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  • Joa, auch ganz okay. Zwar bisschen stressig mit der Schule und so, aber sonst alles fein.
    its a-ok breh. i was actually wondering if you wanted to join the KHiR chat group, you ARE one of the club's earliest members after all.
    yo captain kraut. i moved the rebels chat to an FB messenger group. if you link me your FB i can add you.
    Oh yeah, I really liked the way you wrote my character and put her into the story. =3 And thank you again! It was a great surprise! And happy belated new year to you too!
    Ah, heya.
    tbh, now may not be the best time for me. My eyelids are refusing to stay open for long now. XD
    Perhaps some other time?
    This community has really changed much for the better from what I've seen back in 2010 (when I joined) and beforehand when I was just a reader.

    The effective time I manage to get on here depends on how much there is to do, but during the week it's rarely more than a hour a day.
    Heh, good to hear I'm making positive impressions around here. :D
    Alright, making more friends is certainly a good way to get deeper into the community (and don't worry about that, as even if there would be some homo involved it's in most cases no problem around here *ggg*). ;P

    My time here tends to be limited due to Real Life and work writing the most scripts, but I still try to help out whenever I see something I can help with and have the time at hand to do so.
    Hello, I just realized that I accepted the friend request, but never actually kickstarted a conversation.
    (I blame my job, lol.)

    So, what made you decide friending me if I may ask? ;)
    Hey Venx, how're you doing?

    Yup, you're spot on with your guess about me liking books. C: I also like manga and anime a lot too. Wow, that brings back full of nostalgic after hearing you mention beelzebub! I had to read it all within three days for a friend of mine way back when I first joined KHI. Its definitely awesome, but they keep adding more onto it after the manga had finished. Which is both nice and slightly annoying. What else do you like to do besides rapping?
    Wow! Thank you for sending me a friend request. I wanted to send you one later, too. But now it's not needed. :b
    Sorry you're feeling sick! I hope you continue to feel better and make a speedy recover, Venx. c: Glad you had a good day overall. My day was okay, slightly busy, and mostly been reading for my evening. *is a lover of books* Thank you for asking!
    No problem! I figured it'd be a good idea to let you know before somebody else does about your prologue. xD How are you doing today, Venx?
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