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Fanfiction ► A Mishap ~ A story after the occurrences of KH3

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Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
KK: Actually, Raphael is quite old. You're welcome ^_^ I really wanted Raphael and Donny fight verbally. 1. Being it can be very funny. 2. It kinda, in a way, gives them both character development, in regards to their personality.

Chapter 16 - Landing and learning

At our ground zero ...


"This is wonderful" called a voice from within the northern region of Jade Jungle, "I have the island to myself" The picture slowly moves to the right revealing half of a cocnut with a bendy straw in it, being held by a caucasian hand, "I'm at the top of the food chain" picture slowly moves revealing a face of a blond whose eyes are underneath a light blue miter, "Yes, this vacay is just what the doctor ordered" he said with a smile. He then frowned, "A shame. As soon as a few days I'll have to go looking for Leonardo again. If I don't all our chances at winning this twisted game go down the drain. I still find it odd how electricty and an eclipse can have any relation. All I can think of is heat and energy crossing like the sun and moon do in an eclipse"

3 ... 2 ... 1... IMPACT!!! We landed near the area he was. He seemed to be sitting on a lounge chair. The Ravens dropped us an inch from the ground and the began to rest, they were sweating their feathers off. However, they first accidently rammed into some palm trees. "Are you all right?" Raphael asked.

"... Affir- ... Mative" They said before passing out.

Donny shook his head, "Dat is one expierence I don' eva want to go through again"

"Soh wair ar we?"

Rye looked around, "That ... Is a good question-where are we, Raphael?"

"Only a day away from the village"

"A day? ... A day?! ... A DAY?! HOW HUGE IS DIS FREAKIN' ISLAND?!!!"

"Well there goes the ambiance" The man tilted his miter to reveal black sunglasses, "And you guys are who?" We all looked at him.

"What da hell ... What's a bishop doin' here?"

"I actually dress like this for a different reason. So once again, who are you?"

After the formalities and explanation ...

"Huh. So that's the reason, now that you mention it, not too long ago I saw a few Spearguys running around in a panic. 'Course that was a few hours ago, so I guess it doesn't really matter"

"We need ta fined thim befor they deside ta cum bak, utherwhyz we woahn't be thair ta stop thim"

"Just who is your translator? None of them will understand you if you can't speak their language"

Ryelin grinned and stuck his left thumb out at Raphael, "Heh, Raphael's our translator"

"Negative" Raphael stated.

Ray and Rye looked at him with horrified expressions, "WHUT?!!!/WHAT?!!!" they said simantaneously.

"I know many things, but other languages, aside from my first and english I have no knowledge of"

Donny crossed his arms, "An' why am I not saprised?"

Raphael scowled, "You're on my list for that"

"Oh, I'm so scared" he said sarcastically, flaing his arms unenthusiastically.

Meanwhile Rye and Ray had huddled, "Ray? ... How the hell are we supposed to negotiate without having someone who knows the shyguy language?"

"I dohn't noh. Buht, I du noh that they woodn't giv us thuh mishin if we coodn't finish it"

Donny had struck a nerve in Raphael, "You want this to get physical?!"

Donny was now crossing his arms, "No, trust me. You don' want physical"

"Kay' then, so who pray tell do they think will be our transl-" They (Being Ray and Rye) looked at the mystery man. I was somewhat skeptical of this man being our translator, but maybe he could do it.

"And just how do you know what I would want?!"

"1. bein' the skirt will get between us an' 2. I'm not someone you wanna go mano a mano wid"

"Where I come from!" He settled down for a second, "Being here" and then struck a nerve again, "We have a little phrase called; actions speak louder than words!"

Donny looked around, after about 5 seconds he walked over to a large red palm tree (About 15 feet taller and a yard wide), and patted it, "Dis'll do" he said. He cracked his right knuckles, then moved them around a bit, he began to clentched his body as he inhaled.

Raphael looked puzzled at Donny's actions as were the others spectating (Me, 3 of the Ravens, and the mystery man). Ray and Rye approuched the man, "Uh, yeah mind if we ask a question?" Rye asked.

The man shook his head, "Huh, what?"

"How wel du yu speek sheye geye?"

The man snickered, "Lemee' guess. You two want me to be your translator, right?"

"Ya/Yes" The two said simantaneously.

"So predictable. I can tell the two of you weren't hunting me, so you must have heard of me and realizing you limited opinions, have turned to me for help having just remembered. Am I right or not?"

Donny then exhaled after about holding it for 30 seconds and then repeated the same actions with his other hand. After that he repeated the same steps all over again.

"Well yeah, but-"

The man held up his right arm, "Save the excuses for some poor sap. While I do know the language, I have enough money right now and trying to threaten me will do you no good" He then took a sip of his coconut milk, "So pray tell, what are you going to use to compansate me with?"

I could sense some hostility from them after that comment, but only breifly. "An' wair du yor culinairy skils lie?" Ray asked, "Sherly yu dohn't want jus' meet, froot, an' coconut melk evry day?"

Donny then began to take his suit, tie, and shirt off. Afterwards he clentched his hands, his muscles and nerves began to pop-out a bit, it was the first time I actually began to take his earlier words seriously. He leaned back, his right hand clentched in a fist, and then punched the base of the tree. As if cut by a buzzsaw, the section of the tree that was directly underneath his hand broke-off and fell off the stump, "Dat loud enough fo' ya?" he then grabbed the rest of the tree with his two hands and began to throw the log in the air and catch it repeatably.

Even Raphael was freaking-out at the sight, Donny's strength was almost unbelievable O_O

Ray and Rye turned around as the mystery man tipped his sunglasses as if not believing what he was seeing. He then tilted them back a moment later. "You sure know how to cover your bases; brain and brawn. I want to stay on the island, but the food offered for sorting this problem out will more than likely be some variations to what I've been eating so far, but at least it'll be different. Besides, this might allow me to get in Leonardo's good book, so I'll be killing to birds with one stone"

At Spearguy Village ...


After walking through dense jungle we finally arrived to the Spearguy village, a day later (Technically 2 seeing as the sun was going down soon after 1 hour of walking and we made camp). "Here we are" the man, (Whose name is Dawn Rebirth) informed.

A weird language was heard and we then managed to see two spearguys running-away.
"Some'tin tells me dey already know who we are"

Ray turned to Dawn, "Wut did it say?"

"Crud, that's what it said"

Ray then looked ill, "Ya, they noh us" she said putting her over right hand over her face.

Rye shrugged, "Might as well, seein' as we're goin' ta be negotiatin' with them. So let's
find the cheif and see if we can make peace"

In Spearguy Cheif's Hut ...

The cheif looked just about the same as regular Spearguys; red hood, white mask with 2 red horizontal lines on where cheeks would be, grass skirt over hood, blue shoes, and was holding a spear. His only difference was that he had a feather held together by another rubber band (As this held together their masks). His facial expression, well I don't really know what it was, but it felt awkward standing there in front of him.

"So what do you want me to tell him?" Asked Dawn.

Rye shrugged, "Something among the lines of we've come here to make peace"

After the two of them speaking a language I had no understanding of Dawn finally translated, "I have nothing to say to any of you"

Donny took a few steps forward, "Ask him why he had his men attack my clients, I mean what da hell did dey even do?"

After talking a bit more in shy guy, "I have no qualms against the yoshis, however you
and the people of your buisness are another story. While you seem to want to make peace with us and the yoshis we have heard from a reliable source that you have no mercy for interlopers of your buisness. For that matter, the motives behind your actions are unpredictable. How do we know you won't just do the same to us as you have with many others when you find no use for us?"

"Aren't you spearguys cannibals?"

Dawn hesitated and as he tried to translate that rude question Ray and Rye began to jump at Dawn yelling, "NO!!!"

Rye held him down while Ray invaded Donny's personal space, "AR YA CHREYEIN' TA PISS'IM AWF?!!!"

"Well are dey or aren't dey?"

"Our people are not cannibals" Everyone's attention was turned to a female sounding voice coming from a spear guy (Or spear girl), she had a feather tied to her headband like the cheif, however she also has earrings in the shape of the masks worn by shy guys. "Cannibalism; is the eating of the flesh of our own people. Although some people reffer to it as the eating of humans by a person, in which case what you say is true. But by what we believe in, we are not cannibals"

Rye and Ray looked at eachother mouth gaping for a few seconds before slapping their faces simanteously. If I had to venture a guess, she was intended to be the translator, not Dawn.

"I'm sorry, but please leave"

Outside Cheid's Hut ...

"Well that could've gone better" Rye said shaking his head.

All of a sudden we heard a bunch of shy guy language, we turned their way to see three shy guys huddled, they didn't have grass skirts, paint on their mask, or spears in their hands. Each took a turn at talking, then one of them looked our way, and ran in the opposite direction. Everyone but Dawn was puzzled, "What ... Da hell ... Was dat?"

"The problem" Everyone turned to Dawn, "This what they were saying: Looks like things are going according to plan. Yeah, who would have thought spearguys could be so gullible? Those guys are wasting their breathe on them, whose the most brilliant mastermind? KING BOWSER!!! Crud, it's them! Run!"

"Bowser? He never learns his lesson. What is he planning on doing this time?"

"Ryelin, who's Bowser?" I asked.

