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  • That's great, thanks for letting me know, I kind of figured that, but for some reason earlier KH wasn't letting me find the board for sign-ups, so I wanted to be sure.
    Apologies for rthe incoherent message, I am shot-gunning on a bad wifi. Anyways last night a storm came and my Internet was knocked out. I won't be able to sign on today, but tomorrow a tech dude is coming to fix it. Hopefully at around eight to noon, gomen ^^'
    Maybe hasty, but I think it works. Besides, to me Leon doesn't seem like the kind to eavesdrop unless it's important to his mission; and the only thing he's focused on is getting back home and into his proper time. So "Where's Koda?" really isn't an important enough question to have him stay, now if someone would've said something about Radiant Garden, and he caught that bit, that would've made him stick around just to see what they were talking about.
    Again, I say that post is being a pain in my ass.

    Anyway, it wasn't an intentional eavesdropping; he'd been just close enough he caught that bit clearly, so instead of sticking around and getting caught, he left. Wrong place? Wrong time? You should know how that is, you walk by something not even trying to listen in but you still catch a snippet of the conversation, and instead of running the risk of getting called out you back away from it and try to be as silent as possible so you don't get caught.

    Don't worry, for the longest time Squall's going to be doing his best to avoid everyone; so if he catches anymore pieces of conversation it'd be unintentional eavesdropping.
    Yea she'll have time to reflect later on lmao

    She aimed for the eye, but whether or not she hit it is down to you, since she couldn't really see it. I'm pretty sure I said she aimed for the eye but never stated that it hit.

    The dragon rose and as it began to breathe fire, she activated her earth magic and right after, jumped onto it's snout and leapt off before the flames could engulf her. She contorted her body so that she wouldn't be in direct contact until she aimed her heel drop to where she believed the eye would be. From the way I described it it may seem like she was rather slow but the whole dodging probably only took a couple seconds, which I think is ample to time to dodge those flames. I mean, it would have to breathe the flames, the fire would have to leave it's mouth and then the dragon would have to fly past it to coat itself in those flames. I don't think that what she did was unreasonable but I've got other things she could do instead so if you want me to edit it because you think it was unreasonable then I will before anyone else posts.
    She'll time to reflect when the whole China spiel is over. I actually planned on giving Neku and Llyn some downtime so they can reflect (and besides, not sleeping for days will wear someone out, in that sense, I like to keep it semi-realistic in that sense) so when she has time to think more about herself as a person, she will. Right now, she's pushing past that and trying to help, however ineffective that may be lol
    Haha I'm sure not thinking a signal through shows complete ineptitude lmao She is only a teenage girl with an extremely odd past, so you can't blame her for being weird/inappropriate herself :p

    I'm gonna go ahead and post then.
    Haha the whole mouthing thing was intentional xD She's kinda rocking about, hanging on for dear life, she wasn't really thinking about whether or not anyone would be able to tell what she's trying to say lmao. So for Tia? Certainly backfired, for me, not at all!
    I was just having it buck around a bit and as is, no, she would stay on and grip it, refusing to let go. I didn't have it do anything drastic like attack anyone because I'm aware it's boss level. If it did something to shake her off than she certainly would. I never meant it to be read as "Tia will not fall off, end of story." just as "In the current conditions, Tia is holding on and not letting go." if the dragon did something in your post to make Tia fall, then she would, basically. All I did was make it buck around like a mechanical bull, I didn't think that was gamebreaking or powerplaying in anyway, if it bothers you too much, I'll change it however.
    It's an NPC right? It's a giant paper dragon, I didn't think sitting on it, grabbing it and not letting go would be considered as Powerplaying, and nope it's still airborne, Tia's just sat on the edge of it, holding on for dear life. She's just doing that so the other's can get close without burning themselves like Minami did lol.
    Yea, I understand you're not mad, I never took it that way at all :p

    And well, from a scientific stand point, the technique makes sense lmao Temperature is a literal measurement of the movement of molecules, that's how a microwave works, it makes the molecules in the food move really fast, so it heats it up.

