the Lady that disposed of us, it was Nefero. We were ‘his kill after all’, he said, not hers. But the manner he released us….I’m not even sure if you could call it killing, it was more like, a separation. He sent our Ghosts, our souls and hearts together, into the Other Side, I don’t know what became of our bodies though, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were stuffed for display in that bitc* -

Yugi stumbled foreword in a futile attempt to embrace Lorenia and fell through her, “It’s not fair! How could that have been done to you –?! How?! He just used y’all as experimental slaughter?!”

Lorenia began to lightly stroke Yugi’s head, the faded warmth of her hand brushing against him and more of his tears, *But it’s the truth, and now you know,* said Lorenia maturely.

*The word has to get out,* said Pharaoh.

*Yes, by all means it does,* said Lorenia, *But we need proof to back it up. Not everyone see or hear me unless I posses someone, the same goes for Ragiel and Dendjue.*

*They’re in this plain too?*

*Yep. Also, I believe Seritouge planned another event that Macevoy also uncovered, one that cost him his life.*

Yugi sat up, “You can posses me Lorenia, for as long as you need to” –

*I can’t Yugi.*

“Why not?! This needs to get out! We have to” –

*You’re heart can’t sustain a possession of a Ghost like me* -

“Of course it can! Pharaoh and I” –

Pharaoh became alarmed – *Lorenia, is – is he?*

“Am I what…?” But Yugi felt the fear in Pharaoh, then felt the warmth of Lorenia’s transparent hands on his face….

*Possession takes a serious strain on the heart, and yours Yugi, is being afflicted by the Dark Atone Disease.*

The room suddenly got cold, unearthly cold, Lorenia placed her transparent self in front of Yugi, but Pharaoh switched spirits with him – a rip as if the air was suddenly torn cloth burst open in the corner of his room, a dark wind blowing everything about –

*Oh – my cards –!*

The wind stopped with all the cards scattered on the floor. In light of the winded chaos, now standing in Yugi’s room was the figure of both rider and mount almost like a wispy smoky specter seamlessly merged together; their true form hard to make out except for what was prominent of them (and especially now since the only light of the room came from the stars beyond the window) The mount had long tightly spiraled straight horns, a thick body, and lean legs, and the rider, who seemed to be completely covered in a black hooded cloak, carried an ebony scythe in one hand, and in another, a long list whose end floated besides him, disappearing in rippled colorless flames.

*The Reaper,* acknowledged Lorenia.

"Master Lorenia, and company," the Reaper nodded, "Where do I begin...? Oh..." The Reaper took a look at his list, his eyes gazing to the name still holding onto it's second place to the top as other passed by it, Sora's.....


Tokieo Town

UPDATE: Subjects proved to be negative for the Third Change. Disney System still has yet to have Masters awakened. Subjects will due to be collected~

UPDATE: [Operation “Split the Light” is in effect]

Edward re-read the final statements for the last time…. “The Disney Masters,” he said, “They’re gonna be next…No, scratch that, he’s already got them here….”

The room stayed silent for several minutes.

“Their funerals were a closed casket ceremony,” Nikkue wondered out loud, “Because, their bodies weren’t in there…?” she finshed letting her voice trail off……

“Then,” Alphonse started absentmindedly, “Where are the bodies…?”





“Calm down now all three of you,” said Nikkue (Alphonse, Edward, and Layleri were shaking), “It was just Alphonse’s armor bouncing back into shape.”

Alphonse looked at his chest, “Ah, so it was….”

“I seriously doubt their bodies are just gonna jump out at us,” said Nikkue to kill the subject. “Instead, we should verify this information.”

“What, what do you mean verify?” asked Alphonse, “We’ve got the proof right here! It has the seal of the Spirits and everything! And we can have testimonies to prove the events! My brother and I was there when they had their magic taken –”

“Seritouge will no doubt come up with a counter strategy,” said Edward, “We’ve gotta keep this under wraps as tight as possible.”

“Edward’s right,” said Nikkue, “This is a big break, but I have no doubt that someone made this so it could be found, Seritouge would never leave a transcript as incriminating as this around.”

“Maybe he would,” piped Layleri, “It has all the trimmings and trappings of a real letter sported by Spot Tower, and look who signed it, MA-AH-QUE-VOI, whoever that is.”

“Macevoy?!” Edward and Alphonse blurted together –

“You knew him?” asked Nikkue.

