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  • By sleeping, watching TV and chatting with friends. I actually really enjoy having so much free time. It's very stress-free.
    School started up again two weeks ago for me, and I can safely say I am not at all a fan of it.
    ... ?
    I was just saying that I don't personally get that kind of stuff, but like other people can and I won't hold it against them or anything? 0_0

    I've got you there. I used to have a serious problem with getting too worked up over stuff that doesn't concern me, but you know, some pretty nasty (personal) stuff happened and I guess none of it seems so big anymore to me. I'm sure that if I can handle that kind of stuff, you​ can.
    I guess there's something to be said for that.

    Well, yeah. If it takes a special occasion to make​ the thing, it doesn't seem like it'll be easy to actually stick to.
    Uh, yeah...
    Well, it seems like he really hinges on gross stuff and generally being stupid. I dunno, I don't find that stuff funny.

    I don't have any?
    Superbad was pretty good, but that's the only thing he's worked on that I've seen, I think.
    As for Adam Sandler... I'm gonna not comment on him any further.

    Happy New Year!
    Movies? Plural? 0_0

    My holidays were plagued by illness, both for me and all the people I'd hoped I could spend some time with. Still, I got a good haul in gifts this year, and it's been nice not worrying about school etc., so it hasn't been all bad.
    Blurgh, Christmas shopping at the last minute is the worst! All the good stuff's sold out, and then​ what've you got? Gift cards and Adam Sandler movies!

    Hopefully not! I spend enough time with those chuckleheads! I want some me​ time!
    And they're done! All of them had Bulletproof. :p I'll keep my 3DS running, talk to me when you can. (fair warning: it's evening here now and I have to work tomorrow, so in the following days I can only be available from around 12:30 am your time)
    Yeah, the problem is that if I don't take care of it stays in my head xD Froakie's already done, I have my first batch of Chespin eggs. There will probably be one with its hidden ability among them.
    Ok. It’s almost dinner time though, so it may be in a while if I’m unlucky with the breeding.
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