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    Final Fantasy VII Remake - March 3rd 2020

    I'm very interested in the gameplay. Like, the ability to go from real time to a sort of homage to the old turn-based tactics? Very exciting. (Although I am butt hurt about not getting the original voice actors from Advent Children and onward)
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    first job

    Sales Associate at Shopper's Drug Mart. I got it just by throwing out resumes left and right. It suuuuuuuuuucked. The staff had a very "them vs us" mentality when it came to the older and more experienced employees (mostly supervisors) vs new hires (even though I'd been there for a year).
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] The Novel cover art revealed

    Ahhhhhhh...well then I fully support your shenanigans!
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    9/16 Union χ JP Update: Tsum Tsum collaboration, Premium Quests

    The Supernova+ - Tsum Riku & Sora is only Tier 9 (280%), and the others are only Tier 8 (230%) unfortunately
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Roxas Bring Arts releasing March 2020

    @Twilight Lumair I always figured that once the Keyblade (or in this case Keyblades) had been forged and attached to the heart, they're permanently connected to the host until abandoned.
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    News ► Watch the Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND TGS Trailer Now!

    -Okay, so the DLC has some story elements to it that advance the plot as opposed to just showing some insight on certain events (Young Xehanort talking with this enigmatic figure (I'm guessing Xigbar? I'm not too familiar with the Japanese VA), Sora attempting to rescue Kairi, and meeting Namine...
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    8/26 Union χ JP Update: Premium Quests, Dark Baymax

    Is Dark Baymax any good? Is it worth the 15000 jewels?
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    News ► Yū Shimaka, Japanese Voice Actor for Goofy, Passed Away on July 28th at Age 70

    Oh for fuck's sake! Seriously!? Ugh, I am NOT loving these past couple of months. I hope he passed on well.
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    DLC [Potential Spoilers]

    So I heard from an (unreliable) source by word of mouth that something was announced that said that Sora and Riku would escape Shibuya world by the ned of KHIII DLC so they could move onto its next iteration in IV. Now, I'm always a skeptic, but if they're in Shibuya World, then where in the...
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    8/1 Union χ JP Update: <SB> KHIII Sora UF Ver, August Schedule, Monthly Updates

    Huh, I though UF Sora would be a bit more powerful than that. I also thought the other forms would come first.
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    Film ► Avengers Endgame Extended Cut Release Date

    Oh really? That's good. I didn't want to pay to see the movie a third time (once with my girlfriend, second with my family) and I couldn't find any explicit details as to what EXACTLY they showed.
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    Film ► Avengers Endgame Extended Cut Release Date

    Hi, does anybody know when and if they will be releasing Avengers Endgame Extended Cut (the one they released in June with extra content) on DVD or downloading sites like iTunes? I just want to know if I should wait, or just get my copy tomorrow. I've already tried googling and looking at other...
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    News ► Rutger Hauer, voice of Master Xehanort, dies at 75

    Aw man, seriously? That's a bummer. I mean, like everybody's been saying he was no Leonard Nimoy, but you could tell he was having fun with the role and put his best effort into it. Also, I know that the Dark Seeker Saga is over, but now I really hope Nomura has no plans of using Master Xehanort...
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    6/27 Union χ JP Updates: Ticket Draws, <SB> KHIII Kairi

    I actually got this Kairi. I'm a bit on the fence though, what do you guys think would be the best Skill to give her?