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  • Okay then. and im glad you do <3
    if you feel like talking or something sometime, whether its to just rant, or complain, or just to listen to me say friday, dont hesitate to ask, and I'll call you straight away okay <3
    I Love you Jade. I've told you, Ill love you no matter what, whether you love me, and even if you didnt. I cant stop loving you, and I can't stop wanting to be with you. I just hope you can start being happier soon v.v But until then I'll talk to you, even if you ignore me. Im always going to be with you, no matter what. I love you <3
    Im not trying to make it sound like that, because you arent >< Youre the most caring and kind person i know jade v..v No I am not better without you Jade ;~; Stop saying that please.
    I dont think you treat me bad jade >< Im not better with anyone else >:C You can be how you want towards me jade, it doesnt bother me v.v

    Oh... fine then. tbh it doesnt bother me. I've been treated worse v.v But meh, s'fiine, you dont need to apologise. Ill just logoff so you dont need to worry then. I might logon msn early tonight... if you wanna talk then you can, n if you still think you;'ll be horrid, then i'll just go. bye. I do love you jade v.v <3
    Oh, okay then. I wont talk about it anymore. Well im sorry then jade, it was simply a suggestion. I wont make anymore though. I didnt mean it like that >< I just meant it doesnt bother me okay >:C

    Sorry, i wont talk about it anymore v.v
    Remember, I've been with you over six months. We've been worse lol, n besides, i can deal with however you act lol, simply coz i love you <3 She's had you in tears? I hate her >< I really miss you aswell ;~; Maybe go to ur grandmas n grandads Jade. they might make u feel a bit better. I dont care how you are, I'll still love you n I'lkl put up with how you act lol <3 yeah, guess so v.v

    yayayays <3
    You werent being exasperating though. I've just been trying to understand whats going on, because since yesterday u seem to be getting more n more upset, n its kinda worrying me v.v sorry v.v I was just worried that i might've done something to really make you mad or upset or something. Dont feel bad Jade :< okay then v.v I really hope you start feeling better. If you dont, tell me and I'll call you, n we can just talk about anything, and hopefully that makes things a little better <3 ... how about you come here for your break in febuary then. I'll find a way to get you tickets or somethuing. That might make things a little better :3 Dont apologise <333
    I know you do ^^

    Okay then. see you soon. love you too <3
    I didnt say that Jade. I wouldnt think of you as exasperating. Please dont go. Im sorry alright, im sorry for whatever ive said or done. Im sorry there seems to be nothing i can do to make you a little more cheerful v.v Im just sorry ;~;
    I really love you jade. I really do
    I want to be there for you, and everyone needs someone to be there for them. I wont have you dealing with things by yourself anymore v.v I wanna be there to help :c

    I will lol. It is one that i do think of, and I utterly hate that thought.
    Im really not worried lol. Its going to be sorted out anyway, My boss just needs to actually answer his phone when i call lol.
    Thankies <3 yer, he seems to be doing well atm ^^

    Its alright, I do understand some of why it seems that way. the message was to explain lol. n I just want you to know that I will be there for you. I want to be there for you, and it's why i try to understand, even if its only the littlest bit of understanding. I want to be able to tell you i understand why you feel the way you do, and be able to mean it sincerely, so that I can help a little more. I want to be there with you, for you, and to make you happy. I want to make you a little less depressed, even a bit less each day or week or whatever, so that we can live happily, n forget the evil pig lady >< <333
    mm, well i do v.v I do feel bad about saying that. Fine, i wont bother.
    Fine, you dont need to worry about talking to me about it then. I could try though. Abs i dont always take offence or twist things you say. I was just stupid this morning. When im there i'll be able to understand a bit more, since ill be there and you'll be able to explain a little better :/Fine then though, though i'd much rathwer like to try being there for you v.v
    Yeah, i can tell lol. thank you <3

    Meh, its no problem. Im applying at a few places, so i'll be online a little less but i'll still have the money i need:3 ... i dont want to be here longer, i want to be there with you, and i want to get you away from your mother so you can start anew and hopefully be aa little happier v.v I will be ready Jade.
    Meh, doesnt bother me if they do or dont lol. If they dont replace them then they'll be the reason i cant work properly. He's okay. He has Bells Palsy or whatever it is. No one told me what it was til after i got home today. He seems to be alright, but due to it he lost a tooth, and needs more taken out
    Im sorry for what i said last nigh Jade v.v I really really am, and even though i've already said it, I'll say it again - sorry. I wasn't trying to be horrid or mean or anything, n iuno why i even said that tbh. I do love you, and i know you love me... maybe more lol. I really love you, and I really do want you to be the focus of my future, and I don't want to say something that could cause any problems between us, so i'm gonna keep apologising for being so stupid, k. n anyway, tbh even if love is a distraction from reality... i'd just be glad that i'm the one distracting you <3 I should'nt have gotten carried away n said that eearlier. I should'vebeen happy that i'm the one you love. Im an idiot in love lol. Sorry <3
    Btw, you know you can confide in me, even about why you're upset or depressed about things. I might sympathise, but I've also had some experiences with family n things like that, so i might be able to understand if you try talking to me about it. You don't have to, but i'd really like to try and be helpful. At the moment the only thing I can really do is just tell you that you're everything to me, my whole world, n just about everything else, and save money to move there n i feel useless lol v.v
    Sorry if this thing was stupid v.v I do Love you Jade, and you're so amazing, and such a wonderful person. I Love you, and I hope you'll be with me forever <3

    Nu ur not >:C I do thoguh <3 yay for someone liking it ^^ rofl :/ Well... you should xD
    okays then v.v <333 I already did :3 okays then :3 I Love you loads too <33333
    n im taking meh lappie, so ill talk if ur on teh comps later :3
    *ish more excited to give u urs* ^________________________^ I will like it <3 though u shouldn't have spent more on it lulz ^^
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