"An ego-maniac royal. He's the king of the koopas, but he's allied with many other species, the shy guys to name one. If I recall correctly at a time Rapha-"

Raphael interrupted "Caw. He's gone through hundreds of different plans, however all have been twarted by Mario. Though this time it's questionable if Mario even knows about what's going on here"

"Givin' thuh fact that we no soh lil' I'd say no"

"Bowser has only two objectives; Marrying Princess Peach and World conquest"

Donny crossed his arms, "Is dat right? No wonda my clients wa attacked. Bowsa's tryin' to mess wid da sydnicate cuz' wa progressin' so fast" Donny tightened his hand into a fist, "Alright let's follow dem right to where deir hidin' an' take'em down!"

Ray took out a tiny folded piece of paper, then began to unfold it, and unfold it, and unfold it, and unfold it. The tiny piece of paper was 3' wide both ways. "Looks like Oh-kuh-nay jru us a map"

"Mio dio, chop down a whole fo'est why don' ya?" Donny said smacking his head.

"Thuh mor un-buh-leave-able part is that it wuhz ownly pallm seyez at first"

That was very unbelievable, but so was jumping from a 5 story tree and not landing with even a sprained ankle. "So ... How does it work?"

"The exact details are over your head an' mine, but basically the paper works like a print-out, in the sense that Okane or someone else types up directions for us to do, it can even give images. The paper expands everytime a message/image is sent" Rye explained.

"... Now dat's somet'ing. Somet'ing like that would save a lot of trees"

"The paper may not look like it, but it's actually data, an' yes, it would"

After that we started following the map, though I didn't get to see it.

"... That's my idea ... I checked the entire universe ... And still found nothing like it. And how the hell do they know Okane? Could they be ...?" Dawn muttered to himself.


Hope everyone who reads it, liked it. Also please give your thoughts ^_^

Edit: Oh yeah, kudos to those who noticed the little easter egg within this chapter.
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Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
DR: A little late, and a bit on short side, but here's Chappy 17 of Mishap :D Also, I've decided to put the music in links, so it won't disrupt the reading flow. (Though the reason I did it that way before was so people could let the music play while they read, without having to switch between either tabs or windows :/

Enjoy ^_^

Chapter 17 - Blending in

After four days of walking in Jade Jungle, surviving off the fat of the land, and following the line on the map we finally arrived to where the Shy Guys had retreated to. Ray looked around until she spotted a rock and then pointed to it, "That's wair they ar"

Raphael rose an eyebrow, "Underneath the rock or inside it?"

"Thair shood be a hole underneeth it. All we haff ta du is moov thuh rawk"

"Let's just hope we can enter without getting spotted, cuz' I'm not too crazy about the idea of fighting an army today" Dawn said snidely.

Raphael's Ravens opened the passageway and we jumped down into the hole underneath. As we landed we noticed something green with big orange lips, long silver hair, and holding a club was sleeping near the entrance. We all froze, we were so close to being caught and we just got down here :(

Read with: Paper Mario Music - Dry Dry Ruins - YouTube

"Everyone okay down there?!" Called Raphael.

We all shushed him, "There's a Clubba down here guarding the exit. Don't wake him up" explained Rye.

"Oh, well we'll be guarding the entrance, seeing as I can't, regretably, fit down there"

"That's fine. Just don't shut the exit"

"Shut the exit? I don't know why, but all right"

"No" We yelled in a whispher. The light dissappeared.

Donny pressed down on his hat, "Un-F@ckin'believable" he then walked away. We looked at the Clubba, it had a huge snot bubble, which is really gross, blowing from it's nostril. It was sawing logs and it didn't seem like that would change with only sound alone. A stroke of luck for us, I guess :/

After walking the same way Donny went we finally found him, he had stopped for some reason, "Sumthin' rong?"

"We are offically in da fiah" he said pointing ahead.

As we looked his way our eyes opened wider and wider. The cavern was very spacious, unbelievably spacious. Shy guys, Clubbas, Koopas, and Magikoopas were crawling all over the place (In a matter of speaking) "And it burns" I stated, realizing we may have bitten off a little more than we could chew (Or at least I had).

"Kay' everyone, even though there is a reason to panic let's try to be a tiny bit optimistic. Ray, has Okane given us new directions?"

Ray took the paper out again nodded, "Thair's gohn ta be a meetin' soon. W'er ta discise owerselvs as Bowzer's minyins to lern whut's goin' on"

"I'm gonna be the one ta say it, but couldn't fate figure that out for us?"

Ray shruged, "Maybe shee jus' wants us ta have sum place ta hide?"

"In plain sight? I really don't think this qualifies, but let's hope I'm wrong. So what're we going to dress up as?"

"Y'er a magikoopa"

"... Seriously? Jus' a regular magikoopa? Nothing like ... A Yellow, Red, Green, anything in that order?" Ray shook her head and Rye's eyes shifted away, "... Dammit Okane, I hate you so much right now"

"She tipes that she doesen't giv a dam. Donny's a Whuhite Cluba"


"Cuz' yer bilds an' culur ar similer"

"So what is Ray? A white Magikoopa? Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh" is how Rye laughed.

"Nok it owf befor I dek ya wun. Anaways, Xeeah is en Antie Gerul"

"What?" Ryelin said throwing up his arms.

"Um, is that good?" I asked.

"Anti Guys, or anti girls in this case are the strongest member within the shy guy family" Ryelin explained.

I blushed, "And I get to dress up as one?"

Ray nodded followed by looking at the paper again, "Eye'm ..." She looked at the paper with a painful look, "... Uh ... Whuhite Mahjikoopah"

Ryelin laughed like he did before, and Ray kicked him in the face making his head bob back a bit.

"Eye'll mayk it werse nex time" She threatened.

"And I don't doubt you're lying" Ray said rubbing his face, which was remarkably only red from the blow.

"Betur" She said turning her attention towards the paper again, "An' Dawn is ..." Ray began to shake, "Pfft" she began, "Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh!" she snickered.

Dawn rose an eye brow, "What? What's so funny?"

She gasped, trying to catch her breath, "Yoo'll be jressin' up as a Bumtee!" she said continuing the laugh.

Donny and Ryelin began, "Pfft" and started laughing just as hard as Ray. I was confused, and so was Dawn.

"What the hell is a bumpty?"


After he were done changing out came Dawn, who remarkably managed to fit into the tiny penguin-like constume, "I'm gonna get her good for this" he said rapying his voice in irritationg as the beak moved as he talked.

"Preyesliss" Ray said laughing even harder.

Out next came Donny, he'd taken off his hat and put a white wig over his palm tree, all he was wearing for clothes was a grass skirt, his nose was being covered by large orange lips, he had a shell glued on his back, and was holding a mace. "Laugh, an' you die" he warned everyone.

Next came out Ryelin, he was in a blue robe with white lining, his caucasian skin had been covered with yellow paint, and he was wearing glasses. He was holding a staff, he was also wearing a blue sleeping cap with white lining. "Raise your hand if you realize how redundant this is, when I have 20-20 vision!" he said throwing-up his arms.


Me and Ray were changing into our costumes (Rather, we were putting on something over the clothes we were already wearing), "You two are only putting something on, it's not like you're stripping down"

"If eyethur uv' yu cum in eye'l rownd-howse yu owt!"

"I don't doubt that for a second" replied Rye.

Ray looked exactly like Rye, aside from wearing a white robe and sleeping cap. She then came out, "How du eye luk?

"Disguise-wise or charm-wise? ... Okay, okay you look pretty similar to a regular White Magikoopa"


I came out, "Well how do I look?" I said wearing a gray mask, a black cloak, and gray shoes. I was about the same size as Dawn at the moment.
"An' I t'ought you were short befo' "

Ray punched him in the back for that.

"Oh Ray, you shoulda told me you wa a caraprata" Donny said sarcastically. In the next second Donny was on the ground, half-conscious.


Read with: Super Paper Mario - Evil King Bowser Here - YouTube

We arrived to see a large army gathered into an even larger room than the last. There was a stage in front and a big televison screen above. All of a sudden a burly, green, hybrid of a dragon and a turtle came riding on, what looked like a helicopter-like vehicle with a clown face painted on it. It had orange hair, spikes on it's shell, sharp claws, a spiked collar, and two more on each arm. All things considered, I guessed this was Bowser.

He held a microphone, tapping it a few times, the sound out of the speakers bouncing off the walls. He held up some flashcards and cleared his throat. "Attention minions, and welcome to day 6 of this operation ..." he paused to read the cards, "It's time to move onto Stage 3. Now that the Yoshis and Spearguys are fighting the meddeling ..Sid-Nuh-Kit ... Have no way of striking a deal with the yoshis we can now move onto the 2nd most important part of the plan; Worldwide Balkanization"

I turned to everyone, I didn't know what the word meant, but given the fact that Dawn (Who was the only one I could tell what their expression was) was gaping it couldn't be good.

"As you may or may not know the pipes down here lead to all over, this how we'll begin Stage 3. We'll start with Flower Fields" he pointed to a group what looked like bees, "Bzzap Division's job will be to trick their Queen Bzzap into thinking the Flowers are going to steal their honey" a picture on the screen showed diagram of a hive, the interior, and the Bzzap Division persuading the queen. The Bzzap Division actually saluted Bowser.

I tried to think of how that actually made sense, afterall flowers, even if they could be sentinent, are stuck in the ground. How could they possibly do anything to steal the honey. But, if the Bzzap Divison believed it would work, what's to say the queen wouldn't believe the lie? Plus, if it did work it would destroy the ecosystem, seeing as bees make honey, while flowers need pollen to live and reproduce (Of course, I didn't know any of this at that point in time).


