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Another World, Another Bounty : First Shot(Always Joinable/Sign Ups/OOC)

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Dead Ascension

A Hero's Countdown
May 5, 2005
In my little box of imagination
Welcome to Crossed Gates HQ where our job is to hunt and to kill. Our HQ is located inside a dimension. Not just any normal dimension. But one where wormholes leading up to different worlds. We don't just hunt and kill any normal people. We have a list. A list of different dimensions, worlds and areas and in each of these places are Marks. Marks is another term for bounties in Crossed Gates HQ. Each Mark is dangerous by their own right and will need to be disposed off,

Why? Hmph. You dont need to ask. Think of this as a sport...a race...a competition. To see who is the better hunter. But we wont just pick any bounty hunters. We hold some semblance of power over fate. We can control it so as we can summon different warriors from different dimensions.
You may put it up as an accident but we...say it's predetermined.

Alarms sound. Ah. A new world has appeared under the radar...and it has quite a few number of marks.
Hmm? What are you doing still standing there!? Go! Get the list and get ready! You have a job to do!

How this works

A mass crossover and bounty hunter RP. We will have to travel to different worlds to catch and kill bounties. With each bounty killed, your rank will be raised.

White - O-1 kills
Silver - 2-3 kills
Gold - 4-5 kills
Black - 6-7 kills
Black + Red - 8+ kills

Other than your rank being raised, you will also have a choice of powering up your current abilites or getting a new weapon, ability, etc.

Will edit more. If you have any questions, do ask. :D


Elemental Countries(Naruto)
Karakura Town/Seireitei(Bleach)
Vigoor(Ninja Gaiden)
Al-Revis(Mana Khemia)
Galaxy of Hearts(Kingdom Hearts)
Gaia and Terra(Final Fantasy Series)
Mega City(Megaman)
Demon Realm(Devil May Cry)
4-D(Star Ocean : Till the End of Time)
Spiral Universe(Gurren Lagann)
Hyrule(Legend of Zelda)
Death City(Soul Eater)
Great Britain(Elder Scrolls)
Mushroom Kingdom(Mario)
Yu-Gi-oh (Domino City)
Hogwarts(Harry Potter)
Feudal Japan(Inuyasha)
New York(Matrix)
Miracle City(El Tigre)
Amity Park(Danny Phantom)
Middle Earth(Lord of the RIngs)
The Galaxy Far, Far Away(Star Wars)
Japan(Fate/Stay Night)
End of Time(Chrono Trigger)
Smash Mansion(Super Smash Bros.)
The Jungle(Metal Gear Solid)
China(Forbidden Kingdom)
Code Geass(Brittanian Earth)

If there are any that Ive forgotten, tell me. Any ideas for new worlds will be accepted as well.





Weapon:(right now a two weapon limit)

Abilities : (A minimum of three and a maximum of five for now)

Special: (You can have a maximum of three. You can start with one and gain more as the RP progresses.)



No godmodding
No powerplaying
Always joinable
No killing another RPer's character without permission
Play Nice
Have fun! :D

Marks killed
None so far

Abel Wingedge - Dead Ascension
Kalik - Akans
Maxwell (Max) Grovolinni III - DJQuackQuack
Markus Meridu - Bleeding Soul
Raedel -

Yuuto Takahiro - Rikken Ominous
Tsuraku Yakha - roxas001
Canto & Ikasu Inashi - My Nigga

Marks Users

Alaude Drenxta

Orochimaru - Naruto
Ulquiorra - Bleach
Simba - Kingdom Hearts
Vayne Solidor - FF XII
Virgil - Devil May Cry


