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  • Hiyah.Hows it going? Sorry i havent talked much.I just got really busy.Have you made any new youtube vids lately?
    yeah it is... been so busy lately late's the only time I can get on... :(
    Ok, see ya 'round the forums. ^^
    I'm reading Hana-Kimi. ^^ Good stuff. It's... 1:43 am... late, or ridiculously early, depending on your point of view, lol.
    That's too bad... Ah... I'm just playing around on photoshop and reading manga. It's late but, eh...
    Really??? Cool!!!!Yeah her name on here is Keybladegirl258.I would love to see some of your work.
    Cool,i dont like rap either,though if i have to listen to it i will but its not my fav.
    Have you heard the song Untouched by the Veronicas?I love that song.My friend will hopefully be makin me a AMV for Christmas with that song.
    Oh yah!!!!Man now i wish my brother would get a PS3 instead of a guitar.
    My mom just had to talk him out of it gah >.<
    So what kind of music do you like??I like Tokio Hotel ,the Veronicas ,Jonas Brothers ,David Archuleta and a whole bunch more.
    No i havent seen the trailer,i had heard about them maybe makin a remake but i wasnt positive,oh im so excited!!I just wonder what console it will be put on.
    Well, yeah i guess i like the story the best.But to tell you the truth ive never played the game ive just read about it since its a pretty old game to like play it on PS1.Though i hope they make a remake of it ..
    But i do own Advent Children,thats my fav movie.
    I use to not like her either,but she eventually grew on me but Tifa was first for me as well.Cool.
    But yeah i dont mind seeing people like make things with Cloud and Aerith but i still prefer Cloud and Tifa.
    Yes they are the PERFECT match.
    I dont like him with Aerith it just doesnt look right or sumthin.
    She is suppose to be with Zack not Cloud.
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