“He was really close to the Masters,” said Edwards, “But he died mysteriously, this, I bet this is why!”

“Well that’s a start,” said Nikkue, “So, we’ll begin by researching him, and digging up graves.”

“What?” said Alphonse.

“You heard me, we need to see what’s possibly in there, now come on before more are added.”

A sharp snort like something a large carnivore would make sounded to the right of the group – Nikkue and Layleri whipped out their orbs from their hands – forming them into large spears and pointed them to the dark corner of the room –

A deep growl like a deranged dog sounded attached to nothing but the shadow of the corner – a presence cold and dark and empty filled the room, then, just as quickly as it came, it disappeared.

“Well,” said Nikkue twirling her spear single handedly only to grab it with her other hand, “Looks like we really are on to something.” She looked to Edward and Alphonse Elric who both were ready on the attack, “Are you ready to face the consequence to look where you’re told to stay away?”

Edward gave a smirk, “Heh, who do you think you’re talkin’ to?”

Konohagakure Village

UPDATE: Specimen is engaging deadly opponent alone; outcome of survival 3%, down 97% with reports of Eros’ Detachment

Sora and Haku stood a respected distance apart; the mortal barrier gave a pink sheen, reminding them that only one will leave its borders.

“You don’t have just one attack left in you, do you?” asked Sora.

Haku grasped an ice needle.

Sora grasped his Keyblade.

“I didn’t think so….I’m going to fight you just as I am now,” said Sora, “I can’t do anything else but that.”
Haku nodded, and raised his needle to attack , “Do you know all the secrets of that Cloak?”

“I tend to learn as I go” – Sora charged, feigning to the right as the needle clipped his hair – he struck Haku on his side, but his blade was blocked by a sole needle instead of Haku’s body – ice needles formed in Haku’s free hand and like raking claws came up Sora’s side ripping into him – Sora twirled out the way before they reached his neck – the cloak fluttering up over Haku’s eyes like a beautiful blindfold – RIIIIIIIIIIP – in one slash, the cloak was in two from Haku, and in one step Sora was behind him –


Haku blocked the attack without even turning around with a single handed thick ice needle – the light cloak’s pieces fell on opposite sides of the pair – Haku leapt into the piece before him! – “Teleport*!”

Emerging from the cloak’s piece behind Sora while still uttering the incantation, Haku reached to stab into Sora’s spine three ice needles –

“Fire*!” – WHOOSH! Sora set himself ablaze with golden flames – Haku taken back by the act for a split second, but that was all the time Sora needed to get out of the way and grab the other half of the cloak with the tip of his blade along with a simultaneous flick of his wrist to extinguished the flames around himself – that surprised second levaing Haku’s foot a second longer in the other half of the cloak “Wake the Night*!”

The beam of light shot through Haku’s chest from behind from the very cloak piece he was exiting – the beam was then closed off from the path through the cloak with Haku completely knocked out of it – the beam then retraced its steps, and fired out of its normal spot at the end of the Keyblade (Sora being knocked back with the beam’s kick-back) and Haku was hit again by the attack in the chest just above the first spot – through where the heart rests –

“Well, that worked out nicely,” said Shonen Bat as he and an audience watched.

Sora watched the Haku hang in the air for a second from the force of the double attack, then fall right on his back like a discarded doll; Sora was a bit surprised at the damage he produced, but he kept himself in check; the light cloak piece Haku used fluttered innocently to the ground right by his side.

Prickly pain, like someone repeatedly ripping duck tape from Sora’s skin burst out all over his body – the price for using Fire* on himself – “Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!” The burns began to show up on his skin, “Heal*!”, and as quickly disappeared. It was desperate move to have set himself on fire, but it worked….

He side glanced Haku and saw the General’s arm twitched – Haku skidded along the ground and kicked out Sora’s legs from under him, but Sora saved his balance stabbing his Keyblade into the ground flipping up and away from harm – “Gravity*!”

The spell missed and Haku swiped up the loose piece of the Cloak with his foot, “Teleport*” – an ice pillar shot through the Cloak and into Sora’s blade from the other piece knocking it out of his hands – Haku kicked in for the kill –

“SORA –!” – SPHSK – Shonen Bat ran to the mortal barrier banging on it, “Sora! Sora!”

“Look closer,” came Kakashi’s voice as his students propped him up.

“Sensei?” asked the orange ninja.


