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  • It really is nice art and a really cool series overall (in my opinion), but if you aren't comfortable with heavy homoerotic tones it can turn you off. I picked it up because the cover of the first issue reminded me of Hellsing, actually xD Then I continued with it because it was pretty hilarious.

    If you DO want to give it a try, it is on MangaFox and if you are cool with it there is an OVA.
    My avatar? Uh...it's from a manga series called Vassalord. I don't know if I'd recommend it unless you like stories heavy in josei themes...I would recommend the artist's other work, Peacemaker Kurogane, though!
    You should keep going on with the Attack on Titan series (AWESOME)
    And Psyren's like a mix of Naruto and Bleach. It's good but I believe needed a better ending.
    Blue Exorcist yes, Psyren no.
    I hate Doctor Who actually and have never bothered to watch Supernatural. ._.
    Yeah, I read some of the manga and watched the anime, not bad.
    All right then!

    Have you got any other anime or manga you could suggest? I've gotten into both pretty recently, I'm watching Durarara and Elfin Lied as well as reading that new manga Iron Knight as it comes out. I'm not so good with manga, it just gets confusing a lot between panels. (Yeah I know how to read it properly but still.)
    What's going on Xickin!?

    I haven't actually read it before, but I've wanted to watch the anime for a while now, I just haven't got around to it.
    Is it as good as people make it out to be?
    It is a research paper. I'm planning on going to the tutoring center tomorrow to see if I can get some help with it. I am short of nearly five pages and I'm trying for six.
    Already watching it!!! :D

    Hey. You.

    Get away from my food, my friends, my two emergency foods and my son. In that order."

    lol dude, I'm a graphic designer.

    I have photoshop CS6 and stuff like that. Tell you what, go to Aliquam Revolution and post a request for me. I'll make you a wicked tag and avatar set if you want one.

    Also after the fact of making pieces, i use sites like imgur or photobucket to host my images so I can put them in my signature space and so on.
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