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  • Well if it rooted it that means when it took hold it would have glued it the ground for a moment wouldn't it, and with that I would since when items like a boomerang hit the ground they shack a bit but if something attached from under it would have stopped all movement. Or that's my understanding anyways,

    Ya I usually have said expos of powers or list of abilities in my templates I think I just forgot since it wasn't in the template requirements that or somehow auto copy screwed me... unlikely though.
    You know if you had asked that a few hours ago I would have had a answer I think I was going for something like the way the weapon was planted stiff when hitting the ground and I could have sworn your post said the shadow kept it there... I may have mistaken the understanding of that but that's what I was going with.

    That and he knew she did something but he doesn't have any idea what.
    XD I know I just felt like chatting but fair comeback. That and to avoid unessary back in forth searching about Castex skill ill just describe them in the post he uses them. Hopefully that clears out any uneccessary waste of time.
    Castex is heartless but not a monster lol ill not call your threat. But expect some destruction in the imperial city. Sorry for the wait post is up removing Castex so you can return to your plan with Wolfe.
    Gotcha no problem ill just drop it then. Anyways ill leave ya be for the night I am sure you have had enough of me at this point lol.
    And neither do I that and I have seen your post theirs nothing to note even close to God moddish. Ya but still that wasn't right for her to strike at you like that. Oh ya she can get hard core... thankfully she didn't post anywhere else really.

    o_O happy I sent her out of my room she would have clipped at that last statement lol... stupid auto correct I meant fliped
    I know it sounds stupid but I swear its true that and she helps me out with literature part of my post since the stupid device has auto correct so ya she knows what going on but that doesn't answer for the rudeness.

    Wow this is one cold blooded woman then again Castex doesn't exactly care what happens to the other people he just is pissed of his informants dead.. though he says hes doing it to protect people he is actually pissed of. I would continue my random ranting but I need to go through thirty minutes of stuff that wasn't me... UGH.
    Please ignore that last post that was not me that was a friend watching my computer I so apologize for that rudeness.

    Anyways I had a idea how about have Castex and Aeva fight be like a running bout that leads them to the city? Pretty much tooth and nail kicking the hell out of each other idea... up for it.
    Apologizes didn't know you actually had something plan shall make it were Castex leaves you alone then. Had I know that wouldn't have tried fighting you.
    I don't really know if your character is immune to paralytic poison but if she isn't all that attack really does is cause the opponent headache withe a slight pause in movement everyonce in awhile. Best wishes for a fun fight.
    I mean i want to be your friend. if that's ...ok with you if not just tell me to piss off...
    Sorry I have been MIA ^^'

    I recently got this summer internship from my school at a newspaper. Long story short, I do interny stuff, write reports, file papers, a lot of boring stuff between 2 to 8 PM. Though, it takes an hour to get there by bus. I will post tomorrow morning and will be on MSN when I wake up. Sorry for not giving you a heads up, it was very sudden ^^'
    Yeah, that's the great thing about JCs/CCs.

    I think I know who you're referring to. It's really not as bad as you think. Not sure what went down in the other naruto rp that had Tav and Cort in it, but from what I've heard it was, as you said, bullshit. I don't think that should stop you from joining a rp that is of high quality. I just hate how drama got in the way of rping with you. Probably has something to do with that Tav and Cort are known for going a bit overboard with powers sometimes, but don't ya miss the good ol' days when all of us rped together and didn't give a shit about powers or whatever? I sure do.

    Yeah, I guess. I just haven't seen anything out of him that shows promise, but I'll ease up since you asked so nicely. :3

    Oh btw, I'm in the works in a KH rp. Would ya be interested?
    Oh, so you're on your last year then. Assuming that it's like all JCs I know of and are only two years.

    Yeah, I know what ya mean. I think a big example would be most of those children books that are more picture and less words. xD

    hahahaha, I'm trying to retain the dignity that Flora's know for.

    If you're lurking through the thread, why not join? :D We can always use more people, plus I so miss rping with you. Aside from a few choice people on here, I consider you one of the best actual writers in rps. Most of the others are jsut blah. *coughcoughgrandswordcoughcough*
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