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The person keeps changing it to something with predictable in it. And no it can't be a mod because I haven't said anything to a mod today. All I did was post what I wanted my name to be changed to in the name change thread, this, and fanclubs.

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Name: Kenji Uchiha

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Happy-go-lucky. Kenji is always smiling and tries to get everyone else to smile. He is very optimistic, and seeing him with a serious demeanor is a rare occasion.

Appearance: http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/8108/kenji.jpg
Kenji wears a dark blue coat, with a hood, and has the famous Uchiha insignia on his back. At 5’6’’ and at 110 lbs, he is referred to as ‘scrawny’, which is misleading as he is in very good condition. He wears equipment holsters on his thigh and back pocket, and has on goggles on the top of his head, and his headband on his forehead, he adjusts them constantly. He wears ankle weights which weigh over 100 lbs.

Rank: Chunin

Chakra Elements: Fire

Homeland: Konoha

Weapons/Items : Kunai, shuriken, smoke bombs (which are his favorite), and explosive tags.


Taijutus: Specialized Konoha taijutsu, and his own adapted taijutsu called Rokushiki

-Tekkai : With this technique he is able to control his body mass at a molecular level. Kenji is able to harden his body, or make it intangible at will. This is an effective defensive technique as he is able to absorb any frontal attack, or phase through the more unavoidable attacks. He is, as well, able to make his body invisible and phase through solid objects.
-Rankyaku : Gathering chakra in his any of his limbs, and with a swift kicking motion, or a swift downward motion, he sends out a blade-like projectile that can cut through anything.
-Soru : During his weight training , where he is required to wear heavy ankle weights, he realized he is very limited in his movements, and his speed has decreased. With this he kicks off the ground several times, and moves at lightening fast speeds. With this Kenji is able to coordinate ambushes, or make hasty retreats. However, since he is moving at fast speeds, his vision is impaired slightly; to remedy this he wears his goggles.
-Impact : Gathering chakra in his hands he is able to use it in multiple ways
.- Impact Cannon: He gathers the chakra in his hands and centers it in a circular form in his palm. Then he shoots out a sphere-like projectile that moves at the speed of light, and goes through anything. If it comes in contact with people and goes directly through, while there is no visible physical damage on the outside, this rips through the target’s insides.
Sub Attack -Impact 100 Blast Cannon: Using impact cannon, he shoots out multiple projectiles using both hands.
Sub Attack-Impact 1,000 Meter Blast: He cups his hands together and forms a large sphere. He shoots it, and considering the sphere is large it will move very slowly but that matters not, as when the sphere reaches a certain distance it explodes damaging everyone and the surrounding area.
Sub Attack-Repelling Impact: With this he is able to repel any and all attacks. This is simple, all he does is lift his hand up and as the attack comes in contact of his palm it is repelled backwards. He is also able to repel any object, i.e: placing his palm on a large boulder he repels it, and it goes flying.

Fire Release Grand Fireball Technique: He emits a large fireball that is sent flying towards its target, incinerating the surrounding area, and exploding in contact of the target.
Fire Release Phoenix Fire Technique: Quite similar to grand fireball, but instead of a large fireball, he uses smaller, faster fireballs that explode in contact as well.
Fire Release Towering Fire Technique: He summons two large spiraling towers of fire that randomly, circle the area. Of course it will hurt, fire burns.
Hell Rasengan : Generating a basic rasengan, he sends in fire chakra, igniting the rasengan. Its damaging affect is increased with a fiery bonus!
Summoning Technique: With this he is able to summon his ‘helpful’ pal Ren! Ren isn’t exactly an asset in battle, and ends up arguing with Kenji most of the time... Hm, why does he summon him...?


Forbidden Jutsu

Kage Bunshin No Jutsu : Generates several doppelgangers of himself.

Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

KG Abilities : Copy techniques exactly, ability to predict enemy movement, some low level genjutsu.
Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan : His original sharingan power increases dramatically. Since the upgrade from his Mangekyou to his eternal mangekyou, he doesn’t need to worry about the mangekyou’s drawbacks, such as blindness. He is able to use Amaterasu, and his own technique Souran.

Amaterasu : The highest level of fire release, he generates black flames that literally increates anything and everything, it cannot be extinguished with anything but the Mangekyou sharingan that generated it.

Souran : A technique developed by Kenji himself. With this he is able to render the target unconscious and control it. This isn’t like any normal controlling jutsu; for this one he doesn’t have to worry about the target regaining control of their body, because they are rendered unconscious, and he is able to use their own techniques and his as well. He is able to control up to 5 able bodies, but the only drawback is the target he is controlling must be in his view, if his eye contact is broken they will regain control. This can be remedied as he can generate doppelgangers to extend his view.

Clan: Uchiha

Bijuu: None

History: Being born into the infamous Uchiha clan, that was previously officially stated as its own village; he had his life already planned out. Because he was born into the family that lead the Uchiha clan he and his brother were potential leaders of the Uchiha clan, and already the greatest of teachers lined up to teach the brothers. However, their fate was denied, as the Uchiha clan was nearly wiped out by several shinobi under the Hokage’s orders. As the shinobi went to attack Kenji’s mother and father, the young Uchiha retaliated but failed and was killed. However, at that moment the darkness within his heart was awakened and revived Kenji. As a dark aura was radiated from the small body, he attacked and killed the offender; however he lost control of his darkness and killed his mother and father earning him his mangekyou sharingan.
The number of survivors was unknown but as Kenji was the only one left they assumed he was the last. Surprised at Kenji’s survival, his existence was a secret. He was taught by the greatest of masters, and soon after learning of the war between the Akatsuki and the Keybladers, he left his homeworld and joined Sora in hopes of assisting the cause. At that same time, his brother Yuji (who survived the massacre as well), lived his life wondering what happened to his brother. He underwent great training secretly and soon reveled his existence to Konoha. In an outraged the ANBU attacked him; he was able to handle them easily. He left Konoha to join the newly formed Akatsuki, and found out about Kenji and watched over him to ensure his safety.

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