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  • That's a respectable trait. I probably should have told it's OK to take your time on things if you need to. Keep that in mind for future requests from me.

    Yeah, CS4 is pretty different isn't it? I torrented it way back in hopes of using it, but no lol
    Seems like you expected that kind of response. If you wanted to wait until your working situation got better if you wanted, that would have been fine with me. I'd rather you have as much time as you need to get something done rather than try to meet a deadline and turn something in you don't really like yourself.
    Oh that sucks. You should do like I did and torrent CS4 or whichever version you prefer. At least you will put it to good use unlike me.

    Also, thanks for the tag. I'm not sure if it is the lack of the pen tool like you said or what, but something about it kinda bothers me though :v
    Oh hey, I didn't even notice the background pattern. I just noticed all the eye pleasing blues.

    Alright, that's no problem. I look forward to it.
    Sweet, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Also, thank God you finally changed your profile layout.
    Oh really? Awesome. Well, I'm afraid I'm a bit indecisive about what I want since I've found a couple of stocks I think would make good tags.

    EDIT: Actually, I guess I'll just use this one and save the rest for another time.


    So, I'd like a tag of the awesome guy in the green with a matching avy if you don't mind. I don't care for any text or particular colors, so just have at it. And if you haven't watched Baccano yet, do so.
    I probably going to pick up the manga too, but I'm not sure exactly when I'll do that.

    Yeah, I checked out the shop yesterday and saw about as much for myself. It's a real shame that it died out so quickly. It was churning out some pretty great stuff. Well, let me know whenever you aren't to busy or too lazy; I think I may have some requests to make.
    Yes she is; she has the same VA as Kiri Komori from SZS as well. How far have you watched? I downloaded episode 6 the other day and haven't watched it yet. I'll probably fix that now.

    Speaking of art and all that, how has the sig shop been going? I haven't dropped by in ages.
    I really don't have any actual homework, but what little I do have, I tend to put off till last minute. I manage fairly well though. My main concern is college, which I have made practically no preparations for.
    Haha, awesome. Very good choice if I may say so myself.

    Anyway, I'm not up to much myself. Just surviving senior year while being fairly irresponsible.
    PFFFFFT, LOL. And on that note, that's how he died. ?^D Well done, my Ninja Squad!

    Oh! D: Assuming you're still as free as a bird, if you could make this stock (or this render, whichever inspires you most) 100 times more sexy than it already is, I will see it that I carry your babies. <3
    People never liked yellow silly. This was established since Bruce Lee's major fashion faux pas in 'Game of Death'. Inexcuable fugly yellow jumpsuit is inexcusable.

    Ah, thank you Xiddy. :'D Say, are you kinda overloaded with the work lately? It's been a while now but I'm trying to get a badass graphic set, but peeps be letting me down ;__;
    ?!?! D^:<<<<


    you and your godawful urine yellow background should gtfo. i want my eyesight back before you do so, btw.
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