Sep 25, 2010
Wow that was just hilarious when Boswer spoke into the mircophone saying "Worldwide Balkanization" X'D. I get what he meant tho, still it's pretty funny even for Boswer.

Still that's pretty cool that they didn't get found out in their disguises. Thought it pretty was funny when Ray punched Donny for the comment.

Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
Wow that was just hilarious when Boswer spoke into the mircophone saying "Worldwide Balkanization" X'D. I get what he meant tho, still it's pretty funny even for Boswer.

Still that's pretty cool that they didn't get found out in their disguises. Thought it pretty was funny when Ray punched Donny for the comment.

KK: Well he was reading off a scirpt/cheat sheet. But the thing is Paper Bowser is pretty dense, as far as I can gather Kammy Koopa (Who will not be making an appearance in this story) is the brains to operations, still there are times where he's on task while everyone else including Kammy are goofing-off (The intro to Super Paper Mario also reveals how lazy they can be, seeing as Mario and Luigi just waltzed in with ease x3 ). Though in comparison to say, Galaxy Bowser he's a moron, the fact that he expects bees to rebel against flowers says a lot x3 (Moreso that everyone following him is positive 100% that it will work).

That was my objective; Ray, Donny, and Raphael make a very funny combination if you know how to do it right. The training has kinda been more of a way to lighten things up before the darkness returns to the story, and trust me there's a lot -_-"

DR: Kay' this has been long awaited, but won't be much. School, the Nuzlocke Challenge (Yeah you read that right B/ ), and my procrastination are all to blame. Plus, I've been reluctant to move onto the tournament, just because I don't know how well I'll do :/

Moving onward, Mishap (If you hadn't realized by now) is told by Mivii's perspective only, but I've decided that I have to work around that fact. Thus there will be parts like this that are told by someone else's perspective. They will not be considered chapters, rather interludes. Now here's the first, and as always enjoy :3

Alternate Perspective - 1 - Reoxa

Read with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_kq0EO8WnI

"So let me get this straight, she's on an island training?" I asked questionably with my arms crossed as I stood-out in the hallway.

"Exactly, though something seems to have developed" Nab began.

"Something's developed? What?"

"Conflict. The natives were having terrirtorial issues"


"Yes it seems to have calmed down, from what I can gather there was a misunderstanding or rather one of the tribes was mislead. However, it seems that it sorted itself out. But ..."

"But what?"

"But ... It seems that Xia is trapped in an underground tunnel"

"... ... ... Let me get this straight ... I had to ask for you to tell me my little sister is in danger?!"

"Calm down. The mission is in the Agent Difficulty, besides I thought you had more faith in her"

"I do. However, she is my sister, and I can't shake off these brotherly impusles"

Nab sighed, "Yes, those can be annoying"

"So what world is she on?"

"The world doesn't have a name, but she's currently on a paper world"

I wasn't sure that I heard him correctly, "... What?"

"A paper world, they're classified as worlds that are made entirely out of paper, the inhabitants are also made of the same texture and properties as the world. Some of which are only limited to 2-Dimensions, however some worlds-"

Enough of that, "Nevermind"

"So how would you feel towards me sending a dusk to check on what she's up to?"

"You'd be wasting a dusk, she's never seen one before"

"But she has seen our insignia more than once, correct?"

"Likely more than once"

"Then you need not worry. It sticks out as one of a Dusk's most distinguishing features"

"So you say"

"Hmph, even your somebody's father was able to notice it right off the bat, even if our's is a bit altered" a sly smile crept onto his face, " And correct me if I'm wrong, but he wasn't the sharpest of weilders"

I held back the urge to give him a black eye, "... ... ... Just send the damn dusk"

"Oh, I'd almost forgotten you're a bit sore on the subject of your past"

Bullsh*t >:< (Expression of unamusement), "DON'T make me repeat myself" I said now grinding my teeth.

Nab snapped his fingers and a dusk slithered in via corridor.

"Your dental bill will go through the roof if you keep that up" he continued to screw with me.

An idea occured that might get him to stop, "Y'know Nab, I've been considering taking-up canibalism. I'm sure with thorough cooking and proper seasoning a dusk would be quite delicious, don't you?"

Nab gaped for the remainder of the time I stood there, I then walked away satisfied with the look on his face. Little did I think of this in long-term perspective -_-"

DR: Let the words of Reoxa spread like wild fire xD More coming soon folks.
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Sep 19, 2011
In the great wide somewhere~
I'm finally finally finally alll caught up! :D This is a really cool story, DR! A few typos, but I really like how well you show the world through her eyes. I also liked your perspective on the whole "feelings" thing, that they're in the brain. And, aw, Reoxa really does care about his little sister... enough to take up cannibalism! X3 I kid, of course. I like Donny and Raphael's relationship, as well as Ray's and Rye's, and Xia and Yasi are very easy to like as characters, in my opinion.

Nice job~<3

Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
MWF/Mazy: Awesome :D Yeah, I'm gonna proofread before posting and let things from there -_- Well, once again(Not sure if I said this earler in this story thread ^_^; ) the original purpose for this story was a test to see if I could make a story without going overboard on detail, yet still make a story that people could enjoy, laugh here n' there, and also form interesting opinions towards characters.

That is where emotions come from in RL, but it's a mix really in my series, as explained by Korox Hearts produce confidence, lacking a heart leave an emptiness with can be used to supress emotions. Which I think explains why nobodies have the power not to feel things like guilt (Dunno if that's the real reason, but that's canon in my story baby *U*).

^0^ Reoxa is a really big jerk, there's no good argument over that. But, he really does care, still Reoxa has issues that will be revealed within time. I've already thought-up the reason he's like how he is, I think it'll make those who are still reading see that jerk in a whole new light.

Heh, an italian mobster-type and a half-baked, yet strategic mastermind army general-type ... Yeah, add their characteristics n' species and you might just have struck gold x3 ... Still that's a bit much :/

I forget if I made this clear, but Ray is his mentor. Rye is gonna get better over time, but considering they're both from future origins and keep hopping from points in time and worlds weekly, it's kinda hard to tell when n' where progress is being made ^^_' < (Intentional iconic smilely).

Yasi is kind, still she doesn't have a pure heart like her mother, sad to say :,c As for Xia(Though it really is a pseudo name) it's difficult to form into words, she's really not as simple as the rest, being frank :/

DR: That's right folks, I'm back already with some more Mishap, enjoy ^_^

Chapter 18 - Game Plan

Later after the meeting, somewhere deep within the cavern where no one was around, we had taken off our costumes, and now were faced with the question; what to do? Donny was further in taking his frustrations out on the wall. "So your honest opinion, we failed the mission, didn't we?" Ryelin asked Ray.

"... ... Eye nu hee wuhz uh bit uv uh moron, but heez krayzee if hee ahkshallee planz on duin' this"

"So what do we do?" I asked.

"Turn around" a voice from behind said. We did as we were instructed and then saw a girl. She had shoulder-length auburn hair in a ponytail, to the right side of her head, that reached to her chin in, in a white scrunchie. She was wearing a long-sleeve bubble gum-pink light jacket, the coat had a puffy white hood, and she was wearing blue jeans.

Ryelin gaped for a second, then crossed his arms with a smile, "One way, or another, ey Sori?"

She smiled too with her eyes closed, "You know me"

"Sori?" I thought, "Isn't that Ryelin's girlfriend?"

"So, did they send you here as back-up?"

"Emm hm"

"By yourself?"

"Nope, someone else came along"

Ryelin looked at her questionably, "Who'd they send?"


Ryelin rolled his eyes, he was not in the mood for mind games, "Zearin?"




Ryelin looked ill, "Okane?"

"She's still at the desk"

Ryelin then began to get red with anger as he clentched his fists, "Don't tell me-"

"She's on another mission"

Ryelin breathed a sigh of relief, "So who is it?"

Sori side-steped to the left, to reveal a boy 11, maybe younger, maybe a little bit older. He had black hair, somewhat soft-peach skin, amber eyes, and was taller than me by a few inches. He was wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, black shoes, and a silver bracelet on his right wrist. "Sup'?"

Ryelin just stared at him for a second, pointed his left index finger his way, and slowing turned his head towards Sori, "Ruin? Ruin, is part of the back-up?"

Sori nodded.

Ryelin crossed his arms again, "Well this is a first, and Prof. Yin is fine with this?"

"He was kinda persuaded"

"Ah" Ryelin's eyes glanced back and forth from Ruin to Sori for the next 30 seconds. He then turned around rubbed his right cheek, "So, am I the only one who thinks this is awkward?"

She opened her eyes "Well ... It kinda is. But ... That's not really important. Oh yeah ... Me and Ruin managed to convince the Spearguys of what's really going on"

My eyes bulged a bit, "How?!"

"It's really simple, me and Ruin were sent here before Ryelin and Ray were. So we had more time to do some recon. Honestly, I wasn't sure if they would believe us or not, but they did thankfully"

"So by recon, what did you do?"

"Spied on what was going on here, what those three shy guys were saying back in the village, and recorded every bit of it"

Rye waved his hands, "Wuh-whu-wait ... You mean ... You two were there ... Before those shy guys took off?"

She held up what looked like a camcorder through a strap with her left hand, "And recorded every bit of it"

Rye pinched the bridge of his face, "Of course. Mind if I go somewhere else and have a cussing moment?"

