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    Glide for Aqua's story

    I was wondering if Aqua is able to obtain Glide. If so, where would I find it? I know there's one Action Command I'm missing.
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread I know this has been beaten to death, but Liam Neeson would definitely rock as Eraqus. And I do think that Mark Hamill is voicing Terra. The slightly higher pitch matches Hamill's voices in other works. I youtubed some interviews with him and I was...
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    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded I'm just happy we're getting two games instead of just BBS. I don't care if it's exactly the same as the Japanese version, I'm getting it. I live for this shit.
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    Have you s[p]oiled yourself?

    Re: Have you soiled yourself? Haha yeah, I spoil myself. How can you not? The minute I got home from school I was glued to the computer. I live for this shit
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    What is this poo.

    Soooo, a friend of mine said that over in Japan there is some Manga called KH: Rise of the Tetra. When I argued with her she proceeded to swear on her dog's, grandmothers', and parents' lives that it existed and that it was the sequel to KHII. Lies, I say. If anyone has any information...
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    The Flaw of Leanord Nimoy

    Win. 25 characters rule
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    The Flaw of Leanord Nimoy

    Hmmm. Well, overall I really like Nimoy as MX. I was hoping for someone with his particular voice type to voice him. I don't think he'll be "stubborn," if he reprises his role, great. If he doesn't, oh well. It wouldn't be the first time we saw a VA replaced.
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    I think you've mislabeled the titles of the characters; they have yet to be officially named Chasers. I'd probably choose Aqua, because her system (from the small amount we've seen) indicates that her attributes center more around magic and special abilities. I typically lean towards magic...
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    Terra's, Ven's, and Aqua's keyblades

    It's highly speculated that, because of the absence of keychains on the trio's keyblades, they are fake, as opposed to Sora's which has one. This has yet to be 100% confirmed, but Nomura has hinted that keychainless keyblades are, in some cases, fake (Read Another Report).
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    Voice acting for Re: CoM

    Larxene - Sheri Moon Zombie ftw. She could easily tap into her Baby Firefly voice and make the perfect Larxene.
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    VAT's Master

    I believe this is the scene where Master Britney approaches the three and they fall in line? Just so no one tries to bring this up, Yen Sid isn't their master because, in one of the scans translated and posted to the front page, Nomura specifically said himself that their Master is a completely...
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    Aqua's Outfit

    Haha! I knew her outfit would be badass. Finally, a strong woman character in KH (besides Larxene, but she was just a jerk).
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    Xion: Nobody/Whole

    Something struck me when I read the trailer summary for 358/2 Days. When Riku tells Xion that she weilds a fake Keyblade, she seems angry and tells Riku not to lie to her. Then, Riku says "Indeed, you may be a Nobody." I'm thinking that maybe, maybe (and I'm sure this will get bombed, this...
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    who would you change in BBS and what would you change about them?

    ...oh, and he needs more characters with brown/green eyes, because Nomura has some wierd fetish with blue eyes.
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    Kingdom Hearts Coded *with images*

    I personally am all for it, the images you made look really official. But, like everyone else said, it'll never happen