Shonen Bat squinted his eyes at the scene he perceived of Haku having stabbed Sora, with Sora leaning on him, lost of strength from the stab, but………. “There’s something coming out of Haku’s chest….” A squint more, and Shonen Bat realized that it was the tip of Sora’s Keyblade wrapped in the Light Cloak, Haku’s blood running off the Cloak that absorbed not a drop. Sora, his hands free, had called his Keyblade to him, which stabbed though Haku…the Cloak manipulating the blade to stab forward.

The second piece of the Light Cloak in the fluttered array had swooped over Sora’s heart, right where Haku had stuck, his hand now just hovering in the teleported space. Haku’s posture began to settle, Sora reached around, and grabbed the hilt of his blade swinging it to his side, the Cloak piece fluttering off as he took a step back, Haku also retreated with a wobble, taking his hand out of Sora’s chest letting the second Cloak piece fall.

Haku fell to the ground on his knees. He looked up to the standing Sora, and the symbol of his village on his forehead protector……. “You’ll be, my new rival.”

Sora nodded.

Haku then looked like he was yanked up by black strings on his limbs, and faded away. The mortal barrier released.

Sora gave a big inhale, then picked up the pieces of the Cloak, *Oh boy, I hope I can, find someone who can sow this back –*

Sora heard skates skid to a stop behind him, he turned and, there was Shonen Bat with crossed arms and pursed lips, moving his bat in one hand like the tempered tick of a cat’s tail…………….. “Good thing his chalk-rah, or however you say it was spent, or, I’d have to come rescue you again. At least you managed to beat him, even though it was sheer luck.”

Sora smiled, “Well, that’s good to know I have back-up.”

UPDATE: Subject survives

Isetzue, Avera, and Sephiroth all sat straight on Avera’s bed, Sephiroth sent the little black orb away.

“Well then?” asked Avera to Sephiroth.

Sephiroth stood up, “He still has a long way to go. Let’s go Izzy, let the little Step-Brother rest in peace now.”

“Okay.” Izzy ruffled Avera’s hair in play then followed her brother out, and Avera fell back onto his bed and let out a deep sigh of relief.

“We’ve, been so lucky, huh Sora? It turns out the Lady wasn’t watching this fight after all, Sephiroth picked up on her during the last stretches of the fight looking for her Death General, she had lost it! Can you believe that? But…I wonder, who picked it up……? Oh well, at least….for this moment, everyone I love….is safe…….” And Avera fell asleep.

“Mmmmh, that little Master escaped,” said Orochimaru as he, Envy, and Bakura (in their guises for this world) stood within a concealed patch from the top of Hokage Mountain. “I can’t wait to meet the little Master for myself.”


WHOO! Hope you enjoyed!

*Runs to complete Holiday Chappie*

Also, some really sad news to report since I’ve been a huge Pokemon fan for over ten years, now…..Maddie Blaustein the voice of Meowth under 4Kids for 8 years passed away in her sleep about 3 days ago….R.I.P. Maddie Blaustein……..TT.TT
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Did ya like the Halloween chappies?

I absolutely ~<33 them, I was quite freaked out in some parts though. But I must agree with Lectori about the updates' fighting sequences very entertaining.

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Wow, I'm glad I exceeded expectations Lectori :D!

And I'm glad you liked them Haku, I didn't think the Halloween chappie came out that scary...Really>>;....I can do worse though >:3 But now here's the Holiday Chappie! Again! :3 [Fight scenes are fun to do too ^0^ I'm glad you enjoyed them as well ]

YES! I GOT IT OUT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! [10+ re-writes..... DX Just couldn't decide what to do....]

Ah, I wish I the story had progressed MUCH further this this year, but oh well, no use crying over spilled milk, so we are going to do a major time jump, or rather……Just pretend everyone this is a free standing chappie since we’re nowhere near we need to be for it to run concurrent with the story >>;

So get ready for some characters that have yet to meet up with others….

This chappie is also loosely based on the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

CH Special: Angels in Flight II
“Children, sleeping, snow is softly, falling….
Dreams are calling, like bells in the distance….” – Josh Groban, Believe

“Hey there, it’s me again, listen, my friend Stitch here says one of his friends is in trouble.”

“Something terrible is happening again. We don’t know what, only that they’ve gone to face it.”

“Please give them the strength to overcome it” –

“Please give my biggest, bestest –gweatestests friends in the whole world help” –

“Trust me you’ll know him when you see him, he has pretty blue eyes, big brown spiky hair, big shoes, oh a-and a Keyblade –!”

