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  • Yeah, that's about it. I just need to remember what I learned during those classes and see what I can do myself.

    I have that one too actually. It's not as cool as Canti though :/
    I certainly hope it won't be too hard. Still, I need to get some skill before anyone takes me in.

    Blue Canti; I consider the red version to be Atomisk.

    Yeah, and there are more to come. If you want to confuse people though, there is the option to remain unspecified, or even change gender if you want.
    Well, I took some classes in 3DSMax and one in Maya way back when, but I haven't touched either in over a year and a half. I did torrent both recently in hopes of getting back into them and relearning them. I'm wanting to get into 3D modeling and animation for a career, so I could use the practice.

    I wouldn't mind a bigger desk myself. There is one at my grandma's house, but it is buried under so much crap that there is no real way to get to it. Besides that, there's no room here at my own home :v

    Eh, my figurines aren't the super detailed (and expensive) ones. All the ones I have are fairly cheap ones, but they get the point across. Sadly, one of my favorite ones, a figurine of Canti from FLCL, broke about two years ago and I was never able to fix it ;_;
    ugly costumized profiles are gay. Maybe ill make a background, or be cool and steal yours.
    lol that sucks

    As for me though, I may actually put that 3D painting to use if I ever get motivated to start working in Maya or 3DSMax again.

    Anyway, I spent part of my day cleaning my computer desk. It looks nice without all the shit strewn about. The only problem now is that I need to find out where to put everything I moved. All those shitty animu figurines can't stay on my bed forever.
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