    Since all energy can be converted from potential to kinetic to thermal to blah blah blah, that allows Tia to harness it. And her whole Kinetic transformation, and the way she harnesses movement, I meant that on all levels, whether it was her physically moving her body or on a molecular level.

    I've edited my template (on my computer, not in thread, I don't "cheat" as it were, in that way) for future reference next time, better clarifying how the ability works.
    Ya blame the handheld that's my only defense and its good enough for me. Also Aeva isn't a real name so blame auto correct. Also your repeating the same thing as well. I SAID POWERPLAYING WAS GETTING OUT OF HAND THAT PART OF THE MESSAGE WAS CLEAR.

    And on a final note for myself on this why are we even discussing this if that's how you feel about it seriously wtf man... Good night to you to.
    The first line of post 1078 that's all that I considered unnecessary. Everything else I could understand.at the time however I think Wolfe should have taken the matter directly to blade rather then to the group. Take it to the lowest level then when that doesn't work reacting on the site then is fine.

    Funny kinda like how Advance knew how to black that poison right... but in your defense I did goof up there so ill drop that topic.

    That's why it should be taken to the member rather then the group its always going to blow out of proportion. I have been in enough rps to say that and so have you very few really ever get the joy of not having this problem.

    True the amount of powerplay and ignoring info has gotten out of control. Not everyone is experienced in skill like you are and that's a fact to also consider I believe yes they need to learn it, so if that's the case take it to them in vm or pm rather then bring everyone into it yes I get it you want to nip it at the source so others don't make the mistake but that's only necessary when a certain direct mistake is made multiple times like the powerplaying that's a topic I can understand that's been brought to attention. But when its little slips like the one blade made no take it to that person.

    Yet again a reminder to you I didn't call you anything so stop making it sound like I did. Yet again I said I get it her defense is sound and you had other plans so you felt annoyed by my characters appearance understandable i felt annoyed for your lack of willing to bend a little to the fact that usually nothing goes as planned but i let that go once you explained it to me.lets drop that here and now then.

    Besides I am probable going to step down from the rp anyways untill Skitty posts. Also lovely comeback in the ooc talking to me or yourself HAHAHAHA jk.
    ... yet again not insulting anyone I agreed with Wolfe position of thought though the first line of that post was rude none the less. The way he went about it was fair yes cause blade was told twice in the same discussion the facts. But that doesn't mean you should rip on someone infront of everyone else cause on these sites all that creates is arguements and then the owner stress ending in getting upset and then just ending it all together cause people wont calm down.

    I will agree on the vm though I don't like that fact.

    But Aeva block it right after with her shadow when I explained the full thing though in your defense ill say that was a fair counter while at the same time I really think you would have found a way to block it regardless how it worked. And don't take that as saying anything to the like of powerplay I am just saying your character has a sound defense nothing else thank you very much so don't throw that one at me thanks you very much.

    And thirdly... wow that's actually a word.... strange. I have not or ever will make you seem like the enemy ooc wise XD. Honestly man I just thought it was a high reaction didn't say over reaction you work hard on your stuff I see that and respect it I also know I am not on good footing with you so I don't care if you believe me. I don't care that your characters are hard to effect or hit you have a background to explain why that is yes will I complain. That my character didn't seem to faze yours hell yes but I am not series about it you cant always be top dog and humiliate is a good thing.
    Meaning why are you reading others conversations for one and two I understand you guys put a lot of work into your post so I get it when you react to things I and others do that seems like we don't take into account all info you have worked hard to give but to take it were others see the arguement causing a draw in effect I believe is a high reaction. Nothing more nothing less not insulting anyone.
    Yes, the red definitely gives it a more kilt-like appearance, setting off the biceps quite nicely. Next time we'll try hot pink.
    And no, I'm not legit serious about it. ;D I'm too wrapped up in the game to be too legit serious about anything on here at the moment. Since you don't want to see a big to-do about it in the thread, though, should I spam your VMs with stuff about 3D? c:
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