“All I want for Christmas Santa, is for Sora and his friends to be safe” –

“I love them so much, please keep them safe” –

“I don’t, usually do these kinds of things, but….since I can’t do it myself this time, watch over the kid would ya?”

“If it’s too much to bring them back, then please, watch over them” –

“I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to them” –

“They’re the sweetest, bravest people I ever met; they’ve always done what they could to help” –

“So on behalf of my life, return the favor, please help Sora and his friends get through this trial they’re facing” –

“Please help the pretty Masters tonight” –

“I wouldn’t have my son Pinocchio if it weren’t for them” –

“Our system wouldn’t even be here anymore if it wasn’t for them, so please, please help them out” –

“Please help them” –

“Please watch over them” –

“Please –!”

“I beg of you, please, don’t take back those angels yet…”

Tokieo Town

“What’s wrong?” asked Spike, Sora had stopped walking next to him with a peculiar look on his face….

“…….It’s, I felt……” A snowflake fell in front of Sora, “Oh, snow!”

“More snow?” moaned Spike as the flurries began to flutter down once again for that night; both he and Sora continued walking, the snow on the sidewalk crunching with restoring fluffiness.

“Aw come on Spike, what’s wrong with snow?” piped Sora turning into a grasshopper jumping around Spike – “Snow is one of the best things about the holidays!”

“Is that right?”

“Yeah, back on my home world, it rarely, ever snowed since we lived in a tropical climate, eh more or less, but then one day, Riku and I walked out of my house, and – it was snowing! Lightly, but it still counted!”

“Bet it was cold,” said Spike.

“Nah, I didn’t even feel the cold,” Sora smiled, “Riku said it wouldn’t last, but I just hoped, and hoped it prayed it would, but anyway, we had to go and help out the owner of the Paopou Spot since the other day, eh, I accidently broke one of, his windows from Coconut Ball….But anywho, once we got done, when we left – there was snow everywhere! Everything was covered, even the palm trees!”

“Palm trees with snow, imagine that,” said Spike lighting a cigarette as they walked.

“Yeah! It was awesome! Everyone was making snowmen, and having snowball fights, and eating gingerbread houses, and making snow angels, those ginger bread houses were sooo good, and then Riku and Kairi and I did…” Sora stopped, and Spike stopped with him feeling something was amiss. “That was, a great time we had, yeah (*sigh*). That was one of the best times we had.”

“At least you had a good time though,” said Spike.

“Yeah, I know, I should be thankful for what I’ve got, someday, we’ll all be together again, in the snow, …” – WHOP! Sora was down! –


Spike ducked the next snowball attack and grabbed Sora into an alleyway with a dim neon light as the snow balls flew whistling their snow menace missing their body targets – and with the targets gone, they stopped.

Spike sat up Sora, but he limply fell to the side along the alley wall unbeknownst to Spike who tried to sneak a peek at their assailants –

“Yo ho! You’ve entered the territory of The Lolly-POW Princess!” came a young girl’s voice, “If you dare venture further, do so at your own risk of body – for me, and my 7” –

“It’s 5 now Abi; Lita and Serena had to go work the Café” –

“Well the Lolly-pop Prin –“

“It’s Lolly-POW –!”

“ – cess and her 5 subordinates if they know what’s good for them better allow us passage, or, feel the wrath of the Invisible Avalanche.”

“Invisible Avalanche?”

“Yeah right Mister,” came Goku’s voice.

Spike double-checked the assailant’s location with the ice on the side walk, ah he saw their hair just below the line of a snow bank before the Jewel and Joy store, “Hmp,” he scooped up snow, and chucked it – return fire came with the spotting of his arm – but Spike’s snowball hit the embankment of snow gathered on the sign above their location – WHOP! – a snowball smacked him hard in his hand before he could retract it – “Ow, damn” –

“HA HA! You missed us by a – (*CREEEEEEEE* - ) AHHHHHH!” – BOOF! The sign gave way and the collected snow buried them.

“There, that’ll learn ‘em,” said Spike as he shook and flexed the icy pain out of his pain, “Sora?” Spike grabbed Sora’s arm to pull him up, Sora quickly grabbed his instead, hard. “What’s wrong?” Spike looked to where Sora’s attention was completely caught as he lay frozen upside down on the ground…..There in the darkness of a snowy corner of the landscape, was a small glowing orb, that, looked like it also had two more glowing orbs on top of it…..like a set of ears……… “What is that? Some sort of…..”