"Uhhhhhhh ... Sure?" She said as more of a question than an answer. Sori seemed as suprised as I was.

Rye headed for Donny's way, the pounding drowned out some of the words. What we managed to hear was, "Son of a -----!!! Why -- - put up ---- this ----?!!! She made us go through --- ---- ---t for nothing!!! Is the lil' ----- tryin' to win --- best troll of the ---- award?!!! Mother------ ---t!!!" He came back seconds later, his white eyes were now completely bloodshot, and a few blood vessels has clearly been broken. "All right, not that it's not obvious, but I'm back"

Sori, who had been covering Ruin's ears uncovered them, "I'm sorry"

"It's fine" he answered.

Ray looked at Rye in an awkward manner, "Yer eyez-"

"WHAT ABOUT MY EYES?!" We all backed away, Rye looked at us back and forth. He straightened his body, closed his eyes, and cleared his throat, "Sorry, I'm just really on edge is all"

"Maybe you should take slow deep breaths?" Sori suggested.

Rye sighed, "Yeah, sure"

After Rye regained (Most of) his composure ...

I looked down at the seeds in my right palm, a transfer pipette in my left, and then I looked up at Sori, "So we're going to put water on these seeds, drop them in the pipes, and then Bowser's plan is thwarted?"

"Yep, they're ressistant to fire and they grow in only a few seconds. Once they're done growing Bowser won't be able to remove them"

"Backing-up the pipes, guess if it's the only way"

"Their security is lousy, so it'll be easy-ish"

I rose an eye brow, "Ish? Is there a problem?"

"The guards are Clubbas, so it should be easy to get the job done ... But ... Okane did say they have alarm switches installed nearby"

"Ah. So basically if they wake up we're done for?"

Sori nodded.

Donny finally stopped bashing at the wall, he soon came walking(More waddling, actually) out of the tunnel.

"Yu fineully dun?"

Donny pushed his hat down, "Started to hear wata, couldn' let us drown"

Unbeknowest to any of us at that moment, but Ruin was smiling devishly.

20 minutes later at Eastern Pipe 04 ...

I finally found a blue pipe, it was labeled; E Pipe 04 it was in black marker. A red clubba was guarding it, like the one from earlier it had a- I think you know what it had -_-" And there was a switch right next to it. I looked in the pipe, the darkness seemed to go on forever. Next I took out the pipette, a seed, a water bottle (Which Sori gave me), and proceeded to clog the pipe with the seed. After 30 seconds of letting the watered seed fall, the plant rapidly began to shoot-up out of the pipe, I looked up as it kept rising.

25 minutes later after doing the same thing with the rest of the pipes ...

The mission was accomplished, but sadly our troubles weren't over. While I tried to meet-up with everyone at the same place everything went red, an alarm was triggered.

I soon started to feel vibrations coming from the foot steps of a mob coming my way from the left. I ran like lightning, yet very quitely (Or perhaps the alarm drowned-out that bit). As I was running from not being spotted, my heart skipping rope, something grabbed me by the neck into an un-normally large crevice. The crowd had mostly angry-looking koopas, they rushed passed me, and for the moment I was safe (Despite my knowledge at the moment).

I am here for you my liege ...

I didn't know what I had just heard, but whatever IT was, IT told me that through telepathy. "What are you?" I asked IT.

It revealed itself to me by slithering up me like a snake would. It's head was round like a cylinder, the top slantling down where a face on a person would be. It's mouth had a zipper at the end, inside it's mouth appeared to be razor sharp teeth that you'd equate to a used bear trap. I felt like screaming as the pupils in my eyes shrunk and shivers ran down my spine. I swallowed some saliva, I wasn't sure what it would do, but then I looked at the top of it's head more closely.

There were three silver thorns, each were seperated by black concave pieces, they all connected seperately to form a silver diamond shape. The diamond piece was connected to what looked like the bottom of a bell, which was black. Finally this bell piece connected to what looked like a set of silver slippers. Turn it all upside-down, and it ressembled a heart, somewhat. So this was sent by the organization to see how I was doing?

Is something the matter my liege? ...

Does my appearance repulse you? ...

I wasn't disgusted, it was creepy and uncomfortable, but not revolting. "Not really" It slithered it's way to present it's full self. It looked like it kinda had a 6-pack, pointy pecs. It's arms were thin and it seemed to have two extremely long and sharp fingers bounded by two belts per hand. It's feet and up to it's knee cap looked like how an origami's feet would look.

It's side had some sort of navy-blue cord going from it's heel to it's arm pit. Now that I was getting a good look at it, I thought of it as more fasinating, rather than creepy. Maybe I'm just eccentric, but I really didn't know what there was to be repulsed by.

I was sent here to check how you were faring ...

Personally it seems as if the situation is quite dire ...

If you should so wish I have the ability to bring you back, if that is what you wish ...

I looked at it with my eye brows close to a scowl (Though that wasn't my intention), "Not to be rude, but what are you?"

I am what is known as a dusk ...

The memory of Reoxa saying he'd rather not look like a dusk surfaced, "What is your name?" I asked.

Dusk 30212567897652843678908646345789-...

My eyes were bulging unimagianably, "Uh, no. Let me clarify. What was your name?" I said cutting him off, gawd dusks are a diamond a dozen.

... I believe it was Erin, my liege ...

More straight answers, how simple my life is, "Erin ... I can't go, not yet"

... My calculations indicate that it's been approximately 5 days, 6 hours, 37 minutes, and 45 seconds since you first came to this island ...

Is that not correct, my liege? ...

O_O' I thought about that for a second and then replied, "A- .. 'Bout?" I said making it sound more like a question.

Time moves slowly in the Realm of Between when comparing it to this realm ...

You have been gone approximately 4 days, 7 hours, 31 minutes, 20 seconds ...

Though that is really only an approximation on my part ...

:0 ... ... ... Just an approximation? Erin was a Genius, I swear my pupils went from the size of golf balls to the size of the world's smallest pair of earrings. I was literally one major surprise from a heart attack. "Uhhhhh ..." was all I could manage to form for words as I could feel blood beginning to reach the end of my nostrils.

Is something troubling you, my liege? ...

"I ... .... Need to ... Lie down" I actually fell to my knees and hands, moments afterwards I fell unconscious.

Edit: It's been a while since I've done these but check below (V) to learn a little about Ruin, that is if you're interest ;)

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A diamond a dozen? I thought the phrase was a dime a dozen.

Anyway, this was fast! :D I liked it, nice progression~ And I liked how you wrote Erin, as well as Xia's reaction to him. :3 Nice work~

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Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
Mazy: Yeah, I'm weird like that. For instance to this day I will reffer to a 'Monarch' butterfly as a 'Harmonic' butterfly. Seeing as Xia is kinda based loosely on the way I think, it's really a mistake that comes from my own preference ^_^

Haste makes waste, but I don't to be near my death bed while finishing my series. Rather, I'd like to find the gray area there, a balance of the two if you will ... Still I don't know whether I'll be able to keep it up ^_^'

^0^ I thought it interesting to have go into detail here, merely because I wanted to emphasive the feeling of a serpent-like creature(Temporarily in this case) slithering around a girl and then her looking at all it's feature thinking the worse, just to show it was a misunderstanding and that he was really a good guy. Erin as you may have guessed will have a future role, one that might be unique but that has yet to be determined, until then just remember him for later ^_^

DR: And now, for another look at the story from another person's perspective. Take note, there are few ideas in here that I've yet to decide upon if they have further meaning or not. And with that enjoy ;3

Alternate Perspective - 2 - Nalcex

I stared intently at an active volcano in the world known as Deep Jungle, having made full inspections of the level of activity it would only be so long before it erupted. I summoned my golden stopwatch to look at the time, the second hand making it's rounds. I kept my ears to the direction of the volcano, which was now giving off steam.

I had taken the liberty of launching a few thousand shots of my attribute towards the clouds. If things went accordingly, it would soon snow, the intel had estimated a fair amount of rain during the passing months which furthered my speculation. Snow flakes began to fall down, soon picking-up fast. The volcano finally erupted, as it did I summoned my lance. I quickly pierced it into the ground making rows of icicles shoot up from it, with more and more rows beginning to form in front of the last.

After over a thousand were in it's way, the lava collided, and as it did it began to cool. Hardening with every second, as it's lethality began to lessen accordingly. "Excellent efficiency, swift generation, and superb mass" after taking one step forward my cellular phone began to ring. The caller I.D. claimed it was Nab. I flipped it open and held it up to my ear, "Salutations commander"

"Guess again, asshole" a different voice on the other side of the line said.

I began to gape at the fact, "... Reoxa?! How did you acquire my number?!"

"Not important, get your ass back to the castle"

I sighed, "I realize you're an anti-social, however that is no way to ask someone to do something for you. By the by, why did the caller I.D. say it was Na-" I then realized, "The phone you're using was pickpocked, wasn't it?"

"Sharp as a tack when it comes to the obvious, huh?"

I wanted to strangle him so, "Enough with the insults, I know far well you wouldn't do this just for your own amusement. So, what is it that you want?"

"... *sigh* Your help"

I pulled the phone away, giving a questionable look at it before asking him, "What was that?"

"... I ... Need ... Your helP" he ended with a loud 'puh!'

Was he just toying with me? No, he meant it. I couldn't help but begin to chortle, "Ha-ha-ha, so hell has finally frozen over, eh Reoxa?!"

