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Fanfiction ► A Mishap ~ A story after the occurrences of KH3

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
KK: -_-' It's not the same Xemnas ... He's just calling himself Xemnas (Like how XH called himself Ansem, or how Xemnas is an anagram of Ansem with an 'X'). Read the following and some of it will become clear. Like Reoxa (The name of Xiays/Mivii's mentor) said, they don't have a name for their species, and Reoxa wants to keep it that way (Which is why he wanted Mivii not to tell Xemnas about the things that a nobody wouldn't experience). Nal's personality is similar towards Vexen's, but the difference is he has a warm side towards those he respects

(This here is piece of the Bio I made for Vexen for my first story: Somewhat of a Sadistic scientist, always trying to experiment on things. Vexen holds his Rank most dear to him to make himself feel important when he is actually one of the weakest in the organization. His shield is a reflection of his personality hiding behind his rank to say anything he wants and get away with it.

Vexen is quite a lonely character and really only has his duty and his past as a person to spend time with Zexion as a somebody to keep himself together).

One of things that is off about Nab would be that ^0^, though it's usually the face he shows when he's pleased. Which two lines, the decisons?

Choice 1
"I think we've done enough for today"

"Very well. The heartless here are too weak for you anyway. Perhaps you'll be a worthwhile adversary when the time comes"

I turned to him, "When what time comes?"

He looked at me with semi-warm smile, "Nothing that will endanger your life" he opened up the corridor and RCT'd.


Nab flinched when we entered the room, "Wh- Are you already finished?"

"Assign her more difficult missions, what you gave her was a joke"

Nabs eyes were half-way open, "I don't take orders from you, Nalcex. And even if I did she needs to be promoted before she can-"

"Then promote her" We all turned to Reoxa who was leaning against the wall.

"It's not something I can do on a whim. I have to get the okay from the superior"

Nal shook his head, "Is it really that hard?"

"It was her first mission"

"Which she completed with flying colors and record time"

Nab looked at the both of them turning his head back and forth 3 times, he then inhaled, and then exhaled, "We'll see, I make no promises, but we'll see"

After that Reoxa opened up a CoD and we both went through it. The waves were gentle, but very relaxing, but the feeling of remorse was still there. "Reoxa, what exactly did you do here?"

He stopped, "It would seem I misled you. I didn't do anything, this is one of many beaches, in way they're all tied together. An ... Acquaintance of mine ... Was physically abused here ... The remorse is of that person. Perhaps you'll meet her some day"

"So who is the one who physically abused her ... And has remorse for doing so?"

" ... ... ... Some things ... Are better left unsaid"

"So ... What is your acquaintance like?"

"Difficult to say. She's often quite serious, but she's usually quite considerate of others. She tricks people, when she doesn't mean to, and appoligizes for it. She ... Tries to be strong ... But it's difficult for her. Her life is unfair, but somehow she always manages to push on"

"She sounds like a very remarkable person"

"Well she's a very remarkable something ... At the very least"

I knew she was more so I wanted to know, "So, how is it ... That someone like that can be a friend of your's?"

He sighed, "Like I said ... If it hadn't come to it ... I would never have resorted to a cheap move like that. Though it might be hard to believe ... I am on your side"

"Right" I said not believing him at all.


Sep 25, 2010
DR: lol I know silly, I was exaggerating when I said Xemnas. Since this takes place after three after all, either you would have to give a really good explanation why he is back or like you said it's not him just that he's using Xemnas name. However I was wondering about the eye color. I'm curious to know what it means and why.

Nab is quite interesting, I can't imagine Vexen smiling like that. So I like Nab lol better XD Yup the decisions.

Sorry about Mivii/Xiays I got her name mixed up with Yais for some odd reason.

Reoxa is very intriguing character so far to me. The way he is with her as her mentor.

Anyways the chapter was great, Reoxa and Nab seem to like Xiays which is interesting. It's like there both trying to mentor her. Reminds me a bit of Roxas when all the members in Days were like mentors to him.

This part pipes up my interest.

"Difficult to say. She's often quite serious, but she's usually quite considerate of others. She tricks people, when she doesn't mean to, and appoligizes for it. She ... Tries to be strong ... But it's difficult for her. Her life is unfair, but somehow she always manages to push on"

And this

He stopped, "It would seem I misled you. I didn't do anything, this is one of many beaches, in way they're all tied together. An ... Acquaintance of mine ... Was physically abused here ... The remorse is of that person. Perhaps you'll meet her some day"

You know I would also like to know a lot more about Reoxa. His past with the keyblade and his involvements with the new organization. I think he will become an important character throughout this fanfic.

I look forward to more like always. Can't wait to see what's next. I'm sure I'll have even more questions like always while looking forward to new answers at the same time.
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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
KK: You've gotten Nab and Nal mixed-up, Nal looks kinda like Alfonso from Skies of Arcadia but is 13 physically and Nab is a Half-elf that became a nobody. Answers will come about Reoxa ;)

Max: This was already explained by Reoxa, in a very clear way. Reread chapter 7 V_V

Chapter 10 - A Challenge - Dicing Knight


My mouth gaped, "I'm being promoted?"

Nab nodded, "The Superior was quite impressed with your results, so he has given me the jurisdiction to make you a Rookie. As such, you are now given a few privliages, one being you will be given more difficult missions. While there are others, we will get to them after you come back from this mission. Speaking of which" He turned his head, "Where is Korox? He should have been here by now"

"So sorry, it seems I've overslept" We turned our attention to Korox who walked casually from the halway.

"It's not like you to be late, what kept you?"

Korox smiled, "Oh nothing. So is it true that-?" He looked my way, "Well, either this is a coincidence or I dare say it's true"

I looked around, "What?" Then pointed my index finger at myself, "You mean that I'm your partner for the day?"

"Is it true?"

"Apparently yes"

He clasped his hands together, "Jolly good, then"

World - Adam's Castle: Once upon a time in a far way land, a young prince lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. But then, one winter's night an old begger woman came to the castle and offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed, by her hagged appearance, the prince steered at the gift and turned the old woman away. But she warned him not to be decieved by appearances, for beauty is found within. And when he dismissed her again, the old woman's ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress. The pince tried to appoligize, but it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart. And as punishment she transformed him into a hideous beast and had placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there. Ashamed of his monstrous form the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. The rose she (The enchantress) had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his 21st year. If he could learn to love another and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time. As the years passed he fell into despair, and lost all hope. For who could ever love a beast?

19 years ago the person, Belle (Daughter to Maurice and a PoH) met with the Beast and over months time they both grew to love eachother, then came Maleficent who snatched Belle for her own reasons. Beast, determined to bring her back set out for Hollow Bastion, where with help from the HoL (Hero Of Light) was able to rescue her successfully. They returned to the castle where a 1 year later a member of Organization XIII, Xaldin (No. 3/III) began to tamper with Beast's heart in pursuit of obtaining his heartless and nobody. His ambition was negated and he fell to the Key, not soon after Belle and Beast's love being left unchallenged broke the spell, turning the castle and it's people back how they/it were/was.

King Adam (Beast's true name)and Queen Belle (An enigma of sorts) are the current rulers of this world, who have had two children Princess Aimee and Prince Lucien, not much is known about them. The world is located within Realm of Light and thus shifts from night to day and day to night. Still, the world has it's shadows, and thus it still has it's heartless.

Objective - Find and defeat the Large Heartless.

Warning - The heartless has a high chance of causing collateral damage to the world, we have already formed a peace treaty with this world, so any damage will have to come out of your pockets ^_^ (The organization will pay 1/4 of the cost, but the whole class suffers if this happens).

Available Area Range - The Bridge and Courtyard only.


(Only extended version I could find, and I believe this the actual song name)

The sun was just rising as we exited the CoD, once again I was looking over the intel. After a minute I looked around, "So when do you think the heartless will show themselves?"

"Not today, the heartless activity is at it's lowest, the one we have to defeat is more than likely the only one in this entire world"

"Is that right?"

"Still, the scent of darkness is at it's foulest that it's almost overpowering. Perhaps the heartless might have been underestimated"

I sniffed the air, I didn't know what he was talking about in the least, "What scent?"

"You can't smell it? Odd, but I suppose it doesn't matter" He turned his head to the gate which led south from the large castle, "The heartless will appear on the Bridge, and it will be colossal to say the least"

"Mind comparing the size to something?"

He put his left hand to his soft-peach skin, "Equate it's size to something, you say? Perhaps the castle behind us?"

I looked at the castle, and swallowed some saliva, "Scream" I said somewhat sarcastically feeling a lump in my stomach.