-Lord Genome (Gurren Lagann)
-Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)
-Rock Lee (Naruto)
-Seymour Guado (FFX)
-Dark Aeons (FFX)
-Squall (FF8)
-Seifer (FF8)
-Rufus Shinra (FF7)
-Rosso the Crimson (Dirge of Cerberus)
-Twilight Thorn (Kingdom Hearts)
-Guard Armor (Kingdom Hearts)
-Bass (Megaman)
-Shadowman (Megaman)
-Sousuke Aizen (Bleach)
-Kurosaki Ichigo (Bleach)
-Credo (Devil May Cry)
-Alma (Ninja Gaiden)
-Skullkid (The Legend of Zelda)
-Gohma (The Legend of Zelda)
Twinrova (The Legend of Zelda)
-Mifune (Soul Eater)
-Chicken Chaser (Fable)
-Jack of Blades (Fable)
-Atsuma (Enchanted Arms)
-Mannimarco (The Elder Scrolls)
-Saren (Mass Effect)
-Master Roshi (Dragonball Z)
-Cell (Dragonball Z)
-Janemba (Dragonball Z)
-Night Terror (Soul Calibur)
-Altas (Astro Boy)
-Canti (FLCL)
-Father Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)
-Darth Sion (KOTOR)
-Gray Fox (Metal Gear Solid)
-Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear Solid)
-Magus (Chrono Trigger)
-Master Hand (Super Smash Bros.)
-Spartan 117 (Halo)
-Mitsuhide Akechi (Samurai Warriors)
-Nobunaga Oda (Samurai Warriors)
-Hiltz (Zoids)
-Mario (Mario Bros.)
-Omnimon (Digimon)
-Myotismon (Digimon)
-Fawkes (Fallout 3)
-Skorge (Gears of War)
-Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh)
-Venom (Spiderman)
-White Glint (Armored Core)


Aang (Avatar the Last Airbender)
Mugen (Samurai Champloo)
Spike (Cowboy Bebop)
Roy Mustang ( Fullmetal Alchemist)
Able Nightroad (Trinity Blood)

My Nigga

Ash Ketchum (Pellet Town)
Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star)
Dart (Legend of Dragoon)
Archer (Fate/Stay Night)
Ban Mido and Genji Amano (GetBackers)
Kakashi Hatake (Konoha)
Neo (Matrix)
Blade (Blade)
Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
Hulk (Hulk)
Wolverine (X-Men)
Eragorn (Eragorn)
Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom)
El Tigre (El Tigre)
The Original Power Rangers
Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean)
Aragorn (Lord of the Ring)
Gandolf (Lord of the Ring)
Jackie Chan and Jet Li (Forbidden Kingdom)

Lelouch Vi Brittania (Brittanian Earth)
Vash the Stampede (Planet Gunsmoke)
Haji (Blood+ Earth)
Kamina (Spiral Universe)


Axel (Kingdom Hearts)
Vincent Valentine (FF VII)

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Feb 7, 2008
Posting temp.... but I'll need massive re-editting. I call Ichigo as my first mark :D

Name: Kalik

Title: Theif of Souls

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Physical Description: (Credit to the maker)

Brown hair with streaks of other colors run down his face, long on the sides while shorter in the front and back. His dark, tinted sunglasses perpetually cover his dark black eyes, with a glint of silver that is his iris. His thin, sharp nose and mouth run down his even thinner face, his pale skin white at night and even in the day.

A misshapen light blue vest covers most of Kalik's chest, leaving his arms bare to the elements. The thin, but definitely not frail, arms and belt are adorned with multiple trinkets and items, from watches to chains to who knows what else. A heavy black belt keeps up his black pants - with even more shiny things for him to mess with.

Thin and bony in the limbs, Kalik is not physically weak, his wiry muscles underestimated constantly by enemies. Taller than most, and extremely agile at the same time, Kalik seems awkward, but moves gracefully and flows from each position to the next like water. His fingers are especially quick, those of a thief that steals anything and everything, with a cunning mind behind it.

Personality: Rough in tongue, but not in language, Kalik speaks harshly, but correctly at the same time. He hates stupid or slow people and despises those who are mentally inferior to him. Even to his superiors, Kalik has a cocky sort of personality that everyone likes laughing along with, but dreads being the victim of his quick tongue.

Kalik has a bit of a superiority complex, and will constantly taunt and ridicule those he believes beneath him - which is pretty much most of the population. He is not very well liked, but receives grudging respect and wary 'friendship' from others, though he never really gives a damn.

Apart from his pride, Kalik really doesn't care about much, apart from forwarding his own goals. Best friend died? Oh well. Worlds destroyed? So what. Genocide and millions of deaths? Not his problem. But embarrass or belittle him, Kalik will get extremely pissed.

Abilities: Kalik's ability is to create a gaping maw in him which sucks away another's strength and power. A sort of soul leech, which drains, absorbs, and mimics enemy attacks. Magical attacks, mind you. Physical attacks Kalik cannot imitate.

