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  • Hello! I was just looking through the graphics section and I really loved your stuff! :D I was actually in the mood for new avies, so your timing couldn't have been better!

    Welp, anyways. Thanks for sharing them, and I hope you continue to share. Lots of us like them, and they are awesome from what I seen. haha <3
    I'm not really a Hetalia fan, to be honest. I just have a barebones knowledge of it...

    As I said, it is most veritably cool.

    I've never used Tumblr. I think I've got a friend who uses it to Homestuck RP, but other than her, I'm not certain that I know anyone else that uses it... I probably do, though.

    Well, come on! TVTropes ruined my life! I might as well get something out of it!
    Oh, it's more than fine! The important part is that you actually got back to me, eventually! :p

    Hetalia's never that off topic. There're ways to connect it to just about anything!

    No, that wasn't nothing! That was most certainly something! And a true something at that. I've gotten into more things through this site than you can shake a stick at!
    Okay here's anime

    FMA and brotherhood
    OutLaw Star(1st fave next to Trigun, Naruto, and FMA.)
    Big O
    Cowboy Bebop
    Lucky Star
    Tencyi Muiou
    G Gundam
    Drraarrada (Just started.)
    Fairy Tail(Thinking about
    Hetala(America for the win.)
    Pokemon(Yes I still watch it, deal.)
    Digimon(Season 1-3 are the best for me.)
    Code Geases
    Soul Eater(Thinking)
    Sonic X(In japanese Sub.)


    Kingdom Hearts(Al of them. I don't pick faves for this. Every part is important to the story and fun.)
    Final Fantasy VI, VII, IX, X, X-2 Crystal Chronicles, XIII, XIII-2(Gonna try)
    Metal Gear Solid 1-4 (Will play Rasing.)
    Megaman Legends 1+2
    Veiwtul Joe.
    No More Heroes(Thinking about it.)
    Portal(Thought about.)
    Assassin's Creed games (Want to play)
    Epic Mickey
    I can totally picture Eridan in a situation like that! ^^

    Well, I think KH might attract similar people, or something. Or... Maybe this forum's just so huge that people wind up meeting similar people often? Actually... I'm not certain I have any idea why so many people on here share your interests! :eek:

    Okay! We shall commence said hitting! This shall be a thing of massively... Hittyish... Hitness... Hittaro?
    And... The hitty thing? We'll hit ourselves with a thing? Wait... What? Enough with the pseudo-Buffy Speak, I
    think we need to get on with this! We shall actually commence said hitting!


    I do not really know how to commence said hitting, so I'll just... Just sort of... Reach into the middle of nowhere... And...

    What are your opinions on the Giant Panda?
    Of course I did.

    And it's baby, uh, boy, yes.
    The movie was bad yeah, not just because of the dub but because it was just one game that they tried to spruce up with some minor action. I mean, I liked it for how it tied into the canon of 5D's, which was so amazing, since the movie foreshadowed parts of 5D's and then the show itself confirmed the canon status- it was all revealed really well.

    And Homestuck just needs more card games in general. Unless Catchpalogue cards have counted this entire time.
    Well yeah I try to do hilarious things.

    And it's Yugioh so often things just run on rule of cool. In fact, time travel is even more common in the show than it used to be. the anniversary movie involved all three main protagonists fighting alongside via time travel, and that ended up being canon to 5D's which involves alternate doomed timelines and shit. It is pretty amazing to be honest.
    As far as I know the Yugi/Atem vs Jaden match in the last episode was just some weird time travel-for-the-sake-of-card-games thing just done to make it all cool. I never got quite into GX, outside of being in the fandom. When it comes to Yugioh I definitely played the game itself more; going to YCS after YCS and stuff. I still love the series though.

    I'm not a huge memorabilia whore, so I don't think I'll be toooo disappointed when mine isn't signed.
    Yeah usually it's Touhou.
    The GX manga is really good, in my opinion, but I preferred the anime of 5D's, as long as you watch the original, considering the dub edited out the last 30 or so episodes.

    I would like to, yeah.
    Yep, that's pretty much the reason shipping is hard for me to do. I may fall into it early on if no relatioship has been established yet. The closest thing I got right now is for the characters from The World God Only Knows.

    When I first started here I tried to jump inot the KH section full force, but was severely corrected a few times. I thought I knew a lot about KH, but coming here opened my eyes. But I pretty much got over that awkwardness. Now I tend not to post if someone has already said something similar to my opinion or if I don't feel I can contribute to the conversation much. That's why I like hanging out in the other sections, gives me more freedom. I do still go to the KH sections though. Posted my first theory there a while ago.
    Yeah there aren't enough of them.

    And nooo everyone says that though! It's after Aki Izayoi from Yugioh 5D's.
    Hey WoS. I'm not really good with nicknames so I tend to shorten them if that's ok. Thought I'd continue the conversation here if that's ok.

    I know what you mean about people not seeming to care about the subject of the forum they joined. KH is one of my favorite video game series of all time, but I hardly ever spend time in the KH sections. I'm mostly in the forum insanity, media, and video game sections. Part of that is due to my introverted personality and posting habits.

    Batman is the only thing I also read from your list. I only read 3 out of the 4 available though. Sometimes there can be such a thing as too much Batman.

    Like I said i'm not really a shipper of anything, though I hold nothing against people that do. It's harmless fun. I'd be a pretty bad shipper anyway since I just accept whats given to me. There are some pretty convincing pairings out there though, like the SoraxNamine one. Almost went for that, but my one track, everthing has to fit into continuety mind gets in the way.
    Well since KH noting shiping is canon so I do what I can, but I'll get crazy. Hell I have Axel and Rikku from Final Fantasy X date. Also I've been improving, but yes. Will you please read them both till they are done?
    Well I had a bad high school year cause of it. I have a gay best friend, I just hate uncannon yaoi.

    Right also thank you.
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