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  • (XD lol full house) DX gyaaa! did you just whip me!? and why the hell do you have a whip!? safeword!? uh...um....is it....chow puppies? D:

    \^o^/ or when they growl as you pull on their chew toys!

    lol can done say it'll be more money than you'd think you'd ever own. what ya gonna be?
    :D are you still zen? are you suuure your awake :3 *pinches again* (whats awake? and pfft course its creepy im psychic ;D)

    lol couldn't handle those two could ya~ thats a good thing tho honestly. lol so the most you did during your rebellious phase was smoke two?
    i wouldnt know i havent been to photobucket in a while til the other day and then all i did was upload my smilies so it wasnt that long a load for me.
    thats it? 0,0 i figured it'd be way worse. (XD hahaha guess DA isnt a fangirl site then)
    D: still? maybe it was deleted. you remember it do? good then you get what im talking bout it wasnt that large an image either. >:0 i dont know but its infuriating! thanx again tho, you can stop if you wish to cause if it aint been found by now maybe its gone :[. thanx for looking tho :D i plan to try again on my next day off.

    :D but FMA got a redo with its manga's plot~
    maybe you can use that to your advantage to get started then :D (lol i like weird, normal is overrated)
    :D if you cant think of a structure maybe you can borrow and twick another! plus you read all that info, im sure you can do it :3
    :/ i dont freakin know, that aint nothing compared to what they did to the megaman fans with megaman legends 3.

    DX have mercy! *sorry i just couldnt resist XD*

    X] i forgot bout that! OH OH! or when they play fight with each other!
    :D lol

    what is there left to figure out?
    XD your rage is never gone! :3 *pinches* awake now?

    they dont sound to bad tho looks dont really tell much as i learned the other day.
    -_- whats with smoking? i dont get it.
    does photobucket still keep such images? they seem stricter now. :D thank youuuuuu~
    how bad was the yaoi the search brought on >,<

    well that sucks D: *looks wiki* it said someone stepped into finish tho it was probably a rush ending. nah the manga is different, the story arc's arent in same order plus in the manga abel drinks vamp blood without hesitation and seth doesnt look 9 more like esters age.
    that is a big thing! :3 i couldnt do that i lack the creativity for stories on top of that you just listing the requirements hurt my head. they always think the asian did it...im sure you could do something just as good or better again.
    it was a little movie thing (animated one) based on the Dead Space video game.
    >:[ cause they decided to let a company called ninja theory make this DMC is why....just imagine what they did to vergil that is if they even kept him.

    lol so then does this mean you admit your like your mother ;D *gets helmet*
    oh oh what bout when you get them annoyed and they start barking or growling! sometimes they bark so hard the little fuzzy things bounce <3
    0,0 she kept coming back! thats like fate or something.

    aww ]: sorry.
    thats even worse :/ actually if their being that way and not noticing.
    have you tried those student loan things for college? aint there like places that help if your family only makes so much a year?
    lol one sentence was the rant? you can do better let the rage out!

    they are tho this time even with the broken tooth i had no pain. if they dotn hurt you might be able to put it off but if they start hurting you'll regret you did. me neither the other day was my 1st time to a dentist in 15 years :3
    so you've seen it!? aw you cant find it anymore either :/ crap. :D good luck and thanx.

    what you talkin bout? trinity blood is originally a light novel the manga and anime are made off it the reason for the short anime is cause of it getting past the light novels i'd bet. wait the one who does the manga is dead!?
    you can write that good!? thats pretty cool :D
    maybe the inspiring thing you need then is something like that anime they based on the dead space game.
    :/ if you can get thru days you can handle the repetitiveness of CoM. I KNOW! >:[ not only have they trolled dante's look but now their making him a angel/demon mix thing, THATS GOING TO FAR!!!!!!! thats messin with his very character!

    lol makes me wonder if they were even in nomura's design for her XD
    i get bored by things like grand theft auto and what not.

    not for this one definition i dont~
    XD really!? even tho most dogs you see lack purple tongues? me to :3 had 1st when i was round 5. :'3 i like chow puppies their all fuzzy~
    wait she followed him home o,o thats like...cool actually.

    it never really had much meaning to me, does rest my family tho tho its only cause the food.
    D:< who'd the hell compare!? no way in hell i'd go there ever if their that way.
    XD hahah welcome to the club then! im poor, 20, at home and my job sucks ass on top of that my tooth pulling took all but 15$ to my name.
    XD then see you have a reason to like xmas.
    XD lmao 2 shay~
    what you mean "trying"? they done did brainwash them thats why compared to 1950 everyone is a lazy dumbass~
    D: "bah humbug"!?!?!?