Kalik has few powers of his own, and instead absorbs the enemy's power and magic and use it as his own. This gives him a massive edge against spellcasters, allowing him to simply eat up magic without any harm to himself. However, Kalik is weak against strong melee based fighters, since he cannot drain their magic. But he does have a few tricks up his sleeve - that of draining their physical strength. However, the greatest flaw of this ability is that he must be within 20 meters of the target, and they must be in his sight. So as long as they hide behind walls, they are safe from Kalik's void. But the moment you stick out a toe, consider your power his.

Kalik cannot use any type of magic without stealing it first from an enemy. However, he has already built up an arsenal of stolen magic, so it would not be very surprising if he threw a few lightning bolts at you without stealing it from you.

Spellsteal: Any spell used against Kalik and hits (e.g. A fireball in the face, healing magic, etc), Kalik can absorb the energy and use it for himself Kalik cannot use any magic he has not mimicried, and cannot aborb anything way too powerful. Apart from that, Kalik can steal almost anything that is non-material. He cannot absorb a spear thrust, or an ability that uses a spear. But if that ability consisted of the spear firing energy blasts, it can be taken.
Once the stolen energy is used, it is gone forever, unless Kalik hits himself with his own spell. However, the type of spell used is stored in Kalik's memory forever, and he can repeatedly use the same stolen spell, provided he has enough energy.

Lifedrain: and Souldrain: Kalik can drain the energy of any living being directly, stealing their lifesource and power. It is strong enough to kill if exposed for too long, and heals Kalik's body as well as giving energy. There are two forms - an area effect around him where he constantly drains life, and a stronger, channeled, focused drain that is directed onto one organism. There are, however, two great drawbacks.
Kalik cannot drain anything he cannot see the heart/chest of when using channeling. Area effect he does not need to see the heart, but has a very short radius of half a meter around him. And it takes significant concentration to keep this up - he can be interrupted as easily by as much as a loud shout in his ear.
Alternatively, Kalik can also drain energy/mana from the enemy like this, called Souldrain.

Speed Steal and Strength Steal: As the name suggests, Kalik can physically steal an enemy's speed and strength. This is not very strong, however, and Kalik needs physical contact to do so - usually used against melee fighters. About 5 one second touches would speed/strengthen Kalik by at most 50%, which isn't a lot. But Kalik can use a conduct - that is, if the enemy hits Kalik with a sword, Kalik can Speed/Strength Steal through the sword, though it is much slower and weaker.

Gaia Road: Kalik can imitate and copy physical movements of another person. This he had trained himself to do, to help him fight against melee fighters. It can basically copy almost any physical attack, but there are much greater limitations and drawbacks than copying magic. Any physical ability he copies must be strictly physical (i.e. No magic involved) and to perform it, the ability has to be within Kalik's physical limitations. However, the physical cost on his body is almost twice as much as the original ability, and Kalik can only use it once before forgetting it, and within five minutes or else he risks forgetting parts of it. Also, the whole sequence Kalik must be watching and concentrating, a single blink is enough to disturb the copying process.

Weaponry: Kalik can handle a dagger and short sword pretty well, but most of his power is stored inside those little trinkets he has on his body, which serves as his weapon. Because Kalik's mana is dependent on how much he can steal from the enemy, Kalik is always at danger of being out of energy to cast spells - so when he can, he puts excess energy into gems or precious metals, and can use them in the future without using up his own mana at the time. He divides these trinkets into different groups, and it is not uncommon to see him waving a small silver necklace from which force blasts are coming out from.

He has a quite a few of these trinkets. If you need a picture, just look at the picture above. Now multiply those that you saw by 20. Good. Now you know what they look like.

He also uses a silver-steel chain whip with a nasty little hook or blade attached to the end as his main physical weapon against melee fighters. This whip is highly attuned to Kalik, and allows Kalik to Speed/Strength Drain at a normal rate instead of the normal, vastly decreased rate.

Others: He likes his ramen.

