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    Venx' Album

    I already posted a song last year in here, so I guess I'll just post the album I was working on as well. Maybe some not german people can enjoy it as well.
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    Slow loading times

    Am I the only one who got really slow loading times since the new update? My connection is the same as always, but now it's slower than in places where I don't have a good internet connection.
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    Venx' Twelve Shots of Spring and Summer 2016

    Welcome to Venx' Thread This is my personal Thread for the entry's I'm doing. I think everyone exactly knows what I'm doing here, but I decided to write some lines and make everything look organized. In the next months, you will find several underrated storys and good reviews for them...
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    Favorite Battle Quote

    I was just listening to some of the battle quotes on youtube and saw that Xemnas has the most viewed Battle Quote Video. I really love his quotes, but there are always some others I prefer. Also I was curious which quotes you guys would pick so let me know! Mine: "Feel the heat." "GET OUT!"...
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    Kingdom Hearts Spin-Off "Destiny Island"

    What is the chance of getting a spin-off, that takes place in one of the timelines without xehanort, so Sora & co. just stay on the island forever? I would really like to have a huge tournament-story against wakka, tidus & selphie! Like.....over and over again.....not there would be anyone...
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    Simple Question: Why are Saix & Xigbar part of the 13 Xehanorts?

    So, that's the part I never got, but I played DDD only 1 time. Maybe that's the reason and I missed something, or they needed the 2 most developed orga members for the story. When I understood the time travelling right, can't xehanort just get more ansems & xemnases instead of saix & xigbar...
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    Keyblades are actually really weak

    Did you ever notice how weak the people on Destiny Island and in Twilight Town are? They can't hit nobodys or heartless with a struggle,- or woodsword. But every support could hit them with a normal sword, paws, claws or....even hands (yes, ariel). So....if you need keyblades to hit them, but a...
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    There is actually no way for anyone to stop the Heartless

    What if a bunch of shadows just stay in the ground and never come up again? We're doomed. I think KH3 is just another excuse for square enix to give us more Disneymaps, with an unbeatable threat.
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    Venxic - or just Venx' music...nah I'll go with Venxic.

    I don't really know why I do that now, but since I wrote in my introduction that I'm rapping and some people said I can share it, I never knew when. Well, now. For everyone who doesn't understand german: worry not! I made a translation for everyone who want's to know what the song is about...
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    Tales from the Pride Lands

    Since I really enjoyed writing my entry for the Halloween-contest, I decided to start a series on the concept. "Tales from the Pride Lands" will be a series in episode form, which takes place a few months after "The lion King 2 - Simbas Pride". I hope everyone who's reading this has fun. If...
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    Worst Bossfights and why

    So, I just wanted to collect some of the worst bossfights in the series and what I really dislike about them. I also want your list, to see what mechanics other people didn't like in the past. KH Wondercave: I don't think the Wondercave is the mainproblem in this fight, but I really hate the...
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    Stitch based Fan-Game - Experiment: Detox (Working title)

    So, I'm "working" on this or 3 months I guess. By working I mean that this a fun project for myself that I do when I'm not making music and I didn't got much time for that the last time, so I got more time for this. "Experiment: Detox" is just a working title as hommage to Dr.Dres "Detox" that...
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    Rival of Aether

    Anyone here who plays Rival of Aether? I bought it last friday on steam and it's a really really legit Super smash bros meele...clone? Inspiration? I don't know, but it's awesome. Balanced fight system, fast combat and it's still in beta. So new maps & charackters are coming and the team is...
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    Barbossa Glitch in 2.5

    Anyone else noticed the Barbossa Glitch? I don't think it was there on the ps2, but I just remembered how I used thunder against him. Barbossa bounced in the air like a normal enemy and twisted himself a few times while standing still in the air. Gives you 1-2 secounds more before he comes back...
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    Multiplayer Ideas

    Just wanted to collect so multiplayer ideas for KH3, I think multiplayer was confirmed anyway. I personally would really like a duel mode where you can fight like always against other people. If the abilitysystem from KH 1 & 2 returns (what's probably what will happen), you could make a lot of...