"Laugh it up, but I still need it"

I was chortling, "And why, I must inquire, should I not stick up my nose up at your request? Try not to forget, if the organization would allow it I'd stab you spot-on, without a moments thought, and NEVER, I must emphasize on that word, look back on thee event"

"... What about Xia?"

I scowled, "What about Xia?"

"... She was training ... However complications arose. Straight up and put it shortly; she's unconscious and soon the caverns she's currently in are going to be flooded with salt water"

Gaping once more, I stewed it over, then having regained my composure said, "Very well"

Hallway of Block A

I entered the room to see Braxy, Reoxa, Ikircx, and Nab waiting for me. I grinned, "Cute, you even have your own cavalry"

Braxy looked annoyed, "The hell is your problem?" Reoxa asked.

I brushed the question off as a joke, "Please, I'm within the sights of people I dislike, that disincluding the person I hate the most; meaning you Reoxa. Would you like it if I were as I usually am around all of you?"

Nab pushed his glasses back, "Ignoring the icy prick, everyone here was selected for their contributions and the fact we all want the same thing; to rescue Xia. Reoxa was to assemble everyone neccesary, which he succeeded in doing" Reoxa looked away. "Myself, being the only way of you getting to the world she's on. Braxy for her excellent swimming and diving capabilities as well as her unusually well lung capacity and her CPR certification"

Braxy closed her crystal-blue eyes leaning against the wall, her hands being behind her head, "Good to know I'm not just here for something dumb like moral support"

"Indeed" Nab remarked. "Nal, for his ability to freeze water, which will hopefully buy enough time for Ikircx to dig Xia out with use of his weapon" he turned his head to myself for a moment, "Bear in mind if any water comes into contact with the generation of electricity, anyone who's close enough and is submerged will be electrocuted. In which case, the worse case scenario is anyone caught in the crossfire will fade along with Xia. Including yourself"

Ikircx began to have his jaw wide-open, he clearly didn't know how to respond to any of that.

Braxy sighed shrugging in indifference, "Pressure much?"

On Lavalava Island

Braxy, Ikircx, and I stepped out of the corridor, I was holding intel provided by Nab. Braxy yawned obnoxiously while stretching out her arms. I covered my ears, "UGH!" I groaned squeezing my eyes shut.

"What the hell's your problem" she asked finishing the yawn.

"My hearing senses were heightened! Your obnoxious yawning is like nails going down a chalk board!"

She closed her eyes, shaking her head, with a shrug of indifference, "Sucks to be you"

Ikircx looked over at a small boulder, though it was bit craggy in appearance. "Well this must be the entrance" he then summoned his weapon a pair of Tekagi-shuko(Gauntlets with 3 long blades going across the knuckles). He began to rotate them from his side to about the length of his head, "Now, witness the combination of these blades and my unbelievable speed!"

We waited for several seconds and he just stood there in that stance like an ignoramus ... "Well ... Go on" I urged.

"Go on what?" he asked.

"The combination you were boasting about a moment ago, stop wasting time and use it!"

He chuckled, "Oh that, yeah. I already did it ... Weren't you watching, did you blink, or am I just that fast?"

I pinched the bridge of my noise, "The things I must put up wi-" before I could finish that sentence the boulder began to crumble away, falling into the hole that lied underneath it.

"Whad I tell ya?" he said.

Both myself and Braxy were gawking at what had just transpired, none of us saw him even move.

"Impressive, yes?"

"Since when have you been able to do that?" Braxy asked with a giddy smile on her face, clapsing her hands together.

Ikircx summoned a pair of black sunglasses, put them on, and turned his head, "Stick with me kid, n' you'll learn all sorts of things about me"

I rolled my eyes.

"So what's the reception on my performance, Ice Prince of the organization?"

"..." I then turned my head, "Alright, colour me impressed" I couldn't even follow his movement, just when did he even strike it? How does one even sharpen their capabilites to such an extremedy, even one such as he who can command lightning?!

Ikircx looked down the hole, "Looks like the sea water hasn't reached the area down below, maybe it hasn't even leaked?"

I grinned smugly turning to Braxy, "Well then she-hound, get to sniffing out that dusk then"

I struck a nerve there as she shot me warning glare, "This close brat, this close" she said in an evidently frustrated tone.

By Xia's side

After 12 minutes of running around the caverns which were red with sirens going off, we finally managed to locate Xia. She was unconscious, the dusk sent to her was by her side.

"Holy crap, she really is zonked-out" Braxy exclaimed. She then turned to the dusk, "What happened here?"

I believe her brain was over-stimulated ...

I managed to turn her over to lessen the bleeding from her nose, my liege

She sighed, "Knock-off the 'my liege' crap already" she then looked over the area, I wasn't certain what she was doing until I remembered Nab mentioning she was CPR certified. The blood dripping from her nose seemed to have dried. Braxy seemed upset, then she began to tap Xia's shoulder, "Hey, Xia if you can hear me open your eyes" after a few seconds of no response whatsoever she then took one hand, placed it on Xia's head, and then the other underneath her chin.

Ikircx was lost, "Uh? What is she doing?"

I rolled my eyes, "CPR, you dolt"

Braxy then pushed down on the head, and slightly tilted the chin upward, thereby opening the airway. Then while holding the chin she put the index and middle fingers from the hand used to push down the head to read her pulse, while placing her left ear over Xia's mouth to listen for anything.

During this process I could heard the sound of water rushing this way, I prepared to freeze the water while Ikircx began to dig a way out faster than I could follow. Braxy had summoned a first aid kit, and removed a disposable CPR Mask. She placed it so that the part where oxygen could pass through was directly over Xia's mouth, pinched Xia's nose, and proceeded to give 2 rescue breaths. Meanwhile I had frozen the water, however it soon began to leak a bit at the bottom. "Ikircx! How is the escape route coming along?!"

"I'm not entirely sure, but I think I'm half-way done" he called from what now was a newly made hole going up at a 45 degree angle.

After having removed the mask Braxy listened for any breathing, she then gave a faint smile, "She's finally breathing again"

"Splendid, but I can't keep the water from melting. At this rate if Ikircx doesn't finish soon we'll drown like rats"

"THE ESCAPE ROUTE IS FINISHED!" called out Ikircx.

I dashed upward, Braxy held Xia's head in one hand, and her legs in the other before hurrying as fast and as safe as possible.

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Ah, now I get it! Sorry, it confused me a bit at first.

I loved how this was told from Nalcex's point of view, since he looks down on most of them. It was amusing! And I liked Reoxa's call! xD The plan was good, and you described the CPR procedure really, really well, I think. :D Nice job!


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Finally caught up, I found the moment with the Dusk and Xia quite entertaininga and the rescue seen was entertaining as well.

Keep it up man'g :)


Sep 25, 2010
Caught back uo with the last few chapters! Cause I forgot a bit of what happened ^^' The pick pocketing of the cellphone being mention in the conversation was funny. Reoxa of all people calling for help is unexpected, at the same was hilarious. Happy to see Xia being rescued by Nab and Reoxa an everyone else Reoxa brought with him. So what's next?

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Mazy: Understandable ^_^

Yeah, he kinda has a Vegeta complex :/ That call will have some significance. T'anks :3 I'm taking CPR in school right now, funny how my present life is tying-in with this story x3

Max: So I'll try ;3

KK: An alternate perspective, with some darkness -_-"

DR: Another update, awesome :3 This time we're gonna go from another perspective just so we leave no side untold ;3 (With some limits of course ^_^' )

Added response: It wouldn't let me post this originally, for who knows why -_- Regardless, I hope you can enjoy it a bit.

Alternate Perspective - 3 - Ryelin

After three hours from escaping due to the rise in water and the boulder from the way we came in having mysteriously been reduced to rubble we were still just going through some of the after-issues. We'd been greeted by Raphael and his army, who had found a green pipe(Though somehow it seemed too convienient to have been laying there when we entered -_-' ) that led to Yoshi Village. I bought myself a Yoshi Cappichino from a newly made cafe there, I then came back to see that Raphael and Donny were having it out. Donny had uprooted a tree and was trying to bash and flatten Raphael with it.

Certain pipes have buttons on them, if you press the button it'll vacuum-up anything on one side to the other (This isn't dangerous when you're in paper form, trust me), so I left and came back between just 15 minutes or so. Honestly, I wasn't gone for that long -_-". Sori was just letting them go at it, but she was holding her head in shame to watch it and not be able to do anything about it. I then noticed Ray and Ruin were nowhere in sight, so I decided to ask Sori about it.

"Uh, where'd Ray and Ruin go?" I asked her.

She sighed, "Ruin caused the flood of salt water"

My left eye twitched, "Oh yeah?" I asked in clear irritation and not really as a question, "That explains one thing. But, where is he now?"

"Getting-" she started.

"GAH!" cried Ruin's voice.

I turned toward the direction it came from, thinking the worst of what could've happened, "Crap" I said getting ready to run to his rescue, until.

"I'M SORRY RAY!" it sounded like he was close to tears.

I stopped, crossed my arms, and thought about what Sori was going to say ...
"PLEASE STOP!" he was now in tears from the way he was crying.

I then thought about it a few more seconds, then it hit me, Ruin's still a kid, one that had to be put in his place. "Spanked by Ray, right?" I asked Sori, finishing what she was going to say.