    it had apparently had a cavity to the point it broke off so it had to go. :3 you sure you should? a tooth ache hurts like hell~ ^3^
    you are!? :D your awesome! i'd hug you if i didnt think it'd get a foot to the face! i dont remember anything useful, i mean i can see the image right now in detail if i think but....well if it helps it was just one image made like a comic book page *not a whole comic* with sora and riku on the beach *i think others were in it to* sora comes out of the water all soaked and riku's like "guuuuu" *nosebleed"
    i know :/ used to i could search "funny" on DA and find it but its not there anymore....

    OH OH! watch nightmare b4 xmas, then trinity blood and finally play bout as many minutes of resident evil you can then make a story with an awesome image for a banner!
    everyone says that even tho the card system is easy. :3 then you'll like it recoded isnt important at all but unlike days it is fun. DEVIL MAY CRY!? HELL YEAH! ever play DMC 4!? see the new DMC pics and info!?!?!?
    lol dont feel to bad i dont even play RE for that very reason.

    lol it seemed like to be the product of a 14 year olds mind to me, i cant believe it was real either XD i lmao. thats a possibly, but damn her backless was so guuuuu. now think bout it in what other media's would girls get fanservice thats actually pleasant to look at~ tho i think its cause stat wise kh has a majority of female fans.

    XD but i done quite caring to cheat!
    :D hey my dog is mostly chow! tho she isnt that mixed.

    :3 i dont prefer to skip thanksgiving cause of presents, im poor and 20 i aint getting no good presents.
    so true~
    you sound like a scrooge :3
    eh thats just marketing dont let it bother you XD

    thanx. it went good tho! tooths gone (you would not believe how long its roots were lol poor dentist) on top of that it dont even hurt right now >XD bout time i get something without aggravation!
    you will!? YOUR AWESOME! but lol i doubt you'd be "braving it" knowing you~

    how are you!?!?!?!
    wait wait wait....you never played kh1!? STILL!?!?!? aw you should play CoM the story is the nearly if not the best character development wise.
    eh recoded isnt really important just watch the ending and secret endings on youtube and you'll get whats goin on.

    XD lol so sad its hilarious! even had the frill things were as some worlds barley had any pictures on walls. i think so to its said its cause nomura didnt like it but i think disney started bitchin, which is angering! weres the dude fanservice disney!?

    if i wanted to learn i'd be in college DX
    so it was chow and fur? thats good :3

    XD hell yes to the dying bugs and scenery! also all snakes are gone to~ XD love the spooky stuff do ya.
    it is dumb how they just skip thanksgiving :/ tho i dont car much for thanksgiving i really like xmas~
    i know that feeling i have the content feeling thruout the fall season (not just oct.) i love it its like nothing is wrong but it seems to vanish after new years DX
    you dont get into the sprirt o,o are you a scrooge!?

    fine tho i have that dentist thing tomorrow -_-
    you will!? :D your awesome! it might not be to much if you search for things from 08-09 it was then when i found it but it was on Deviant art so the person who posted it could have deleted the account.
    lmao it'll be awhile still til the next one no matter how long you drag it out >XD

    XD lol i forgot bout that! kairi's panties, i actually tried that cause i thought the youtube vid was fake turns out it wasnt and her panties had more detail than most of kh2!! XD

    >:3.....thats not proof of your wearing it statement. we're not weird its just me~ XD

    whats lethargic o,o
    and its she's fine i wouldnt worry tho if your stilled bothered stop by a vet to be sure.

    I KNOW!!!!! :D its finally here the cold air! the dying bugs!!!!! NO MORE HUMIDITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    XD why you think it best month ever?

    how are you~
    i tried finding the image to make pervy thought riku again but ;_; no luck...i know it was on deviant art and i remember the image i made it from was drawn like a comic page and it had sora and riku on the beach. i searched all those words but no luck i didnt try searching sora and riku cause....those two words together....im afraid what will pop up >,<
    uh no you dont, you get the secret ending auto with critical plus it'd have been less time consuming if you'd have played critical and worried bout getting 100% on it rather than standard.

    -_- ugh disney...they got issues man the censorship is one, like in the kh2fm it shows things like barbosa stabbing jack and will pointing the gun at himself...which kinda pisses me off.
    yes it is! okay then what if nomura had put terra in a outfit that only showed you his hands exposed.
    you would!? i want proof of that statement!