List of Known Spells: Here is every spell Kalik has learned, with a brief summary. <Will be updated constantly>
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Dead Ascension

A Hero's Countdown
May 5, 2005
In my little box of imagination
Providing no one rushes in and suddenly stabs him. :D

Will edit the rest tomorrow. D:


Name: Abel Wingedge

Age: 16

Appearance: Lean and lanky. He stands at a 5'9". He has black eyes with equally black hair which is short, slightly spiky at the sides and slicked back. He is dressed in black karate gi pants along with a dark blue v-neck long sleeved shirt with a chinese dragon motif on the left which is held with a white sash around his waist adorned with tribal markings along it. As for footwear, he either wears flipflops which have metal pads underneath or he foregoes footwear. Perched on his nose are rectangular glasses.

Personality : Calm and outgoing. He has a love for nature and soft music. He's able to keep a calm head in the most tense situations. He hates people who disrespect their elders and those who breaks traditions. He's a very easy guy to talk to though a bit quiet. A bit on the humble side, he has complete confidence in his abilities and his comrades.


Juunai - Chokuto. Nothing really extravagant about the design of the blade other than it's sheath being a light blue with black and white letterings on it. It's made out of a material that can act as a chi conduit. The sheath is made out of a light and sturdy metal covered in leather.

Weltall - Mech. Linked to his DNA and heat signature, he can summon it anytime and anyplace...as long as the area is large enough. It's not any normal mech. It has several 'black boxes' that are filled to the brim with unknown options. It has a 'channelling' system which allows Abel to channel his Chi into the mech or...Gear as it is called in his world. CLICKIE

Abilities :

When it comes to abilites, they branch into three modes of attack. Chi, swordplay and martial arts. His moves are quick and precise, not allowing the enemy to get an attack in.

Chi blast - Shoots a beam of Chi energy. Dependin on how much energy is used, the size of the beam will vary. Has three levels. First level is a small ball of chi energy which can rebound off walls. Second level is a larger ball of chi which will unleash an explosion upon impact. Third level is a large beam of Chi which is a mixture of fire and light energy.

Iron Teachings - Chi. Strengthens his body to the point where it can become as hard as steel. Effective for the first few blows. Can be used for both offense and defense.

One eighty - Martial Arts. A series of rapid kicks finishing with a roundhouse kick. When added with Chi energy, the roundhouse kick will release a circular wave.

"But I digress..." - Sideswipe(Juunai), high kick, axe kick and ending with a ball of chi energy shoved into the enemiy's face.

First Style : Moon Cutter - An upper slash which releases a wave of chi energy. Depending on the air around him, he can absorb elemental energy and combine it with his Chi energy.


End of the Line - Abel will charge Chi into his chokuto and unleash several waves of energy. However, unlike normal waves they will be much more dense thus creating gouges in the ground. Once the enemy recovers from the waves, Abel will rush in and unleash a kick combo in this order ; left knee,, right knee, left shoulder, right shoulder, chin and ends the combo with a large spear of chi energy unleashed from his chokuto.


Nothing else can be said except that he owns a small dojo in the mountains. He's one of the last few in his world that owns a Gear which was often used in wars several years ago. A ruler of one of the main countries had caught wind of it and ordered a squad of soldiers to apprehend Abel and obtain the Gear. The squad had failed in their mission and only a survivor came back missing an arm.
Each and every attempt failed until they unleashed their own Gear.
The battle that ensued was...in a way, epic. The earth split, mountains crumbled and the sky crackled with ether(magic) energy. Both opponents were weakened with hardly any fuel left in their Gears. One last move was to decide the battle. But it was that move that opened a rift. A rift to Crossed Gates HQ.


Fighting style - Abel rarely uses his fists. He prefers to use his feet as they provide better range, they also deal a bit more damage due to his metal-padded flip flops. As for swordplay, he takes on they style of fighting the enemy with both the blade and sheath. When he feels up for it, he'll mix in his martial arts with his swordplay which most will deem a dance of majestic death.
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Feb 7, 2008
Dead Ascension said:
bit more damage due to his metal-padded flip flops.
I'm going to have to watch out for those. Am I accepted?


Feb 7, 2008
Why yes. Yes you are. No bio? O:
I'm thinking of one. This was originally a KH char made for the Commision S2.... and I completely removed all traces of KH from this temp. Which means I'll have to completely rework the bio.

Btw, I listed 6 moves... that's the combination of my "Abilities" and "Specials" xD
Spell/Life/Soul are normal Abilities
Strength/Speed/Gaia are Specials.