"Indeed, then again not neccesarily. They do say the bigger they are the harder they fall. Of course, if we don't plan this with some practacality, we might just meet our ends"

"How peppy, so how do we go about this?"

He turned his head, to some statues, "Yes, those might do quite nicely" He summoned what looked like a Kings Sword to his left hand, and walked over to the bottom right statue, he seemed to lower the sword over the statue's shoulders as if knighting it. And then all of a sudden the statue shimmered and then seemed to out of nowhere be wearing a knight's armor. The statue got on it's right knee as if Korox were a king, which it were now honoring. In his right hand appeared a Queen's Sword, which he placed in right hand of the top right statue. This statue again shimmered and this time it was similar to the knight, but long golden bangs fell down it's shoulders, the width of the statue thined at the waiste, and the figure became more remeniscent to an hourglass.
He went over to the statue in the top left hand corner, put his hands over it's head, patted it on the head, and then the back.The statue shimmered, and seemed to become a two-wheeled chariot, with two white horses, and a gladiator who nodded it's head once. He went over to the final statue, mumbled a few words and the statue seemed to be wearing a miter and a robe. They were faceless and white like ivory.

"Wh-how-did-did" I was ... My mind ... Blown ...

He turned around, with a smile and explained, "My attribute is animation"

The word surfaced and soon so did the meaning, "Animation?"

"Quite right. Tell me ... Have you ever heard of a game called chess? It 'tis my favorite game, and the tale of it's origin is quite vexing" He started to slowly stroll my way, "Though there are many versions, the story remains the same. A briliant man made a ruler a game with 32 pieces, 16 for each played, and 64 squares for room. The ruler says he will give him anything his heart desires, and the man asks him to place one grain of rice on the first square and then double it until all the 64 squares are filled. Quite the tale, is it not?"

I tried to count with the rest of my brain cells that were still left (It's just an expression), 1 ... 2 ... 4 ... 8 ... 16 ... 32 ... 64 ... 128 ... 256 ... 512 ... 1024 ... 2048 ... 4096 ... 8192(14) ... 16,384 ... 32,768 ... 65,536(17) ... Okay ... That is a lot of grain.

Korox had walked passed me, "The king could not pay the man what he had asked, no not even all the grain in the world, universe, or anything else you could come up with, could not satisfy this one man's desire"

"That is vexing. So, what happened to him? What did the king do?"

He turned around, "Depends on the version. In one he was beheaded" he dashed his index finger vertically across his throat, "In another he was appointed his highest advisor for coming up with such a briliant request ... I've heard there was one version where the Kingdom fell to that one man and his little game. I think that would be the version with the most irony, considering the object of the game is to capture the oppenent's King Piece, and thus bringing the fall of his kingdom. The concept of the pieces being either black or white is more or less a reference to Light and Darkness ... Life and Death ... Heaven and Hell ... And so on. You should come by my room sometime and I'll teach you how to play. But now we have a heartless to be slaying" he said making his way towards the gate, his small army following behind.


We opened the gate, and all of a sudden the sky started to become dark. "Out of the frying pan ..."

"And into the fire" I finished. A beam of light shot from the heavens and soon began to turn into darkness. It was tar-black, had sharp blades for hands, the insignia of the heartless was large and on it's chest, and it's looked like it was a knight of some sort. We summoned our weapons, "Black to symbolize darkness ... How fitting"

"Quite. Attack the legs and then once it's fallen go for the head"

I nodded, this seemed like it would be more difficult to say the least. I tried to cast Fira, as I wanted to see if melting it's feet would prove useful (Plus if it did an aero would expand the flames even more). I dashed up close to the right leg, and yelled, "Fira!" a burst of flame shot out of my Keyblade knocking me back a bit. The outside layer was impervious and only left black marks from the impact. As it began to lift it's leg the Queen Statue charged passed me, jumped, pierced its weapon into it's leg and soon the leg began to come down (I guess it must have retained it's weight, or something to that effect).

There was too little force for there to be a shockwave, and I wasn't very upset about that fact (Seeing as I was so close to the leg and would have gotten hurt). The Chariot Statue charged passed by me and the Queen, and also passed the heartless. It took only a second for the heartless to try and lift it's leg only for a piece to remain stationary on the ground. The hole left was filled by a large black foot with sharp talons. I gave a glance at the queen, and I guess it (The Statue) returned it (The glance), we nodded, and then began charge towards the foot.

We managed to slice through the ankle, the heartless began to waver, I looked to my right to see Korox who, with the Bishop and Knight managed to cut open the right armored foot. The problem was that it was getting close to the gate, which would more than likely be crushed if it fell on, thankfully it managed to only nick the gate, and tripped afterwards. The gate pierced through it's left foot at the toes and we moved in to enter the the second phase of the battle. The Knight and the Bishop Statues pushed open the gate so we could get through, the fall seemed to have cracaked the helmet of the heartless. Rorox, myself, and the Queen charged for the head, the heartless, while it couldn't get up began to bang against the ground the shockwaves sent us flying upward a bit (The sand is nothing compared to this hard ground >.<)

We started to get up, I swear part of my ribs cracked, "Xiays, pray tell. Do you know of Limit Breaks?" I remember the name oh so vaguely and nodded. "Well they're more or less the unleashing of a nobody's power, however to activate it a nobody must be somewhat injured, and will it into their weapon"

Of course ... In otherwords either focus ... Or struggle. I decided to focus by looking at my Key, I closed my eyes, and began to imagine the blade becoming much, much longer. All of a sudden I started to hear the swooshing of of wind, I opened my eyes to see the Key was now glowing and much, much longer. "Simple"

"Try not to take too long, saying you're not a masochist"

I gave him a look, "Thanks" he had gotten the point across in an odd way. I charged towards the head making short skips to avoid the shockwaves, dove in spliting the head in two, and turned towards my next and final target of the mission ... The main body. I summoned up a gust, got caught in it, and came down having repeated my actions towards the carcass. Korox, who had helped with splitting a side of it seemed to have turned the statues into armor and weaponry. The armor began to shatter and soon the heart was released. You're welcome Kingdom Hearts ;)


Soon after we RCT'd, Nab once once again suprised to say the least, "Xiays ... Has Reoxa putten you on steroids or something?"

I just looked at him, with a disgust expression on my face. A corridor then suddenly opened, "Man, either those heartless are weak, or we-are-just-too-good!" A man with black bangs and a red bandana and Braxy stepped out of the CoD.

Braxy began to pinch her nose, "My B.O. would like to object. I've gotta go take a shower, it reaks" Her cheeks bloated, she covered her mouth, and began to run.

"Uh ... Did it smell that bad?" I asked Korox.

He shrugged, "More than likely her sense of smell was heightened too much, my sense of hearing has been highten to the point that I find myself dreading the possibility that I might go deaf"

The man looked our way, "I hear ya, I got nailed by my taste buds, ever since cake's been too sweet and lemonade has been too sour. If I had to deal with this as a somebody I might have never survived childhood"

I raised an eye brow, "Why?"

He held up four fingers and dropped one for each word, "Four words, spinach and brussel sprouts" I didn't know what those were, but I guess they must taste disgusting. "By the way, you're Xiays, right? "Wind to the Key of Hope" or something?"


"I heard you have a heart, is it true?"

Odd question, "Um ... Yes, why?"

"Well word to the wise, when your body starts to develop watch your back" I blushed at the response, he then turned to Nab, "And you, keep your eyes away from where they shouldn't be ... And stop fantasizing!"

Nab had been smiling up until then, he then fanned his right hand our way, without looking directly at us, "I don't have a clue to what you are talking about, now be on your way"

"The name's Ikircx, see ya around" he said before walking away.

"Korox, before I forget, I would like you to go show Xiays the privileges she now has. Obviously you will be compensated for doing this task"

"Fine by me" He looked at me, "Come Xiays, we have a few places to see"

As we were about to leave CoD opened up, a large man with golden bangs and a girl half his size with her purple hair in an emo punk style (With some pink highlights), blue ripped jeans, and a black shirt. Her eyes seemed to scroll the room right to left, "So, this dump is my new home, huh? Figures" she said walking away revealing the back of his shirt was slashed.

Nab shook his head, "Couldn't you have found one with a more upbeat personality, Exol?"

"We are all equal" He said following her.

Nab sighed, "I suppose, besides she does possess plump compensations"

Korox took me by the shoulder, "And we should really be going"

WN: I didn't find anywhere to mention it but the month (Within the story) it about over so something interesting is being set-up, hope everyone likes it ;D


Sep 25, 2010
It was good. It was really cool to see a nobody use chest pieces to battle it out with the heartless.

These nobodies are definitely something else, I like them a lot more then the old members of organization 13. I wonder why there senses have been heighten?