The collected orb gave a pulse and scurried away around the corner – Sora bolted up in the blink of an eye and chased after it – “Sora wait!” Spike ran after him –

Sora skidded around the corner, but the orb was already at least fifty feet ahead of him, he sped up his chase, but hit an ice patch while tripping over some loose old pieces of wood making a ruckus of broken splinters and metal that came out of nowhere – and fell face forward onto his stomach sliding to a stop. Sora quickly pushed himself up, but, the orb was gone… - Spike grabbed his arm and pulled him up, “You’re not hurt are you?”

“No” –

A bright pulse of light came from overhead – they both looked up, and the orb dropped onto them.


“Oh great.”

Sora snapped his eyes open, and Spike helped him sit up, “Ow, my cheek” – Sora’s cheek was ice cold – in fact the ground was ice!

“****ing Teleport-Us-Into-The-Middle-Of-****ing-No-Where-Orb!”

Sora blinked, both he and Spike were now within an icy desolate setting of rocks, and far off, an even more desolate looking city …. “Are, we still in the Anime System?”

“Who knows?” said Spike, “You, wouldn’t happen to have that Light Cloak on you would you?”

Sora shook his head.

“Well this is just fantastic,” said Spike, his hand went to his pocket and patted nothing.

“Abigale took your cigarettes again right?.............It really wouldn’t be all that bad if you did quit” –

Spike forced a laugh, “Let’s get back onto the bigger problem. We went from tolerable ice and snow, to ungodly proportions.”

*I’m sorry to dump you fellas like that, but I’m still getting used to how, eh, this stuff works.* Sora’s eyes went wide again, and he and Spike looked up for a second time, the orb was back…*Sorry again Sora, for, not givin’ you and Donald and Goofy enough time together back on Destiny Islands…*

Spike sensed Sora was as frozen as the ice underneath them, in shock, so he did the talkin’ –

“You’re…wait...King, King Mickey right? A Royalty from the Disney System?”

*That’s me!* King Mickey piped –

Sora let out a short blunt scream –

“Well um, your Majesty, would you explain to us why we’re” –

“How, you, you’re – Genkai said, Genkai said” – Sora’s voice was almost higher than Chip and Dale’s –

*What that friend of yours told you was true,* said King Mickey, *That Lady and her evil people got us, but at least I see the Protection* on you, Riku, and Kairi is holding up pretty well. Also Donald and Goofy managed to get rescued somehow, thank goodness for that too.*

“What about yourself?” said Spike, “Is there anything we can do for you? Is that why you brought us here?”

*No, actually I’m here on behalf of some people, a lot of people actually, which reminds me I’m kinda pressed for time. Sora, could you do me a favor, and go take a look in that cave over there?*

Sora went like an obedient child, first slowly, then at a normal pace taking a shy look back, King Mickey’s orb urged him further, and Spike did as well.

“If you don’t mind my asking your Majesty, but what’s in the cave?”

*….What I owe to him.*

Sora came to a stop just before the small decrepit cave’s entrance, within, were two, three, no four wolves (one was by the back), all sleeping, and in the middle of three of them curled up almost like them, was a young maiden with pink hair wrapped in a shoddy blanket, and beyond them in the back, was –


Sora zipped over careful not to step on anyone in Goofy’s company up although he almost fell over the wolf next to Goofy and his stumble landed on Goofy – Sora tried to shake him awake–“Goofy! It’s me Sora, wake up! Wake up!” Sora was moving him, shaking him, he, he must be real!

Goofy gave a snock and a snore and then rolled on his back all sprawled out, not a position Sora wanted to remember him in, and he hauled Goofy up to sit upright – Goofy came out of his sleepiness somewhat faster and gave his nose a rub – Sora grabbed his big hand with both of his – “Goofy! Look at me!”

Goofy looked at Sora with two very sleepy eyes and blinked them groggily and yawned, “Oh Sora (*YAWN*)” Goofy patted Sora’s head, “Good ta see ya” – and Goofy fell back onto the ground asleep – for two seconds – he shot back up – “OH! SORA!”

“Goofy!” Sora almost knocked him back down in his hug –

“Oh shhhhhh!” Goofy quickly looked over to his group, but they were still sound asleep.

*Don’t worry about them,* said King Mickey’s orb in the cave’s entrance (Spike next to him observing the sleeping wolves and maiden) –

“I’ve missed you so much!” said Sora keeping his hold strong –

“Sora,” Goofy breathed, “Is….that?”

