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    News ► Yū Shimaka, Japanese Voice Actor for Goofy, Passed Away on July 28th at Age 70

    Oh for fuck's sake! Seriously!? Ugh, I am NOT loving these past couple of months. I hope he passed on well.
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    DLC [Potential Spoilers]

    So I heard from an (unreliable) source by word of mouth that something was announced that said that Sora and Riku would escape Shibuya world by the ned of KHIII DLC so they could move onto its next iteration in IV. Now, I'm always a skeptic, but if they're in Shibuya World, then where in the...
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    8/1 Union χ JP Update: <SB> KHIII Sora UF Ver, August Schedule, Monthly Updates

    Huh, I though UF Sora would be a bit more powerful than that. I also thought the other forms would come first.
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    Film ► Avengers Endgame Extended Cut Release Date

    Oh really? That's good. I didn't want to pay to see the movie a third time (once with my girlfriend, second with my family) and I couldn't find any explicit details as to what EXACTLY they showed.
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    Film ► Avengers Endgame Extended Cut Release Date

    Hi, does anybody know when and if they will be releasing Avengers Endgame Extended Cut (the one they released in June with extra content) on DVD or downloading sites like iTunes? I just want to know if I should wait, or just get my copy tomorrow. I've already tried googling and looking at other...
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    News ► Rutger Hauer, voice of Master Xehanort, dies at 75

    Aw man, seriously? That's a bummer. I mean, like everybody's been saying he was no Leonard Nimoy, but you could tell he was having fun with the role and put his best effort into it. Also, I know that the Dark Seeker Saga is over, but now I really hope Nomura has no plans of using Master Xehanort...
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    6/27 Union χ JP Updates: Ticket Draws, <SB> KHIII Kairi

    I actually got this Kairi. I'm a bit on the fence though, what do you guys think would be the best Skill to give her?
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    6/20 Union χ JP Updates: Version 3.3.0, Toy Story avatars, <SB> KHIII Sora TC Ver

    Okay, cause that seemed way off. I've never seen that before.
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    6/20 Union χ JP Updates: Version 3.3.0, Toy Story avatars, <SB> KHIII Sora TC Ver

    Has anybody noticed that Pirate Sora only has like 50 DEF? Is that right? Am I crazy? Cause I sent an email to square thinking that something was off immediately.
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    In Which Order Should The Organization Members Be Taken Out?

    I'm making a movie for KH 3, and I'm at the Keyblade Graveyard, and I'm having some conflicting feelings as to who belongs where on the kill list. 1. Sora would definitely help his closest friends first, so Riku seems to be the obvious first path. I definitely think it should go: Xigbar -> Riku...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts III's Preorder Bonus DLC Keyblades Available for Purchase May 8th

    Well this is a fucking rip. I thought the DLC Keyblade would be something actually new. Like maybe, Two Become One splitting into Oblivion and Oathkeeper for a Formchange.
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    1. My apologies, OF COURSE it would be Sora's dads, Donald and Goofy (maybe more so Donald, but he's a duck, and ducks are monsters, so maybe not the best person to talk to) 2. Mmm...From our in-game perspective, I don't think he's seen any human on human stuff (I mean, Nala confirmed she was...
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    Just getting off topic a little, can you imagine what "The Talk" will be like with Sora? He has confirmed romantic feelings about Kairi now, so who's gonna explain it to him? Riku? Sora: What's up Riku? Riku: Sora, I wanna talk to you about...the birds and the bees... Sora: Oh I love birds and...
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    Um...yeah? Also, he's like, a THOUSAND years older than her. I mean I've heard of robbing the cradle but that's just...ew...
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    MoM's Plan

    @Ballad of Caius