Yet I wonder what they mean that Xiyas is growing? Ikircx I find very interesting, he's like a big brother to Xiyas or a good friend to her. :3 hmm there could be more to it then meets the eye but I'll have to wait to find out.

>.< sorry about that I didn't realize I mixed them up again.


Oct 23, 2007
The realm of Sleep
@Dawn Rebirth the reason I said that was because Axel is still in the orginization yet it's suppose to be made up of new members :/

I'm definetly liking the ability animation, it has been one of my favorite powers from people(first time I read about it was in a series called the children of the red king or you could just google the first book: Midnight for Charlie Bone).

Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
KK: Technically, it's just easier for him to use Chess Pieces as the concept. But all he really needs to do is find something, and either touch it, or give it something so it becomes something specific. If Korox wasn't such a card and a gentleman he could be able to pull pranks by making something look as if it was a tsukumogami (More or less a century-old item come to life, a persona of the item's sentiments towards when it was inadament object).

Oddly enough being close to darkness seems to affect the senses, but not making any of them weaker.
Zexion: Vistitors, one of their scent's was Maleficent's.

If you'd let me finish, it was not of Maleficent, but to very convincing double. But I can say no more than that because the double is no more. Our other visitor made sure of that. I do not know whose it is, but the scent was very similar to the scent of the superior.

I have identified the scent, it is ... Riku

How is you found me, when you were there in the light?

Riku: You reak of darkness. Not even the light can block the smell.

I smell you, Ansem!

DiZ: The Organization will pursue you ... Like a pack of hunting dogs. They will sneak up on you if they sense your pressence (Through smell I am led to believe), however this cloak that is worn by nobodies will render their eyes and nose useless. Thee ears, not so
But making at least one stronger, that is how ;D

Xemnas, was person whose always longing for purpose. Xigbar was a one-eyed, wise-cracking, manipulative hunter. Xaldin, was a remorseless sociopath. Vexen, was a stereotypical scientist. Lexaeus, was literally the strong silent type. Zexion, was also manipulative, but at least he had times of positivity. Saix, a heartless troll. Axel, wise-cracking assassin. Demyx, wise-cracking, lazy, and unmotivated sitarist. Luxord, was also manipulative. Marluxia, manipulative (Noticing a few patterns yet?). Larxene, a manipulative, stuck-up bitch. Roxas, at first quiet and curious, and then very tempermental while keeping that curiousity. Xion, inquisitive, caring, and considerate (Reasons why I like her).

... ... ...
HellDragon: (About Organization XIII) Yeah they're pretty bland
In how they're so similar, yes V_V

This one (Answer to question) dates back to how old Xemnas is and how Terra looks 20. Xemnas is supposed to be around 30 (Or so Numora says) and Terra is 20, 10 years before KH2. Also how Roxas (Who was born from body of age 14 year-old Sora), is 15 at KH2 after a year of being born. The reason seems to be; hearts make the body age. Nobodies don't have hearts so their bodies don't seem to age (I estimate it was 4 or so years before the Apprentices rebelled after the events of BBS, or so in the time period of RG).

Ikircx or rather, Ikir, or Ikirc (Ee-Keer-Ick) < Is supposed to be said as one syllable (As are most of the names) is someone she's yet to meet (Until that point), he kinda likes Barxy, but I didn't know how to address it, so the line got scraped. I haven't too many big plans for him at said stage, but who knows what I'll do ^_^

Max: Xemnas (As he goes by) and Axel are re-made nobodies, they were both part of Org XIII, but this Xemnas revised the Organization and Axel joined up with it at some point. He's No. 6 in this organization. Animation is indeed a very fascinating ability, though I might not make most characters always uphold personalities to match their attribute, they do have their moments. So, Korox is very full of life to fit his attribute.

Chapter 11 - Privileges and Punishments

"Uh, could you move?" said Axel who had just walked in from the hallway, he seemed to be somewhat upset. We let him through and then began to walk down the hallway, when we were out of their view Korox stopped. He turned around, his right index to his mouth, and then pointing their way. Did he want me to eavesdrop? I guess when your hearing is heightened it's hard not to, but I didn't know why he wanted me overhear the conversation, maybe he's not as innocent as I thought?


"Ah. Flurry of Dancing Flames, what I can I do for you?"

"Cut the crap, Nab. I've been trying to get some shut-eye, but all of this noise is keeping me up"

Nab rose an eye brow, "Noise?"

"Braxy, Ikirc, Exol, you, Xiays, Korox, and that new one"

"... ... ... Ah ... Yes ... You're a case of a double-dose like the Superior. Well, I'm awfully sorry that we've been cutting your beauty sleep short ... But you do have some sort of mission to be on, don't you?"

"I couldn't find Roxas anywhere, it was like that way FOR A MONTH!"

"Yes, and you were compensated for that, however it's been long enough. So here's the reality of things, you need to get back out there looking for him, starting tomorrow. I find it quite a shame and hard to believe that someone who was such a seasoned assassin could become a slob in a month's time"

"What?! Do you even know about what the organization did to my li-?"

"I'm more than aware about your upbringings with the original organization, need I remind you I was on-board before your return. That means I recall the contract you signed. So as much as your past with the organization is a dark one, your hands remain tied. And if what you were planning had anything to do with hiding Roxas' whereabouts from us, then in that case other members may have to put their foot in the door. Personal as this may be or not. The Superior has given me orders, which gives you a decision. You are banned from participating or spectating at the tournament, and during the month of it's occurrence you will either spend it while A) Looking for Roxas, which we have intel of his whereabouts or B) Suffering 4th degree punishment 2 time a day for all of that month"

"Mind telling me what 4th degree punishment is, again?"

"5 hours in the Fear Simulator"

"Like I was saying, I'll be getting some rest for my mission to go find Roxas tomorrow"

"Good to know"

Fear Simulator? Korox then began to walk down the hallway, not even really waiting for me to catch-up. "Korox, what is the Fear Simulator?"

"Walk and talk, Xiays"

"Okay, but please call me, Xia" I said walking with him, Korox now seemed to slow down.

"So what is the Fear Simulator?"

"A little torture device constructed by Vexen and Zexion when Organization XIII was still around. The name says it all, it is designed to scan a person's memory, find which that person fears most, and make it much more terrifying and somethat less realistic"

"Can nobodies feel fear?"

"We can, seeing as emotions are found within the brain, which a nobody possesses. The emptiness from not having a heart just makes one feel as if emotions are not within our grasp. Hearts, I suppose build up confidence, which tend to produce positive emotions, while the empty feeling only allows us to produce negative ones, mostly. Which is why our emotions tend to come out less fluently, that and the empiness allows us to block out emotions to a degree, even if we don't realize it"

"Alright, so what happens if a person who conquers their fear?"

"There is a fail-safe, where if this occurs it will scan the memory again for the most rational thing for that person to be afraid of. Although this organization didn't build it a new fuction is in the works, making and rearranging memories. Namine, a nobody who could interfere with specific memories had been studied, and that research is basically being poured into the project"

"That's evil and inhumane"

"Well nobodies aren't human, not anymore, so it can't be consider inhuma-" I looked at him, "Right. I do consider it evil though. The degrees of punishment go as following; 8th Probation or the taking away of privileges, 7th: A day in a Zero-Darkness Containment cell, 6th: An undetermined amount of time in a Zero-Darkness Containment cell, 5th: 1 hour in the Fear Simulator, 4th: 5 hours in the Fear Simulatar, 3rd: Abuse, 2nd: Transformation into a dusk for all eternity, and 1st: Eradication"

"So why-?"

"Did I make you learn all of this? Have you ever heard of Knowledge is Power? There's more than just a few grains of truth to it, how can you possibly prevent which you knew nothing about? Being safe than sorry is something you should make a habit of"

"Everyone here has been so nice to me, why?"


"Perhaps it's that heart of your's, perhaps it's you as person, or maybe it's neither, the reason is a positive one no matter what. Being able to gain respect from the superior-complexed Nal and get the warm shoulder from the Key to Hell,instead of the cold are tasks that could make many bare envy towards you. But, not in a bad way, but in an admirable one"

"So what about you, Korox?"

"Oh, I suppose ... ... It's because you seem to be both lively and inquisitive, a combination that makes me much more ... Comfortable with you ... That and I'm usually seen with a silly grin on my face by everyone, so it's not really difficult for me to cope with anyone"

I laughed, "You kinda took some of the kick from the compliment just now, Korox"

"What can I say, my mouth does not bear a zipper" We walked down the halls for quite some time, until we finally arrived to some see-through doors, he opened the right, and gestured his hands while holding it open. The gesture was kind, but somehow I didn't like being pampered and decided to let him go first. The room was huge, it's had a actual skylights (Meaning it had glass and weren't just holes in the roof of the place). There were shops, kiosks, and food courts; it was like a mall (Not saying I've been to one) built into the castle (More than likely it was).