“Yeah,” said Sora, “It’s King Mickey!”

Goofy started to move himself, but –

*Whoa, whoa now, I don’t want to push my luck on how to control the environment, you two just stay there okay?*

“Your Majesty,” Goofy started….He then looked back and forth between the King and Sora, “Oh Sora, ha, how have you been?”

“I’m just fine, are you okay?” – Sora spotted a long scar down the side of Goofy’s neck – “Goofy, where – where did you get that scar?!”

“Oh a-hyuck! That’s my man scar Sora, at least that’s what Hige calls it.”

“But, what happened?!”

“Well there was this big ol’ scary machine thing that got activated somehow, I think it might have been my fault, but anywho it started shooting up the entire place and then I had to jump off a cliff” –


“And then Kiba ran up this ice wall and grabbed an icicle and jumped off the ledge and jabbed it into its machine part, and then” –

“What about you?”

“Well I….I slipped down an ice ridge….Tsume, the gray one over there dragged me back up, or rather tossed me back up, and then I landed on Toboe, and we fell over a, ‘nother ledge….”

*Goofy…I uh hate to cut your story short, but* –

“Oh are you timed? Well I won’t keep you further then” –

“Wait, your Majesty” –

“If you have to go Sora, you have to go, I know we disobeyed the King that one time, but we really do need to pay attention to him, okay?” –

“Goofy” –

“You be good ya hear? Don’t be tryin’ to go pick up any man scars like I did, well, actually I was scared out of my mind” – Sora wrapped his arms around Goofy tight, and Goofy did the same….. “Ooh…” said Goofy through Sora’s bear hug, “You keep yourself safe understand?”

“I’m going to come get you, once I know where this place is, I’m going to come get you….” Sora felt Goofy pat his head again, and he let go, “Oh don’t worry about me so much okay? I’m doin’ fine with these fine people here; I’ll come to you, I know you’re busy with other, oh things and all right?”

“I’m never too busy to spend time with my friends….”

Spike rocked on his heels.

“Ah yep that’s you, I bet you must have a ton of new friends with ya now, huh?” Goofy looked to Spike who gave a half wave, “Although, thanks for coming to see me. You keep your head on and your heart strong.”

“I will.” Sora felt a warm touch on his shoulder pinch him slightly on his tickle spot – “Ahaha – hey!” And when Sora looked back around, the scenery had changed.

Now they were within a forest.

“Ah, no more snow,” commented Spike. A demonic roar sounded through the forest. “But we have monsters now; nothing’s free.”

*Oh you don’t have to worry about that,* said King Mickey –

“I recognize this place now, I’ve seen it before long ago in a dream – Donald’s here right?!”

*Yep* -

“Where is he?!”

“What does he look like?” said Spike.

“He’s a duck” –

“Then that’s him over there” – Spike pointed to a clearing in the brush, and there practically perfectly framed by the branches, was Donald!

“Donald!” – Sora sped over –

“Hey watch your” –

“OOF” –

“ – footing….How many times has that been for tonight?”

*You’re keeping track?*

Spike gave a breathless laugh.

“Donald!” Sora ran to hug Donald, but fell right through him – “Donald?”

*Uh oh,* said King Mickey floating over; Spike walked up, *Looks like it’s happening faster than I thought –*

“But I didn’t even get to talk to him!”

“Donald!” called a young girl in a Japanese school uniform, “Come on! We’ve found another lead!”

“Coming!” Donald called and he trotted away with an armful of berries from Sora with his outstretched hand that wore his bracelet.

…. “Those people over there, are they the one’s that Donald’s traveling with?” asked Sora.

*Yes,* said King Mickey, *They’re a good group of people just like the ones Goofy is traveling with.*

“Are they humans disguised as wolves too?” asked Spike.



“So, he’s okay,” said Sora watching Donald walk away, “That’s good enough for me then.”

Spike looked to King Mickey, “Your Majesty, how much time do you have left?”

*Oh, oh my about five minutes!*

“Come on, let’s find some sticks and stuff really quick.”

“Hurry up duck!” Inuyasha called –


Thwop – “Hey! What the hell is this thing?”

“What is it?”

Donald caught up with his group, “What’s wrong?” Kagome held up to Donald a little figure of twigs and leaves made into the shape of a Paopou fruit with a tag that said…. “For me…?” Donald looked at the gift as if he was looking at some mystic wonder that fell from the stars…. “Th-that’s not possible…This world doesn’t have Paopou fruits (a berry dropped) only…Destiny, Islands…..” Donald’s eyes grew wide with the possibility, but it was impossible to say the least…..