Read with: Pokemon Platinum - HG/SS Pokewalker Connection - YouTube

DR: *sigh* I do not condone child violence, nor do I find it funny in the least -_-"

Okane: *pats him on the back reassuringly* There, there, Dawn"


I turned around, "Poor kid, it be one thing if someone like Okane were spanking him, but a smack from Ray is as potent as getting an anvil dropped on ya. Don't blame the kid for crying his eyes out, soon no less. To anger Raylane Ruingate is to open the gates of hell, when she's angry anyone who messes with her will recieve no mercy. Apparently that applies to children, or at least Ruin. Still, I had heard she could be sweet, guess that's a side you'll rarely see from her, huh. At least when she's pissed-off. 'Course, even she's intimidated by Dawn and Prof. Yin when they get angry. At least when we're at the base. The Realm of Dawn ... The place where the true nature of anyone is up for show" I then laid down on a boulder and looked up at the sky which was soon to go down, 'Side from those exposed to the right stone"

"Is there a reason you said all that?" She asked down sitting next to me on right side.

"Huh? Oh, just thinking out loud, I guess"

10 minutes later ...

Raphael and Donny were now unconscious and Ruin was trying to stand still(Because it hurt him to move -_-" ).

"One punch to the back of the head by Ray and they're unconscious. Times like this that make me wish we had her when we were dealing with Akumu"

"She would have been an indispensible asset towards him" Sori added.

"That's fer sure" I said pushing my feet forward to get onto my legs, "So, you ready to head back to base yet?!" I asked Ray who had her arms crossed and looking annoyed with her eyes shut.

"Not until we make shur nuthin' els hapenz" She answered.

I sighed, "Roger"

DR: You guys can ask about bolded words, just sayin' ;)
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The bolded words? :d I don't think I know any of them.

Is it bad that I giggled a little when we saw where Ruin was? :c I can feel his pain completely, though, when I was younger I was whipped many times. U_U Shorter than average, but another good chapter my friend. <3

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Mazy: Then ask :3

Um, which part :/ Imagine that pain 12-fold once every 5 seconds. The kid's skin probably broke :c I suppose, but thanks regardless :/

DR: Time for, another AP? How bout' a chapter for a change of pace? Well that's what you're gettin' so :3 ... Roll it!

Chapter 19 - Consciousness

I began to open my eyes, the darkness being replaced with a gray room. To my right there was a window where it was the dead of night. I wasn't sure where I was, I tried to think back to what happened, but I couldn't think of much. I decided it might be best to think of what I was still able to remember. My name is Mivii, but it was changed when I joined this group of nobodies ... Or something among it.

What was my name changed to? I think it was ... Xia? Yeah, that's what I perfer to go by at the very least. I was brought here against my will by a person who is in a sense my brother ... What's his name again? .. Reo?
We were fighting about something, but what was it? Well ... I guess it mustn't have been important if I can't remember ._. Why was I brought here? Something about a Key?

During my thought process the door opened by sliding into the wall, in came a white furry creature with bat wings and a pom-looking thing on the end of it's antenna. It was dressed in a white doctor's coat, I didn't even realize it had entered. "Ah, I see you've awakened" it said in a deep high-pitched voice, yet nonchalantly.

My eyes began to open a tad wider, at his voice, I then turn to stare at it. What is that? I don't know why but I want to hug it.

"Now that you're awake, I have a few questions to ask you. You can speak, am I not correct?"

Can I speak? I opened my mouth, but I didn't know what to say.

It put it's paws together while having two sets of it's three claws stick upward, "It's fine if you can't. To be honest these are really yes or no questions, all I require of you is to nod or shake your head back and forth. If you understand what I'm saying please nod your head.

I was able to do as he said.

"Good. Just nod your head to confirm yes and shake it to confirm no. Now then, do you know where you are right now?"

I nodded.

He made a check on a piece of paper, held-up by a clip board that was leaning against a wide flat frame built into the wall. "Are you able to remember everything you may have previously known?"

I look a bit downward, it wasn't something I wanted to admit, but shook my head anyway.

"Are you able to recall your own name?"

I nodded again.

"Do you feel any sort of pain whatsoever?"

I shook my head.

"And do you believe you can breathe normally?"

I nodded.

He was able to grab the clip board somehow, "Well, that's all I have for you. Try to get some more rest, is all the advice I have to offer. And don't get your hopes up, but you might be allowed to leave by tomorrow if you're fortunate enough" and with that he left the room.

I had a hard time trying to decide whether he was trying to be nice or not. I could move my body just fine, still I was trapped in the blanket surrounding me so it didn't really make much difference either way :/

6 hours later

I woke up having some idea of what had happened to me. Don't ask me how or why, but I regained a few of my memories while I was sleeping, I guess they were part of my dream >.> I had been running for my life, then I met with Erin. His intelligence blew my mind. And then I fell unconscious. Well that explains a few things, don't know if it explains my memory loss >.> But, that doesn't explain why I'm here ... Did they send a rescue party to save me?

The door opened and in came Braxy, Ikircx, Nab, and Reo. I turned my head, I couldn't help but take this as a pleasant surprise, "Braxy, Ikircx, Reo what are you all doing here?" I was able to ask.

Braxy smiled warmly and put her left wrist to her waist, "We're here to check up on ya, duh?"

Ikircx smiled with his eyes closed, "So how's the recovery goin', huh Xi?"

"Well, I lost a few memories, but I'm sure they'll resurface in time. So how're you guys?" I answered and asked in such an optimistic way.

Ikircx opened his eyes, "Just awesome on our ends. But enough about us, Xi. Tell us what ya think, think you're in any shape to participate for the Tourney?"

"Seeing as she can speak n' all, I don't think she's too messed-up to partake. Though it might not be the best idea"

"As long as they let me out soon, I'll be ready" I then turned a bit dissappointed, "Still, it's a shame I couldn't get much training done"

Ikircx and Braxy froze with faces stuck in the same happy expression, but they'd gone a bit pale in skin color. "You-"

"Didn't?" Braxy finished.

"No" I pouted.

Nab smiled pushing his glasses up, "If I'm not mistaken you did quite a lot of walking. If it's any consolation it should have done wonders for your legs and thighs. Now if we can just keep them like that for the next 11 yea-"

Reo put his hand on Nab's right shoulder, "Finish that perverted sentence and I will nuture you myself" he threatened.

Nab turned pale, "I don't doubt you for a second" he replied in a frightened tone.

"Good to know"

"Hey Reo, were you worried about me?" I asked him cheerfully.

He answered by turning around completely.

Ikircx came up to him, "Yeah, Reo. Were you worried about your lil' sis?" he asked in a non-mocking tone followed by reaching out his hand.

"If you put that hand on my shoulder and I will cut it off" he threatened.

The threat made Ikircx jump back and put the hand in his pocket, "Psychopath" he muttered.

"Bite me" he replied.

I scowled, "Reo" I said with a little rage, I then noticed Nab was looking at his cell phone and laughing to himself, "Uh, Nab whatcha looking at?" I said a little interested.

Braxy crossed her arms, "Knowing him, something inappropiate"

"A snap shot of Nal, actually"

Braxy backed-away, "Why?"

"Because the face he's making is priceless" he explained.

Braxy, Ikircx, and me exchanged faces of confusion.

Reo sighed, "Nab gave me his phone, and told me to lead Nal into believing I pick-pocketed it from him" he confessed.

"Um ... Whyyyy?" I asked with a somewhat cringed expression.

"Because it be the only way to manipulate him into helping with your rescue. Nal is such a prideful character, the stereotypical aristocrat to put it bluntly. The fact that you gained some of his respect wouldn't be enough, no he had to also believe his most hated rival actually went out his way to gain his help. So humoring Reoxa out of pity and concern for your well being were all the reasons required to gain his help"

I was holding my mouth open in shock.

Braxy rolled her eyes, "Manipulative bastard"

"When I told him what my plan had been he was so humiliated, he was played a fool, and couldn't have been anymore in shock. After which I took this snap shot, like I said priceless"

"But why?" I asked.

"I'm mentally sadistic in that sense, sue me. Although that was merely a way to get something extra out of this ordeal. After all, if you had died on a world that I personally sent you to my days would have been numbered. The Superior having lost his 2nd Heart Gatherer? The sight would have been violently graphic, I have no doubt in my mind"

Aside from Reo who was shaking in frustration, everyone else was shooting daggers at Nab.

"Feel free to look at me like that all you want. But just remember, had it not been for me she might not even be here. The way I see things should have absolutely no influence on how any of you do. Well at any rate, if they release you by tomorrow it will give you 1 more day's worth of training. Or if you want, you could just laze about. Either way, it will leave you with about 14 hours to squander your time at your choosing"

"To change the subject Xia, I've been meaning to ask how did you became unconscious to begin with?"

"The Dusk told us she had too much brain stimulation" Braxy said.

I looked her way, "Dusk? Do you mean Erin?"

Braxy exhaled quickly and shortly to show her irritation, "Do dusks even deserve names! About 2/5 of those assholes play jokes on everyone! The last time while I took a hot shower in my room one of those bastards turned the sink on! I was scalded so bad that I couldn't get over it for weeks! I haven't showered in there ever since because of them"

Ikircx rose an eye brow, "Wait, when was this?"

"A year ago" she answered making it sound more like a question and raising up her own eye brows to his.

"Didn't you take one after our last mission?"

