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    Uh, hey. Thanks for excepting dude.
    they can have it (not that it exists... how do you know that i'm not a heartless ;) )... at least I'll die in bliss X3
    I wouldn't... the heartless are cute... I would probably cuddle with them X3
    No Sora isn't... any keyblady wielder could do it... Mickey... Riku.
    I don't really remember right now.
    But even if they did say that it could still be interpreted as the keyblade is the only thing that can destroy them... not necessarily exactly implying fear... but you could be right. I personally just don't think that they are afraid of Sora.
    I mean would you be afraid of him... XD
    I see you have changed your statement slightly. Before it was just "because we have something to offer" now it's this...well aside from Saix, I believe, who said exactly in KH2 that "Heartless side with whoever is strongest." I can't really prove you wrong.
    Don't feed the bots. It's best to ignore them. Leaves the mods less to clean up.
    You make a very good point. Thank you for not being ignorant like the others on these forums and giving me a mature explanation why my theory is proven wrong.
    ignore those morons bashing you.. this forums well full of freaks, i know because some of them think people who fantasize about children are normal... eurgh haha
    anyway yeah you're cute :p hehe
    do you look Mexican? do you have dark hair and those beautifully dark eyes?
    i like mexican cock and the idea of some sexy mexican man whispering spanish things in my ear.

    why hi there.
    i kno this never said they couldnt because there is proof riku was able to take the kingdom key but sora was able to take it back and riku has way to dawn which is a keyblade
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