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  • haha it's all about brushing in your pattern first with different colors and a hard edge brush, then after that you just smudge the edges and insides to make them blend and add textures (mostly spacey ones)

    the tut in his first resource pack really helped me figure it out though cuz that's like his main method for everything lol
    sure go ahead man.

    I have nothing else to say but the 25 characters won't allow me to make short strait to the point posts.
    lol pretty sure some1 else has it too but i'll use it bro. thanks for the heads up

    you make sigs or what ?
    surprise suprise, i wanted to ask about PS. just let me know what i have to do, or if you're still offering it.
    I am sure he will, and if he does that is done for my shop, it will also solve a lot of problems. I can't apply just yet since my shop is still in action, I have to get Mac decision before I close it.
    I PM'ed Macabre a few options, on what to do, I honestly don't know about my shop. Since dannota left that leaves us with two, me and Mac (Sir Jecht is only up there because I wanted his name up there). I noticed the SDD thread name. Are you making a new SDD or just going to revamp the current thread? If so I don't know when to post my app.
    I imagine you get a lot of people asking you, and I'm sorry to be one of the million, but, I was wondering if I could have a copy of Photoshop. I am a GIMP user, but my the looks of the sigs, Photoshop might be better. I mean, there are pros at GIMP, but I wanted to give a try at Photoshop.
    Thank you in advanced.
    Thanx Zook........I LOVE IT!!!!! But I was wondering if you could make the avi a bit more like the sig, but not exactly alike. And if you don't have the time then its okay.
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