    D: is it worse or better yet?
    lol ven...surprisingly a let down.....
    :3 you playin critical?

    :/ i blame nomura being worked to much leading to repetitiveness.
    b-but "more realistic" covered more! D: how would you feel if nomura had put a sweater on terra!? DX
    also more realistic really? lol nobody'd wear that....in public....

    D: a lump!? wait o,o 14!? try not to think bout it being that :D maybe its a big tick!
    lol have you even tried the VS yet? also just to let you know leveling past level 55 is pointless, after 55 your attack power stops growing and with 2nd chance and once more defense isnt worth the leveling trouble.

    lol i thought it was cool to play a girl for once in kh myself (after the fanboy-ness died down) up til now all the women in kh were evil or useless seems like.
    lol nomura is always given female fan service but its always on the scrawny characters. ;_; i miss backless aqua!!!!!!! now that would give me anemia!

    o,o then the real question is do they not care or just stupid~

    it is nice to get the abilities early but i still dont like having to get them over every time. lol fought MF yet?
    she bores you?! lol figured you were the kind to like shirtless ven like others i've seen on here

    lol opposites. :3 i prefer people being blunt to honestly but no man can be that clueless....can we o,o
    lol but like that its just makes me think of douche XD

    i know i didnt really like the way bbs did abilities cause of that reason, kh really needs a new game + mode.
    AH! *kelso scream* but with aqua you get the last episode!

    XD then un-bore it!
    ...thats just freakin sad D: im sorry but wtf! why didnt she grow some brass and make him get his ass up!?
    lol dont be silly i doubt their sex has that many "innings" >XD
    XD 2 shay cape-ton~ ;]

    lol xehanort he's a pedo no two ways bout it. i didnt find ven to fun either after i beat his file i played aqua and terra, i might have played ven 3 times.
    ;_; i miss aqua....damn psp.....

    XD please every day is boring!
    ....seriously football -_- what the hell is the girls that live with you got dumbass on their dude radars?
    pfft none taken~ tho i just call my kind stupid overall, inconsiderate implies they actually know what they're ignoring.
    lol if he hacked facebook he wouldnt be able to brag bout his "skillz" to his "friends" >XD

    lmao just remember you still have terra XD

    that would be the stupid in them.....

    lol my school has no such kind of teacher.

    how are you!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    >XD watch everything to were you get your chains be hacked now. now how can i believe that after your purse-void story? XD
    nope dont go to facebook or myspace~ .....that guy truly is a dumbass -_-
    *buckles helmet* :3 you know~

    lol then you'll be glad to know i seen images of kh2 riku (tho his hair is still cut) in some images, the younger images are only for part of the game.

    :/ the people could fix this but they to damn stupid, enough people up and quit shit they'll stop the entire country that'd be a damn good protest.

    >XD the high school wishes they had such skill here!
    *munch* :3 course! how do you think cookie monster has lived so long!
    lol dont ever dare sarcasm is a bitch. lol ;D suuuure you arent~
    really? over myspace -_- thats just stupid what they should check is if he' been arrested not if he posted some person.
    0,0 o-other things.....*gets helmet*

    lmao >XD awww dont be that way think of it like this the new hair gives you kid riku but bigger.

    lol money makes worlds turn and communist's powerful enough to conquer.
    whats the headache is how much they refuse to look for something other than oil.

    SC isnt no farther south than Kentucky is it? (lol dont know ma own map)
    but they cure that to! ;D they call them diet cookies~
    lol no harm? you just got hacked the other day! ;D suuuure the hoarding stops at virtual stuff~
    how would sites help decide that?
    D: no guns!? th-then throw your chain at him!
    lol spam. >:3 you need to get revenge!

    lol i figured the fangirls would be pissed over him covering his belly button >XD

    at this rate we are, china and taiwan make 90% of our stuff XD
    the oil business isnt helping either, i vote we become the first steam punk country!

    o,0 you are!? ^ ^ cookies solve all things~ *munch*
    lol why would you keep the old emails. i keep links saved to word~ bosses actually google your sites :/ thats pathetic.
    DX shoot him thru the lens like in those sniper movies!
    skilled? it takes skillz to email a gov official's inbox, which are pretty public.

    after the riku thing i'd say MX done thru terra aside >XD ol MX likes them younger.

    they are o,o here no one's being hired. its not :/ its very stupid honestly.....just wait eventually we're gonna be conquered.

    D: awww *pats back* there there it'll be back! just gotta wait or go south, have a cookie~
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