My mouth gaped, "Renovations, over the years. Quite a lot of the castle was never used, and so they found use for it" Your thoughts, Xia?"

"It's so ... Big ... How did they do this? Do we even have enough members?"

"No, we have something cuter, come" he said walking ahead, we came by the stands and saw the same thing in different outfits, it was small, furry, had bat wings, bulbous noses, and pom-poms on the end of an antenna. "They're called moogles, they're more or less bat-mole or mole-bat hybrids"

"I'll admit I'm not that interested in them, but they are cute. So why are they-?"

"Here? Well, the organization has been trying to make peace treaties with different worlds which in a way helps not just us but others. We established a peace treaty, and then these silly little buggers decided to expand their horizons here"

"Please ... Stop finishing my sentences ... I find it really irritating"

"So sorry, I'll try to stop"

We walked over to a very weird shop, there was a moogle with choclate-brown short-banged hair dressed in a blue sweater, clear specs, and a name tag reading; Roxann behind a counter. "Welcome to the OoN Credit Store, how may I help you, kupo?"

As if the features and outfit wasn't cute enough her voice was giving me the urge to hug and squeeze her. "Ah yes, we would like to set-up a credit card account for her"

"Ah. And you are who in regards to her?" Must ... Ressist ... Urges.

"I am Korox, the Chess King, No. 9, and I have on authority of Nabtuckx, No. 3 to set-up a credit account, for dear No. 25 here"

She gave him an acquisitive before going to the file cabinet and pulling out three files, which I assume were the files on me, Korox, and Nab. After looking through it she put two of the files back, grabbed a piece of paper placing it in the folder, and placed it on the counter passing it forward, "Fill-out the following and when you're done hand it back ... I still find this protocol odd"


As did I, the file containing the knowledge of what the Organization knew about me was in my very hands ... Though they more than likely had duplicates made, so it's not like there was only one in existence. But this was my info, so I thought why not read it, I sat down, and looked through it. The File name was marked; No. 25. (XXV) Name: Xiays True Name: Yasi Blood type: AB World of Birth: Destiny Islands Time of Birth: Unknown Special Extentions: Possesses a Heart Physical Age: 7 Actual Age: Unknown Ht. 47 inches. Weight: 50.6 Attribute: Air Title: Key to the Winds of Hope Family Among the Members of the OoN: Reoxa Weapon: Wayward Wi- ... I looked back at the Family Among the Members of the OoN, Reoxa was related to me? How? I then began to take the X out and reanagram the letters, "Eora ... Orea ... Aero ... ... ... Reoxa ... Is ... My BROTHER?!"

"What was that, Xia?" Korox asked, clearly hadn't heard me.

"Oh, nothing" I lied. I filled-out the application and handed it back to Roxann, "We should have your account open by tomorrow, kupo. Please stop by then"

"Once you have your Credit Card your progress on missions will be added as points, which you can use to purchase things here. So I'm willing to buy something, my treat if you're hungry" the gurgle from my stomach was right on cue.

"Um, well alright" we had chinese food; white rice, beef n' broccoli, crab rangoons, vegetable egg rolls, and a few fortune cookies. "So what does your fortune say?" I asked having eaten my share of the food and broken my cookie open.

"Share your joys and sorrows with your family"

"Huh, mine says, Better to face danger than be always in fear"

"Interesting. Say Xia, do you ever take these little notes seriously?"

"This is my first time reading one so I don't know, are your parents still around?"

"One needs not be related to another to be considered family, all they need do is spend time together and get along every now and again. Friends can be considered one's family"

"So do you have any joys or sorrows you want to share?"

"None for now"

"Better to face danger ... Than be always in fear" Was it mere coincidence? I had just learned Reoxa, the man with such a cold attitude could be my brother, and now this fortune finds itself to me?

Stop the music (If you want ;)

WN: For all those who wonder, Axel's fear by my stories are; Dalmations (Yes, I'm insinuating Axel's the cause for the side-quest of KH1). This is to complement this from one of my stories:
"I've placed the barricade, how was my heartless?" I asked not planning on removing my hood.

Xigbar gave a sly smile, "Piece a cake, without Riku he went down with one shot" he aimed his right index finger at the wall, flinched it, and blew on it.

Axel seemed upset if that was even possible, "HELL NO, HE WAS THE DEVIL HIMSELF YOU SENILE OLD MAN!!!" he yelled his fists seeming like they would rip the knuckles of his gloves.

"Come again?" I asked confused.


Next time, Mivii confronts Reoxa about his place within her life ... And many more ;D

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Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
Max: Either you've never seen 101 Dalmations or you know too little about Dalmations, my friend :J

Chapter 12 - Most of the story and foreshadowed event
I thanked Korox for the meal and then left by CoD to talk with Reoxa (I had a feeling he'd be at the DM). The the sound of the waves was comforting, but I didn't know how this would go. He turned his head, "What kept you?"


"Reoxa ... I was born by Yasi's existence ... Right?"

"I'm certain ... That we already established this"

"Then ... You were born by ... Aero's existence ... Right?"

"... ... ... I take it someone sent you to obtain a Credit Card. The fact that you would ask that makes believe you read through more than what was required of you"

"Were you born by Aero ... Or not?"

He stood up from sitting on rock, grabbed the top of his hood, and slowly pulled it down, "Yes" his face looked like Aero's, but he had dark-amber colored eyes, and hair red like Yasi's mother. "I was"

"Was it before or after taking me here that you realized who I was?"

"I knew right away, why did you think I said you'd take it as nothing but a sick joke?"

"... ... ... So ... ... ... You did all that ... ... ... Knowing I was your sister?"

"I can already tell you're never going to forgive me, so I'm not going to bother with appoligizing"

"What about Aero, he's short"

"And I'm tall, irony at it's finest. Perhaps he has a major growth spurt in the future and
I'm the indication of that. Not that I care about him, as you do with Yasi"

"How could you have done that? It's so ... Unspeakable"

He looked away, "Just be glad I didn't fufill what I said I would"

I glared at him, "You remorseless monster"

He looked at me with dimmed eyes, "Remorseless? ... That's what you think of me? ... I hurt my sister without a moments thought ... And when you find out I'm your brother ... You call me remorseless?" He then walked passed me, "Learn as much as you can ... Mivii ... And if you still think I'm remorseless about what I've done ... Then you are and always will be ... Naive" And with that he left, via CoD. I couldn't tell who was in the wrong about this, me for thinking he didn't care about me, or him for what he did to me.

The next day, or night (Was dark out always) went by, I had a hard time trying to get to sleep. I was angry and disgusted with Reoxa. The next day, I came into the hallway to see it was abandoned, "Did I undersleep?" I looked around, and noticed a flier, I came over to read it.

"Attention all members, due to the servely lacking of heartless activity the Superior has decided to host a tournament for this whole month. This will of course be prizes, even for just participating. For more information see the 3rd floor ~ No. 3 ^_^"

A tournament? That wasn't something I had expected, but I do recall Nab saying something about this to Axel ... Come to think of it ... Nal must have been reffering to this when he said 'nothing that would endanger my life' I decided to head to the 3rd floor ... Wherever that was.


After hunting the room down I finally found it after a half-hour of searching. Like everyone would know where this place was -_-. There seemed to be three-hooded members that I'd yet to meet until now, they appeared to be gabbing. There was a desk with a tiny sign saying, "Tournament sign-up desk" I walked up to it, the desk seemed to be abandonded, and then what looked like a moogle appeared. He was wearing a weird mask, he looked like a magician, and had black shadowy wings. "Welcome to the sigh-up desk, will you be entering the tournament, kupo?" I just looked at him, what was he supposed to be? "... Is there something wrong, kupo?"

"You're a moogle, right?"

"Yep. Name's Wade. Will you be signing up, or not, kupo?"

"Uh ... I guess?"

He handed me a sign-up sheet, "Fill this out and then hand it in when you're done, kupo" I took it from him cautiously, and began to fill in the questions, "Name: Xiays, How to pronounce name:" I stopped ... And then wrote, "Zeuh-Yiss" It was how I would want people to pronounce it, "Special Extentions: I have a heart, Attribute: Air, Weapon: Wayward Wind - name of my Keychain, No. 25, Rank: Rookie, Gender: Female, Age: ... 7, How long have you been with the Organization: ... ... 17 days, About yourself (Optional): ..." That was the last thing on the list, "I'm very easy to get along with, I'm known for completing missions with ease, my mentor is Reoxa ... That's pretty much it" I then handed it back to Wade.

