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  • coz ididnt get all teh way down lol. n it was, but its alsoone of teh first places we went to visit together <3

    n'aww, i liked ur bed hair :< lulz whyd u take meh arse D: *cant walk properly nao* *offers to do anything u want if u gives it back* :p
    rofl, not for me D: iuno, id just like to go there again with you :3 n yayness xD

    lulz *remembers new years morning* *wants to wake up with u next to meh again* XD.... *glues meh arse back on* ^^
    lulz, teh slide was crappeh D: i think when imove there we should go visit teh park ^^ n see teh rezzie too :D

    lol, just wondering if i can make u happeh with meh happeh :p lmfao
    Yush >:3 rofl, well i ish glad u ish happy with teh weed song <3 ^__________________________^

    lulz *has a happy too* xD
    u ish welcome :D lulz, i was reading them teh other night :p I did didn't i xD Well then i shall learn eet just for u <3

    meh, *isnt tired* ^^
    lulz cools :3
    rofl, but u said wut i think is wrong but i think ur right, so ur wrong xD lulz, teh evil mario : D
    Well *wants to be ur lamp forever then* :p lol, *cuddles* ^^

    but that means u contradicted urself lol XD

    ... roflmao XDDD lol, *wants to nuzzle u, n cuddle u when i get thar* :3

    But i think ur right, so does that mean ur wrong?

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelcomes ^^
    *wants too be ur lollipop lamp forever* xD zomg yay indeeds :3 *keeps kissing* x3

    ah, but i think u ish ^^

    lulz *cuddles* :3 wuv you too meh sweetness <3333
    lulz *likes being ur lampy* :D ...nay lol, t'was toasty sammiches :3

    But u ish ^^

    sowwie *kisses teh pout* Awww yayness <333
    yush yush x3

    but u ish <3

    Im sweet coz im in love, n you're sweeter, n u cant argue that because you've made me happy, n only the sweetest person can do that <3333 lol, i really cant wait to live in the same home as you. I'll cherish you, love you, and be there for you each and every day we're together <333
    okay then, ill c u in an hour <3 Love you too <3333333
    Yushies xD i will if it makes u happy :3
    yush >:C I will : D

    but u ish :3

    You're welcome <3 aww, thankies meh sweetness :3 you know, i never thought I;d actually fall in love lol. n now im happier than ever before, planning on sppending my life with you, n wanting to live with you. I've never felt like this before lol. I feel like everything in my life is going to be perfect once im there <3
    toasted cheese sammich sounds yummeh ^^
    yer. it is odd, which is why i think teh doctor ish just guessing lol xD but yer, ill try changing teh washing powder xD lulz :p

    but u ish :3

    you know... you're a n extremely lovely and wonderful person Jadey jade <3 Im really glad that im the one you fell in love with <3
    rofl, wut would u like meh to eat then lol?
    neither do i. Its ust wut teh doctor ish saying though. n it seems like teh work shoes caused it but now all shoes do it ><

    lulz, well ur much sweeter <3

    ....nu lol, i really think i do xD I cannae wait to hold ur hand again <333
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