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  • yes but when i checked Master xehanort's apprentice had experience with the keyblade's and riku didnt it just showed up out of now where
    yes and last time i checked the reason why he couldnt wield the keyblade before because he gave into darkness and made his heart weaker and fell for the lies maleficent told him and when he made his heart stronger sora was able to take it back because duriong that moment riku's heart became weak again i nvr said that he sora wasnt stronger just said riku is more intresting than him
    yea i have 1 question why is it when i post something i think is may be true you constantly have to question it its not that hard its what i think
    heck yeah!
    and then a few weeks before warped, i am seeing them in a club near where i live.
    i am stoked, because i haven't seen them live in two years!
    Kindly don't double post. That being, posting twice in a row.
    If you want to quote several people, there's the Multi-quote function.
    If you wanna change/add something to what you said, there's the edit button.
    There's no need to post several times in a row. Once is enough.
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