Inuyasha snatched up the fruit, “Well it’s here,” he said holding it right up to Donald’s face who continued to admire it….

“Well looks like you have a secret admire that knows a thing or two about those places you keep talking about,” smiled Songo; Kilala gave a squeak.

“Maybe it was that cute Duck Sage we met,” piped Shippo – and Donald let out a long resounding,

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” – dropping all the berries he had collected…..

A bright glowing light set down Sora and Spike in the back of the alleyway of Tokieo Town they had disappeared from, and formed back into the collected orb of King Mickey.

“Thank-you King Mickey, for taking me to see them, I, I really appreciate it.”

*Oh you’re very welcome Sora,* King Mickey replied, *Mr. Spiegle?*

“Please, call me Spike.”

*Thank-you for helping look after Sora.*

“My pleasure your Majesty. This kid’s got a good head and a strong heart; can’t do much better than that.”

“Donald and Goofy are the same,” Sora added almost kiddishly.



“We were gone what? Ten minutes?” sighed Spike as the cries echoed all over town.

*Absence makes the heart grow fonder,* said King Mickey, *Listen you two….Enjoy whatever time you have with the people you love and care about to the fullest extent; life is too precious to dwell on what once was or what could have been.*

Sora gave a sure nod.

*And remember Sora,* King Mickey’s orb gave a waver and grew dim, *’Thinking of you, wherever, you are…’* King Mickey’s orb faded away in a magnificent glittery snow – and beyond him, Abigale, Goku, Ed, Edward, Alphonse and Shonen Bat skidded into view –



“We thought the Invisible Avalanche got you!” Goku yelled scooping up both Sora and Spike (and possibly dislocating their spines) –

“Goku – lungs – air –!”

From atop a building of the alleyway, King Mickey in full apparition watched the happy reunion, and next to him, walked up the Reaper on his mount.

*Thank-you for letting me do this your Grace,* said King Mickey.

“After hearing so many requests through the Lifestream how could I deny them?” replied the Reaper, “Those three really had an impact on so many lives. Such generosity, deserves to be rewarded every now and then.”

The Reaper helped King Mickey up onto the back of Enma, and together they faded into the Other Side.

“Hey, do you guys hear that?” said Abigale.

“Hear what?” said Goku; the grouped listened.

“Ooh, bells….I hear bells!” said Ed.

“Oh no….” Shonen Bat moaned –

“Where were all of you?!” Chi-Chi howled, “Do you know how easy it is to catch a cold?! And you two! Sora, Spike!” Both of them reacted as if a whip cracked across their faces – “Did you two deliver that order to the Dots Alot?”

“Yes, we did, your Bansheeness,” replied Spike in a huff.

“Good,” said Chi-Chi with crossed arms totally missing the insult (“What’s a Banshee?” Goku asked. “Someone who screams a lot,” replied Abigale. “Oh.”)

“Now all of you get washed up, the Scouts and I have made dinner.”

“Yes m’am,” Alphonse, Abigale and Goku smiled, while the others more or less just groaned and nodded.

"Did Serena help because the Cafe's not burned down" -


The Scouts finished cleaning up the Café, and Raye dropped down on a chair, “Whew!” –

“Yugi, you’ve heard of butterfly kisses right?” piped Ed.

“Um, yeah,” replied Yugi shortly; Ed leapt in front of him and pushed her curious wide eyes almost directly onto Yugi’s –

“Do you know what they’re called when there’s snow on them?”



“AHHH!” –

Ed had grabbed the back of Yugi’s neck with her icy, icy hands, then pulled him close giggling loud –

“Okay! I’m sowy, I’m sowy” –

“That’s nowhere near related to butterfly kisses,” Yugi whined limply in her grasp…..

Mewtwo, Suicune, and Mew returned to Bulma who whispered to them, “Did you hide all the presents?” Mew replied with a thumb’s up.

Outside, Edward transmuted a giant snowman in the middle of the square, Layleri clapping her hands happily while Nikkue just leaned her head all the way back to take it in.

Lita chucked a kunai out the kitchen which poofed into Naruto, "Grrrrrrrr! How can she tell?!"

Ash played with Pikachu and Abigale's puppy.