"Like a moth to a flame" I turned my head to see Nal, "I thought you'd be entering the Tournament"

"Well she is my student after all" I turned around to see Reoxa leaning against the wall with his hood on, but his voice gave him away. I didn't feel like talking to him, not yet so I decided to make conversation with Nal.

"So have you come here to sign-up, Nal?"

"Already did, I was just lying in wait for you to come strolling by"

"Did you want to talk to me?"

"Perhaps I do. I guess I'm here to wish you good luck"

"She'll need it, seeing as I entered"

"Well, don't be suprised if she ends up trouncing you, Reoxa. In eastern cultures there's only one way to repay one's master ... by surpassing them"

"Xiays ... Surpass me? ... I suppose one day ... But that day is far from here"

"So you say ... But you never know ... Either way the only reason I'm participating is to be able to fight you Reoxa, without it being considered an assassination attempt"

"Wait, what about me?"

"Icing on the cake, Xia. Icing on the cake"

"Gee, thanks"

"So did you hear that the tournament is going only have 16 entries?" we turned our heads towards the unknown trio.

"Yeah, supposably they were aiming for 24, but due to our organization being too small they had to shrink it down. So it seems a lot of pros are going to be entering, Exol was seen signing-up, he barely said a word, he didn't even show any emotion whatsoever ... It was like he wasn't going up against anyone good at, if that doesn't say a lot I don't know what does"

"Well if ya ask me, that just showz 'ow stuck-up 'e can be. I mean, 'e'z going up against the new girl, an' she gave 'im a run fer 'iz money yesterday when 'e tried to bring 'er 'ere"

"And then there's that sexy Braaaa-Xee, she and that Ikirc ... But seriously, Braaa-Xee isn't gonna be some push-over to beat"

"Dywinx, even if ya are a girl I still think she would 'it ya fer going there"

"... ... ... You think so?"

The two others took a step back, "... Let's move on to, Taxon. Even if he's by luck, our No. 2 and has good manners I've heard he's a menace to the heartless on missions"

"An' 'e speakz cockney, right?"

"Dywinx, please tell meh, ya weren't tryin' te sound cockney jus' now"

"... ... ... Isn't that how they speak?"

"With the wordz ya chose, yes. But, ya do know I'm not cockney, right?"

"You aren't?"

"... ... ..."

"Ignoring this fight, a real gentlemen is, Korox"

"Now ya speakin' my language. Korox, 'iz such a fine specimen of man, but 'e doesn't seem to really show any interest in any of us"

"Isn't Korox that fruity guy with the silver hair and the goofy grin?"


Dywinx took a step back, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it"

Reoxa shook his head, "This organization seems to be coming more populated with woman everyday"

"Organization XIII had only 2 out of 13, our's has 16 out of 26. It's as if this organization is reflecting that there really are more woman in the universe than men"

"The Superior's will might break if enough ban together on an idea"

"Some of us might be intimidated by the fact, but I'm not so certain"

I cleared my throat, "Yeah hi, my name is Xiays, and I happen to be of the female persuasion"

"... ... Don't you have to go find, Korox? You will be needing him if you want to obtain the rest of your privileges"

"Reoxa, please tell me you're not trying to shoo her away with that"

"I don't even know where he is, this is a castle after all"

Reoxa crossed his arms, "Cut the sarcasm and head to the 2nd floor, before the master decides to deal out punishment. The OoN isn't completely coed, so you'll find his room at the male dorms. Or do you still need me to hold your hand all the way there?"

"Go ahead ... Patronize me ... But don't be suprised what I decide to do once I've won my fight against you"

After twenty minutes of walking I finally managed to find some information signs, it displayed where the male dorms were and where the female dorms were. Out of the corner of my left eye I found a piece of paper, a chained pen, and a sign saying; Suggestion Box: Lift up your voices, your opinions do matter ^_^ Gee, I wonder whose handiwork this was? I was miffed, okay, you want my opinion? I wrote down with force, "Install some more damn information signs! Trust me, you'll be doing us all a favor!" and put it in the suggestion box.

After that very immature response I found Korox's room. A whiteboard with the roman numerals IX was to the door's left. I knocked on the door softly, trying to calm down, "Come in" called Korox. I opened it, Korox was playing a game of chess with a girl who looked at lot like Midnight from the islands, but there was no way, this I was certain of. "Shut the door behind you, please" the girl's hand was shaking as she had her hand on what I believed was her bishop.


(Extended had been taken down, sorry :(

I did as I was asked, he had too well manners for me not to, "Korox, do you really trust her? What if she-?"

He shook his head, "Xiays isn't someone who'd fink on you, Quinuex"

"Are you sure?"

"Um, did I come by at the wrong time?"

The girl moved her bishop taking out one of Korox's knights, "Goodness, no. Quinuex and I were just finishing up a game of chess" his move was a retaliation with his only rook left. Quin only had 1 bishop, a pawn, a knight, and what I guess was the king.

"So, why is she-?"

"Quin here, is Nab's sister. She's been acting odd, and so seeing me as someone they could both trust and someone Quin liked I've been hiding her from the organization in this small room" Well, that would explain the silver hair and the pointy ears.


"How should I say ... She's been giving a little too much emotion"

"Too much emotion?" I asked looking questionable.

"Well ... Uh ... How do I put thi-?"

Quin then burst in tears covering her face with her hands, "I'M A FREAK!!!"

I nodded my head, "Ah" I looked around the room, in the top-right hand corner there was a book shelf, left his bed which was white n' black checkered. Th north and south walls and the ceiling were black. While east and west had a checker-pattern.

"Or dear, come. You can come cry on my shoulder" she took up the offer, though I was pretty sure it was only an expression -_-. "I've been asked to keep her here by Nab, until he has a device built to lessen the burst of sad emotions. He was afraid that Exam might do something to her, should she find out"

"Exam? Whose that?"

"Well you know how Nab gives out missions?" I nodded, "Nab, gives out members assigned to Block A missions, while Exam does the same, but only at Block B. But the major difference is Exam is also a scientist with a bit more leeway than Nab, if she saw it benefical she could experiment on Quin with no valid objection. While Nab may have his faults, he is still her brother and therefore cares about her well being"

I nearly scoffed at that, Reoxa's my brother and just look at how much he cares about my well being. Then again ... Maybe in his own way he does? Reoxa knows somewhat of what I went through and told me not to say anything ... Was he trying to protect me from Exam, should she catch wind of my past? Even if so, he didn't make me feel good about myself with his negative patronization.

"You should be careful around her too, I don't know what it is, but there's something ... Special about you, that might perk Exam's interest, which would be the worse case scenario" My doubts were immediately cleared, Reoxa was trying to protect me; coincidences in my life tend to have more meaning than what I first thought.

"Anyways, I need to borrow you in order to get the rest of privileges, right?"

"That you do. Quin, try not to fret, I'll only be gone momentarily"

She rose her head, "I believe you, Korox" she said with a smile, tears seeming to have dried.

WN: I can't wait to start working on the tournament :D


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I can't wait to see the tournament! A fight with Reoxa is going to be so cool!
Lol girl power.. Just cause there's more girls in the new organization that I felt the need to say it. XD so I guess Xiays isn't the only one with a sibling and Reoxa is from Aero. This whole sibling thing is very intriguing. Should be a very interesting to see this story ends and later chapters. (begins imagining possible outcomes)

Also lol Axel fear had me lol as well. I have seen the movie yet I still think it's funny that he's scared of Dalmatians.


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Lol DR I have seen the movies, those dogs are crazy but to fear them?? 0.o

A tournament eh?? Well this will be interesting seeing all the different abilities from the orginization members and also their combat styles.

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Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
KK: Me too :D ... But training is none the less necessary V_V

Max: Well Max, being afraid of certain dogs is rational fear. But I'm glad I made you laugh ^_^

Chapter 13 - Tourney training takes an odd turn

Well, I finally recieved my credit card, starting with 300 credits (1 credit is the same amount of one 1 munny). As a rookie I was given right-on-the-spot one summon patch; basically you get a bit of your blood drawn (Which I was not to thrilled about, but I didn't have a fit over it), and then you can use these tiny patches to summon things into your hand at will, aside from your weapon(s). The only draw-back is you can't take them off once they've put one on said thing, except with something they're working on, which happens to be on the verge of completion :D As I climb the ladder I'll be given more and more of these to use, which will more than likely become usefully. I'll also be given other things at the same time.

I thanked Korox as he returned to Quin. While he headed back to his loved one I decided to do the same and hoped I could find Yasi, I wanted see her again. She was the only best friend I had at the moment, I could tell that I'd be making some good friends here in the OoN, I don't want to play favorites. But, Yasi will always be my first friend, that's why it was important to meet with her.

