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  • No need, I know for a fact Abs is in if we can get the people

    and yeah he was. Me and Klom were (are?) tight!
    Indeed. But only if it was the one I started. But i don't wanna start it so it'll die again so i figured that you might know some people who'd be interested. Right now I know me, Abs and another friend of mine would join it besides yourself but that's only four people and i'd like to have maybe seven.
    well, you need to get into the guts of the story.
    Make it sound bad or good, make a post for the bad guys and explain what they do, then make one for the good guys.
    Did you ever see me advertise my rp, or ask anyone to?
    No I didnt.

    I just posted a thread, and waited. Then people started saying they'd join and made their templates.

    You can tell any of your friends that roleplay, if it helps.
    I was only helping.
    It's up to you, I'm just here if you need me to do anything.
    Australia, Queensland. But only Queensland has been able to pre-order (according to Bone)
    Lols, am i the only one that has had KH3DS pre-ordered since, like December?
    Thankyou! I made it teansparent from something on Tumblr.

    I dunno, can I have a hint?
    hehe no i didn't decide yet however I plan to move there a good ten years from now, its nothing that i'm trying to rush because i have school and a job to worry about. Once I get the job i want in the future I'll save up to move ^^ btw thanks for replying
    Well, Transmution Circles, different things you can have them on aka wrist bands and the likes, and maybe the millitary.
    I am not sure, you need something to attract more attention, not through advetisment, but maybe explaining Alchemy further.
    Or we could start again and I'll lend you a hand in picking out any problems
    I'd just like to lend a hand. Because I really want to be in an FMA rp. It is so awesome.
    Hey, Xickin, the FMA RP didn't really take off, did it?
    Well, would you like me to lend you a hand and you could try again?
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