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    In Which Order Should The Organization Members Be Taken Out?

    I'm making a movie for KH 3, and I'm at the Keyblade Graveyard, and I'm having some conflicting feelings as to who belongs where on the kill list. 1. Sora would definitely help his closest friends first, so Riku seems to be the obvious first path. I definitely think it should go: Xigbar -> Riku...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III's Preorder Bonus DLC Keyblades Available for Purchase May 8th

    Well this is a fucking rip. I thought the DLC Keyblade would be something actually new. Like maybe, Two Become One splitting into Oblivion and Oathkeeper for a Formchange.
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    1. My apologies, OF COURSE it would be Sora's dads, Donald and Goofy (maybe more so Donald, but he's a duck, and ducks are monsters, so maybe not the best person to talk to) 2. Mmm...From our in-game perspective, I don't think he's seen any human on human stuff (I mean, Nala confirmed she was...
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    Just getting off topic a little, can you imagine what "The Talk" will be like with Sora? He has confirmed romantic feelings about Kairi now, so who's gonna explain it to him? Riku? Sora: What's up Riku? Riku: Sora, I wanna talk to you about...the birds and the bees... Sora: Oh I love birds and...
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    Um...yeah? Also, he's like, a THOUSAND years older than her. I mean I've heard of robbing the cradle but that's just...ew...
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    MoM's Plan

    @Ballad of Caius
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    Keyblade and Formchange Info.

    So I haven't seen a lot of information concerning the stats and abilities I've wanted to over Kingdom Hearts III's Keyblades and Formchanges, so I've compiled some info from other sites and a LOT of info from my own play-through. If anybody's interested, these are accurate descriptions of...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    @Ballad of Caius
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Gotta say, I'm very disappointed with how the game ended.
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    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    So, this has been on my mind for a while now, but even before the opening cinematic was released, I feel like a future plot point will be Young Xehanort sympathizing with Sora and maybe even helping him to stop his older self. Why? I don't know, but maybe he doesn't like what he sees? Anyway...
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    I'm working on a story

    As the title says I'm working on a Dark Souls - God of War type story and I wanted you guys to critique the intro dialogue I've written. I want to know what you think of it (if it's a cool idea worth pursuing) and whether or not you would take a glance at the rest of it as i write. It's called...
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    I have a question

    I've been mulling over a story for quite some time and I have a question to ask the community. First off, let me start by saying I am in no way racist towards the below mentioned people and that it is in no way terrorist propaganda, second, I want to tell you how I came to this: Awhile back I...
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    The One-Liners Thread

    As the title says, this is a thread where you can vent all of those awesome one liners or little dialogues you think of throughout the day everyday (You know you do it). Regardless of what it is, so long as it's cool, emotional, or meaningful (or maybe even just a passerby thought) it is welcome...
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    Would this be a cool mechanic?

    I don't know why or how this would happen in the story or even make canonical sense, but I think it would be cool if we could activate Drive Forms during battles. We'd follow the same basic keyblade pairing structure; going along the lines of Kingdom Hearts II Drive Forms. It would kind of go...
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    What would you guys think of this for the Keyblades in KHIII?

    I know this probably won't happen, but what would you guys think of this in KHIII? I always thought it was kind of a pain that I needed a certain Keyblade for a certain mission but it decreased my strength and magic to the point where I was "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh". So, what if Keyblades didn't...