I arrived somewhere in the noon and Yasi just happened to be right there all by here lonsome. She seemed suprised, but ran up and hugged me and I hugged her back. I told her what had been going on in my life, turns out Yasi was taking school, so it was the luck of the draw that she decided to visit the island that day. Yasi knew about Organization XIII, her father was the Hero of Light, which caught me off guard. While he did defeat the organization, he had no hatred towards them, and if he could he wanted to make peace with them.

In the back of my head I was wondering, wondering what made me and Reoxa a possibility. If we are the same, does that mean something happened specifically that resulted in us being made? I remembered Roxas, Namine, Sora, and Kairi were responsible for my birth, so they must also be responsible for Reoxa. Sora is Yasi's father, Kairi is Yasi's mother, Namine is someone who meddles with people's memories, and Roxas is a survivor of Organization XIII. In the end I couldn't figure it out before the sun went down, and Yasi had to go home.

I was somewhat tempted to ask Reoxa, but decided to wait-off on that. I was signed-up for a tournament, so I might as well begin training, and I decided to train by my own accord. I ended up asking Nab if he could find me a world that would be good for training on, he thought it over, and decided on one with a tropical island. The place was odd, why do I say this? I looked like someone drew me with pencil, paper, and colored pencils and the cut me out. I think I was literally paper, 3-Dimensional paper, but paper none the less. Nab had handed me some intel on the world before I had arrived.

World: None-Declared - Mushroom Kingdom - Lavalava Island: This island is south of the Mushroom Kingdom (Not much is know at said point), and is inhabited by many things, but the most note worthy are reffered to as Yoshis. They are a species of prehistoric origin, and while they may be peace-loving they are omnivores and should the need rise they will take necessary action. Lavalava Island isn't called what it is without reason, it actually is in possession of a large volcano, which is currently active. Three other races of significant intellect inhabit the island also; Raven Army, Spearguy Tribe, and Magikoopa Guild.

Ravens, unlike the ones you may know of are pudgy, have big yellow feet instead of talons, possess no wings, and have three split-ends. However, never judge a book by it's cover, they make-up for no wings by flapping their feet to fly (Which, remarkably works). Their dexterity and speed are both well coordinated, their strength is that of a superhuman, and their briliant intellect keep them well informed as well as enlightened of any situation. There are 7 in all, the leader is Raphael the Raven, Raphael's origins are some somewhat odd, it is said he was a regular sized raven with a bad temper, however due to a one-way-to-reverse-spell he was turned into the largest raven in existence. Despite his temper, Raphael is good at heart and has allied the Yoshis numerous times, he can be found at the top of the largest tree on the island.

Spearguys, they are a variety of shyguys (Masked creatures that come in many types and personalities), who have lived on LL Island for an unknown amount of time. Spearguys, while are significantly intellegent, will attack anything with meat on it's bones, kill it without hesitation, and bring it back to it's village for thorough cooking. While their village's whereabouts are currently unknown, it is best to be careful and keep your distance from their kind.

Magikoopas, are a type of koopa (Bipedal turtles which vary in wide-variety of many species), are known for their magic. While only White Magikoopas have ever been said to inhabit LL Island, word through the grapevine has mentioned of an organization that has been formed internationally by all Magikoopa. While mere rumors such as these are not something to be easily taken for face value, it may be worth remembering. As much as they could be a threat, most of what has been said about them leads us to believe they side on the neutral.

While these are the only intellegent life groups on the island, there are many other creatures to worry about, dim-witted or not. Putrid Plants; carniviorous plants that tend to poison their prey to make easy kills. Jungle Fuzzies; yellow parasitic balls of fuzz that can create webs, divide at the rate of bacteria (Every minute), diet on blood and a something's energy with it, and then unleash the energy in a devastating attack.

Hurt Plant, carnivorous plants that are often mistaken for their kind counterpart, these too are also poisonous. M. Bush, much like Hurt Plants they pretend to be something they aren't and then use the element of surprise to their advantage, guess what, they are also poisonous and are quite powerful.

Objective - Train for the tournament. I have given you this world as a place of practice because it is so dangerous, you've proven that you are more than capable of training here, thus I have little concern for your safety (Meaning; I know you'll be able to handle it). You have 6 days of training, so use this time as you see fit ^_^


After reading the intel I looked around to see I was on a beach, with palm trees, and many large rocks. After about walking 12 paces east, I saw what I immediately knew was a jungle fuzzy. It's eyes looked at me and I began to shiver as it licked it's fuzzy lips. "Meork, tasty" I summoned my Keyblade and it froze in fear, "Meeeeeork, Key ... Key bad ... Key scary!" and then took off.

"... Did someone with a Keyblade come here before me?" I decided to ponder the question while continuing east. I finally reached a gate made out of two thin logs and two planks that read; Yoshi Village. The village appeared to be abandoned, but I had no idea why, after taking a walk around, I found out. The Yoshis were being attacked by what I assumed to be the Spearguy Tribe.


A stout green yoshi noticed my arrival, "A visitor? At this hour?"

"What's going on? Why are the Spearguy Tribe attacking this village?"

"That, I'm afraid, is none of your concern. Leave our island before you too share our enevitable fate"

An enevitable fate? ... We'll just see about that. I cupped my hands near my mouth, "... HEY!!! SPEARGUYS!!! I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU'RE ATTACKING THIS VILLAGE, BUT IF YOU DON'T LEAVE NOW I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU WISH YOU HADN'T!!!" that immediately got their attention. And I then prepared to fight them all off (Even if it meant all alone).

WN: For all those who don't know of all that has been mention here's some links to keep you on track. Spear Guy - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia
Putrid Piranha - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia
M. Bush - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia
Lavalava Island - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia
Jungle Fuzzy - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia
Hurt Plant - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia
Yoshi (species) - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia
Yoshi's Village - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

To all who've read DS, stay tuned especially ;)


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XD sweet Xiays goes to Lavalava Island! Where there's Yoshi's and Spear Guys! <3 I'm sure Xiays will protect those Yoshi's!
Yet hearing she's 3 dimensional and papery makes me think of that one Mario game.

I wonder what kind of stuff she can summon now that she's got those patches on her arm. Hopefully Xiays will figure out the answers to everything soon. Especially there connection to Yasi and Aero. Meaning why they have a heart still and aren't entirely nobodies.

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KK: Paper mario :)? Yes, there are 10 paper worlds in all (9 of them are within Super Paper Mario ;)

LR: Elaborate the question, good sir O_^

Max: It's both dangerous and nobody would have thought of it, privacy from members scoping-out the competition.

To all: Oh yeah, I forgot to add this as part of the equation, but I'll just say it now. Seeing as this world is in the Light Realm she will have more time than 7 days. And seeing as TWTNW is in the Twilight/in-between Realm it won't be 14 days or more. I know, this part of the equation is tricky T^T


DR: And now, Senza ring your gong three times for dramatic affect.

Senza: But I wasn't even born in this time!

DR: I don't care. I'm paying ya 25 green rupees per hour and/or time you do this. If you give a good three rings I'll be giving you 75 rupees.

Senza: ... ... .. Seriously?

DR: (Nods)

Senza: ... Well then alright then (Rings gong) ... (Rings gong) ... (Rings gong)

DR: (Summons a sack wallet with payment inside and throws it to Senza) Now that, that matter of business is taken care. Time to update: A Mishap. But, one little thing before that. You're probably wondering, why did it take so long for this one? Well, School tends to get in the way for a junior so that's one of the reasons.

Another thing has been my schedule after school hours, and finally I was having trouble with three accents. Namely; the Southern and lazy n' fast one (The third was a bit easier, but still challenging). I hope you enjoy, and ... GO!!!

Chapter 14 - The sydnicate and the guardians


I summoned my Keyblade and the spearguys charged at me, 21 to be exact. I decided to see if I could bend the wind their way and get them while they were fighting it (Hey, these guys wanna get dirty, how am I logically supposed to not even the odds ... Even if it's in my favor ;)? I managed to knock back a few, but it was nothing like I used to be able to before ... No, now's not the time for self-pity >=( Half-way through chopping off heads I realized, these were not heartless, therefore they can drip blood from any part that's cut off. Being made out of paper, the body sapped up the blood so it wasn't very obvious. I swear, this is still going to scar me for the rest of my life :(

While the yoshis cringed at the display, they also felt motivated to take action. They used their tougues to eat a few Spearguys and then borrowed (More like inherited) their spears for their own weapons. In only a few seconds of the invasion the enemies, which had been 42 in all were 27. Some of them stood with flames of fury in their eyes, others were shivering with fear, while 6 of them (Who in my opinion possessed the most common sense) ran north, away from the village. 21 Spearguys v.s. 10 leathal antagonized omnivorous yoshis and 1 skilled Keyblade weilder.

