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  • hey terra :) i know you don`t know me but i just wanted to say hi i just started this account so i`m kinda new at this and i was wondering if you could help me?
    I think I might have been on KHM once. Don't really remember. Anyways I'm gonna add you as a friend on here so you'll be my 1st new one.

    This place looks a lot different, there used to be like 3 or 4 different skins to choose from. None of them looked like the 2 choices we have now. A few had banners and they were sorta better lol.

    Still same old Mods though, which is kinda cool, because I think they really do a good job.
    Thanks a lot. I'll be sure to review the rules and see if there is anything new.

    Looking forward to chatting here again.
    Haha yeah I didn't know that you could get anything from melding those two together. I thought it was something you go and was just for completion.
    haha I didn't fix the links

    must of been something wrong with your computer
    here ya go

    no prob

    you want me to repost it? lol you might have a hard time finding it through all those pages
    I've told you, and others have done the same, the reason why. Listen instead of ignoring everything I say.
    Huh? You don't need to be sorry. I was just telling you why I haven't been on lately. I'll call you in a second. My phone may be dead.
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