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    Any megan fox fans here?

    She's pretty hot her acting is decent though
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    Is Organization XIII

    a homage to ff7? I was playing and they were talking about 13 cloaked men with tatoos and it reminded me instantly of Kingdom Hearts.
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    Are They Gonna Convert...

    KHI and KHII to blu-ray for the ps3 like they did to god of war? That would be so awesome
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    Rihanna Vs Beyonce

    What do you think? lately on youtube i have been watching videos saying that Rihanna is a copycat of Beyonce and i would like to know your opinions Beyonce is a good singer but lately Rihanna has been getting awards, a lot of #1 singles on the charts but where did beyonce go?
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    In FFV what is a good place tolevel up if u are just about to go to Phoenix tower?
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    FFV help

    my cousin wants to know if Mime has 3 Abilities. I havent played ffv in the longest.
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    Pan's Labyrinth

    This was one of the saddest movies ever. The ending was sad, the plot was deep, and the characters were unique. Some you hated with a passion, others you felt bad for. I loved this movie and I just finished like 10 minutes. and just came on dvd not to long. can you figure out>>>>>>>>>>
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    Final Fantasy Legacy: The Esper War

    Prologue There was once a prosperous land named Magicia. It was a peaceful kingdom protected by the espers. The espers were godlike creatures with breathtaking powers. They were created by the Gods to keep the worlds of darkness and Light in check.They all had opposites that ruled in the...
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    Which Game would u recommend. My cuzin wants to buy a new FF. But he cant decide on FFIX,FFVII and FFIV. Which one should he buy.
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    Walk Two Moons

    Has anyone read this book. It's so great and sad. I luved the ending.
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    HElp WITH ANSEM!!!

    i need help with the final ansem. I'm level 42. I have 18 AP. 300 something hp. I have 42 DP. What level do you recommend and what srtagies did you use?
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    DQVIII Help

    I need to know how to 1. Get Magicburst for Jessica and to get the Divie Bustier and Materials 2. How to get Odin's Bow and materials for it 3. How to get Scourge whip and materials 4. How to get Dragovian armor 5. How to get Megaton hammer and Materials 6. How to get Dragovian King...
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    Recommend any good PS2 rpgs

    Yeah what the title says. I'm tired of FFXII and FF in general.
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    Recommend any good PS2 S-E RPGs

    Does anyone Recommend any good PS2 S-E RPGs. I'm getting bored with FFXII. I need a new game .
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    Who's Gonna..................

    Who's going to import KHII:FM+ when it comes out?. If you are and do can you give us info and videos.