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    i suck at this

    So ther was dis ghey pride the other day n dey all had rainbows, n I liek rainbows C: CnC.
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    I was bored today....

    Why is this here, I supposedly quit tagging :v Eh, well CnC away peeps.
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    Chun Li not using her legs

    Haven't asked for critique here in quite some time, so here is some half-assed Chun Li tag for ya: Proper CnC por favor :D!
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    Blue Dragon

    Well seems like Blue Dragon has been reviewed by most of the game sites and the average score is around 8.5/10 From what I have seen, I have to say that I am disappointed, it seemed promising, but well I am not a Xbox owner so it is more or less same to me lol anyway discuss list with...
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    _*-*The Xidon fanclub *-*_

    Dunno why I made this, I just had to... maybe couse I am a bit of a egoist lol, anyway join if you want. The fan list (by order of appearance): cam ron 77- the only Xelhes fangirl foreverkingdom - my buddy... not happy with her nickname Frozen Fate - the capt'n Angeslinflight -...
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    The Entities .... my first fanfic

    The Entities „Darkness and light, acting like one, Spinning in all of their beauty and might. Darkness and light so far but so close, Separated by nothing and infinity both. A soul shall split to Haven or Hell, Maybe both or nothing at all. But one thing there is, Shrouded in mist, the...
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    The Protofan fan club - 2nd try

    Well since the first club was a failure I decided to make a new fan club for Protofan. You all know him, you all hate him and well now you have the chance to join his club! You can join or just come here to laugh at him (I know you want to).
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    It's Ferry13s big day!

    Well Ferry I wanted to congratulate you your 16th birthday. Hope you get what you wish for!
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    A lot of people like Axel, but a lot of people hate him because they think that in KH2 he was gay and in KH:CoM he is a coward. So I ask you who did you like/hate more KH:CoM or KH2 Axel?
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    Disney worlds

    Since most of the worlds we see in KH are from Disneys movies, what movie will be made a world next, what do you think? Let me just remind you of the latest Disney movies: Cars, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monsters inc .... (I don't really watch them so sorry if I forgot any movie) My vote is...
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    Soras fighting pose

    I think that Soras fighting pose is silly. Rikus is much better, man even Goofy has a better pose.
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    Organization XIII names

    Did you notice that if you put the letters difrently in the names Roxas you get Sora X and in Xemnas you get Ansem X, perhaps that's the way Organization members are given their names when they join it or the makers of KH couldn't think of other names, anyway what do you think?