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Design a KH boss battle



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Nov 28, 2005
Well since I'm binging this franchise before Disney cans it for good...


Name: The Eborsisk
World: Nockmaar
Location: Tir Asleen Castle
Film: Willow
Party: Willow
Music: The Corrupted

This battle is a bit like a cross between Dragon Maleficent & Cerberus, a 2 headed dragon that can breathe fire. The site of the battle is crucial as it provides ramparts that makes it easier to attack the heads directly. Attack the body on the ground level can immobilize it for a while won't lose HP.


Name: General Kael
World: Nockmaar
Location: Nockmaar Fortress
Film: Willow
Party: N/A
Music: Vim & Vigor

So there's a catch with this fight, Sora's been turned into a pig along with the rest of the good guys. While this spell is eventually reversed by Sorceress Fin Raziel, Sora wasn't going to wait that long & just charged at Kael anyway, keyblade in mouth. As such, Pig Sora plays sorta like Lion Sora, but slower & way less agile. He's also only has basic spells & items for usable abilities.

Past that, there isn't much to say of his attacks beyond the obvious, he has a sword, he attacks with said sword. For the 1st half of the fight Kael is fighting on horseback & half of the damage he takes is redirected to the horse. When the horse's HP is depleted, Kael is knocked off of it & resumes fighting on foot, where he can be more easily damaged. If is how nerfed Sora is in this fight that makes him a bigger threat.


Name: Queen Bavmorda
World: Nockmaar
Location: Ritual Chamber
Film: Willow
Party: Willow & Fin Raziel
Music: Squirming Evil

The big bad of the world, Bavomorda has a wide range of different spells she casts in battle. She's also virtually immune to all magic that Sora can cast though Willow's & Fin's magic will still hurt her.


-Telekinesis. Lifts a party member & throws them into spike traps. There's a vfx so the player can see it coming & dodge it.

-Engulf. Casts fire that causes a lengthy burning damage.

-Lightning bolts. Shoots some quick sparks from her fingertips.

-Shockwave. An AoE knockpack attack if the player combos for too long. It's best to take a hit & run strategy with her.

-Toad. The frog status effect from FF shows up here. Sora loses all abilities except for a weak 1 hit attack. Willow and Fin can reverse the spell if they're not KO'ed or too busy fighting.
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