"Yeah. I said I haven't showered in 'there' ever since. Y'know I don't have the only shower in this castle, right?"

"... I think I'll just leave it at that" Ikircx said turning away.

"Oh, and before I forget again" Nab began, "They'll be informing everyone who attends on a few basics of the tournament tomorrow. It'll be held on the 3rd floor, where eveyone enlisted" He then stood up, "And with that I have places to be, best of luck Xia" he said before walking out of the room.​

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I want to ask about the Yoshi cappachino, then. It sounds yummy. :3

Anyway, this chapter was really goo! It seemed so realistic as you showed her perspective as she awoke, and it's kinda cute how tsundere Reo is. ;) Very interesting responses from Nab as well, and an intriguing report. :D

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DR: Ah~ It is great to be ... Back? *looks down at tombstone* B, ... Cute *Snaps fingers*

Erosx: *appears*

DR: *Points to tombstone*

Ersox: *Walks over to the tombstone, raises one fist, and then brings it down gently. The tombstone then turns to rubble*

DR: Gra-zi-e ^o^/

Erosx: *Dissappears*


Mazy: I actually had to look that word up after I first saw it, thought-about setting up a time-bit, but ultimately decided not to. I'm glad you enjoyed the part, and thank you for helping me finally know what to list a good portion of my characters as ^0^

Oh yea, before I forget:

Yoshi Cappuccino~

-Lavalava Coffee Bean (Found on Lavalava island)
-Skim Milk
-Filtered or Bottled Water(Recommended)
-Yoshi Cookie Flavoring (Made from Yoshi Cookies, introduced in Yoshi's Cookies. Varying in appearance and size, up to the point where Mario and Luigi have used them in their platform games in order to progress. Ingredients: Cake Mix, and a ... Melon 0.o? )

DR: So yeah, this story is far from dead, special thanks to the mods for not deleting this, along with many of my other works ^o^/

I really can't offer much of an explaination, because so much time has gone by, aside from the usual WB, a bit of laziness, maybe some school, now a little bit of work, and also putting together a little somethin'. I've put-together a little rule book, listed by chronology of my work over the years(I had to go through all my posted work to make this sucker, just sayin' ^u^)

I swear, if this doesn't post ... >:T


-This is just what I have for now.
-KH:3D/Dream Drop Distance is not considered canon to my series. Most bits of new info contained within the game, events, etc will not apply. However, some things such as the existence of Dream Eaters will be picked from the game here n' there ;)
-If you're good with your dispention of disbelief, welcome. If not, abandon all hope, all ye who enter :/
-Certain facts found in science will apply to this story, just sayin'
-Certain aspects of other different religions have been picked to apply for some of my rules, you were warned ;)
-If some rules seems silly, I was still more child-ish at the time I began.
-Some of the descriptions of the rules may be dark or depressing, 'nother warning right there.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

I've decided that I'm going to start explaining a few things I've recieved criticism over in the past. Some I realize were forms of constructive criticism, HOWEVER, some of these are less than helpful, one of which halted my progression by uninspiring me to write the stories to begin with, while I still take it with a grain of salt to this day. I'll address this when in another thread when I finally having all relevant posted work post.

Now, I'm not going give any names, but I will address it as subtly as I can, because I do feel this needs to be adressed to some degree. No disrespect, but I will ignore any further posts about this topic coming up again, because really it's redundant to respond to them.

Now, I provide these links to give the readers a sense of ambience. In the future, I wish to provide multiple links for other fitting-ish musics for the part of the story. I'm sorry about them 'disrupting the reading flow' however, I've been down the road with inserting videos, and because I have a poor computer, chances are I'm not alone in this, and their computers(Along with my current one) can't handle the memory of the videos on the page. Please try to put your imagination on hold for the moment, that's all I can ask of the matter. I appoligize if this offends you in any way, but dem's de breaks either way =/

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Chapter 20 - Shadows of Anticipation

Read with: Those Relaxing Sounds of Waves - Full HD Film, Ocean Waves in 1080p, 1h long - YouTube

I had been released, even though the remains of my memory from my life before the Organization were only scraps. I don't know why, but for some reason that makes me sad :c I was at the Dark Margin, I had taken my sandals, and gloves off. The feeling of the sand was soft and the water was both relaxing in texture and in sound. I felt so calm, I closed my eyes, and for only a second I was in complete peace.

Stop the music!

Then I remembered something that made that all feel as if it were merely an illusion. I remembered something from my life before the organization. I was born and lived on an island; where I would eat coconuts, bananas, and cook fish. One day I had looked at my reflection, and I had no face, just eyes and a mouth. I immediately stood-up to lift my hood quickly and look at my reflection.

Amber eyes, soft-peach skin, and short brown hair were the only characteristics that set me apart from everyone else. Regardless, that memory made me remember ... No matter what I do ... I'll alway be a monster ;^; Tears ran down my cheeks, I hated it, I could blend into the crowd all my life and never be the same as them. I felt afraid, what if they found out? Would they still accept me?

"I take it you remembered the time you still lacked a face" I turned my head to see Reo who had his arms crossed, and as usual his hood up. "It sets you apart, but it in no way changes who you are. Nobodies can try fooling themselves, but they'll always be monsters, biproducts of the heartless. In that sense, we're not that different from them, you and I"

I sniffled, "You sure they'd see it that way?"

"True friendship isn't an invention of the heart. If they treasure that friendship then something like that will make no difference"

I tried to stop crying, "Thanks Reo"

"... Mind explaining why you're now calling me Reo? Is it that you've forgotten my name?"

"Does it bother you?" I asked managing a small smile c,:

"No. I'm just curious is all"

"I kinda did" I admited.

"... Figures"

"So ... What was it like when you found out?"

"Is that any of your buisness?"

"Well, you are my brother"

"... Tell me ... You have any love interests yet?"

My eyes bulged as my face turned red, "Why- Why would you ask that?" I stuttered, completely caught off-guard by his random question.

"Oh, is that none of my buisness? Even though I'm your brother?"

I then gaped, realizing he had tricked me. I crossed my arms and pouted looking away, "Touche"

"Thought you'd see it my way"
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Later at the 3rd Floor ...

Read with: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Sacred Moon [Extended w/ DL Link] - YouTube

We were sitting on an ivory bench, waiting for the other members to start coming to be informed on how things were going to go tomorrow and for other parts of the month. I turned my head to ask Reo something. "So, how difficult do you think this competition will be?"

"All depends on who enters" He answered simply.

I looked at my loose fists, "Let's see. There are 16 members who were allowed to sign-up. And the only people I know who entered are ..." I held-up a finger for each name, "Me, you, Nal ... Braxy ... Exol ... Ikirc .. And Taxon"

As I said each name Reo slowly began to turn his head towards me.

I turned to him and asked, "What?"

"What's the point in you saying all their names?"

I looked at him as if he were joking, "What's wrong with me saying all their names?"

He quickly looked away, "Nevermind" he finished with what sounded like a soft sniffle.
Try as I might, I couldn't understand what that was for, or even if I had heard it to begin with.

Soon Korox came strolling down the hall, he was smiling the same way as he always did, oddly I hadn't forgotten him, no. He's too difficult to forget. "Korox" I greeted him.

He turned his head, "Ah, salutation, Xia. You're taking part in this little competition too I take?"

I nodded, "I guess so" I said while grinning.

He put his hand on his chin, "I had heard you had a bit of a mishap. I'm not too acquainted with the details, however I had heard that both a search party and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation were involved in them"

I raised an eyebrow, "Cardiopulmonary Reser- ... What?"

"Or as it's commonly known as; CPR"

The word surfaced and the image of a person breathing into another person via the mouth also appeared in my head. The breath being blue and the inside of the body becoming visible as the air traveled down inside of the throat. "Um ... Okay?"

Korox turned to Reo, then turned back to me his smile grew a bit nervous. I turned to see Reo, who was face-palming, I was not amused >:0

Not too soon after, Ikirc and Braxy arrived simaltaneous. As they looked at the scene their eyes began to bulge, trying to figure out what was going on. "Uhhh ... Hey, Xi? What's ... Goin' on?" Ikrixc asked with a nervous grin of his own.

I turned away from scowling in Reo's direction to smiling again, "Nothing much"

"That's ... Good" Braxy said turning to Ikircx with a look of confusion as he did the same.
About that moment a short girl(Still taller than me) with purple hair in an emo punk style (With some pink highlights) walked passed us. I seemed to remember seeing her before, but I couldn't place a name. She was wearing the same as everyone else: A black coat, I found my eyes following her as she stopped to look around.

Followed by a few moogles, including ... Wade who took up their places. One was holding a clipboard and looking at every non-moogle. Next a man with pitch-black messy hair and evergreen eyes came out of a corridor. He put his right hand on where his heart would have been and gestured the other as a slightly younger girl walked-out of the same corridor. She was wearing what looked like a ... Kimono version of our black organization coats ( :0 ... Can you have organization outfits customized?!).

She had jet-black hair, her bangs were just above her eyebrows, and the back of her tied hair draped over her right shoulder. I couldn't help but gawk, she looked so elegant and pretty, I just couldn't. I then felt someone moving my hand, I hesitated for a few seconds before slowly turning my head to see a girl with glasses.

Her teal hair had the bangs in the center completely straight n' even, she had two thin (yet broad) strands of hair coming down the sides to about her chin, and the back hair in a high ponytail. I had absolutely no idea what she was doing or why, "Um, can I help you?"