And everytime I get hit by anything non-physical, I get to learn it. So I'm gonna have a huge list of abilities :D


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Oct 27, 2008
Center of the Universe
(Sorry took so long, I had graduation this weekend and didn't notice this till now XD)

Name: Maxwell (Max) Grovolinni III

Age: 19

Appearance: He has jet black hair that is styled in a short messy way. His eyes are pitch black as far as the iris goes. His face is devoid of facial hair and he stands at 5 ft 9 in, giving him the appearance of being around 2 or 3 years younger than he actually is. His choice of clothing includes a large trenchcoat of sorts with sleeves that cover over his hands and it goes down to about his knees. The coat is always closed, and the collar goes up to cover his mouth mst of the time, except when he is merely chatting with associates. His legs feature black jeans and he wears simple black tennis shoes. On his back is a white diamond with the middle being host to the picture of a completely black Lynx.

1.) He has a pack of kunai knives concealed in a hidden pack inside his right sleeve that he slips them out when needed into his hand (which is also concealed by the sleeve). They are small and can penetrate the skin with ease. They also feature a little loop at the end of the handle where various objects can be tied to.

2.) A pouch located on the left side of his pants contains a set of miniature balls that when openned through puncturing or smashing on an object will burst with dense smoke that makes sight and breathing difficult. Main means of stealth and escape.

Abilities: Max can manipulate and bend smoke to his will. This allows him to form it in shapes, harden it, and disperse it as he see fit, as well as for various abilities:

1.) Smoke Bubble- He wraps himself in a densly packed smoke sphere that is used for means of defense, escape, or to prepare for his next move. By reversing this into Smoke Prison, he can ensnare his opponent instead and even cause the bubble to squeeze the life out of his victom.

2.) Smoke Radar- One of his simpler moves, but effective when combined with others. He can sense any outside intrusion in his smoke and can 'feel' any smoke created by him from miles away.

3.) Tracking Sparrow- He molds a small bird out of smoke, and upon putting his targets DNA inside of it, it will fly off in the direction of the DNA's host, leaving a barely noticeable trail behind for Max to pursue. It will not falter off its path until it reaches its target, and even then will continue to pursue so long as the target keeps moving.

4.) Float- Smoke accumulates at the soles of Max's shoes, lifting him off the ground just ever so slightly creating a faster, easier, and quieter form of transportation. When used at a more powerful extent can even lift him off the ground quite high or attach to walls and ceilings.

5.) Mosquito- Code name for his infiltration move. A small capsule is formed that hardens itself around whatever substance max desires of it (poisons, chemicals, explosives, etc) and is about the size of an average mosquito. Forming miniature wings and flying without creating any noise or disturbances, it tracks down its target and injects the substance into it by forming a thin, sharp needle.

Special: Max has trained in the art of summoning weapons. He can materialize various weapons into his possession, but the weapons come with different abilities and effects that make them far more useful than ordinary tools.

1.) Explosive Dart- Very small and orange colored kunai knives about the size of a pinky finger. They are able to cut and if applied enough force can manage to at least a little stab into skin and even concrete. He can set different timers onto each kunai depending on the energy he puts into it (the default timer is 5-10 seconds) and when the time is up it will detonate. Again, the explosion depends on the energy put into it and the amount of kunai concentrated on a single area.
-Amount he can summon at one time is dependent on Max's energy level.

2.) Tracker Kunai- This Kunai is about the size of an average kitchen knife and is green with a dark blue secondary designs on it. It's only special property is upon making contact after being thrown with any organism, instead of stabbing and causing a wound it gets absorbed into the body where it will not cause any external or internal damage. Simply put it allows Max to sense his Tracker Kunai's location, this tracking down his target. The kunai will eventually fade away after one day or till Max desummons it.
-Amount he can summon at a time is one.

3.) Knife of Magnetism- A special shaped kunai that has two points, one red and one blue, and can penetrate even metal and armor. Once it has struck its target, it will create a magnetic field around it/them that causes metallic objects in the surrounding area to be attracted to it/them. The strength of the attraction is dependent on the amount of KoM's that successfully hit the target, being able to range from silverware and doors to entire planes and buildings.
-Amount he can summon at a time is dependent on Max's energy level.

