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Recent content by Zemnas

  1. Z

    Scan of KH 3D on Famitsu weekly (translations in OP)

    I can't wait for this game. O_o
  2. Z

    Enemy Profile

    Meh, just takes too long imo. Will be getting 100% in KH3 tho =3
  3. Z

    Enemy Profile

    Which is why SE gracefully allows us to only acquire 20 of the trophies to unlock the secret ending. Otherwise nobody would have it without an AR.
  4. Z

    Re coded Theater.... 2 locked cinematics?

    There are 2? I found one of them but i didnt think there was a second one. Ill go look again, thanks. Edit: Alright that worked, thanks =)
  5. Z

    Re coded Theater.... 2 locked cinematics?

    To view the trophies you have, press Start, go to Debug Reports. At the bottom it shows you your progress. Go to Trophies to see the different trophies and the ones you've unlocked. It doesn't show you how to unlock the trophies in game, all it shows is the name of the trophies. You'll have to...
  6. Z

    Re coded Theater.... 2 locked cinematics?

    After I completed the game I have two locked cinematics rather than one: the one after "Ending" (which is the secret ending considering I don't have 20 trophies.) and the one before "Ending". From what I've heard you are only supposed to have the secret ending locked after completing the game...
  7. Z

    Level Grinding

    Yeah Mirage Arena is terrible for leveling up. My Combat level is 10 for RG for Terra, I'm not sure if you can raise it that high for Aqua. For Terra, doing the Mega Flare trick with Victory Pose gives me almost 7k EXP per run. Got to lvl 99 a couple days ago xD
  8. Z

    Kingdom Hearts:BBS Worldwide sales

    If the PSP wasn't so easy to freakin hack, it would have sold even more.
  9. Z

    Release Date for NA 01/11/11 ??

    I noticed on the front page and in the forums here that the release date for EU and NA was January 14 2011. But if you go here: KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded | SQUARE ENIX You can see the 01.11.11 floating up and down. So we really will be getting it on Tuesday the 11th. Games coming out on...
  10. Z

    Hardest data fight in KH2FM?

    Mine is Larxene, way too quick for me and hard to read. I rely on Reflega for her lol. Or Xemnas, because if you lose to Final Xemnas you have to play the first one again. Who is yours and why?
  11. Z

    Hardest data fight in KH2FM?

    Mine is Larxene, way too quick for me and hard to read. Or Xemnas, because if you lose to Final Xemnas you have to play the first one again. Who is yours and why?
  12. Z

    Organisation Thrones

    All i know is Roxas is shortest and Xemnas is highest and those two are straight across from each other.
  13. Z

    roxas' tears

    Or perhaps it was just another event that we are meant to speculate because Nomura just loves doing that to us...
  14. Z

    questions on 358/2 days

    The chambers probably will be further explained in BBS. (Re:CoM Spoiler) Axel does not kill Zexion, Riku does. Can't help you on the beach scene... Ansem probably apologizes to Roxas for pretty much erasing him from the world by forcing him to go back to Sora. I think Axel doesn't tell Roxas who...
  15. Z


    I came on the forums and all of a sudden i see 1,000,000,000,000,000 threads about "Vanitas". Apparently he is the DS? Can someone explain why he is now known as Vanitas or link me to where this is explained? Thanks.