She looked up and smiled, "Oh, so sorry, don't mind me. I was just examining your hand"

Examining my hand? I closed eyes and tried to smile, "Who are you?"

She placed her left index finger directly under her lips, "Oh, I suppose it was rude of me, yes?"

My smile turned somewhat false, "Rude? Maybe. Weird is more like it"

She laughed to herself, "As for my name, you may reffer to me as Exam"

I racked my mem for that one, then I remembered the scientist Korox had warned me of, but it couldn't be, "No seriously, who are you?"

She giggled, "Cute"

Reo came-up and grabbed her hand, "Hands to yourself"

"Oh, and how is little Reoxa today? Taken up boldness, I see"

Reo's eyes pierced the darkness that they hid within, "... And I can see you're as stuck-up as ever"

O_O" Please don't start something Reo.

She merely giggled again, "How amusing, and such a disrespectful look. If I didn't know better, I would say you're trying to intimidate your higher-up"

Sarcasm or just oblivous? I can't tell because ... She's just so weird. "Can I have my hand back now?"

She turned to me and let go, "There you go, it's your's again, for the moment"

Reo put his hand on her left shoulder, "You mean it's her's again forever"

O~O Reo?

She turned to him, "Ooh, aren't we increasingly defiant today?" she said rhetorically in the same cheeky manner she had been using up until that point.

Braxy was looking annoyed, "She's such an annoying snob"

Ikirc sighed and shrugged, "Whaddya expect from a sociopathic sadist?"

"In her eyes we're nothing but experiments, ones that will either succeed her expectations or not" Korox added.

"Dat's enuf uv dat, luv" said a deep voice from a well-built figure who put his hand on her other shoulder.

Exam's eyes bulged and her body stiffened, she slowly turned her head with a weak smile, "Commander Taxons, how long were you-?"

"Da 'ole time. You've 'ad ya fun, now leave'im alone" the man with black hair, light skin, and evergreen eyes ordered calmly. He was smiling pleasantly.

"Boo-yah! Taxons 1, Exam 0" Braxy exclaimed, with closed eyes followed by a fist pump.

Reo turned to her, "Who says that anymore?"

Her joy turned into irritation easily, "I do, got a problem with that?"

"That was a rhetorical question"

I felt like saying something, so I decided to ask. "Why is Exam afraid of Taxons?"

"He outranks her" Reo answered.


Reo began to explain, "Numerial rank has place in the organization, but rank achieved through reputation also plays a part. Taxons is our No. 2 and his record is almost spotless. While Exam is our No. 16 and her contributions tied-in with her own record has allowed her to climb the ladder over the years. We label them as; The Council of Five. They're 5 members who rank above the rest. The order goes; Superior, Taxons, Exam, Nab, and finally Rax ... You'll meet her later" he added. "It's really less about fear, and more about jurisdiction than anything"

That moment a man with golden locks surrounding his head and coming down to his chest who was a giant in comparison to me came walking(More like clomping ^_^' ) by. Taxons escorted Exam over to another bench across from ours where she seemed very gloomy holding her head down (Which considering she was smiling before adds to her level of weirdness).

"She sure knows how to sulk when she doesn't have her way, huh" Braxy said with crossed arms.

All a sudden another pair of members came from a corridor, they were escorted by a large bulky creature. One was wearing their hood the other wasn't. The one who wasn't was: short, had emerald eyes, short burgundy hair a bang at the sides of her head, and a small ponytail in back. The hooded-figure was slim, but it was somewhat obvious that it was a female -_- The hooded-figure looked our way and waved rapidly 0_o?

I turned my head to examine everyone's expressions: Reo was shaking his head, Braxy n' Ikirc exchanged awkard expressions, and Korox appeared to be looking around for whoever she was waving to. She then turned to the younger girl, perhaps to get consent, the girl replied with a nod. Then the figure came over, "Hey guys, how's it goin'?" she asked, her voice sounding familiar.

Braxy sighed, "Not bad, Dywinx. So, why are you here?"

"To learn about the competition, duh"

Braxy's uninterest remained as she said, "Well, yeah I guess that makes-" Until that moment when the fact finally dawned on her, causing her eyes to lighten-up, "Wait, what?!"

Dywinx nodded, "That's right, I entered the tournament"

"WHY?!" she questioned, all of sudden caring.

"I thought it would be fun, besides it's good for a change of pace every once n' while, right?"

Ikric looked away, "Maybe, but weapons are allowed. Even if this isn't supposed to be life threatening, it's still dangerous"

"Look, you're right. Change is good, but if you're not careful you'll end-up with scars and even laid-up for the rest of the month"

WHAT???!!! O_O"

She batted her hand downward, "I'll be fine, besides you've seen me in action when I'm all fired-up"

Braxy held-up her right index finger and opened her mouth to say something, then stopped to put her fingers to her now closed lips. She then repeated the same actions twice, before finally sighing, looking away, and replying, "Fine, have it your way. But just remember that I warned ya"

"Aww, that's why I love you Braxy, because you're so caring and thoughtful"

Braxy snickered, "Gee, and here I thought it was because of my knock-"

Reoxa's right hand reached, grabbed, and dug into Braxy's right shoulder within a blink of an eye, "Stop, no one wants to hear you talk about that ... Aside from perverts" He ended by looking Ikric and Korox's way.

Ikirc crossed his arms and looked away, "Well, don't look at me"

"Perish the thought" Korox answered in a way that he almost sounded digusted.

"Now all we need is a response from Nab, and I can safely rest my case" Reoxa added afterwards.

I was looking at the big creature by the girl from before, Braxy noticed and asked(Seeing as the best way to change the subject), "Something wrong?"

I didn't stop staring, "What is that over there, and what's that around it's neck?"

Everyone looked that way(Even Reoxa), "That, would be a Berserker. They're a form of lesser nobody, though they're placed higher up on the food chain than dusks, for obvious reasons." Reoxa explained.

"Okay, but what's that blue thing around it's neck?"

Reoxa flinched, "... ... ... ... ... That ... ... ... Is a ... ... ... ... ... Collar" he answered with a rasp in his voice.

I turned to Reoxa, he was shaking, "A collar?"

"It symbolizes ownership. I had heard rumors that a shop selling special breeds of nobodies had recently opened, however I had just thought it was nothing more, mostly because it sounded so immorally wrong"

I tilted my head, "Why?"

Reoxa slowly turned his head, his amber eyes having pierced the darkness of the hood again, which were intense and frightening to look directly into at that moment, "Didn't I already tell you? Nobodies have no hearts, but that is the only thing that seperates us from sombodies. Owning a nobody, lesser or not is nothing but slavery. Which sickens me to my very core"

"Hey Reoxa, ease-up, she didn't know. You do remember that she went through that accident, right? She might not remember when you told her" Ikirc said sticking up for me.

Thanks Ikirc ;-;

Reoxa sigh, "Fine. I guess I can forgive you for not knowing better" Thanks, Reo :T

"Wait that's lil' Reo under there?" Dywinx asked sounding genuinely surprised. "You've gotten so big since I last saw you" she added sounding like she was talking to a puppy rather than a person.

Reo looked her way, "Don't treat me like a child" demanded.

Braxy snickered, "If you didn't have that hood on 24/7 it be hard not to. You may be tall n' a bit muscular, but you still sound like a kid"

"His voice hasn't even begun to crack yet either" Dywinx noted.

Reoxa was beginning to shake again.

"Hey, lay-off the guy, he can't help what he can't help" Ikirc said defending Reo. Thanks again, Ikirk c,:

Braxy sighed pleasantly, "Yeah, that's tr-"

"All of you can go straight to hell and burn for eternity" Reoxa said with obvious dispise.

O_O ... Reo ... Why did you have to say that?

Everyone backed away for a moment, as the air was beginning to heat-up quite literally.

Changing subject, changing subject, changing subject! "Um, so what did you mean by special breeds?" I asked talking as fast as possible.

The heating stopped as Reoxa looked my way, "What?"

"You said special breeds of nobody, what did you mean by that?"

Reoxa just stared at me for five second before I realized that might have not been the best thing to change the subject.

I looked down feel a bit guilty, "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking straight. Let me think of something el-"

"It's fine" He said seeming to have calmed himself, "Special breeds ... I don't know all of the specifics ... But the gist is this; At a certain point experiments were done on Lesser Nobodies to make them more 'useful' for lack of a better word. They can become stronger through fighting, unlike the usual variety who are hindered in that aspect. Although they haven't lost their personality or have been effected in anyway that would be harmful to them, I still find it detestable to even consider owning one"

"I know you hate her for owning one, but she doesn't treat her's like some would" Dywinx explained.

"If you're trying to make me accept the idea, even slightly, you're failing miserably, and on that matter should just stop trying" Reoxa snapped clearly getting frustrated again, but not as much.

"h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h" came the laugh of someone who was to the right of everyone. Everyone looked immediately at this figure of mystery. Whoever he was he had his hood on, and while nothing else could be seen he seemed to be smiling in a very devilish, no, demonic way.

Dywinx leaned over to whisper in Braxy's left ear, "Do you know who that is?"

She replied, "I'm not sure, but whoever it is their laughing is creepy as hell". What she was reffering to was the fact that the person was still laughing in the same manner.


DR: And after hours of hassle, I finally got all of this done, SUBMIT!!! *crosses fingers* Oh yeah, hope you enjoyed the return :3
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