Bio: He was born in a very modern-esque world that was full of drive-by's, thugs, gangstas, rapes, and pathetic murders over who had rights to sleep with that woman. His name was Maxwell Grovolinni III and he was next in line to own his father's multi-billionaire company. However, this world disgusted him due to the fact it disgraced what true crime was about, what it was when the mafiosa ruled his world. He now wishes to the very moment he takes over his fathers company to wipe out the pathetic trash that liters the streets and create a new era under the Grovolinni Familia by entering the bounty hunter world. By gathering necessary funds, finding the strongest fighters to support and work alongside him, and by wiping out those who could present themselves as hindrances to his future plans, his dream will be his reality...

...However, his father has caught wind of these plans, and outright refuses to have his company fall into the hands of a common criminal. That is why Max has left his home temporarily to search through the dimensions for others in order to strengthen his force so that one day he can return and through hostile negotiations take over what is rightfully his and start up the Grovolinni Familia.

Other: His ancestor was a man by the name of Alca Pone, a top Don of his era that ruled several cities and even had a say in the workings of the countries government.
-Max has a Spider Monkey that accompanies him whenever he is not on a mission. There may be extra suprises for the monkey in the future...
-The monkey's name is Momochi.
-He loves Caprisun, and has a mini-fridge packed with them at all times in his locker.


Fear the Mist
May 25, 2006
Shifting through the spaces like only Mist can.

Name: Markus Meridu

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: A smoothtalker of sorts that will only use his dirty tongue on women, to get what every man wants. Despite this he often makes jokes while in combat to throw off his opponent and anger them to create several openings. He still manages to keep people on his side though because of the fact that he'll always stick up for his friends and even punish them for their stupidity at the same time.

Appearance: Click


Blaster: A single blaster that uses the heat from the constantly active power-source to create the ammunition used, giving it an infinite amount for as long as the power-source contains energy. Has an optional attachment for close-ranged combat.

Abilities : Markus has been granted with the ability to manipulate his own energy and even that of his weapon to increase the power or decrease it while also being above average in martial-arts.

Trick Shot: By using his abilities over energy manipulation, Markus fires two shots in rapid succession. He manipulates the energy of one shot to alter the wavelength to have it become invisible to the naked eye.

Mirror Shot: By altering the energy of a single shot, Markus is able to split the shot into a various number of separate shots in any pattern that he wishes. Can make up to five extra shots from a single shot but can only manage three original shots.

Energy Strike: By using any form of energy that his own body generates, Markus is able to send a blunt crecent shaped energy through the air using a single kick. Based on the type of energy used, the single attack takes on different effects and properties.
  • Electrical Strike: By using the electrical energy generated by his own nervous system, Markus turns the strike into electrical energy that has the potential to paralyze the target and cause damage upon contact. Lowers his reaction abilities for a small amount of time by various degrees depending on how many times used.
  • Thermal Strike: By using the heat energy generated by his own body, Markus turns the striked into super-heated energy that causes third degree burns upon the contact with the target and ignite compustible objects that it comes into contact with.


Infinite Barrage: By throwing a handful of reflective metal into the air around the target(s), Markus fires two shots into the group and performs both Mirror shot and Trick Shot on the blasts. From there he creates five extra shots from both original shots and uses the Trick Shot effect to turn six of the shots invisible. The shots then reflect off the coins repeatedly for massive and confusing damage.

Hyper Shot: A single shot from the blaster with the energy enhanced to extreme portions. With the alteration, the single blast instantly grows in size to become as large as Markus himself, drains him of most of his energy but makes up for it with destructive power.