Vincent walked in covered with snow and was promptly greeted by a tackle from Ed as she dragged her prisoner Yugi outside to see Edward's giant snowman - "Wow it came with Elves!"

"What did you call me?!"

Genkai was talking something over with Jet, and Faye was busy reading a magazine while snacking on some cookies on the counter -

"Yes, I have the red suit and pants, but I am not dying my beard white!" -

Sora just laid back and soaked up the ambiance of his friends around him; that warmth mingling with the memories of his dear friends such a distance way aways, *Goofy, Donald, Kairi, Riku, Avera…Everyone from the Disney System….Leon, Cid, Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie….* He heard laughter from Goku and Abigale chime in…..*I’m so thankful for each and every one of you guys*…Ein leapt up and snuggled next to him, and he was lulled to sleep.

Goofy slept like a rock next to Toboe.

Donald stayed up most of the night examining the Paopou fruit model with Miroku.

Spike walked past the sleeping Sora, took up a blanket next to him, and laid it loosely on him up to his chin; Sora snuggled down.

In the corner of the room, Ragiel, Lorenia, and Dendjue observed the happy Café; Lorenia held up her hand and let Ragiel’s present gleam in the light, ah, under the - Ragiel took her hand and swung her in for a kiss, Lorenia going along with flicking her foot in the air -

Abigale's puppy gave a bark at the loving scene and Pikachu started blushing,

"Hey what're y'all looking at?" Ash asked at the empty corner....

Dendjue leaned against the wall with his kitten smile mouthing, *Ragiel and Lorenia sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I –*

“N.G” finished Spike passing their corner…. “(*Sigh*) I guess this is what you’d call, an extended family."


Happy Holidays! I’ll see you guys in January :3

Peace and Cloverfield!
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Ah, all the snow is melted now Cef but that's okay ^_^ I'd rather it snow for one night than not at all :3

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Yay! Merry Christmas everyone. SA I loved your two chapters, and now I hate Seritouge like how I hate the Lady in Red.
Maybe he's an Evil Beyond. And just so everyone knows my next filler will be up after the new year. And just so everyone knows I'll be writing one entire chapter about Xehanort, please don't kill me.

Also SA, do you get your info from wikipedia or do you own dvd's of all the anime's. If you do where do you get them, I'd like to get some for myself.


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She gets her info from me, the resident obsessed fangirl. Oh, and Vera, did you like my gift? I'll dance for you guys meanwhile:

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Ah, I thought this chappie might change your opinion about him Coldman, now what about Nefero.....? I guess he's still kinda an egg in the air. And don't forget, Seritouge is the Spirit of Reason, and to him, everything happens for a Reason.....

And yes, Cef helps me out with information, alot ^_^, but when I was coming up with this story, I was just relying on what I remembered from what I saw on T.V. and clips on Youtube. I actually own very little anime since I watched most of it on Television, (*Sigh*) Oh Cartoon Network, you've changed so much......T.T *cough*AdultSwimtoo*cough*

But I own an *** load of manga......

And if you're looking for anime dude, RightStuf.com is where you wanna be ^_^, and BestBuy or Fry's :3

And Cef I absolutly loved your present; I'll try to have some scans of my own up before I start the new semester........Or maybe they'll be some old sketches......>>;

EVERYBODY DANCE FOR THE NEW YEAR!!!! <(^-^)> ^) <(^-^)>

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Yeah, he is, pretty much...I need to give more of the baddie's background since no one is ever born bad, they are made that way...Then again what exactly is a good definition for being born? Meep.

Recently I watched Kung Fu Panda and fell in love with the Old Turtle Master :3 So in his thought process, let's think of ourselves as an egg for a bit....What will things be like when we get out? Er, hatch? But in being an egg, is it worth to hatch, or just stay in the vacinity of the shell and enjoy the comfort of a short contained protected life, or one that could possilby end in the blink of an eye, or be practically limitless?

*Turns into egg*

I will hatch March 22 when Pokemon Platinum comes out, or when there is a gift even for Arceus or Darkrai WHERE I LIVE! Stop having those frikin' things only in New York you evil company! D:<

.....I have no idea why I'm being so philosophical today, perhaps it's the new year or something >>; The next chappie will have Riku and Kairi - Sora's gonna have a slice of the chappie too, but he needs a break before I throw him into hell again >:D

OMG! Views! IT'S OVER 9000!!!

I must do something special, okay, scans are definately going up when I'm done with the next chappie ^_^
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