We had the strength ... Until one spearguy came riding on a huge boar like thing from the eastern gate. Good job telling me about this one Nab -_-. It was going to knock us down like a large bowling ball. "Tch, a hawg? Rare I'll admit, but a challenge? Not really" I looked around, the spearguys, and yoshis following suit. "Up here!" We all looked up a large tree, what looked like a boy (Older than me by 7 years at least) with blond hair in a white short sleeved shirt and tan shorts held out his hand, "So invading an unsuspecting village, huh? Knowing very little about who it's allies are ... Tell ya what, leave now we'll forget this ever happened. Don't, and that hoggy will make a damn good porkchop" his voice carried pretty far considering he was so high up.

"They don't speek the universal languh-wige, reasonin' with thim isn't gonna work that way"

The boy shifted his head to where the other voice came from, "You know how to speak shyguy? ... Well as much as it's not really fair to attack them without warning" He scratched his head, "I say fair is fair when you attack without warning first" A light began to gather in his right hand, it was a Keyblade. He appeared to be pulling it back, swinging it a few times, and then threw it. In a split second it flew through the air and landed right in the center of the hog's skull and disappeared with a flash of light back into the boys hand. "One last chance, go before we make this a Keyblade Massacre"
As if they understood him they all retreated to the north and east without any hesitation.


The boy walked to the edge of the tree, he looked like he was going to jump, but no crazy- He then jumped and landed quickly on the ground, then began to twirl his Keyblade, "And I didn't even sprain my leg" he said with a smile.

"Show-off" retorted a girl with dark-brown hair wearing rose-gold fossil aviators sunglasses in a black jacket, and blue jeans coming out of CoD.

He turned his head, "So says the infamous, Raylane Ruingate"


This duo were way too casual, "Who are you?"

The boy with blond hair turned his attention to me, "Lemee' guess. Mivii?" My eyes bulged, "I'm sorry, it's Xia now, right? I'm Rie-Ullin, I'm one of the current protectors of this island. R-Y-E-L-I-N. Some just call me, Rye" He stuck his thumb out pointing to the girl behind him, "And this dark angel is Ruh-Lane, R-A-Y-L-A-N-E. Jus' like me, she can be a handful, but she's good where it counts"


Raylane came up to him and put her hand on Rye's chest (More like pounded), "Jus' cull me, Ray. An' try ta ignor some uv his bad manners, he's still learnin' "

He grabbed her hand, "As are you" and lifted it away from him.

"Well aren't we strong?"

"Hunny, 2 outta 4 I don't even need my Keyblade"

She crossed her arms, "When it comes ta kickin' a wiseguy's ass I only need mine 1 uv 10 times"

As gutsy as Rye seemed, he knew when to stay his tongue. The stout green yoshi cleared out his throat, "As much as I have qualms towards violence, I am thankful you came here when you did"

Ray rubbed her neck and Rye grinned, "It's our job. We jus' happen ta like the helping part uv it"

"Lut's save the sappy stuff fuh latta, Rye. Do yu have any idea why they attacked ya in the first place?"

"It happened so suddenly, however I haven't even the fogiest idea of what provoked them"

Rye shook his head, "The shyguys aren't stupid, cheif"

The cheif yoshi tilted his head with an uncertain expression and Ray came over and grabbed Rye by the shoulder, "Manners, don't piss off the tribe or it's cheif! Yu wanna get chewed out by Dawn royally?"

"We know why the tribe attacked, they're afraid that the deal with the Pianta Sydnicate will end up goin' south for'em"

"Which'll happen unless we smooth the idea with the spearguy tribe. The reazin were here is ta protect an' nago-she-ate, which is gonna be a pain in our asses aftta the stunt you pulled!"

Rye's head sunk for a second, "Kay', how is it you always shift it over to me being in the wrong?"

"Lern ta agree, alright? Whether she owes yu her life or not, Sori isn't goin' ta stick with or put up with yu forever if ya don't lern some self-control with that tongue of yer's, kuh-peeshh?"

"How d'ya think I've stayed alive while working with you?"

"I can't believe I'm havin' ta teech manners ta someone who's at leest a cenchury yeer old"

I think I was picking-up eavesdropping, but I couldn't stop, and I don't know why. "Um" I turned to the cheif, "I was sent here for some training, do you think you could help me out with that?"

"Training? Well, we yoshis aren't exactly known for fighting of any sorts, not under these times at least. However, I do vaguely recall a yoshi quite known for his agression when he was alive. Back then this island was called something entirely different"

"Not to be rude, but I don't think a seance is the way to go"

"Little it would do for you, he was really more of a ruffian and only excelled in racing. I doubt he would have been much help had he been alive now. There is always ... Rapheal the Raven"

"The leader of the Raven Army, he sounds promising, saying he'll train me"

"However ... I don't know how he would feel towards training someone. Just over 3 years ago the famous Mario came seeking Raphael's help and while Raphael was happy to help, Mario's reasons were noble. Whereas training ..." He held up his right hand in front of his for a moment, which meant; read between the lines


"Do you think to save the village we could see, Raphael?" we turned our heads to Rye and Ray.

"Save our village you say?" the cheif querried.

"Yu can't expect that the Spearguys are goin' ta take that loss lyin' down? They'll be back before long"

The cheif crossed his arms, "True, I'm certain if Raphael knew this to be the reason he would help without a moments word ... That and you all being guardians of the same island ... "

"Well?" Rye asked smiling.

The cheif nodded, "Very well, I will get the Jade Raven immediately" he said walking away in a hurry.

I turned my head to them, "Jade Raven?"

"It's a statue in the shape of a raven, there's an ever larger one in the jungle. Place the Jade Raven in the hole of the statue and the way to Raphael opens just like that"
I looked at my intel a bit more, I was becoming more curious of Raphael by the minute.

"So how do you know Raphael, you seem to know him a bit more than the yoshis at the very least"

"I met him with Mario. He's got some-what of an army general complex and his rage tends to bend the will of even large roots, which happen to be much bigger than him"

"And he's a good person, er, raven?"

"Well, supposably he was evil at a point, but somewhere among the lines he saved the village and grew to like the feeling of doing good. Ever since, I guess he hasn't looked back"

"Plus he was mor tempermentul than eevul, soh it makes a bit uv sence"

"Now hold on, where are'y goin'? Hey!" we looked turned our heads to see a fuzzy purple thing in a tiny black business suit and round black sunglasses, "Shucks, what got him so riled-up?"

"Cent? Is that you?" Ryelin asked from behind me.

The thing I assumed was Cent looked Ryelin's way, "Hey, that's Mr. Cent ta yo- ... What in the-" he hopped over our way, my skin began to crawl a bit. "Now hold a sec ... I'd recognize that haircut anywhere, y’er the kid who went upside my head 3 years ago"

Ryelin began to drop for a second, "Yeah, that's me. The annoying blond-haired kid from 3 years ago, it’s not like have a name or anything"

"Well sorry, I didn’t catch yer name"

"It’s Ryelin. So what's with the uniform?"

"... How long have you been on this island? I'm with the syndicate"

Ryelin crossed his arms and gave a quizzetive look, "An' howww ... Does that work?"

"You are aware my kin have been used as bait, since the beginnin' of time, right? Well, let's just say bein' used as bait gives a fella some useful info an' practice in the art of trappin' ever since I put it ta use the fishin' biz has been doin' better than anyone could've imagined"

"An' so the syndicate offered you a spot?"

"Ta make a long story short, yeah"

We turned to see the cheif coming back, "Sorry to keep you waiting guardians" he then held up a jade statue of a raven matching Nab's description exactly. "I'm certain Guardian Ryelin recalls how to use it"

Ryelin nodded flashing a devilish grin, "Sure do" he said taking the Jade Raven when the cheif was handing it to him.

Mr. Cent stood there trying to understand what was going on, "... Not ta be rude, but were kinda on a schedule here"

"Fo' dio's sake, stop movin'!" we turned our attention to the west, something human-like came trudging on by fast, however it was a bit larger, had silver skin, a tiny palm tree growing growing on it's head, wide hands and feet. It's nose was bulby, it's had two fingers on each (Imagine everything finger except your thumb were all one and that pretty much explains the details), and two toes (Imagine your first three toes are one and the two last are also one). It was wearing a white buisness suit with red stripes, a white shirt underneath, a black tie, a grass skirt (Underneath the buisness suit, the bottom was showing), a black felt ganster-styled hat, and finally black star-shaped sunglasses.

