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  • A friend of Livi's. And don't worry. People can random rep if they feel like it. you don't have to know the person to rep them if they do something you like or if you just want to.
    Hm. Me and Duo were just brawling and I didn't see a difference. We played a few with and a few without, no change.
    I guess I could say the same for me. Though I do try and post everywhere, if not at least in non-KH threads. I still hang out at the fanclubs section with a couple of people. Now, however, I think it will take longer for me to get to Platinum. Although, the site seems different to me know than before.
    Yeah, I left for months and came back on August. Though, to be honest, the only reason is because I had extra time since my PS3 didn't read discs for months until I decided to call Sony. Then I got it fixed and bam, I have less time to be here. Ehehe, but its all good. It was during my PS3-less days that I decided to post outside the fanclubs section, and as you can see I became Premium.
    Ehehehe, good times. Yup, those were the days and the days when Ultima (known then as foreverkingdom) did come talk to her loyal fans. Ehehe, but I guess I'm not surprised, I left for quite a while.
    Names sounds familiar. My guess would be yeah, or else you wouldn't be one of my contacts. Let me think.....pie lover?

    Edit: Also, I've never changed my name, so it would be hard for there to be another Neo.
    About a year and three months this next friday (lol i know, i kept up, wtf amirite?!)
    lol thanks man, I like your work as well. Its quite [insert bad pun here], to say the least of course. I should request from you sometime C:
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