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    TV ► How To Get Away With Murder

    Am I the only one watching this show at the moment? It's got a good mix of Breaking Bad's foreshadowing and knack of cliffhanger endings, similar to Arrow as of late. On ABC every Thursday (I catch it online) but yo, anyone else on this hype train? It's actually REALLY good, I was surprised...
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    One last drag ... (Challenge to VoiceOfOurGeneration)

    You know what it is. Lust and Gluttony. -'What-if' scenario for your roleplay 'Insincerity'; Solipher did exist, and he left before the roleplay took place. This is what occurred before they parted ways. Victory achieved through the opponent's surrender or knockout. Death should be...
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    Halfbreed Prologue - Challenge to Piercing Light

    All right you knew ahead of time so let's not pretend we don't know what this is. I need to debut this young man and I choose you to be my test subject. Come at me. Location - Back Street Late evening, streets abandoned.
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    NT ThePromise vs. T3 Piercing Light

    Location - Dojo Knowledge - I am aware of her physical prowess and durability, nothing further. Victory - Met if one surrenders, rendered unconscious, or is incapable of battle any further. Focus - Melee centered, use of long-range attacks are fine but keep it to a minimum. Name: Yahiko...
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    Cousins Clash! Feline Sage vs. Gentle Fist! (Challenge to Piercing Light)

    You know the location, if not, go play the game again. Victory Requirements - Opponent surrenders or a K.O. Restrictions - Techniques that cause permanent damage and death. None of that. Knowledge - I know what I don't know, you know what you don't know. --- On the outlying land...
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    Words ..are useless. (Challenge to King Wolfe)

    ( Okay Wolfe, you and I both know the terms, but let me just put them here as a reminder: -Death blows will be impossible, so don't worry about it. -We go as hard as we can from the beginning, don't hold back, but try to keep it in character. Use what fits their personality and when they use...
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    School's In Session *Challenge to Tenyas*

    A friendly bout between friends, nothing huge at stake here, let's rock. Rules: Will be explained in the battle by my own character. Location: School Roof, Deblin High. Name: Calipher Age: By appearance, 17 years of age. Gender: Male Appearance: General Character Model Calipher’s...
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    Misjudged far too often.

    Yo, so I get this problem a lot, and frankly its only now starting to irritate me when it comes to certain people. I know I can come off rude sometimes, but whenever I actually try and be nice, people generally enjoy seeing it as though I'm insulting them. If I was insulting them, they should...
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    ~Shadows and Reflections~ (Roleplay Thread)

    Begin where you last left off, if a partner you had previously is not taking part, improvise! :3 “Well with his magic I might have--OOF!” A crash against his body caused Roy to fall face first onto the ground with a loud thud, sending a sharp pain to his forehead. Such a crash out of nowhere...
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    ~Shadows and Reflections~

    Tiny Word of Notice: The rp's previous leader quit, and chose two others to do with it what they will. For certain reasons, one cannot be spoken to, but the other granted me the permission of reposting this. Not only he, but others decided that me recreating the thread was an idea they could...
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    ~A Beautiful Summer~ (A Roleplay Romance Rebirth)

    The following takes place in the fictional town of Silenton, California. It is just minutes before the final bed goes off at a local high school. Summer is just around the corner, but during the long-awaited vacation, things might never be the same. 8 young men and women each will try finding...
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    Zoids: New Century Zero! Offer ideas!

    So, I was thinking of possibly creating a Zoids roleplay based around the New Century Zero era of the series(Being that its easier and not too difficult to grasp). Though I don't have a plot, I'd rather not build one unless people show interest in Zoids. Any takers on this idea? ..I'm willing to...
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    Which Organization member did you enjoy taking out most?

    Personally, I found Saix and Xaldin very rewarding takedowns. Demyx too ..I just can't decide between them all. So tell me, who did you take pride and joy out of defeating most? EDIT: No one reads the prefix or the poll options do they?..*sigh* .Kingdom Hearts 2, people. That's it.
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    What struck you as odd?..

    Just a quick thread to express what you found strange, or odd in any way. For me, Xigbar jumping down in front of Sora, only to warp back up and shoot him seemed very odd, and almost dumb of him ..what are your thoughts of other moments?
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    Soul Eater vs. Way To The Dawn

    Hey, just wondering what everyone's preferred weapon for Riku was. I expect most of you to say WttD but I'm really curious. I think he should have kept using Soul Eater until he returned to his original form .was how he got WttD ever explained? I can't recall. tldr; tie