"So sorry Mr. Donny, I didn't want to keep our guardians waiting"

"Guardians? Dis island has guardians?"

Ryelin blinked, "Well look at that, a silver pianta"

"Dohn't see manee uv them, now du yu"

Mr. Donny walked over to us slowly, "Lemme' guess, youse are da guardians?"

"Pritee much"

"Well, now correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you bein' here mean dat da island's in trouble?"

"Well aren't yu sharp?"

"Dat's what I t'ought. If dis island's having trouble I have to fix it, da yoshis are my clients after all"

I rose my hand, "I'm coming too"

Donny looked at me, I couldn't tell how because of his sunglasses but he was looking at me none the less, "What da hell? Who're you?"

Rye stepped forward, "This is Mivii, she'll be coming with us on our way to see Raphael"

Donny shrugged, "Sure. Why not?"


DR: I'd be suprised if no one's ever not heard a bit about piantas, and if so, look it up. I'll try to get chappy 15 out soon, but I thought of something interesting during the times I couldn't write and I just want to foreshadow it will affect the story a bit later ;D

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It's pretty good. You may want to put all the music at the bottom so it doesn't break the reading flow.


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@ Dawn Rebirth, Yup, it's Paper Mario. I never did beat it. Foreshadowing?! Ooh~ I look forward to future chapters then. Was an awesome chapter with new characters and more accents XD

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Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
LR: It's there for ambiance. Plus, it seems more convient than a link.

KK: As much as I like accents, their difficult to do, especially when saying them (As it can often come off as racist if you don't know how that accent is supposed to sound :(

DR: Just so you all know Raphael isn't aquainted with many accents, just wanted to point that out in the case he comes off as racist :(


Chapter 15 - Meeting Raphael


After about three hours walking through jungle the first complaint was muttered, "How much furdda to dis statue?" asked Donny was wiping some sweat from his head.

"Not much farther, jus' out of curiousity, are you sweatin'? I thought Piantas were used to this kind of heat?"

Bad move, Rye. Donny looked at him, "I ... Was born an' raised in a cold and cluttaed town. We'd be lucky if we got a bit of sunlight, I mean, in da not so distant past I was exposed to it all day, but still I neva got used to it. So excuse me, fo' sweatin' "

There was an awkward silence for a moment, "Well ain't yu sensitiv?"

Donny adjusted his hat, "Shuttit"

After walking a little more in the dangerous jungle (Fighting off evil bushes, hurt plants, and pirahna plants) we finally came to a huge statue of a raven, "That ... Is one ... Big ... Statue"

"I remember it bein' a lot smaller" Ryelin said gawking at the statue.

Ray took the Jade Raven and placed it into a tiny hole at the bottom of the statue. Not only did it fit, but the statue began to it's right like magic. After walking through the jungle ahead and avoiding Jungle Fuzzies we finally arrived at a large tree.


"Dat .. Is ... One large tree" Donny said looking up at it.

Ryelin pointed at it, "At the top of it is where Raphael is. Get ready to start climbin', there are huge wooden staircases inside the tree, and to get to the others we'll have to walk up it's long curvy branches"

After climbing the tree ...

Everyone's pupils, aside from maybe Donny's were small as we all looked up at Raphael.

He was as big as the statue, but looked like a raven none the less. "Once again ..." Ryelin began, "I remember him bein' a lot smaller"

"What da f@#k did he eat to get dat big?!"


"Yeah Raphael, you might not remember me, but I'm Ryelin, just so you might remember better I don't have a last name"


"Uh good, just out of curiousity, how'd you get so big?"

"HMMM?! AH YES, I'VE BEEN IN THIS FORM SO LONG THAT I FORGOT TO CHANGE BACK!" Raphael's size began to shrink, but when he was done he was still more tall than all of us. "My appoligies, is this better?"

"Better isn't the right word, but yeah. Um ... So ... How?"

Raphael chuckled, "Who says an old Raven can't learn new tricks"

Rye grinned nervously, "Technically, the sayin' says that about dogs"

Raphael's black beady eyes looked at me, "So, let me guess, you're Mivii? The stars told me you'd be coming soon seeking training. However, due to the present circumstances that will have to wait off until later" Raphael's eyes then looked at Ray, "And you're ... Ryelin's girlfriend?"

Ray pushed her sunglasses up with her left index finger, "We're frends, nuthin' mor"

Raphael shuddered, though he may have been trying to nod <.< "Affirmative" His eyes then turned to Donny, and his eyebrows raised, "What in sam hill are you?"

"Ciao, da name's Donny, an' I'm the t'ird in command of the Pianta Sydciate"

"The tird in command?" Raphael asked sniffing Donny, "You smell like lemons to me"

Donny face-palmed, "You don' understand" Donny held his two hands trying to make a three out of his 3 of his 4 fingers, "I'm the tird-in-command!"

"Wouldn't happen to be talkin' in code, would ya Donly?"


"That's your name, isn't it soldier?"

Rye stepped in, "Raphael, he's tryin' to say he's third in command"

"Oh, well why didn't he say it then?"

Oh my goodness, this is going to get ugly O_O


Raphael's black feathers turned red as a large nerve stood out of his head, "OVER-SIZED PIGEON?!!! I'M GUARDIAN AND MASTER OF THIS ISLAND FOR A REASON YOU PLANT HEAD S.O.B.!"

"Nok it off yu tu!" Ray said holding back Donny's fist in one hand and Raphael in the other.

The two stopped, Donny crossing his arms, "Skirt's strong to've blocked a punch by me"

Raphael was now black-colored again and seemed completely calm, "No one's ever tried to stop one of my attacks, well, and lived to tell about it at least. Wouldn't mind having her enlisting in our army"

"You live today, cuz' of her. But afta dis, I'll break dat big beak of your's if I eva see it again fo' squackin' dat"

"What's all this mumbo jumbo you keep speaking?"

"I swear, I will get a gun, shoot you in da f@#king brain, an' den world hunga will be a t'ing of the past"

Raphael scowled at him, "Try it and that palm tree of your's will be dripping in napalm and lit on fire" to set the mood two normal-sized ravens arrived one holding a bottle (Of Napalm I presumed) and the other a box of matches. Both were scowling at Donny.

Donny adjusted his hat, "Note to self: Bring bulldozas to uproot dis tree" and then walked away in fumes.

"Er, not tryin' to cause anymore conflict, but we kinda need to get movin' on. So have the stars told you anythin', Raphael?"

"Affirmative. You've come seeking my help to get to the Spearguy Village. You wish to try and negotiate with the people, affirmative?"

"Yeah, pretty much"

"Well then ..." Raphael's feathers grew red again, "CAW!!!" he pounded on the ground and some branches began to grow to the east leaving bushy platforms for crossing. The feathers were black again, "Follow this way" said Raphael walking out of his nest and hopping across the newly-made platforms.

We all remained speechless for a moment. Ryelin finally broke the silence a moment later, "Take note: Raphael, is not someone you want to piss off"

After hopping across the branches we finally met up with Raphael and his Raven army (6 Ravens) when the branches ended. I was the one to finally ask (Odd, how I haven't been talking for a while, huh?), "Raphael the Raven, where are all the other branches?"

Raphael chuckled, "There are even extents to what I'm capable of. The Spearguy village is said to lie to the north. In often cases, a green pipe or excellent swimming and climbing skills would be neccesary to make it there. However, seeing as we lack the knowledge of the pipe's location and the process of climbing and swimming would be quite endless we have no choice but to go an unorthodox route"

"Which is?"

"Caw ... Caw ...Caw" Raphael seemed to be talking to the Ravens, and I wasn't sure what he was telling them, but their actions kind of sorted that question out. Each raven grabbed onto the back of our clothing (For Donny, three of them) with their beaks, and without knowing what was going to happen Raphael rammed into us sending us flying to the North. I was freeaking-out, I thought for a moment Raphael was trying to kill us, but when I realized that the Ravens were keeping us from falling I started to calm down a bit. Raphael was amazingly flying with his large wings and chuckled a bit, "Sorry for not warning you ahead. As you can see the unorthodox route will involve us flying there. Don't worry about my men or our lady, they have unbelievable stamina, the chances are a 1 to a million that they'll drop you. Anyways we should land safely by an hours time, just try to endure it"

One hour felt like an eternity.


I don't know if I portrayed Raphael right, but I hope those whoever read liked it. I'll try to get Chappy 16 out soon, also expect some plot connecting :3


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Loved the bit with Donny and Raphael. Thank you for telling me you updated or I wouldn't have known XD you did great with the accents so everything sounded just fine. Raphael sounds like he knows a lot, like he's ancient with full of wisdom yet funny at the same time and strong. (not calling him old).
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