Bio: (Might add one later)

Other: Isn't the biggest fan of Kalik
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Alaude Drenxta

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Apr 9, 2005
My house?
Orochimaru - Naruto
Ulquiorra - Bleach
Simba - Kingdom Hearts
Vayne Solidor - FF XII
Virgil - Devil May Cry


Prepared To Die
Sep 17, 2007

NAME: Raedel

AGE: 34 Years

Species type: Faun. A combination of human and hoofed creatures, with a human upper body, and animalian legs, and typically with horns. Unlike centaurs, fauns only have two legs.
Raedel's human body, from his waist up, is lightly tanned and very well muscled with broad shoulders and arms more or less like small tree trunks. His head is bald, save for thick but not bushy black eyebrows, his trimmed facial hair that comes from his upper lip in a thin line down to his chin and under it, and the horns on his head. He has just two, which come out at his hairline roughly which lines up vertically with his yellow eyes. The horns are angular in shape, instead of round, and more or less triangular. They stick straight out of his head for around an inch, before turning ninety degrees and lining up with his head, at which point they go around his head. The shape of the horns can be likened to the Greek letter of omega, except cut it in half.
The fur on his lower half is very thick and a chestnut brown. It is so thick that Raedel has been known to be able to store knives and other objects in his fire while keeping them completely, unnoticably concealed. His feet are, of course, hooves, and his legs have the same backward joint that horses do.
On Raedel's un-furred skin are tattoos, or rather something like a single large one, blood-maroon in colour. It runs around his abs, then in two lines between his pectorals, that then split at his collarbone and make their way around it. Two lines split off at his shoulders, on which the tattoos form an empty circle, before running down his arms and all the way to the backs of his hands. On his back, the tattoos follow the lines and contours of his muscles, with stripes that come from the back and around the sides like ribs.


- History: In his original place of living, or rather an entire parallel universe, Raedel was the Grand Admiral of the Beastmen, a species or being type that made up one of the four main factions in his universe. Being the Grand Admiral, he was the absolute head of the military, and was in total command of it. Eventually however, and rather recently, he had to resign, since he put himself at such risk in that he fought in nearly every battle he led.
In Raedel's universe there exists a force or energy know as Spiral Energy, and it effectively allows for two things; one, the ability, when harnesses properly, to create something from nothing in the right circumstances; and two, the ability for living things possessing the power of the Spiral to grow and change, evolution, essentially. Beastmen do not have Spiral Power, but thanks to an intervention by the polar opposites of the Spirals, the Zeroes ((Raedel's from 1000 years in Gurren-Lagann's future)), Raedel found himself making use of his former captain's core drill, a Spiral Energy tool, to save his own life. After the process, Raedel found himself with not only Spiral Powers that he could focus not only outwards, but inwards as well. For more detail, see Abilities/Powers.
Leaving for the final battle against the Anti-Spirals and Zeroes, Raedel found himself struck with an attack that thrust him into a parallel universe, where he has been for the past few years.
- Personality: Raedel is an uncompromsing friend and leader, and will never accept a substitute for the best, even when it would be impossibe to obatin the best. In which case, he would effectively say a big 'Fuck you' and go and get what he wanted the best of, such is what Spiral Power is capable of doing. In battle, he will fight with a strange measure of cool and calm tactics, brutal and berserk attacks, and enjoy the whole thing enormously.

See Abiltiies/Powers.


Ganmen-type mech: Hyakujuu
Hyakujuu is around thirty metres tall, and overall dark grey and camo-brown in colour scheme. It's abilities are essentially Raedel's own, but on a larger scale and accomodating of the mechanical parts. Raedel enters and pilots the mech through a hatch in its head.
Images: Like this and this, but with the black replace with dark grey, and the coloured bits with gold and brown.

The Spiral Energy within Raedel's own body, because of its type, allows him to, without special circumstance, multiply and manipulate any substance, energy or force naturally produced by his own body. He has incredibly fast regenerative powers because of this, but on top of that, can grow extra limbs, increase his body size, and increase the density of things like bone and muscled in his body. His control over his own body allows him to grow things to a near-infinite capacity, but of course there is a lot of effort involved. Notable uses of his powers include the growth of ultra-hard bones out of his arms and whatever else to use as blades, as well as shooting them out. Aside from strictly organic things, Raedel can grow and manipulate the water, electricty, heat and organic nitrates within his body, allowing for powerful water, electricy, heat and explosion-based attacks, respectively.
Centaur Form: By growing extra limbs and what-have-you, Raedel temporarily massively increases the muscle and bone density in his own body, and grows from his lower half an extra body and set of legs, giving him the form of a centaur. On top of his head, extra small horns ring it, giving the image of a crown. In this state, Raedel weighs about three times as much as he usually does, but is even stronger and more durable. In this form, he tends to sprout and bone-shielf from one arm and a massive sword or lance from the other.


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